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Stein sat in his lab, looking over his notes, when he heard a particularly loud thud coming from the next room over. He heard muffled voices, then that unmistakeable groan. This meant only one thing--

Kadaj and Hojo were at it again.

Stein scratched his head lightly, wondering how the other scientist kept up with the nineteen year old Remnant. He'd watched them before, and noted that it wasn't even like the elder was laying there taking it; he was on top, fucking Kadaj senseless. Not that he watched frequently. Okay. He did. Every chance he got. It wasn't his fault, though. He liked the other scientist in 'that way' ever since the brunette had mentored the self-stitched man. He never thought he had a shot, though, considering they had twelve years between them.

So he spent his time mostly alone. Then Hojo brought Kadaj home. God knows how many years were between them (after all, was he really nineteen? He'd told Stein that he really had no idea.) Stein wasn't jealous, but...he couldn't deny that it felt a tad unfair.

At the same time, he couldn't blame Hojo. One would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not see what Kadaj had to offer. He'd talked to the young man extensively, and as badly as he wanted to hate him, he couldn't bring himself to. Kadaj was intelligent, hardworking, quirky, sweet and warmed right up to him, offering to play him some violin and asking fascinated questions about soul wavelengths, and even answered Stein's own questions kindly.

Kadaj was just as beautiful as his father. Naturally, they went together.

He took his normal place at the door, looking through the window. Just for a little while. They still had their clothes on, but it didn't look like that'd last for long. Kadaj's back was to the exam table, Hojo's hands running up and down his body, leaving heated kisses on the Remnant's neck. Stein couldn't decide which one he wanted to be. Of course he wanted to be touched like that by the scientist--dear God that'd feel amazing. Then again, Kadaj was such a willing bottom that he wasn't sure he could resist the thought of making him scream as loudlyas Hojo did. For about a second, he felt guilty about thinking that--then he realized Hojo was twelve years older, and for all intents and purposes, his father, and he was fine with that.

He was so lost in thinking, that he hadn't noticed he wasn't very hidden, his thoughts broken by a knock at the door. He shook his head. Hojo was at the window. He smiled, opening the door, "Yes?"

Hojo smiled, "Were you watching us?"

"N-no! No, I was..." He twisted his screw, looking around, "Yes, yes I was."

Hojo smiled warmly, pulling Stein closer by the lapels on his lab coat. He pressed into the other man, leaning to his ear, "If you had wanted to join us, why didn't you just ask?"

Stein blinked. He'd never seen Hojo act like this--not that he was complaining. "I didn't want to intrude..." he barely said, tentatively putting his hands on either side of Hojo's waist.

"Kadaj has been talking about a threesome with you for ages. I never thought you'd be interested..." Hojo said.

"I'm more than interested."

"I can tell."

Stein blushed and felt another presence at his other side, "Shall we go to the bedroom?" It was Kadaj's voice, only more...lusty.

Hojo smiled, wrapping an arm around each silver-haired man, leading them to his bedroom. He had a queen-sized bed, so of course, they had plenty of room. Kadaj turned to Hojo , smiling, pulling his lab coat off and kissing him deeply. They exchanged a smirk, and Kadaj stood in front of the other scientist, breaking the tension with a passionate kiss. Stein smiled, running his fingers through Kadaj's hair, feeling another pair of hands behind him, pulling off his lab coat. He worked with Hojo to get it off, without breaking the kiss with the younger man. He felt the brunette wrap his arms around Stein from behind, nibbling his ear. He moaned into Kadaj's mouth, who smiled, running his hands under Stein's shirt, up his chest.

Stein noticed that Kadaj's hands were on the warmer side, whereas Hojo's were more chilly. Breaking the kiss a moment, he closed his eyes, moaning at the cold hands now at his hips. As it were, Stein's hips were almost as sensitive as that quickly-hardening something that was right below them.

Hojo and Kadaj must've exchanged a look, because very soon, Hojo's hands were replaced with his son's--who seemed to know exactly how to tease him--while the other man gently pulled his shirt up, "Lift your arms," he whispered tenderly.

Stein nodded, breaking his kiss with Kadaj a moment as Hojo carefully pulled his turtleneck over his head, making sure to avoid the screw as to not cause irritation, especially this close to having bedroom affairs. He placed the shirt on a chair, and Kadaj went over to the older man, giving him a gentle kiss on the lips before getting behind him and mimicking his actions, starting with Hojo's tie. Hojo pulled Stein into a rough kiss, touching his body all over, as Kadaj undid his buttons. He blindly traced the stitching across his chest, and he felt Stein's hands on his lean frame, exploring the other man.

It's not that Stein was inexperienced. It's just--he wasn't recently experienced. So Hojo's hands on his chest felt absolutely exquisite, the body underneath his fingers feeling so foreign yet so...not. Chilly hands were getting lower, feeling his belt being undone and pulled off. Hojo broke the kiss, moaning and looking back at his son, who evidently had his hands almost inside the elder's pants. He turned around, pull in the young man into his arms, kissing him passionately. Eventually, he freed Kadaj's lips, working on his neck and murmuring, "Already wet, Kadaj?"

Kadaj opened his eyes briefly, looking at Stein, then Hojo before fluttering them closed and moaning, "It's just so hot...You two are so hot..."

Stein blinked at the compliment, smiling gently. He didn't consider himself very attractive, simply because he didn't think that mattered. He knew he aged well, compared to others, but compared to the typical pictures of beauty, he knew that his stitches and screw didn't fit. So, of course, hearing that come from Kadaj of all people was...quite astounding.

He edged over to the duo, stroking the silver hair gently before capturing his lips. Kadaj smiled, leading his hands to his coat zipper, under which he wore nothing. He tugged it down, running his fingers over the bare skin. Kadaj shivered pleasantly and Hojo smiled, helping Stein get the leather off him.

"To the bed?" Kadaj asked breathlessly.

The two scientists nodded, Kadaj leading the way. They paused at the queen-sized bed, Kadaj looking at them, "Who should be in the middle?"

"Stein's the guest. It would be only polite," Hojo said.

Stein blushed, "No, really, don't mind if one of you wants to be--"

"I agree with Hojo," Kadaj said mischievously, "in less we're doing double..."

Hojo chuckled, "Kadaj, you're the only one of us that can handle taking double. Not tonight..."

Stein blinked, "Double?"

"Double penetration," Hojo explained.


Kadaj leaned to Stein's ear, "Lay on the bed. We want to ravish you."

Stein nodded, laying on the bed so there was plenty of room on either side of him for the couple, Hojo on his left and Kadaj on his right. Kadaj immediately began kissing down his body, allowing his tongue to trace the various stitches while Hojo stayed up top, kissing him. Hojo smiled, "Is this your first threesome?" he asked between kisses.

"Yes," Stein moaned softly, "I haven't been with anyone in general for a long time."

Hojo smiled, "We'll be gentle. Promise."

"I've seen how wonderfully rough you can be," Stein moaned, Kadaj was now nibbling his hips. Another moan escaped his lips, "If I beg for it, will you really give it to me?"

Hojo blinked, wondering if it was even possible that he could get any harder. He kissed Stein's neck gently, "You've watched Kadaj and I before?"

Stein nodded, "More than just watch...if you know what I mean."

Hojo smirked. Apparently, he could get harder. The thought of Stein watching them when they were most intimate was so...thrilling. The fact that he got off on it was even more arousing. Hojo took Kadaj gently, pulling him into a rough, passionate kiss. Stein moaned softly, watching them intently like he always had.

They undid each other's pants, pulling them off and revealing creamy pale skin and fully-erect members. Stein blinked and it wasn't long before Kadaj was nipping at his hips again, deft fingers swiftly undoing the button and zipper. The eldest helped him take the pants and boxers off, both men practically drooling at the sight of Stein's completely nude form. Kadaj planted a kiss on his upper navel before reaching to the nightstand for the lubricant. He and Hojo exchanged a look before his eyes flickered to Stein's, smiling warmly. He eased the scientist's legs open as Hojo went back to kissing him, coating his first three fingers in the lubricant, easing one in, "Relax," he whispered, rubbing Stein's stomach with his clean hand. He moved his one finger around a bit until Stein relaxed himself, getting used to the feeling. Kadaj added another before leaning up and looking intently at Stein's hardness. He felt himself drool for it, the tip looking so shiny and inviting. He couldn't help himself, taking the head into his mouth, much to Stein's delightful surprise. He broke the kiss with Hojo and moaned out loud, earning a smirk from the brunette. He knew Kadaj wouldn't resist Stein's manhood right in front of him. Kadaj absolutely loved giving blowjobs, for whatever reason. He loved the throbbing in his throat, and watching the man underneath him squirm and lose all control, and the luscious taste, and that intoxicating smell that was pure virility and sex all at once.

He knew he'd adequately distracted the other man, stretching him with two fingers, adding a third as he got more intense. His kiss got hotter grabbing Hojo's hair and moaning. Teeth clashed between them as the elder silver-haired man squirmed and writhed in absolute delight.

Kadaj felt the harsh pulsing in his member, deciding that now would be the time to stop and let Hojo take over. He gave the member in his mouth one last good suck before letting go and pulling his fingers out. Stein half-whimpered at the sudden lack of contact, but his heart sped up a bit more as he saw Hojo take Kadaj's place between his legs. Kadaj lay on his right side, smiling up at the eldest. Hojo rubbed his thighs before coating himself in the lubricant, "Are you ready?"

"Y--yes," Stein moaned softly.

"Okay," he said, holding Stein's hips and pushing himself in. Stein groaned, arching his back and gripping the sheets, "Does it hurt? Do you need me to stop?"

"N--no! Feels--feels good..."

He kissed Stein gently, thrusting himself in all the way. "Ah--ah! Yes! Hojo! Ah~!" Stein mewled. Hojo smiled, using one arm to support himself, the other searching Kadaj's body for his hardness. Kadaj arched into his touch, moaning softly as he gave a firm stroke. He closed his eyes, also feeling Stein stroke his thigh, moaning louder.

Hojo set a decent pace---not very rough, but not very gentle, either. Stein opened his eyes, moaning, "Hojo? Or--K-Kadaj? Can one of you t-twist my....Ah!"

Kadaj nodded, reaching up and twisting his screw once. Stein moaned, "One--one more?" Kadaj nodded, hearing the click. Stein looked at him warmly, "Thank you..."

Kadaj kissed him, "N-no problem."

Stein moaned again, "I don't think I'm going to last long!"

"I--I don't think any of us will," Hojo moaned. He stroked Kadaj faster, thrusting a bit harder, trying to find that sweet spot inside the other scientist, intent on making him a stitched mass of ecstasy. He thrusted a few more times until he felt the other man underneath him shudder all over, moaning loudly. He smirked, "Good?"

Stein simply moaned, "Again!"

Hojo smirked, adjusting himself and thrusting into that particular spot four or five times. Stein was getting more and more vocal, much to both Kadaj and Hojo's delight. Kadaj, as well, got more vocal, but that was expected. "Hojo! I'm gonna--! I'm so close!" Stein moaned loudly.

"Me--too!" Kadaj said.

Hojo nodded, going faster and harder, stroking Kadaj in time with his harsh thrusts. He hit Stein's spot once more before he felt the orgasm rack the younger scientist's body, triggering his own and Kadaj's almost in perfect unison.

Hojo pulled out of Stein gently, laying on the other side of him. Both he and Kadaj curled up to the stitched man, sharing a gentle kiss before they both closed their eyes.

The trio, in their naked joy, quickly fell asleep.

Stein was the first to awaken, looking at both men in his arms. He contemplated simply leaving, not wanting to cause awkwardness, but decided he'd stay, the will to not wake them up stronger. He smiled gently, admiring them both. He'd never seen either man look so peaceful. Still smiling, he looked at Kadaj, then Hojo, then back at Kadaj--it was amazing how alike they looked...

He felt Hojo twitch and chuckled to himself softly. Kadaj fluttered his eyes open, looking up at Stein, "'Morning," he yawned.

"Good morning," Stein smiled.

"Last night was wonderful."


The quiet conversation woke Hojo up, stretching himself before relaxing on Stein's chest again. "I hope it was as good for you as it was for me," he murmured.

"It was wonderful," Stein whispered.

"Good," Hojo said softly.

"What time is it?" Stein asked.

Hojo looked at his watch, "A little after eleven."

Stein sighed, "I have to get up. I have training I need to do, and shit to grade."

Kadaj hugged him, "You're sure?"

"Yeah, sorry. I'd love to stay, but..."

"No, no, I understand," Hojo said, "just know that you're always welcome in this bed."

Stein smiled, "Thank you." He kissed each man's forehead, "I'm sure ill be taking you up on that offer."

Stein got out of bed, gathering his clothes, "Oh, Stein? We'll be at it again later. Feel free to watch. Or join. Whichever," Kadaj smirked.

Stein blushed, never thinking such an offer would've come out of watching them, "In that case; I'll be seeing you later."

He left and Hojo turned to Kadaj, "Was it everything you dreamed of?"

Kadaj smiled deviously, "I should be asking you the same thing."

"Exceeded expectations," Hojo said, smiling, "The experiment was s success."

"I love it when you talk science to me," Kadaj half-moaned, kissing him.

Hojo smirked, "Oh really?"

Kadaj nodded, "Yes. I know it's early but..." he trailed off, smirking.

"It's never too early, dear. Not for you," Hojo smiled, "Perhaps we should make love until lunch, and then maybe...after?"

"I like that idea. A lot."

"Well, Kadaj always gets what Kadaj wants."

A/N: okay. So, I role-play as Kadaj, and he's made friends with this Stein and got into a relationship with a Hojo. That's kind of a story in itself. ^_^;; Anyway, it got me thinking and after a three day Fall Out Boy binge, this came out (and I bet you can see the FOB influences). So, on that note, thank you ever so much to my wonderful Stein, my awesome Hojo and Fall Out Boy for inspiring threesomes.
PS: I'm not sure KadajxHojo qualifies as incest, but...I thought it was close enough for the warning tag >_>;

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