Luck on His Side

BY : Vovo
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Pairing: Seifer x Squall

Warnings: Yaoi. Lemon. AU.

A/N: Maybe it's a cliché to write a story about a band, but I wanted to write something lighter and not sad. I just have a tendency for writing angst sometimes, and I just wanted something that didn't make me feel depressed. I have the plot for a longer story in my head, but I decided to post this chapter and see if people want me to go on or not. Yeah, there's a sex scene in this chapter.

Luck on His Side

It had been a while since Seifer went to Eden. The nightclub wasn't the one he liked the most, but it was near from his apartment—just a few blocks away—so he could easily walk to the place. He stood near the bar counter with a bottle of beer in hand in that hot summer night. It was better than staying home watching some stupid TV program that would numb his mind—he had thought before going out. However, he was starting to have doubts about his previous assumption.

He was goddamn bored.

The place wasn't that bad, with a good space and a nice atmosphere; the drinks weren't bad either. What was getting on his nerves was the terrible music. It seemed like the DJ had chosen the worst songs that came to his mind and that the bands that played were competing with each other to see which one made the worst sound. It was like the place he once enjoyed became a totally different thing.

But the real problem wasn't Eden. The songs that were playing weren't the same as the great songs of the past. How Seifer missed the old bands, the real bands, not that trash that were playing on radios and streaming on the Internet.

Fuck. I'm getting away from here.

Seifer walked towards the club's exit, but was frustrated when he realized his way was blocked. And the scariest thing was that the way had been blocked by teenagers. Suddenly, they had appeared and were everywhere. They crowded the place in front of the small stage and were screaming hysterically.

It was worst than the music. Seifer found himself strangely wishing the DJ could return with his songs, anything to save his ears from the loud screams... And when Seifer thought he had endured the worst... some guys appeared on stage and the crowd of teens went crazy.

When Seifer stared at the band members he wanted to laugh, they were just teenagers too, 16, no more than 17. The vocalist of the band was a tall, slender, long-haired boy with a cowboy hat. He had the biggest of smiles on his face and everything he said had a flirtatious undertone. The bass player was short, black-haired, and seemed somewhat uneasy in being where he was. Seifer couldn't really see the drummer, he was almost totally hidden behind the drum set, but for some blond hair defying gravity. And then Seifer saw the guitarist. He was pale and slender, with messy locks of brown hair falling around his face. A white T-shirt was pressed tightly around his torso and he wore a pair of leather pants. To complete the visual, several belts hung loosely around his hips, attracting special attention to that area every time the boy walked on stage.

Suddenly, Seifer realized it was too late. The performance had already started and he could just stand there, not being able to leave and feeling his gaze strangely locked to a particular point of the stage.

Seifer thought it was ridiculous to be there listening to the terrible sounds that came from that bunch of inexperienced teenagers. Their music was really bad, and even so, the young boys and girls in the crowd cheered as if it was the greatest band in the world. And what made Seifer really angry with himself was the fact that not only he watched the entire performance of the band, but he also paid attention to it... At least part of it, at least to a member of it.

Holy shit.

He was feeling like a stupid teenager with a crush. It was better to get away quickly before some irreversible damage could be done to his brain. But it seemed it was too late. He had tried desperately to get past the crowd of teens and reach for the exit and when he finally achieved the almost impossible goal, he saw what he wasn't expecting. In a dark corner, near the exit doors, stood a bored looking brunet. Seifer would surely deny the fact to himself, but the truth was that his heartbeats sped up.

Seifer stopped, inspected the boy at a closer distance: he was leaning against a wall, arms crossed, deep frown on his face; the most gorgeous thing he ever laid eyes on. Seifer wondered what he was doing there by himself when he was supposed to be signing autographs and posing to photos with his fans.

The blond knew he'd better go away, it would surely bring him trouble if he stayed longer, but as impulsive as he always were, he didn't waited much until stepping closer to the boy of his dreams.

"I liked your... performance," Seifer lied to get the brunet's attention. He saw a pair of gray-blue eyes that seemed to stare deeply into his soul and a confused expression on the flawless face.

"Whatever... Er... thanks."

And neither of them could find any more words, they just stared at each other in silence, not knowing what to do. However, Seifer was the one to break the strange moment of silence as he nervously reached for a pen he didn't quite know where he found and scribbled his number on the blank side of a flyer that was laying around.

"Call me," he said before nervously walking away from the club, away from the presence of the alluring brunet.

While he was walking in the cold streets, he felt he was the most stupid person in the world. He had never been nervous around someone he was interested in. He had always been confident and he had never backed away until he got what he wanted; but there he was, feeling like a shy teenager asking someone out for the first time. And as he walked, he couldn't stop thinking about the brunet. Damn, the kid seemed as if he hadn't even turned 18 yet. He must have been a schoolboy living with his parents, with a sister and a dog and all those things Seifer never had. And hell, he could be straight, he could be straight and would be thinking that a freak was hitting on him, he could be laughing by then, remembering the pathetic scene he had seen. Although, Seifer suspected the teenager wasn't much into girls... The blond hadn't been born with a gaydar, but he tended to be good in placing bets in which side people preferred most. But even if the teen liked men, it didn't mean he had liked him. Seifer usually trusted in his good looks, but there was something in the brunet that made him unsure if he could trust only in his physical appearance. He was just so confused and frustrated.

Going there was a bad idea.

Definitely a bad idea, Seifer was convinced of that by the time he reached his apartment building. He was totally sure when he reached his door. And when he lay on his bed, he wanted just to sleep and forget everything that had happened. But when he closed his eyes, he saw a pair of gray-blue irisis staring at him and he had a sinfully good dream that would make him feel guilty throughout the next morning and make him smile foolishly all day.


Seifer leaned over the counter of the record store and yawned. He didn't have much rest before getting to work. Even though the store didn't open very early in the morning, it was still difficult not to feel tired at 10 AM after going out on the previous night.

Most of the time, Seifer liked his job at Blasting Zone—a record store specialized in indie bands and artists not very known to the mass media. He loved music. And he loved to have a job related to music. The payment wasn't really great, but it paid the bills, and he was able to listen to several good songs throughout the day. Of course, it wasn't his dream job, but it would do until he saved enough money to enter a good college.

The blond clerk looked at the big round watch on the wall. Damn, it wasn't even near the time of his lunch break. He reached for his cell phone inside his pocket and checked for calls or messages.

He must be sleeping...

After a short break for lunch in the afternoon, Seifer went back to work and found the store almost empty, just a few costumers looking through the rare albums silently. It seemed like the costumers who liked to chat with him weren't going to appear at Blasting Zone that day, which made the hours pass more slowly.

By the time his work shift ended, Seifer had checked his cell-phone more than he did in an entire week. He walked out of the shop with the last sun rays saying good night to the streets. His head was filled with thoughts of frustration and boredom. Just a day like every day, nothing new, nothing that saved him from the same routine he went through every day he went to work. It was foolish of him to hope that something different could happen.

Deciding it was best to leave those thoughts aside, he headed to one place that used to relax him like no other could. He entered the bright colored building and was greeted by the flirtatious smiles of the girls at the gym's counter. And he smiled back even without having interest in them, just because he enjoyed the attention. Everyone at Ulysses knew him, and most of them had tried at least once or twice to convince him to go out with them. But only a few were lucky enough to share something more than a few minutes of friendly talk with him. It wasn't as if he was difficult, he just knew he had the opportunity to choose. He couldn't deny that he had been blessed by nature for his good appearance.

After changing his clothes in the locker room, he set his mind into the spirits of working out. He took a while to stretch and prepare his muscles for the training session and concentrated on feeling how his body reacted to his moves. Some people never stop to think about what their bodies need, if only they knew that their muscles and limbs talked to them. It was nice to notice how they informed what they needed: a longer stretch, some round motion or a relaxing massage. Seifer could forget the world and all his worries if he just concentrated on exercising. It was the better way for him to cleanse his mind.

He had been so concentrated on his warm up session that it took a while for him to notice that someone was talking to him. Green eyes looked up and met a brown-haired person standing next to him, and it was difficult for him not to show his disappointment when he didn't see someone he had been thinking of lately.

"Hey, are you listening to me?" The good looking guy asked, a small smirk on his face.

"Huh? Yeah, hi..."

What's his name again?

"Have you forgotten my name already?" The man said amusedly. It hadn't been long since they went out for a few drinks and a night of few rest in a nice apartment in the southern part of the town.

Seifer smiled. "Of course not." He tried to access the necessary information somewhere in his brain. "Dave." He heard the man chuckle a little before hearing his voice once again.

"It's been a while..." The brunet was still smiling amusedly and Seifer wasn't sure if he had gotten the name right, but even if he didn't, 'Dave' didn't seem to care, because he moved on with the conversation. "I was thinking about, you know, doing something, maybe Saturday. What do you think?"

"Yeah, maybe Saturday." Even though Seifer wasn't very excited by the prospect, he couldn't just say no so quickly. 'Dave' was a very attractive man, and a nice company too—with just the right amount of sarcastic comments, but not overly so as to make him an inconvenient presence.

"Good," the man smiled. "Well, I'm just finished here, so I'll be waiting for your call... If you don't forget my name again." The man continued on his way to the exit of the establishment, stopping just once more and turning to look at Seifer. "I really liked the last time, so if you don't have other plans in your schedule, maybe you could find some time to see me, you know where." He winked and left.

Seifer sighed. Yeah, that would be good, and it had been a while since he met someone. He set the weight for him to lift and wondered if he had saved Dave's number on his cell phone. Reaching for it, he realized that a new message had arrived. Quickly, he opened it, his heart suddenly racing for a moment... Until he saw the ad for an incredible promotion. He would only have to pay...


It wasn't exactly what he had been expecting...


Wrong key.

Wrong key.

Wrong key again.

Seifer was starting to get frustrated. It used to be so easy for him to pick the right key to his apartment, even in the darkest night with the lack of illumination in the halls. But it seemed as if luck wasn't on his side that day, because he only found the right key at the fourth attempt.

Finally home. He sighed when he saw the same small apartment he had been living for a year and with luck he could find a better place in... some years. Well, at least it was best than the shit-holes he had spent his first years out of the orphanage, it had a small bathroom, a small kitchen, a small bedroom and... a small living room. It didn't take long form him to cross the rooms with just a few strides of his long legs, but it wasn't that bad. He lived alone and he hadn't the money to buy many things, so he had enough space for himself.

He walked to the small kitchen and stored the food he had brought from the supermarket, hoping it would be enough for some days. Then he prepared his favorite meal, pasta, with lots of cheese, he just loved it, he could eat it every day.

After his well-deserved dinner, he sat on the couch in the living room, and opened his notebook on the coffee table. He checked his e-mail, then he read some news, and he checked his e-mail box again...


His fingers guiltily typed 'Eden' and soon he was on the club website. He was somehow relieved in seeing it was updated regularly and he would be able to check the bands that would play in the next weeks...

Shit, what was that band's name?

Seifer wanted to bang his head on the wooden surface of the coffee table. He really paid no attention when the name had been announced by that teen with the cowboy hat. Okay, there was no need to panic, he could just check the bands that played last night. With just a few clicks he found the agenda and read the list of the bands that had played that night. There, that was it, 'Rising Sun'. He typed the name on the search engine and was a little frustrated when he found dozens of bands with the same name. But it wasn't that difficult to find what he was looking for. The band website was under construction but there was some information available. There was nothing about their music, but there was some photos and the member profiles. Seifer skipped all the other kids and scrolled the page until he found what he was looking for, a sour looking brunet. He couldn't help but smile at the teen's expression, it seemed he didn't like much to pose for photos. There was a very brief information about him, his name, age and musical influence. Seifer was a little surprised in finding out the brunet liked Flame Saber and Twin Lance, they were very good bands, and the blond found it difficult to believe that at least one of those stupid teens had ever listened to real music. Oh, and he also discovered that the brunet wasn't so young as he first thought, he was 17, just a few years younger than him. And his name was...


I think I can get used to call him that.

Seifer was blaming himself for keep staring at the picture that didn't live up to the beauty of the real thing. What was happening to him? Why was he thinking so much about a person who didn't want him? If he did, he would call, wouldn't he? He would leave a message, at least to show some sort of interest. But Seifer was a very stubborn young man. He just couldn't give up until all his chances had run out. He just couldn't say no for a good challenge. Convinced it was too late to give up on the insistent wish that had sunk its roots deeply into his mind, he started to plan what would be his next move. When would the band perform again...

It seemed he would definitely have a place to go Saturday night. And he wouldn't forget the name of the brunet he would meet.


Seifer stared at his reflection on the mirror of his small bathroom. He spread some more gel in his hands and brushed his short hair back a few times before studying his image some more. Deciding it couldn't be better than it already was, he left the bathroom and picked his wallet, keys and cell phone, putting them inside his dark denim pant's pockets. He wore a pair of black sneakers and a black t-shirt that wasn't so tight he couldn't breath, but was clung to his torso enough to reveal the shape of his defined body.

He left his apartment and was greeted by a starlit night. It didn't take long before he reached Eden and went directly to the stage area. A little frustrated, he realized the front lines had already been occupied by teenage girls. It wasn't as if he had a problem in having a good look at the stage, being a lot taller than the groups fans, but being there in the middle made him feel extremely out of place, so he moved to one side of the stage, trying to hide himself some. If he remembered correctly, Leon stayed mostly on the left side of the stage, the right side for the crowd, so he stayed in a place he could look directly at the guitarist.

Somehow, it didn't surprised him much to notice that in just a few minutes the crowd had multiplied in number and almost filled all the space available in front of the stage, leaving only the bar counter and the mezzanine with some free space. Even though it pissed him off to know that Eden had decided to allow these kinds of bands to perform in its space, he understood that the money it brought to the house spoke louder. And they didn't seem to care to left underage kids with fake IDS enter either.

Seifer was a little disappointed to know that Rising Sun wouldn't be the first band to play, so he had to wait some very boring hours listening to mediocre bands and without alcohol to help him. He could have remembered to buy something before he got himself surrounded by those kids with outrageous outfits. Did their parents know they dressed like that?

When Seifer was starting to think it had been a bad idea to go to that place, a long-haired teen appeared and the unmoving crowd came alive. Then the rest of the band appeared and started to make the final adjustments for the performance. The group hadn't even started for real and the kids were screaming as if they were having the greatest show of their lives. There was a guy... Seifer looked beside him. Girl... Guy that yelled so loudly he thought he would be going deaf in his left ear very soon.

And then the band started their performance. It was hell. Seifer was being pushed from side to side with the force of the crowd and it scared him a little knowing that most of the kids were smaller than him, and he wasn't exactly a person who could be normally pushed that easily. And what was worst, after all the effort he made to be there, Leon hadn't looked once to the crowd, let alone at him.

Not knowing what else to do, Seifer did the only thing he could think of: he yelled Leon's name. There was no way in hell the boy could hear his shout with all the noise around, but Seifer's green eyes widened in amazement when he saw the brunet as if awakening from a reverie and staring at something that wasn't his guitar or the floor. Gray-blue eyes looked around in an startled manner and they finally landed on a tall blond standing not far from the stage. Seifer could tell there was something going on in the brunet's head by the way he was staring at him, as if he could look deeply into his soul.

From that moment on, the young guitarist looked at the tall blond several times and when he wasn't, it seemed as if his mind was lost in another world, a place that wasn't the stage. Seifer wondered what he was thinking. Would it be some kind of disapproving thought or a manner to try to get very far away from the blond as soon as the presentation ended? Or would there be any hope?

Suddenly, Seifer realized the show had come to an end. Some part of the crowd was already dispersing and the place went suddenly quiet... Well, not exactly quiet, but there was a constant buzzing sound in his ear and slurred words here and there. Part of the teens had gone to the right side of the stage, attracted by the vocalist who was distributing autographs and taking pictures with the fans. There were just a few teens in front of him, trying to call Leon's attention, but to no avail. The brunet seemed to ignore their pleas and just focused on the task of unplugging his equipment. Seifer stood there, accompanying the guitarist moves, until he saw the blue stare directed once again at him. Leon said something, but all Seifer could distinguish was the lips moving.

"What?" was all the blond could shout in answer to what the brunet said.

Leon muttered something indistinguishable to himself and motioned with his head to the bar direction, looking at the place intently for some seconds to make his point across. Seifer looked back and then looked again at the guitarist for a confirmation. He saw a slight move of the head, that he assumed was an affirmative answer. Still a little unsure, Seifer started to distance himself from the stage and went slowly to the bar counter. He sat on a stool and was still asking himself if that was really happening, he would finally be able to talk... hmm really talk to the guy. But as the time went by, he started to feel a lot frustrated.

Then it was what he wanted, to fucking distract me and get away. I should've know better...

When Seifer was ready to stand up and leave the nightclub for good, he was surprised to find a person taking a seat beside him. For a moment, he couldn't believe in his own eyes: the brunet was there, hair still messed by the presentation and dark clothes hugging tightly to his sweaty body. Up that close, Seifer could see some of the eyeliner, he didn't know was there before, creating a smudge shadow around his eyes, somehow enhancing their beautiful gray-blue color.

"What do you want?"

Seifer heard the beautiful voice talking to him softly and he couldn't help but loving that voice, it wasn't too deep or high-pitched, it just stood in the middle and had some melodious quality to it. He would love even more to hear that voice whispering in his ear, or moaning his name...

"Isn't it obvious?" Seifer arched one eyebrow and smirked slightly.

"I was talking about the drinks, what you were going to order."

Seifer realized he had been so distracted in waiting for the brunet, he had forgot to order. "Ifrit."

Leon looked at the bartender and Seifer saw him move his body up a little to lean some over the counter to talk to the man, and the blond didn't exactly hear what he said with all the noise in the club. But he enjoyed to watch the dark fabric of the dark tee sliding up just a little, exposing some of the boy's pale skin.

Soon, Seifer saw a red drink being placed in front of him, but not for the brunet. "Aren't you gonna drink?"

The brunet arched one eyebrow before catching a bottle the man tossed at him. Seifer saw the boy unscrewing it, and swallowing some of the water. The blond smirked while watching it, there was a person in that place who wasn't into drinking, unbelievable. When he saw the brunet putting the bottle down on the wooden surface, he noted how his lips were moist and inviting, so he didn't think twice before cupping his face in both hands, and kissing him. And he didn't give a fuck for what the people around him thought of the scene. It wasn't as if people in Eden never saw two guys kissing or doing other things to each other, but he used to be very discrete when it came to public displays of affection. He would usually exchange a few quick touches or find a very hidden corner to share a kiss or two. It just wasn't his style to flash out to the world he was gay, but at that moment he didn't give a damn; he was kissing the hottest guy in the whole place and they could all die from envy, for all he was concerned.

Seifer tasted the moist lips slowly, sucking each of them gently before scrapping his teeth over the lower one delicately. Then he licked the brunet's lips until he felt them opening just a little to give him enough space to greet the tip of his tongue with his own. He kept teasing it until the mouth opened some more to give him access to explore further. They kissed and kissed each other for what seemed like an eternity, until they had to part to breath some air.

The blond looked at the brunet and was certain he was displaying a foolish smile on his face. It seemed as if all his problems had suddenly disappeared and everything was perfectly fine. He put his hand over a leather covered thigh and squeezed it gently, before leaning forward to whisper into the brunet's ear. "Wanna come somewhere else with me?"

The brunet looked puzzled for a moment, considering the invitation, and Seifer felt suddenly apprehensive. He remembered his once forgotten drink in front of him and felt the sudden urge to swallow it all at once. And that was what he did, feeling a lot dizzy right after taking it. When his head stopped spinning, he looked again at the silent brunet and demanded an answer.

"What's the problem?" He squeezed the boy's thigh tightly and grabbed his chin softly with the other hand, to make him look at him.

Leon opened his mouth, but then closed it again.

"Come on." Seifer grabbed the boy's hand and stood up, leading him towards the club's exit. The brunet hadn't agreed verbally to leave the place with him, but he hadn't stopped him either.

When they reached the streets, their bodies felt the contrast of the warmth of the club and the cold night air. The brunet shivered slightly and Seifer put an arm around his shoulders, bringing his body close to his own.

"My place is just a few blocks away, Leon." Seifer received a strange look from the brunet. "What?"

"Why are you calling me that?"

"..." Seifer thought for a moment. "It was your name on the website."

"..." The brunet started to walk slowly, guided by the blond's steps. "It's just my... artistic name, like Irvine says. He thought it sounded better than Squall."

"And should I call you what?"

"Squall is for the people I know, so I guess, you can call me Squall."

"Squall..." Seifer tried the brunet's real name. "I guess I can get used to it. Mine's Seifer, anyway." The blond took sight of his apartment building and was more than relieved to know that soon he would be in a place that no one would disturb him. "I live right there."

The brunet stared at the small and plain building. It was a very ordinary place, with no special feature to distinguish it from any other in the city. Soon he was climbing some narrow stairs in the dark corridors.

"It's not that great, but it's clean enough." Seifer opened the door and felt a little frustrated in knowing that he wouldn't impress the brunet very much. One day he would have a nice and big place with a pool and a big garage filled with cars... but that would have to wait for a while...

Squall entered and saw a very simple living room, furnished only with what was needed. There were some magazines and DVDs scattered on some corners, but otherwise the place was very orderly and clean.

Seifer closed the door behind him and stood beside the brunet, contemplating for a moment what would be his next move. He looked at Squall's concentrated expression while studying his apartment and felt that curious feeling of apprehension and nervousness mixed with excitement and happiness. Was the teen he had been dreaming of for the entire week really there with him? Trying to make sure that it was really real, he pulled the brunet closer by grabbing his arm and kissed him with a fiery passion.

Yeah, that was real.

When the kiss ended, Seifer took some steps back and pulled Squall with him to the couch. The blond lay on his back, making the brunet straddle him. Green eyes looked up at the boy sitting on his lap and grinned. It was too good to be true, Squall had the perfect slender body and the perfect beautiful face of those video game heroes; he was just so fucking gorgeous, like he had been made by an artist.

Seifer slid his hands over his torso and sides, taking his time to enjoy the brunet's body, while he teased his own covered member by brushing it up against Squall's thighs. He then slid both hands down to the brunet's hips and guided him to a better position, so he could rock his member against the leather covered ass. The blond was feeling himself growing harder while he thrust up with increasing need. He was holding Squall's hip tightly with one hand, while the other squeezed his thigh.

After enjoying the teasing friction of their bodies, Seifer slid his fingers under Squall's tight shirt and lifted some of the fabric to better explore the place. Then he lifted himself up and sat on the couch, so he could lick and suck the brunet's silver earring, making him shiver. Seifer tried to take Squall's t-shirt off, but he felt the brunet was suddenly reluctant to let him.

"What's the problem?" The blond asked softly, seeing the seemingly confident brunet he saw earlier blush deeply. Seifer arched one eyebrow in confusion, while Squall avoided looking at him. The blond moved his hands over the boy's back in a soothing manner and then rested them on the small of his back, bringing him close gently. He felt he warmth of the brunet when he held him tightly and was overwhelmed by a strong need. "You have no idea how much I want you..." Seifer confessed in Squall's ear. He felt the brunet's hands on him, touching his shoulders gently before staring at his green eyes with the deepest blue stare. Squall's lips opened once and then closed again. Then he turned his face to the side, staring at nothing in particular, measuring his words.

"I... I never did... with another man." Squall said, even though the truth was that he had never had sex with any other person. Personal contact wasn't really something he experienced much.

Seifer felt a little uneasy by the revelation, he was unsure if he could convince the brunet to go on, but it wasn't like he would give up, maybe that could be his only chance. He grabbed one of the many belts Squall wore and unbuckled it, doing the same with the next one, and then the next one, until he had dropped every one of them to the floor. Seifer opened the brunet's pants, unbuttoning it and pulling the zipper down, trying to find enough space for his hand to reach for the organ inside. When he found what he was looking for, he started to touch it and press it, teasing the brunet to no end. He pulled the pants down a little with the other hand, so he could have space to squeeze one ass cheek. Seifer smirked when he heard the soft moans of appreciation as he started to stroke the hardening length rhythmically. He looked up and saw the brunet with his eyes closed and face drown in pleasure. Then his fingers ventured through the cleft of his ass, finding his opening. He started to brush his fingertips in a repetitive motion and he was amused to see the brunet blushing deeply.

At that point, Seifer was painfully hard and he stopped to take Squall's shirt completely off. He licked and kissed his bare torso until he made the brunet stand up with him. Seifer led the boy to his room and ordered him to take off the rest of his clothes. He received one reluctant look before watching the brunet discarding every piece of clothing, standing naked and nervous next to his bed.

Seifer smirked slightly, even though the brunet seemed a little unsure of what he was doing, he haven't said no to what he was told. He then took off his own clothes, making sure the brunet could take a good look at him. Seifer had never been a modest man, he just made sure to show off his strong points and his physical appearance was something he was particular proud of. Glancing quickly at the brunet, he acknowledged he had been stared at the entire time while he undressed. Without wanting to waste much more time, Seifer rummaged through a drawer until he found what he was looking for. He walked towards the brunet's direction with lubricant in hand and instructed him to get on the bed and stay on all fours.

Squall was dying of embarrassment and for a moment thought of giving up. That was definitely not the most dignified position he had been in. When he thought it couldn't get any worse, he felt something being spread over his opening, until something started to slide in. He had loved to look at Seifer's long fingers before, but it felt awkward to let one of them in. At least it wasn't so difficult to take it with the amount of lube used, but then a second finger forced its way in and Squall, started to think it was a bit too much.

"Hmm... Seifer...?"

The blond stopped his moves. "Does it hurt?"

"Hm... it's strange... Will it take much longer?"

"Anxious are we?" Seifer smirked and squeezed one ass cheek. "Just a little while, or I'll end up really hurting you."

Squall was confused. If Seifer didn't want to hurt him, then why was he pushing a third finger in...? He had never felt so vulnerable in his entire life, the movements were stretching him in a way he hadn't believed it was possible.

And then... They were gone...

Seifer was a little worried for Squall. He spread the lube over his hard length and he knew that once he was in, he wouldn't want to stop. So... there would be no turning back once he started. He considered the idea of asking one last time if the brunet was really sure about it, but when he brushed the tip of his member over the opening, he dismissed the thought. He entered slowly, seeing if the brunet could take it, then he slid in a little more, until he found some resistance. Seifer retreated slowly and spread some more lube over himself and Squall, before pushing in slowly again, reaching a little more deeply. The boy was so tight, it was hard to Seifer keep pushing forward, and he tried until the brunet couldn't take it anymore, so he retreated, leaving just the tip inside.

Squall was panting hard, feeling tears at the corners of his eyes. He felt the member pushing in again and then start to move repeatedly, slowly, until he got used to the feeling. Seifer increased the rhythm slowly, and he kept thrusting and thrusting until he filled the brunet completely. It was so fucking tight and good he didn't want to stop, so he started to thrust harder, almost desperately and he groaned deeply when he finally came, filling the brunet.

Seifer was still panting hard when he retreated. The brunet stayed in the position for a while longer, before lying slowly on his side. Squall still didn't believe in what had happened, sex in reality wasn't like what he saw in the movies. It was a strange experience and he didn't know if he had taken much pleasure out of it. But even so, he didn't regret it, because he had wanted so much to do it with the blond. Seifer had been the first person who made him consider the idea seriously. Squall didn't know exactly why, the blond had been a completely stranger and even after what they had done, things didn't change much, but, somehow, he trusted him.

Seifer was staring at Squall, a little curious to know what was happening in his head. It seemed like he talked a lot to himself in there and forgot to say it out loud. He lay beside him and kept staring at the face deep in thought. One of his hands touched one pale thigh and his fingers slid up the skin, until he found the organ that had been neglected for a while. He started to stroke it slowly, until he saw the brunet's eyelids snap open. Seifer continued his moves until he saw those blue eyes clouded by pleasure. He kissed the parted lips, feeling the hot air that escaped through them while the brunet panted. Seifer kept doing it until Squall came on his hand.

Chuckling slightly, Seifer watched as the brunet fought to maintain his eyes opened, but he was so tired, it didn't take long before he drifted into his dreamland. Seeing that, Seifer was sure he had been left to clean the mess they'd made... Well, considering he had been finally able to have the brunet all to himself, it wouldn't be a very high price to pay after all...





A/N: Well, if someone want a continuation, just let me know. And I know there must be some mistakes that I haven't noticed in the text...


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