Saying Thanks, Crisis Core Style

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Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy VII. I do not gain any profit from this writing.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or settings of Final Fantasy VII. They are the sole creative property of SquareEnix. I do however own my insanity and perversity. Nor do I make a profit from this endeavor, I will however gain carpal tunnel syndrome eventually.

Title: Saying Thanks, Crisis Core Style

Warnings: HARD Yaoi, slash, m/m, graphic smut, language, OCC-ness, also paraphrasing of Canon conversations and abuse of said Canon (so AU-ish)

Rating: M for sMutty

Pairings: Zack/Cloud (Clack for all the name mashers out there)

Summary: Sometimes a "Thank You" note just doesn't suffice. An extra story in the Saying Thanks series.

Saying Thanks, Crisis Core Style

(set in the Nibelheim Inn after Genesis' attack but the night before Sephiroth goes batshit crazy)

Zack sat on the edge of the bed, his legs shoulder width apart as his forearms rested on his muscular thighs. He looked up as the young blonde trooper, Cloud, started to stir. Zack barely shifted, but the crisp material of his pants rustled slightly, the sound enough to bring Cloud out of his half-sleep state.

The blonde youth sat up on the bed, pulling his knees closer to his body as he too rested his arms on his legs.

"Tifa's safe," Zack's head nodded as if he was trying to assure himself too. "Don't worry."

"If only I were SOLDIER," Cloud's low, dulcet voice murmured. Cloud looked dejected, but when a word of encouragement didn't come from the normally hyper active 1st class, his frown of dejection turned to concern. "Zack" he called out as he peered at the raven haired man.

"SOLDIER is like a den of monsters," Zack's voice and posture spoke volumes over his words. With his eyes downcast he advised Cloud, "Don't go inside."

Cloud, sensing the unrest in the other male, shifted his position so that he could brace his weight on a forearm. "What happened," he asked.

Zack looked at the blonde, really looked at him this time and it was as if the world stopped. The blonde was… cute. But more so than that, it was an innocent sensuality that Zack believe Cloud unconsciously exuded. Realizing that he was taking too long to respond, Zack shifted slightly and looked to the side.

"I don't know man," he murmured as he leaned back, his left hand pressed against the counterpane of the bed slightly behind him as he drew up his right foot onto the bed, his right hand resting on his knee. Vaguely he recalled the last time he was on a bed in this position. Cissnei. Angeal. "I thought I knew, but…"

"AHHHHHHH!" The ravenette moaned loudly as he rocked his body all the way back on the bed, his legs kicking up before the right one rested once again on the bed. "By the way, do you know Tifa?"

Cloud blushed and swung back around on the bed, drawing his knees even tighter to his chest. "Sort of," he mumbled as he rested his head against his forearms.

"Talked to her?"

"No," Cloud said as he shook his head, his spiky golden hair bouncing with the movement.

"I'm sensing some issues here," Zack said in a playful yet sarcastic tone. He sat up a bit on the bed, his hand resting between his spread thighs, hoping to conceal his attraction towards the blonde. The fact that there may or may not be a connection between the blonde and the big chested girl could spell an issue for what Zack wanted but if his suspicions were on target, Cloud would be… "Shouldn't you do something?" The 1st Classes voice lowered an octave uncontrollably. The boy's silence piqued Zack's curiosity but he knew not to press the issue. "I'm one to talk," he muttered as he got up to swing the Buster Sword.

The raven-haired male ranted for a few moments about how he was only a SOLDIER and that fighting was all he knew. Doing something other than that was someone else's job. Overwhelmed with warring emotions, he almost swung the blade but stopped.

When Cloud made a passing comment about not using the sword, memories flashed back into Zack's mind. His time with his mentor, his protector. The one who taught him how to fight and love.

"I almost forgot," Zack said before putting the sword down and turning to Cloud. "Thank you, Cloud."

And like a switch, Zack's mood suddenly shifted as he pronounced that he was going to crash as he did a few squats before flopping on his back in bed.


Cloud was startled by the sudden shift in Zack's demeanor. As the SOLDIER was between their beds and did squats, Cloud looked on with bright eyes and a flushed face. When Zack abruptly said he was going to bed and laid down, Cloud bit back the questions on his tongue, as he pointed towards Zack and then the sword in confusion.

Even though he had just regained consciousness, Cloud was left with few other choices than to go back to sleep. He didn't want his mother or Tifa to know he was in town and the other option was to go spy on Sephiroth but somehow he figured that would end with Masamune being shoved somewhere in his body.

Cloud sighed audibly as he got up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom. Knowing from his previous missions with Zack that the SOLDIER was a sound sleeper, the blonde didn't tip toe around to remove his uniform and retrieve his personal hygiene bag.

Zack watched with hooded eyes as the blonde entered the bathroom area to quickly shower and shave. Zack's Mako-enhanced eyes followed the teen as the he crossed the room and sat back on his bed. Cloud's ShinRa issued olive green briefs were snug on his body, laying low on his hips. Zack bit his bottom lip, holding in the groan as the teens lithe body was displayed in the moonlight.

The SOLDIER waited until Cloud had gotten comfortable in bed and silence loomed in the room before he turned over onto his side, facing the blonde.

"Cloud," he whispered. "You 'wake?"

"Y-yeah," he mumbled in response.



"Are you going to do something about Tifa or not?" Zack didn't wait for a response from the other man before he suddenly sat up in bed, once again resting on the edge, facing the blonde's bed. "You should kiss her!"

"K-kiss her? I-I don't thin…"

"What? What is it? You don't know how to kiss?" Zack's incredulous tone shut the trooper up from responding. So what if he hadn't kissed anyone yet, it didn't mean anything. "Ah," Zack said as he rubbed the back of his head. "I get it, you don't know how. No worries," he cheerfully chimed as he got up and approached Cloud's bed. "I'll teach you," he flashed the blonde a charming smile as he sat down on the bed.

"Za… Zack," the blonde squeaked as the dark haired male's smiled turned almost feral in the darkened room.

"C'mon. Show me what you got." As Cloud hesitated and tried to pull the covers up higher on his chest, Zack sighed. "Cloud, we're friends," he turned his had to stare down the younger man, "right?"

When Cloud's tongue peaked out between peach-hued lips, Zack knew he had him. "Just one kiss."

"Just one?"

"Just one," Zack nodded as Cloud sat up straighter in bed and swallowed his nerves. "Unless you want more," Zack murmured as Cloud pressed his lips quickly to Zack's. "What the hell was that?"

"Ah… a kiss," Cloud said lamely.

"That? No wonder Tifa was flirting with me if that's the way you kiss."

Cloud huffed and pouted at the insult and Zack chuckled at how cute the little Trooper was acting. Not able to resist teasing the younger man, Zack leaned in closer, his right hand spearing through the shorn blonde spikes, anchoring the blonde in his grip.

"Should I show you a proper kiss?"

"A… proper… kiss?" Zack smiled as he watched Cloud's eyes zone in on his lips as the blonde repeated his question. The fact that he wasn't resisting gave all the encouragement that the 1st Class needed as he tugged the blonde a little closer, as he moved his lips lower.

The kiss was slow at first; the barest brushing of lips against each other before Zack tilted his head slightly, slanting his lips over the now eager ones underneath his. After a few moments of gentle nibbling and light presses, Zack slashed his tongue across the seam of Cloud's lips. He felt the blonde stiffen in his hold, in reaction, Zack tugged harshly on the spikes in his hand, causing the other to gasp aloud.

Zack seized the opportunity and plundered Cloud's mouth with his tongue, hungrily tasting the blonde. The older male rubbed his tongue against Clouds, teaching the blonde with actions on how to kiss him back, encouraging the tentative strokes that the blonde matched expertly. He knew that he couldn't settle for just one kiss, so Zack decided to press his luck and started to trail a path of wet open mouthed kisses along the blonde's jaw and neck.

Cloud felt as if he was drunk. His head felt light as his body felt weighed down and leaden. The feeling of Zack's mouth and tongue on his was a heady sensation but once the brunette laid Cloud back down on the bed and had his sword calloused palms roam of his chest, brushing over his hardened nipples, Cloud couldn't hold back the needy moan.

"You… you said only one kiss," Cloud stammered out as his hands rested on Zack's cloth covered broad shoulders, his fingers digging into the muscle occasionally.

Zack looked up from the dusty pink nipple his was lapping his tongue on to stare at the blonde.

"Do you really want me to stop, Cloud?" When Cloud ducked his head in an attempt to hide his blush, Zack grasped his chin and forced the younger man to look at him directly. "I'll stop when you want me to," he whispered. "Gaia knows I don't want to stop, Cloud." Zack once again attacked Cloud's lips and felt giddy as Cloud immediately responded to the kisses, rubbing his naked torso against Zack's sweater. "Hold on," Zack groaned as he reluctantly disengaged from Cloud's welcoming embrace to stand up and shed several layers of clothing. His sweater was forgotten on the floor and was immediately joined with belts, pauldrons, socks and utility pants.

Zack turned around and smirked when he noted that Cloud unconsciously was rubbing his now blatant erection while staring at Zack's nearly naked body. The teen's attention sent Zack's blood soaring, his own arousal being more and more evident as the seconds ticked by.

"Zack," Cloud said meekly.


"Can I," the blonde took a steadying breath. "Can I see it?"

Zack nodded his assent before hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his tight black athletic shorts. Drawing out the moment, he slowly peeled the last layer of clothing away from his skin. Cloud's eyes brightened with desire as Zack's tan flesh was revealed and the man's impressive erection sprang free.

Cloud had secretly dreamed of this moment from the first time he had seen the 1st Class SOLDIER. Before Modeoheim, back when Zack first started to appear on the recruiting posters for SOLDIER. Cloud always wondered if the man's tanned flesh tasted sweet like candy or some other flavor. Without any thought to what he was doing, Cloud raised himself up on his knees as he inched closer to Zack. Tentatively he reached out a hand, his finger tips touching the top part of Zack's left bicep before sliding down, feeling all of hills and plains of the muscular SOLDIER's body.

Zack couldn't suppress the long moan when Cloud's innocent fingers trailed down the side of his pulsing erection, only to gasp when that hand cupped his sack as if to test its weight.

Smiling to himself, feeling the thick shaft pulse and throb in his hand, Cloud couldn't stop his inquisitive nature. He quickly leaned forward and licked the clear liquid that was pooling out of Zack's cock.

"Fuucckk," Zack hissed in pleasure, his hand unconsciously moving up with cup the blonde behind his head, guiding the youth to his erection. Cloud easily followed the unspoken command, licking and sucking the head and underside of Zack's cock before suckling on the heavy hanging testicles. Pleased by the moans and groans emanating from the older man, Cloud wrapped his lips around the head of Zack's cock, his tongue curling around it as his head slowly decended and ascended over and over.

Zack knew that this was the first time Cloud had ever done this and if he was to be honest, that added to the sensations he was experiencing. Cloud's inexperienced touches and actions sent a thrill through Zack's body, straight through his arousal.

"Enough," he gritted out, forcibly pulling his erection out of the welcoming warmth of the blonde's mouth.

Cloud sat back on his heels, the purple head of his hard cock peaking out over the waist band of his underwear. He didn't get more than a moment to contemplate what was happening before Zack's hands were on him, moving the blonde into a preferred position.

The blonde suddenly found himself on his knees as his underwear was torn from his body. With a shaky hand, Zack reached out and groped the perfectly round ass of his new bed partner.

"Shit, Cloud. You have such a nice ass," he murmured. "I just want to… want to," he whispered before bending over and sinking his teeth into the tender flesh. Zack glided his tongue from the tip of Cloud's penis up to his testicles that were beginning to draw closer to the teen's tanned body, only to lap over repeatedly the boy's most private area. The older male paid special attention to Cloud's entrance, coating it with saliva as his hands spread the cheeks apart, exposing the hold to Zack's bright blue gaze. Between massaging his fingers around and in the hole, helping to open Cloud up for him, Zack twisted his body in such a way that he was able to reach underneath Cloud as he began to suckle on the reddened head of the blonde's strained erection.

As Zack pushed in three fingers deep inside, reaching the limit in the tight canal, he felt the blonde's muscles clench as the tip of his finger brushed up against the sensitive bundle of nerves.

Cloud mewled out his pleasures as milky strands of precum oozed out of the head of his cock, dripping onto Zack's lips.

"You make such cute noises, Cloud," Zack smiled as he licked his lips and moved out from under the teen. "I can't take it anymore. Please," he whispered as he leaned over Cloud's back, his palms rubbing comforting circles along the expanse of the blonde's spine. "Please don't stop me now," he murmured as his tongue swept the outer shell of Cloud's ear and his own thick member began to slide inside the blonde with minimal resistance.

"Relax," Zack commanded as he began to work his hips in tight movements, each snap of his hips forward brought him deeper inside the blonde. It took a few moments for Zack to be fully seated in the welcoming heat; Cloud's body was shaking with tremors as a not quite unpleasant chill ran up his spine.

"Are you alright?"

Cloud, locked his elbows and braced himself on his arms, taking a deep calming breath he pulled his hips forward slowly before methodically rocking them back in place. Zack's hands were loosely resting on the blonde's hips; he was too mesmerized by the sight of Cloud, of his own accord, taking him in deeply. After a few slow rocks to test himself, Cloud leaned forward almost causing Zack to slip out him. Before Zack could forcibly hold Cloud it place, the blonde violently snapped his hips back, ramming himself onto the SOLDIERs throbbing length.

Zack's excited grunt couldn't makes the shriek of pleasure that Cloud felt as the head of the ravenette's penis rubbed up against his prostrate.

"Gaia, Cloud," Zack grunted as he took control of the motion, realizing the Cloud seemed to like it hard and fast. "You're so fuckin' tight. Gonna be the death of me," he groaned as he thrusted his hips forward, pounding Cloud into the mattress.

When the blonde couldn't bear the weight on his arms, he collapse onto the bed, Zack followed him, closing Cloud's legs while perking the teen's ass up. Zack viciously rotated his hips, earning sweet moans of pleasure from his lover beneath him. Feeling that he was nearing his climax, Zack suddenly pulled out of Cloud who protested the loss.

"Shh, baby," Zack soothed as he helped Cloud turn around and lay on his back. Zack noted the flush blooming on the blonde's face and couldn't resist leaning forward and kissing the teen. As their tongues mingled and rubbed against each other in a tantalizing dance, Zack slowly pushed his way back inside Cloud, his right hand wrapped around the blonde's pulsating erection. Cloud, wrapped his arms around Zack's thick neck and broad back as his legs came up to lock above the ravenette's pert ass.

This time the motion was different. Gone was the rushed and heated frenzy of a few moments prior. Like this, in this position, Zack took his time enjoying the feel of the male.

"Cloud," he moaned. "Mine," he hissed as he felt Cloud's cock jerk as an orgasm tore through the teen. Zack leaned back, watching in awe as Cloud arched his back lewdly, his blonde spikes still standing in some places, matted to his skin with sweat in others. The sight of unbridled pleasure, the sounds of unabashed lust, all caused by him sent Zack flying over the edge himself. He came shouted his proclamation of possession over the blonde.


It was about ten minutes later, after Zack assisted in cleaning Cloud and then insisting that they share the bed for the night that Cloud turned over on his side, blonde tufts of hair tickling Zack's nose.

"Zack," he said quietly as he drew small circles on the tanned and muscular flesh of the SOLDIER.

"Hm?" Zack was too weakened to form coherent sentences as he rested with his left arm tucked behind his head and his right wrapped around Cloud.

"Thank you," he whispered. "Now I know how to kiss Tifa."

Cloud bit his lip and waited for his words to sink in; thankful that even with Mako-enhanced vision Zack couldn't see the devious smirk on his face.

"Oh you're wel… Hey," Zack said indignantly as he squeezed Cloud closer to him. "If you think for one minute you know exactly what to do, then I'll…"

"You'll what," Cloud teased, a child-like giggle erupting from him.

In that moment Zack realized that Cloud was being playful and bit back the 'aww' that was on his lips. Instead, with practically inhuman speed, he flipped Cloud onto his back as he pinned the teen's arms above his head.

"I'll just have to teach you everything I know and I know a lot. It's gonna take some time," Zack said gravely.

"Oh, well I think I can spare some time for you," he said flippantly but his broad smiled betrayed the tone.

Zack fell victim to the smile and began raining kisses all over the blonde's face and body making sure that he wore both of them out through the night.

A/N: Yeah I know I'm supposed to have Villain Style up by now but I'm not too happy with the way it's coming across. (I'm on my 3rd draft of it) Instead, I bring you my very first CLACK story. I've written Cloud and Zack smut before, but usually with Reno or Seph (sometimes both at the same time) thrown in.

Let me know what you thought of this one my fellow smut lovers. I think this maybe my most graphic lemon to date.

I can't thank you all enough for the support and help that you've given me, with the reviews and messages. =)

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