Disciplinary Action - Turks

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Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy VII. I do not gain any profit from this writing.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or settings of Final Fantasy VII. They are the sole creative property of SquareEnix. I do however own my insanity and perversity. Nor do I make a profit from this endeavor, I will however gain carpal tunnel syndrome eventually.

Title: Disciplinary Action – The Turks

Warnings: Yaoi, lime, smut, language, and crude humor. Some BDSM.

Rating: M for sMutty!

Pairings: TseVin (props to tmntyyh for giving the pairing an official name!) Tseng, Vincent and Reno… not necessarily in that order though.

Summary: They’re known for making the rules and enforcing them. They have no problem bending or breaking them to suit their own needs, but sometimes, when one-steps over the line, disciplinary action is needed. Special sequel to “Saying Thanks, Turk Style”

Disciplinary Action

The Turks

Disciplinary actions shall be considered as constructive procedures for the purpose of correcting inappropriate work behavior – The ShinRa Electric Power Company Employee Handbook, 7th Edition

Blinking his dry eyes to get some moisture pooling in them, Reno realized several things at one time. His hands were bound together and lifted above his head; they were not strained in any way since both of his feet were firmly planted on the ground though he felt the heavy chain wrapped around them. That led to the realization that he was barefoot when he felt the chill of the metal floor directly under foot. Looking down towards his feet it then hit him that he was completely naked. The redhead screamed out several profanities to garner some attention but they came out as a garbled jumble. That was when he noticed he had been gagged.

“Ahh, finally awake are we?”

Reno tried to twist around and look in the direction that the disembodied voice came from but with his vision impaired as it was, he could barely make out shapes of the standing pipes and the boxes and upturned chairs in the small cell.

The sound of a match striking flint sounded through the room before the blaze shone brightly, distorting the face of the person responsible for lighting it. The redhead’s bright turquoise colored eyes widened in shock as the face came in and out of focus so quickly.


That was the face he saw but that wasn’t the voice that spoke to him only moments before. Reno struggled to readjust his eyes to the dark and attempt to make out Tseng’s form, as he leaned towards where he perceived his boss to be sitting in a wooden chair a hand wrapped around his naked chest pulling him back.

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Reaching out for your boss in hopes that he’ll save you? How foolish of you, Reno,” the deep voice purred close to his ear. The warm moist breath ghosting over the shell of his ear sent shivers racing down his spine. The redhead’s flesh pebbled in response as beads of sweat snaked down parts of his exposed flesh.

“Vincent’s right, Reno,” Tseng finally spoke, moving forward from the shadows. Reno’s eyes widened a bit more before narrowing into deadly slits. Vincent Valentine. What the fuck?

In response to the redhead’s body tensing, Vincent raised his gauntlet up the milky flesh that was pulled taut over slightly strained muscles. The talons leaving pinkened trails where they scraped before clutching onto the Turk’s chin and holding it in a vice like grip.

“When I remove the gag, you will be silent. Understood?”

Reno stared defiantly into the eyes of his superior who spoke, as his teeth grinded on the leather bit that was in his mouth. Reno felt the tips of the gauntlet dig a bit more into his chin and hissed through the gag as he felt the skin break.

“Did you think we would let you get away with your pranks, Reno?”

“Though, it did assist in bringing us together,” Vincent interjected. “It was in bad taste and most definitely unbecoming a Turk.”

Reno tried to twist his face away from the sharp talons but Vincent held firmly as Tseng speared his fingers through the bright red locks, searching for the knot that held the gag in place. The redhead winced as strands of hair were wrapped around the knot and tugged violently from his scalp.

“Shh, it’ll be over soon,” Tseng mocked in a cooing whisper.

“Well, just that part. We still have a lot in store for this wily fox, right Tseng?” As Vincent spoke, Tseng gently removed the gag from Reno’s mouth but quickly placed his index finger lightly upon the bound man’s lips.

“Shh,” he mumbled as his face leaned closer to Reno’s. “Don’t speak. It would be useless since there is no one around but us,” Tseng said as he stared directly into those defiant eyes.

“Relax,” Vincent’s deep timbre rumbled through Reno’s body. Hi involuntarily jolted in his chains when he felt teeth clamp down on his ear lobe before a light moan hissed in his ear. The razor sharp tips of Vincent’s gauntlet released its hold on the redhead’s chin. He then slowly made a raised trail down the hairless and defined chest of the captive male, grinning devilishly at his cohort, Tseng, over the redhead's shoulder.

“Go on, Reno… let out that slutty little moan you’re biting back,” Tseng taunted as he pulled back on the redhead’s hair, exposing the long column of flesh before him. The Director wasted no time licking and biting up and down before laving his tongue against the other’s Adam’s apple. “Such a slut, Reno,” the Wutain mumbled before trailing his lips down the same path Vincent’s gauntlet took and latched onto a dusky pink nipple.

“N-no,” Reno choked out, trying to keep from groaning in the unwanted pleasure both men were pulling from his body. “P-please boss,” he whispered, his turquoise eyes took on a watery look as he looked down at his boss who was teasing a nipple into hardened peak. “Not… not li-ah ah… like this,” he stammered.

“Yes,” Vincent intoned as his free human hand gently pulled Reno’s face towards his. “Your body doesn’t lie, Reno. You want it just…” Vincent’s gauntlet rubbed soothing circles over Reno’s pelvic bone as the ex-Turk’s lips brushed against the Second-in-Command’s. “Like,” a pink tongue peaked out of Vincent’s mouth and Reno compulsively mimicked the action, lightly grazing each other. “This,” Vincent moaned out as his pushed his lips against the younger males as his gauntlet reached down and wrapped the redhead’s heated flesh in the cold golden metal.

“Fuck you’re good,” Reno said in a daze as Vincent pulled back from the kiss with a smirk. His hips unknowingly began to rock in time to the demon host’s pumping fist. Tseng continued to pay attention to Reno’s nipples, enjoy the mewling sounds coming from his subordinate.

“Ts… Tse… Tseng?” Reno’s breathing was slightly labored as Vincent sped up his ministrations. The redhead kept chanting his boss’ name until the man in question finally looked up at him.


“Suck my cock, yo,” Reno said as calmly as he could, flashing the older man his most disarming and wanton smile.

“Excuse me?” Tseng glared at the redhead as he stood up in one fluid movement. “What did you say?” The Director’s voice and demeanor had quickly changed from the lustful tones he had been using to that of the authoritative voice of ‘The Director.’

“C’mon yo,” Reno whined, as he tried to twist his body towards the other men as Vincent had mysteriously stepped back and out of reach, releasing Reno’s painful erection. “What the fuck? C’mere and fuckin’ blow me,” Reno glared angrily at Tseng.

“Ha, seems as if your pet is trying to order you around, Tseng.” Vincent’s voice reached Reno’s ears though it seemed almost muted. The redhead struggled in his chains, twisting and turning, searching for the other men in the room who seemed to vanish into thin air.

“Insubordination,” Tseng tsked. “I should punish him for this…”

“May I?”

Reno frowned slightly; he attempted to eavesdrop on the conversation going on around him but couldn’t discern any full sentences. So engrossed in concentrating, Reno yelped in surprise when he felt fingers brush down his spine as it played with the long strands of his hair.

“Relax,” Vincent commanded as he leaned his now naked form flush against Reno’s back and wrapped his arms around the redhead’s upper torso. Reno’s eyelids suddenly felt like they weighed a ton. He let them slide closed as he leaned his head back on Vincent’s shoulder, moaning lightly at the frontal massage that he was on the receiving end of.

He gasped as he felt the taught muscles of Tseng’s lean torso press against him, both of their dripping erections rubbing lasciviously against one another.

“Bad boy, Reno,” Tseng murmured before nibbling on visibly pulsing vein in Reno’s neck.

“Fuucckk yesss,” he hissed out. “I’m… ah s… su… such a bad boy,” Reno drew out the last word over a long groan as Vincent’s gauntlet reached between Tseng and Reno’s body to wrap around their cocks, fisting them, working against the rhythm Tseng was setting with his thrusting and grinding.

Vincent mimicked the Director’s motion, running the full length of his own painfully hard rod between the firm and pale ass of the chained up male.

“Reno,” Tseng’s voice called out.

“Tseng you feel so good,” the redhead replied, his body quivering as he felt puffs of warm air behind his ear as Vincent breathlessly laughed.

“Reno,” that deep baritone sang to him.

“Mmm Vincent,” the redhead moaned, his eyes screwed shut as he tried to shift into a better position.

His eyes flew open as he felt something hard and heavy tap repeatedly on his head. He blinked his eyes rapidly, willing them to focus. As soon as they did, he wished they hadn’t. He uttered an unmanly sound as he stared down the triple barrel of Vincent’s custom made handgun.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Reno’s mouth opened and closed, squeaks of protests barely passing his throat. He got caught sleeping on the job, again. Tseng was going to kill him.

“Are you positive he will be missed if I shoot him?”

“Yes, apparently he serves a purpose. At least that’s what Rufus and Rude keep on insisting every time I attempt to fire him.”

Reno’s eyes widened comically as he heard Tseng’s voice coming from behind his chair.

“B… bossma…man,” Reno stammered as his heart thundered in his chest.

“Gaia dammit Reno, fix your pants.”

The redhead finally took a moment to look down and see what had the former Turk smirking behind his cape and his boss yelling. Reno’s work pants were unbuttoned and wide open, resting low on his hips as his now flaccid cock lay out in the open.

“Sh… shutfuck. I… I’m sorry, yo,” the embarrassed Second in Command squawked as he jumped out of his seat to turn his back on Vincent and fix his pants, only to expose himself to the Director.

He had barely finished tucking himself back in when he felt the air behind him stir and Vincent invaded his personal space.

“Naughty, naughty Turk,” Vincent murmured lowly. “Engaging in sexual misconduct while on the job,” the former Turk purred, enjoying the tremor he felt emanate from Reno. “Maybe Tseng and I should punish you….”

Vincent let the sentence die as Tseng stifled a stiff chuckle. Reno’s cheeks flushed a bright crimson before he mumbled an apology and excused himself from the room.

“Was that really necessary,” Tseng asked quietly as he walked up to Vincent, wrapping an arm around the slender man’s waist.

“Absolutely. The look on his face was priceless,” Vincent openly smiled. “Besides, he needs to learn that you belong to me. He will never fuck you.”

“Wait. What makes you think he would be fucking me?” Tseng’s brows knitted in question.

“Clearly he would never fuck me. I wouldn’t allow it,” Vincent replied.

“So, that means he would have to top me?”

“Natural deduction,” the crimson eyed gunner said flippantly. Tseng, not liking how Vincent’s logic was portraying him, rounded on his lover.

“It could be both of us at the same time,” he asserted.

“Shall we find out?”

“Drug him and chain him up on the grounds of Disciplinary Action?” Tseng’s eyebrows shot up as he spoke his though aloud. “Just so that we could molest him on a whim?” Sarcasm laced each word.

“You’re right. He won’t fall for that…”

“…a second time,” Tseng finished with a cheeky grin as he reached for the small remote hidden in his pants pocket. He turned off the VR machine to reveal a non descript training room before escorting the other man out, both males silent as they were lost in thought, plotting their next move, ensuring that he would be the one to take Reno.

A/N: GAH! Finished and I don't know how I feel about this. I wrote so many different takes and this is the one that kept on appearing in some form or another. The lack of enthusiasm to write was slowly killing me, so I'm most thankful that THAT is over. On to the next~!

As always, thank you to you the reader (regardless if you leave a review or not) taking time out to share in my insanity and perversity. =D

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