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In the beginning there was only the three of us, Mother, my Brother and I.


As we grew from toddlers to adolescence the darkness took our mother, and then there was just the two of us, the Immaculate and the Sable.

as the elder I took it upon myself to raise my Brother, I stole begged and killed to feed him so he wouldn’t starve clothe him so he wouldn’t tremble with cold, I’d do any and everything to keep him safe, it was my pleasure and duty to care for him, as we grew the darkness that killed out mother grew stronger within the Sable, My Nero.

Since birth he had this frightening ability, the darkness and shadows loved him and it would seep out and curl around his body like a caring parent, this caused our mother to grow afraid, and almost paranoid, terrified that her own shadow would soon attack her.

She regarded her youngest with loathing that would make me almost quake in fear, a fear that she’d send him away, leaving me alone.

I wouldn’t allow that, he was my darkness to tone down the light in myself, light of insanity some might say, he kept me whole without him near me I felt like half human, not part of one whole, as I grew to adolescent hood the thought that we should have been born as one person grew stronger in my mind, I am afraid to say this caused me to be over protective to him ,when out in the streets I’d keep him almost glued to my side, always touching his hair or a shoulder almost like I thought he’d slip through my fingers like the shadows he still struggled to control, he never complained leaning into my side nuzzling into me.

I glared at the other people as they whispered under their breathes at our less than brotherly affection, it had never crossed my mind that what we are doing wasn’t normal, when mother heard the Gossip she went mad and tried to attack my poor Nero, I grabbed her pulling her away from him as she screamed foul things accusing him of seducing me.

He had done nothing and I screamed this at her as she still spat obscenities at him and I could see all hit their mark even if he didn’t fully understand his crimson eyes pleading with her to leave him alone his shadows engulfing in blue black smoke hands going over his ears.

The more afraid she got the louder her insanity grew, I inherited that insanity from her genetically I was immaculate but mentally I was broken a foul thing that delighted in taking life.

I grabbed the knife from her and I’d have killed her strangled and beaten her foul words back into her mouth, but my Nero’s darkness broke free, tendrils streaking out turning into claws that dug into her skin she screamed as she was sucked into the void closing around her, my brothers screams still reverberated into my heart.

I dropped the knife and rushed over to him as he clawed at his own body as if something burned him, and maybe it did our mothers hate had festered and grew from within.

I did the only thing I could do, it shamed me that I’d done this but I wanted his screaming to stop I dropped in front of him reaching for his face cupping it in my hands. “Nero My Darkness, don’t cry, look at me, into my eyes, feed me your pain”

He looked at me crimson eyes wet with tears, he looked so beautiful to me then I lowered my head my spiky silver hair falling over my eyes yet I unerringly found his mouth with mine. he trembled in my arms as I claimed his lips, he pressed closer and I kissed deeper,

a soft sigh slipped from his mouth into mine and I pulled him even closer, I craved more body contact with him, my hands ran down his arms, his shivering increased desire fear or cold I wasn’t sure but he didn’t struggle, he sank deeper into me I had to lean back against the wall Pulling him closer, cradling him between my knees I wrapped my arms around him breaking our kiss,

he curled into to me almost like a kitten he looked into my eyes and I almost drowned in his.He still loved me, I hadn’t scared him with my Filthy desire, I brushed a lock of wild back hair from his eyes, and his cheeks flushed. He settled against me and I felt him fall asleep. Holding him in my arms I looked up at nothing it was now just the two of us The Immaculate and the Sable, Chiaroscuro, art in motion and I smiled.


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