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Chapter 1


The bell rang through Shinra tower, signalling the end of the lunch break, and hundreds of people in shirt sleeves pulled on their jackets and hurried from the cafeteria level back to their offices, leaving half-eaten sandwhiches, donuts and a variety of other edible things littered around the tables.

I continued to sit in my chair, watching the hoardes of Shinra employees as they stampeded past. I leaned back and adjusted the goggles in my hair, sighing boredly as I lit up another cigarette. It was one of those days, those slow days when I had fuck all to do: On days when the Turks aren't needed, we're supposed to do paperwork, but like I've tried to explain to Tseng time and time again: that's not what I was hired for. Heh...you ought to have seen his face when I said it to him this morning - I nearly got frostbite from the ice in that stare.

The basic truth is, I'm a slob. I don't like doing anything that doesn't need to be done; I sleep in till the last possible moment before crawling out of bed. If I slept in my suit then hey, all the less for me to do now. Just add some aftershave, stick some gel in my hair and I'm good for another day. The trouble is that in most instances, this scenario takes place about half an hour after I'm supposed to be at the office, and when I finally arrive, Tseng is there to greet me with the words: 'Your wages are docked 5'.

Don't get me wrong: I don't hate this job. It's right up my street of expertise you might say. Murder, assassination, spying, kidnapping. Not exactly the most glamorous of jobs, but better than what I started out with. Hell, I dont sleep soundly in my bed, but at least I now have a bed. That alone is something I should be thankful to Shinra for.

The thing is, that when I was 'hired', they said nothing about paperwork. When they told me it was my job to kill, I didn't think I'd have to write about how I did it. So I guess this instance of laziness could be passed off as a protest against working conditions. Heh...yeah right, I don't believe it any more than Tseng would if I told him. The fact is I'm a bum, and by now everybody knows it. That's why nobody bothers telling me to get a move on anymore, and why the cafeteria staff are used to me hanging round at unusual hours. Most of the waitresses try to casually hang round me as much as possible. They like the way I make them feel good, or so they say.

There was one of them there now, cleaning the table in front of me, conveniently bending over the table so I could see the top of a lacy black thong peeking out from the top of her tight black miniskirt. I'd be lying if I said it didn't turn me on, but to tell the truth... stuff like that doesn't do as much for me as it used to. Over the past year, it had been dawning on me more and more that perhaps... my interests in that department lie... elsewhere. Perhaps I'd seen too many 'lacy black thongs' in my time, and I was getting bored of them. In any case, ol' Reno here was beginning to consider batting for both teams.

I carried on sitting there, vaguely enjoying the view in front of me, and not bothering to conceal the grin when she turned round to see if I was watching. What can I say? I'm damn sexy, and I dont need modesty to get what I want. If I'd asked her to come with me to my office right then, she'd probably have said yes. It was just too easy.

Suddenly another figure loomed up beside me and clapped a gigantic hand on my shoulder. Fuck! I nearly had a goddamn heart attack. The grip on my shoulder tightened and I yelped, trying to get the hand off me, but my skills are speed not strength so I could do nothing but squirm as Rude loosened his grip and sat down opposite me, laughing deeply. 'Yeah, thanks Rude', I thought, rubbing the life back into my shoulder 'great pal you are.'

"Reno." he snorted through the laughter, and I frowned across at him.

"Rude." I said sulkily and looked down at the half eaten burger in front of me. It was easier on the eyes than Rude's all weather sunglasses glinting back at me. Why he wears those goddamned things all day every day I really dont know. I don't even know if he actually has eyes under there. Maybe he just had them glued to his face as a kid.

Rude stopped laughing and his head inclined to the side, probably in an attempt to see my downturned face.

"Something wrong?"

"Just the usual." I sighed. In traditional Renoian, it translates as: "I'm bored as fuck and Tseng is pissing me off." Rude seemed to understand and grunted, nodding sagely. I picked up a bit of soggy lettuce from my burger and flicked it idly at Rude, who pretended not to notice. For some reason it really irked me how he always did that. I swear, sometimes it was like working with a brick wall. Just when I needed entertaining, Rude would turn up...and make me more bored than I already was.

"You want somethin'?" Rude ran a hand across his bald head before answering.

"Tseng..." I cringed at the name, "...wants your report on materia usage by the end of the day."

"Tseng always wants my report by the end of the day, man. He needs to remove the stick from up his ass once in a while, give it a rest."

Rude snorted again, but this time he stopped mid snort like he'd just remembered something important.

"Yeah Reno, but this is different. Rufus wants to see them."

At this point, I'd started eating the burger I'd left, and my mouth was full of half chewed food when the name Rufus escaped his lips. I went to swallow in surprise before I realised and began to choke on my food. Bits of burger heading out in all directions most unattractively and going down my suit. I could feel the kitchen staff watching me from a distance as I pounded at my own chest, trying to dislodge the piece of meat stuck in my windpipe. Rude just sat there like a stupid dummy. After about 30 seconds I breathed again and wiped the pieces of semi-digested food from my shirt. Rude continued to stare, but I could see a smirk forming across his face.

"Bastard." I croaked and he laughed harder, his chest rising and falling as hoarse laughter fell from him. Till this point I'd never noticed how tight Rude's muscles were under that shirt. I couldn't help but let my eyes wander over him for a moment... DAMN! Stop it! Rude and me are friends, nothing more. Anyway, he's far too 'manly' for anything like that to happen. He just likes the women too damn much.

"It's true though Reno. Rufus is in charge of the military side of things now that his old man's working on Neo-Midgar. He's letting his prick of a son take some of the work off his hands."

I stared up at Rude as though he'd just told me the devil himslef was coming to town, and Rude stared back from behind that pair of goddamn expressionless shades, but he was smirking as well.

"And where the fuck did you find that out?" I wailed miserably, still picking bits of food off my suit.

"Yesterday's all staff meeting, Reno."

"You mean the one I fell sleep in?"

"You fall asleep in every goddamn meeting."

I grinned at him for a minute. Well, it was true enough, I did. There was nothing more fulfilling for me in this job than taking a nap in one of the president's meetings. It's not like I ever missed anything important in them. The Turks were like Shinra Inc's bastard son - nobody ever really mentioned them in polite conversation, and they were only ever spoken to if there was no other choice. But apparently this time I had missed something, and it had fucked up my day well and truly. That'll teach me not to pay attention.

Rufus though...that pompous prick of a vice president was in charge of the military now? He wouldn't let me get away with missing a deadline...no way. With Tseng it was so easy: despite that evil glare that made me feel like scum, I could just say 'I'll get it to you tomorrow' and hire some low-level Shinra clerk to do it for me. With Rufus it wouldn't be so easy - he was a deadline obsessive. If I didn't hand that report in by the end of the day...

I. Would. Be. Screwed.

And I needed this job, badly. It was a choice between this and the slums - and I'd seen enough of them to last me a lifetime...more than a lifetime. If I never went back down there again, it would be too soon.

I was shaken from my thoughts by Rude speaking.

"You know, Reno, If you did this shit at the start of the day like you were supposed to you wouldn't have to do this."

I cringed and looked up at him. No smile there now though, he was being serious. Me and Rude have this freaky relationship whereby we tease, taunt, insult, prank and inflict pain on each other and yet when it comes to it, we actually sorta care for each other. He's the only real friend I have in this place. As a former slum-rat I'm usually avoided by the executives unless they need something in case they catch something - a sense of humour maybe. Rude's from the slums too, and he befriended me when nobody else would. I guess even for murderers like us, its important to keep something of a normal social life.

"Aw, hell, you sound like Tseng. Don't feed me the motivational crap Rude, I've heard it before."

Rude stood up, looming over me as he came to full height. As he passed he grabbed my shoulder again, pressing harder than last time.

"Prick!" I cried and shrugged him off, again Rude just laughed.

"I'd hurry up and eat that burger if I were you. Rufus wants these reports on his desk by four."

"Shit! Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Tseng wouldn't let me. He said it might be good for you if we lighted a fire under your ass for a change."

"Bastard." I lamented as I grabbed my jacket, but this time it wasn't directed at Rude. He chuckled to himself as I fled from the canteen, running up the stairs like a hare to get back to my office. I just had to finish that damn report on time.

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