A Whole New World

BY : Heartstarmagick
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Kadaj walked into the lab, seeing Hojo working on a specimen. He smiled, stepping in further and wrapping his arms around the scientist's waist from behind. Hojo smiled, glancing at him, "Hello, Kadaj."

Kadaj smiled, "You busy?"

Hojo shook his head, "Never too busy for you. You need something?"

"I just wanted to see you. I kind of wanted to cuddle you for a while, but not if you're working," Kadaj blushed a touch.

Hojo blinked, taking Kadaj into his arms, keeping him close. "Is it the nightmares again?" He asked softly. Kadaj nodded, "The medicine didn't work?"

"They weren't as bad. I didn't feel..." he tried to find the right word, tapping a finger to his lip, "I didn't feel trapped. I felt like I could wake up."

Hojo nodded, "I'll try again regardless. I know how frightening they are for you. I don't want you to have to go through this anymore."

Kadaj nodded, "You'll find a way. You always do." Kadaj let go of him, looking at the specimen, "So...what's that and what're you doing with it?"

"I used some experimental chemical treatment on him. I don't think he'll last, so I'm doing some prodding around before he dies." He grinned wickedly, "Care to join me?"

Kadaj smiled, nodding enthusiastically. Hojo smiled back, happy to preoccupy his lover.

He handed Kadaj a scalpel, guiding his hand to a place inside the body of whoever it was on the table. His other hand rested on Kadaj's hip, smiling, "Now, just a small incision here..." he said, guiding Kadaj's hand. A bit of blood spurted out, leaving a trail across the younger male's chest. Hojo shifted, getting a cloth and wiping at the small bit of blood that got on Kadaj's neck.

It was then that he noticed what Kadaj was wearing. One of his lab coats. And white lingerie.

"I didn't know you were wearing that," Hojo murmured into his ear, rubbing his hip.

"You're normally so observant, Professor," Kadaj smirked.

The stark red on his lab coat had also gotten on the corset thing he was wearing, the contrast making the elder smile a bit. He got back behind Kadaj, running his hands up his chest before guiding the hand holding the scalpel (his left, much to Hojo's convenience, also being a lefty) once more, "Cut here," he instructed, still leading him. "You see this?" Hojo asked, reaching in and lightly pulling something up, "that's his stomach."

Kadaj smiled, "It's smaller than I always picture it."

Hojo smirked. He let go of the stomach, shifting so he was up by the chest. He reached in, effortlessly breaking a few ribs. The specimen, in his sleepy state, shuddered and made a small noise. "Look here--" he said pointing. Kadaj looked in awe, "That's his heart. See how it's beating so quickly? He's in pain. Although, with the chemical I gave him, he doesn't feel it. His body knows he's in a lot of pain, but his sense of it isn't present at all. The chemical's killing him, quickly too. I'm afraid he doesn't have much longer."

Kadaj nodded, watching the man's heart beat erratically. He touched the ribs gently before the man made a strangled noise.

The heart had stopped. The man was dead.

Hojo smirked sadistically, "Good. Now I can look inside the heart without worrying if I kill him. The screams were always my guide. It was so terribly quiet in here without them."

"I love watching you work," Kadaj half-moaned.

Hojo smirked again, "I didn't think this was the sort of thing that got you off."

"You'd be surprised," Kadaj smiled.

Hojo had already started on the heart, pausing a moment before disregarding it completely and turning to Kadaj, placing his bloody hands on either side of his waist, leaving stains. Kadaj didn't care, standing on his tiptoes to kiss him deeply. He wrapped his arms around the brunette, holding his body tightly and moaning softly. His hands wandered the lean scientist's body, as they always did when they were in close proximity. Kadaj simply could not get enough of this man. He loved kissing him and touching him and--yeah, his clothes needed to come off soon, very soon.

He pulled his tie off, then worked on the buttons to his shirt before pulling it off. He nibbled the other man's neck, eliciting a soft moan, "Kadaj. That feels...That feels extraordinary."

Kadaj's hands trailed lower, unfastening the scientist's belt, then his pants, kissing him with an increased lust. "I want you," he moaned, "I need you now..." Kadaj always had quite the libido. He wasn't sure why (Mother's cells? Sephiroth's, maybe?) and at the moment, like any other moment he had a raging -ahem- problem, he didn't care one way or the other. He just needed to be satisfied, and Hojo was very good at satisfying him.

Kadaj hastily removed the underwear he'd been wearing. Hojo smirked, placing a hand on his backside and pulling away a bit, whispering, "We have two options; the wall or the specimen. I don't trust the floor."

"I don't mind getting a little bloody..." Kadaj moaned, "I just want you on top of me."

"Specimen it is," the brunette groaned, lifting his lover and placing him atop the tightly-bound man. It wasn't the most sanitary, but it would do. Kadaj didn't care, if he did, he'd simply suggest they go to the bedroom or something. Hojo smirked, strategically getting up and hovering over him. No, no, this was much more fun.

Hojo held onto his lover tightly, adjusting him and reaching for some blood to spread on his member as a sort of lubricant before thrusting himself in, "Yes! Ahh, yes! Fuck! Yes!" Kadaj moaned. His back was soaked in blood, the lab coat sticking to him. Hojo smirked, kissing him roughly and setting a brutal pace. Hojo was quite a bit older than him, but he never acted it. Well, not in the bedroom, at least, or wherever they happened to be having relations. In fact, Kadaj was fairly certain he was getting better sex than people his age with partners that were close in age.

Hojo bit on his neck as he pounded the younger man, making him want to scream and pull his hair and come oceans. He felt blood being drawn and moaned louder--gods, this man always knew what he needed. He loved that about Hojo. So often, Kadaj would be treated so delicately when being ravished that it could hardly be called 'ravishing.' Kadaj craved roughness. Submission. Much to his delight, Hojo liked giving that to him, and fucked him without any mercy, pounding away at that special spot inside him, making him see stars every time. Kadaj grabbed onto his lover's back, his nails digging in as he screamed the scientist's name, probably drawing blood. Hojo switched sides on his neck, biting hungrily as if Kadaj were some rich dessert he couldn't get enough of. Well, in a sense, he was, only much more decadent, much more addictive, "I love you," the scientist whispered, licking at the marks.

"I love you," Kadaj moaned, "I'm not gonna--! I mean--I'm--! Aaah!"

Hojo held tightly onto his lover, his arms covered in gore, feeling his own body wish to succumb to the pleasures of the flesh, Kadaj's flesh. He reveled in the fact that this man that he loved so dearly, that he was so deeply buried inside, that made him feel fucking immortal, was his and nobody else's. He screamed for Hojo and nobody else, and a thrill came along with knowing that; that nobody would dare lay a hand on him, no matter how many there were before the scientist, because Kadaj was his.

He heard the younger's screams grow more impassioned, feeling those muscles contract oh-so-sweetly around him prompting the brunette to let let go and fill the younger with his white-hot passion.

They panted, trying to get back to reality. Hojo pulled him into a heated yet tender kiss. "I love you, Kadaj."

Kadaj smiled, pushing the scientist's glasses up his nose with a gentle poke, "I love you, too."

Hojo got up, intent on cleaning up his lover; a shower was definitely in order. He helped Kadaj down, smiling before going over to the IV the specimen was on. He took the needle out, holding up two bags, one red, one glowing green. "What are those?"

Hojo held up the green bag, "Just an assurance. Rejuvenation," he said, reaching into the bag and absorbing the liquid (or whatever it was.) Kadaj blinked. "And the red," Hojo smirked, "is for the Philosopher's stone."

Kadaj blinked again. Hojo went over to him, wrapping an arm around him and kissing his lips gently, "I can be yours forever, and you can be mine. We'll create the perfect world we so desired. Not that anything could get more perfect than you..."

Kadaj nodded, his smile returning. Hojo smiled as well, looking at his lover and helping him take off the blood-soaked lab coat. Kadaj had blood everywhere. His back was thoroughly covered, his hair was now red-tinged, and the corset was stained, like some demented macabre princess. Hojo blinked. He'd never seen the younger man look so fucking beautiful.

Kadaj rested a hand on the scientist's chest, "We were gonna go shower?"

"Right. Sorry. I just got a little lost in looking at you."

"This can be a regular thing, if you want."

"It might have to be," the brunette smirked, "I'll need more souls. More sacrifice..."

Kadaj kissed him again, "Whatever you need. I'll do whatever you need me to do."

"Right now," Hojo started, pulling him closer, "I just want you in the shower. We need to get clean."

Kadaj smiled, nodding and taking his hand, "Then let us."

"You're still shaking."

"That's what happens when your lover's extraordinary."

Hojo smirked, "To the shower."

"Yes, Professor."


Stein chuckled to himself, watching the lights in the next lab over flicker off after hearing screams that'd rival a murder scene. It wasn't surprising; that was just how Hojo operated. Curious, he stepped to the door that adjoined the labs, peeking through the window.

Oh. The were Kadaj's screams. And that wasn't a murder scene at all. They weren't even screams of pain.

Stein chuckled, waking away and going back to his work. He'd give them their privacy. This time.

A/N: so, I roleplay Kadaj and he's engaged to Hojo and Stein's his BFF [hence the cameo]. That's how this started. That and blood and sex just go hand in hand [insert rant about lack of decent Hojo fanfic here]. Regardless, I'd like to thank my Hojo for inspiring me, and my Stein/Rufus for being awesome. Oh and the title's kind of an inside joke. Sorta. Kinda. Not really 'inside.' LOL.

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