A Night In 7th Heaven

BY : Miyajima
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Disclaimer: I do not profit from this story. It's written purely for enjoyment. All characters belong to Square from Final Fantasy 7


K- Soooo.... I'm NEW to writing Fanfiction. The only story I've ever written was a few years ago and it was called “A Reluctant Guest”. It was Reno/Yazoo...but  my computer exploded. I forgot my password etc and was never able to upload the ending- I may repost it  completed. So, my fanfic is basically Fun SMUT and I write it for shits and giggles. It has been a long time since I have had to write anything in english- so I'm not looking for any literary awards lol, I am aware I may have language/ punctuation issue. I hope you like it though- it's got humor and smut- whats not to like? If you like it- I'd be encouraged to hear that <3



Chapter 1

“Idle Chit Chat”


The world was always such a damn, ever-changing mess. Just when you'd think things were going to be alright, a new yet familiar catastrophe would rear it's crazy, silver head.

Two years ago, Reno would have never stepped foot in the 7th Heaven bar to just hang out and unwind. No offense to the common drinking hole, but working for the Shinra Corporation had a few perks back in the day. Such perks as, not having to exist in the same space as Cloud Strife and his groupies.

Reno looked across the old, comfortable booth. There sat Rude, his work partner of many years, casually sipping a glass of beer. A tall, muscular man, with a closely shaved head, Rude sported the mandatory Turk uniform of a dark suit and white shirt. Where he managed to buy suits that fit such a powerfully built form, Reno had never figured out. Perhaps a store dedicated to the tall, knee-breaking, bruiser? On top of it all, he had always been professional enough to wear a black tie to match. Reno found ties to be very hazardous. At least that was his favourite excuse to throw out to management. After shredding about three of the stupid things, Tseng had just given up in exasperation.

But not Rude. Rude could be a bloody poster model for what a Turk should look like. He even wore his trademark sunglasses to complete the bad ass ensemble, regardless of whether he was inside or out.

At least some things never change.

Reno smiled and poured the last of the pitcher of beer into his own glass. “So what do you think, partner? Another? I'm barely feeling a buzz here myself.”

Rude silently nodded and signaled the waitress to give them a refill.

“Oh hey! Miss!” Reno blurted out at the bar maid, “ Give us two shots as well. I don't care what of, surprise us!” He grinned ear to ear and watched as his stoic partner grimaced.

“Oh live a little Rude,” he lit a cigarette and took a drag.”We've been hanging around that fuckin Healen Lodge for a week. It's creeps me out a bit, being confined inside all the damn time. Then when I go outdoors for a smoke, all that bloody nature, bugs and those fuckin birds singing- I dunno, it's just freaky. I miss the concrete towers of the old Shinra building.”

He scratched his nose and ran his hand through his wild, red hair, resting it on the back of his neck. “I'm here to relax, have some fun, and I'll make you chill out if I have to drag you kicking and screaming”.

Rude smoothly tilted his sunglasses down to the tip of his nose and peered at the spunky redhead, arching an eyebrow, “Please don't try anything. I'm fine.”

Reno wasn't paying attention to any replies. He mindlessly flung his long pony tail over his shoulder and continued to scan the bar.

Rude always thought Shinra should have given him an ADHD test. Obviously, the company never placed a lot of importance on psychological stability.

“The service here kinda blows, don't you think?” Reno sighed impatiently. He lifted an empty glass and tried to find his own reflection in it, fiddling with his geled, spiky hair as he waited.

“You're hair hasn't moved since you came out of the bathroom this morning. It's still perfect.” Rude snorted.

Reno's hair was a kind of artistry. Chaotic, yet organized. Weed-wacked sections all over his head spiked up to defy gravity . It was a rather amazing feat of structural engineering, and since he had begun sharing living space with him, Rude estimated the Turk went through a container of hair wax every month.

Reno smiled, taking the compliment. “You know what they say my friend, all the business in the front, party in the back,” he joked , grinning, pointing out the various sections. “It serves more than one purpose. I mean, first off, it's just hot. It's also kinda bad ass looking, AND people never forget me.” He smiled as he watched the waitress return.

She set their drinks out in front of them.

Rude rolled his eyes. “Yeah. Striking, memorable, and easily identifiable. That's all the qualities a Turk should have,” he grumbled sarcastically, thinking back to the zillion times Reno had been spotted and distinctly described by distraught witnesses during some of the more violent company business.

“Nobody likes a smartass, Rude. So we had a bit if extra paperwork to do. Big deal, “ Reno casually swigged his fresh pint.

“Hours, and hours of mind-numbing paper-pushing. Sometimes days, weeks...unpaid over time,”

Eyes narrowing, the redhead couldn't help but grin. “Why continue your time here at Shinra, Rude? Why not just buy a camper, hang some fuzzy, novelty dice off the rear view mirror and take your comedy on the road?” He playfully flashed his middle finger at the bald man, drawing a small laugh.

Reno placed one shot glass in front of himself, and the other in front of Rude. Giving a sly smile, he took a deep breath in and lifted it to his lips, “Let's do this.”

Synchronizing in time with his partner, he knocked it all back in one go.

Either his head spontaneously burst into flames, or that shot packed one hell of a punch.

“Oh God!” He coughed, squinting up his face. Cringing, he coughed and sputtered at the sheer obnoxious potency of the liquid evil he had just consumed.

“Oh shit, son, “ breathing deeply. “Now THAT has a kick. “ Grinning, his eyes watered as he looked at Rude. His partner clenched his chiseled jaw, trying to remain composed, but the flush of bright red across his cheeks gave him away.

Reno stood up and reached over to give his friend a few supportive wacks on the back, then slumped back down into his seat with a goofy smile. “Should we get two more?”

Rude gasped. “Maybe we could wait until we finish the beer first.”

“Chickenshit.” Reno snorted. But it didn't matter much. He just liked to bother the big guy.

Reno shifted his weight in the booth, sitting upright rather than slouching. He had chosen this particular place in the bar for a reason; it was the best seat in the house to people watch. From here he could scope out the crowd, like a predator.

Rude couldn't help but notice the mischievious twinkle in his partner's bright, blue eyes. “Dare I ask what you're looking for?”

The redhead humphed and took a drag from his cigarette. “Checking out the crowd for a decent piece of ass. I wanna get laid tonight.” He blew smoke donuts on the exhale and smiled at his own skill.

Rude shifted uncomfortably in his chair and frowned a bit, “Of course you do. Don't hold back now, feel free to over share.”

“Hah,” Reno snorted. “Do I detect a snarky attitude? There's nothing wrong with it. You know you'd hit this if I let you,” he smirked, gazing at Rude as if he could see through the tinted sunglasses and zero in on his thoughts.

Rude crossed his arms defensively and heaved a deep sigh as he rubbed the vein between his furrowed eyebrows.

His partner enjoyed making him squirm.

“Don't be like that big guy. You were sat down and lectured by Tseng the same as I was when we first started working together. That whole thing where partners shouldn't bang each other,” Reno snuffed out the last of his cigarette in the ashtray.

“I don't think I've ever heard Tseng use the term ' Bang' “.

“Oh whatever..he said it, it just took him over an hour and a lot of fancy-ass words to get around to the exact same point. You're partners. Don't bang each other. It makes shit complicated. The end. But yanno, I sometimes wonder if he follows his own rules.”

Rude thought about it a bit. “Tseng's pretty professional.”

Reno sat up, getting a bit more excitable now that he had a few drinks in him. “Sure, he's professional, but I betcha he's been around the office if you know what I mean. I'm sure if he wanted someone he'd find a very professional way to get in their pants,” he chuckled at the thought, conjuring a variety of naughty images of the director. Never a dull moment at Shinra.

Rude looked pensive. “I could quit. Then there wouldn't be any conflict of interest.”

That made Reno pause for a moment. Finally, his attention seemed to be focused exclusively on his brawny partner.

Rude looked serious. Even for Rude, who always looked serious.

The redhead shrugged it off and sat forward , deciding to play along. “That would make an awesome resignation letter,” he raised his hands making a sign in the air to mimick the possible words. “Attention Tseng, I quit. Want to fuck Reno, keeping the sunglasses. Yours truly, Rude.”

Rude tried to hold back a laugh as the words struck him while drinking his beer. He snorted and drooled some liquid down his chin. Reno could be damn funny at times.

Wiping his neatly shaved facial hair with a napkin, he reflected on the conversation, “ It could happen. Just sayin'.”

As entertaining as the exchange had been, it was playing a bit close to home for Rude. His attraction to Reno began shortly after they'd been paired together at the company. At first, Rude wondered if the redhead was just a pretty face, making assumptions that he might sleep his way up the corporate ladder to a cushy desk job. Quite the contrary, Reno excelled at many aspects of life in the feild, preferring to get his hands dirty as a Turk over pushing paper.

He was still an outrageous tease who couldn't keep his mouth shut to save his life. As Rude's attraction to him grew, witnessing and hearing of Reno's sexual escapades could become rather tedious. Sometimes torturous. There were a few instances where the lines of their relationship blurred, where they came close to partners with extra benefits, but Rude assumed it was just the redhead's inability to to turn the volume on his flirting down. A lot of close encounters were the result of Reno's heavy drinking and brief experimentation with recreational drugs. None of it had gone far enough in Rude's opinion to qualify as anything tangible. It just ended up frustrating the hell out of him.

Reno cocked an eyebrow as he attempted to decipher Rude's expression.

“Thinking about this a bit, aren't you, big guy?” he observed, face flushed from the booze. “Is that what goes through that bald noggin, as you space out at your desk, pretending to pay attention from behind those sunglasses? Thinking about how you'd tap this ass if you had the chance?” A smug smirk on his face , he fished another cigarette out of the package from his suit coat pocket.

Rude didn't seem to flinch much at the conversation anymore. He looked rather stoic over there.

Rude always looked stoic. Reno never really knew the meaning of the word until they met. When it wasn't irritating, it could be rather sexy. Still, it was mostly irritating.

Reno stared across the table at his unresponsive partner, flipping his lighter open and shut, habitually.

“Can't say I haven't given it some thought here and there too, yanno,” he gave a very coy smirk and leaned in a bit, lowering his voice. “You probably know that.”

Rude didn't respond, he remained silent and sipped his beer, humouring Reno's banter. An annoying talent he had developed over the years.

“I bet you could give it to me proper, couldn't you, big man? You're built like a fuckin' truck, and have what? 4% body fat on you? I peek at you sometimes when you change yanno, both at home and in the locker room. Not by accident, I'm just a huge, fuckin' pervert.” he grinned, winking.

Still nothing.

But Reno's stubbornness was legendary.

He smiled, and rolled his tongue in his mouth as he looked his muscular partner up and down, exaggerating his expressions.

“ I bet you'd fuck me senseless, wouldn't you? Just pound me 'till I begged you for more. Which of course, I would. 'Cause I like it rough.”

Rude had to admit, his pants were feeling a wee bit tighter in certain areas after hearing the redhead prattle on. “Good God, you're a slut.” he uttered half under his breath, though still audible to the right ears.

“Yeah, I know. Like my hair, It's a part of my curb appeal,” the redhead taunted back, shifting to cross his legs in the booth. “Don't tell me you don't find my whorish tendencies appealing. I think they're charming if I do say so myself,” he slung one of his elbows back to rest upon the top of the seat of his chair.

“Anyways...” he continued, as he suggestively played his index finger around the rim of his glass.

“ I just thought you should know I appreciate a real man like you. Strong as hell, powerful, more testosterone in your baby finger than someone like Kadaj will ever know in one crazy-ass lifetime.”

Rude had to interject to snort out a chuckle at that notion.

The redhead laughed, pleased to draw a smile from his friend and continued, “ I'd fuck him if I had the chance, but I dunno whether I'd do it because he was cute, or if I'd do it to shut him the hell up. Then I'd grab his phone and make sure my number had a message attached above it that said; For Booty Calls Only.

Both men broke into laughter at the idea.

Reno digressed, “'Fuckin punkass Kadaj got my freakin' cell number and now he calls, ranting about his diabolical plans,” the redhead rolled his eyes and flashed his fingers around dramatically to mimick the craziness he figured when on in Kadaj's head.

His digression however, didn't last for long. Ever the one-track minded being, he found a way to get back to the topic of teasing his partner.

“Anyways, as I was saying,” he began again, resting his arms on the table and speaking closely. “ I'm just tired of being fucked by pansies. I need someone built like you to lay me out and nail my ass good. I wanna be exhausted, lying in a puddle of my own drool after sex.“

“ Reno...” Rude warned.

“ ...You have a big cock too. I've noticed over the years, though I`d be fuckin`blind to miss it. I`ve jerked off to the thought of taking that up the ass.”

“Reno. Shut up.”

“What's the matter big guy, am I getting you all hot and bothered?” the redhead leered across the table, his naked chest visible beyond the sloppily half-buttoned shirt.

Rude stood abruptly in the booth. “ I'll be back in a minute... washroom,” he grunted, seemingly agitated.

Watching the muscular form of his partner walk away from the table, Reno wondered if he had gone a bit too far. Although, it wasn't like Reno was lying, or spouting nonsense just to be an asshole. He was the type of person that meant nearly every word that flew out of his big mouth. He'd never been one to tip-toe around subjects, or censor his thoughts or expressions. He meant what he said to Rude, and in fact, maybe his partner should be flattered. The big guy had always been so strict and professional on the job, following those stupid rules to the letter. Reno lived in hope that one day his idiotic rambling would drive Rude over the edge and he'd screw him out of insanity.

As of yet, no such luck. The man sure had a huge tolerance for bullshit.

Bah. He'll get over it,” Reno mumbled.

After a few long minutes, Reno could see the familiar bald head weaving through the people back to the table. The bar had become significantly busier over the past hour.

His partner still seemed a bit dispondent. He didn`t like it.

“Oh cheer up, man. We're off duty. Now check out the room and tell me who I should focus my attention on.”

Rude raised an eyebrow and hid a weary sigh. Might as well humor him, or he'll be impossible.

Scanning the room, his eyes fell upon the familiar face of Tifa Lockheart behind the bar. She was smiling as usual, and had the attention of a few of the men sitting at the stools in front of her. Even though Rude knew the sort of response it would get, he threw it out there anyways.

“Ever thought about Tifa?”

“What?” Reno laughed. He looked over his shoulder to the bartender. “Tifa, Tifa. I can't deny she has a nice rack. Other than that, I dunno. If she were an ice cream flavour, she'd be vanilla. A bit bland for me. And I find that goody-goody attitude too irritating.”

“That and Cloud would probably kill you.” Rude smiled.

“Yeah, can't let anyone touch his sister.” Reno joked sarcastically. “Poor girl might launch herself at me naked if I winked at her the right way. She's probably desperate for human contact, 'cause as we all know Strife isn't touching her,” he tapped Rude as he laughed at his own humour, managing to draw a smile and a low chuckle out of his quiet partner. Reno didn't really know what the deal was between Tifa and Cloud Strife, but the lack of any signs of intimacy between the two had led to various conclusions in the rumor mill.

“Ok, “ Rude began again, growing more amused. “What about Cloud then? There he is coming in the front, “ he pointed to the far door. Cloud's light, blond head could easily be seen over the sea of people. He had what appeared to be a few cases of drinks in his arms, and a blank expression on his handsome face.

Reno sputtered indignantly at the notion. “ Oh, bloody hell. Don't get me started on that emo headcase,” He grinned and put his beer down. “I can see it now. An evening with Strife would have to be well thought out and planned in advance. For some reason, I KNOW it would have to have romance. Strife is wound far too tight to just have a playful roll in the hay”

Rude was chuckling again as he listened to his partner. Reno's cheeks and the bridge of his nose were a bit flushed, which in the redhead's case only added to his attractiveness. As he spoke, his piercing blues eyes sparkled with enthusiasm.

“So imagine this,” Reno began, he waved his hands as if to set a dramatic scene.”Strife is called to deliver a package to an unknown address. It's a rustic house, outside of the busy hustle and bustle of Midgar. He passes a rose bush. Cause like I said, Strife needs romance. What's more romantic than flowers? Immediately, that permanent brow furrow he has going on eases softly. His eyes shift into that big blue eyed, puppy dog look as he enters the quaint little hovel. “

“We've stumbled upon something else you've thought about quite a bit,” Rude interjected.

Reno scrunched his cute little nose, “Possibly. Shall I continue?”

Rude laughed and gestured him to keep going.

“So he's in this cozy little house, and lo, he looks down and sees a small pill. Followed by another, and then another! Why, it's a TRAIL of anti-depressants and mood stabilizers! Huzzah! They lead him all the way to the bedroom!”

“ Psyche meds? Tsk, tsk..that's not nice,” Rude was laughing quite genuinely at this point.

“Psyche meds are some people's aprodisiacs Rude, don't judge, man, ” Reno replied cheekily. “Anyways, it just carries on from there. Yanno, soft music, soothing hospital decor. All the elements Strife would need to loosen up. Then of course, after sex I'd have to hold him until he fell asleep.”

Rude coughed on his food as he laughed at his partner. “So..would it be worth all that?”

“Damn right it would be worth it!” the redhead exclaimed, grinning ear to ear. “Not just because he's hot in a mentally unstable sort of way, I could also remind him of it again, and again! I could irritate him for years”.

Both men continued snickering as they looked across the room at Cloud Strife.

Rude scanned the area again, looking for another mark.

In the distance, a familiar, graceful figure emerged from a darker area. Rude couldn't help but notice the strikingly beautiful man in the red cloak leaning against the far wall of the bar. His pale skin an attractive contrast to long black hair, he appeared deep in his own thoughts.

Rude pointed the target out. “What about him?”

Reno looked on over., eyes widening like a child in a candy store. “Ooohhh. Nice. Vincent Valentine,” he took a drink of his beer. “He's all gothic and dark. Probably shits bats.”

Rude couldnt contain his amusement and burst out laughing again. “He what?”

“You've never heard that before?” Reno flashed a broad smile.

“No, Can't say that I have. I hear a lot of firsts from you,” Rude refilled his glass from the pitcher of beer. “So I take it his condition doesn't turn you on? Should I look for someone else?”

“Oh HELL no!” Reno exclaimed. “ Are you kidding me? I'd do Valentine in a heartbeat! Look at him. A gorgeous face, and I can't help but assume a body to match if anyone could manage to de-mummify him from his 10 layers of clothing .Why he insists on burying himself head to toe, I'll never understand.”

Reno tried to down the last of his drink and rose from his seat.

His partner was a bit taken aback by the sudden decision, and grabbed the redhead's forearm, urging him to sit back down. “Don't you think it's kind of risky? Valentine is one of Cloud's friends. How do you know you won't just piss him off? He might not even be into guys, or he just might shoot you in the face.” Rude pleaded.

“Pfft. Not worried. I've lured self- proclaimed breeders to walk on the wild side before.” Reno replied as he started emptying Rude's glass of beer. “Besides, haven't you heard the rumours that Cid Highwind is hot for him? I don't mean to sound egotistical...”

“You? Perish the thought.”

“... but Highwind doesn't have anything I don't got. Besides, all men deep down are friggin' perverts willing to do almost anything to get their rocks off. I know I am. I'm gonna give it a shot,” he slammed the empty glass down with a determined look.

Despite anything he had to say, despite how badly Rude didn't want him to go, Reno teetered on drunken feet through the crowd towards the dark-haired man.

Rude heaved a disappointed sigh and ordered some hardcore booze to numb his frustration.




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