Dead Fantasy X

BY : SailorAF
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Yuna walked down the long, empty corridor. She was holding her guns, looking around with caution. It’s been hour since she parted with her friends, Rikku and  Paine. It wasn’t her decision, they were walking together, but suddenly floor gave up under her legs and before her friends could catch her, she fell down the hole. Ex-summoner didn’t know how long she was falling. She had luck to land in the pool of water.

After the left the pool, she tried to find, where she is. There was long corridor in front of her. She tried to call any of her friends, but none answered her. They probably tried to find the way down to her. Yuna decided that she can’t stay there all alone. It was pointless. She had to make her way through that place and find the way out or find her friends. Her clothes were still wet, but lucky her guns were waterproof.

For the long time, there was none on her way. She heard that in these dungeons there are monsters, so she was ready to fight. All healing potions were gone, since it was Rikku who was carrying them. More, she had only her own dressphere. But Yuna was brave, she went through so many troubles to be afraid the empty corridor. Only this silence. It was suspicious. She expected rats, bats or insects. There was any sign of them. That’s made her more cautious. This silence was unnatural.

She found the reason of this silence soon enough. For some time she was stepping on the slippery, wet stones, but then she noticed some green. After another curve, she stopped. Way was blocked by the mass of green. Plant was enormous, she was such big plants in the Macalania forest last time. But how did such plant could grow in the undergrounds of the temple? There was water, right, but no sun at all. How could this enormous plant feed itself? But it wasn’t time for such wondering. Yuna had to move forward. This plant was on her way, but it wasn’t a problem, she taught. Paine’s sword could be handy there, but she was sure that she’ll be able to walk through the green wall without any problems.

After she made two steps into green, she discovered her mistake. Plant started to move. Some green vines wrapped themselves around Yuna’s legs. She tried to take them way, but before she was able to do it, wines went up, dragging her into air, with her feet above her head. Guns fell from her palms. Surprised girl was struggling, but she couldn’t do anything. Vines wrapped around her hands as well. Being immobilized, Yuna was carried in air and laid on big leaf. When she touched the surfaced of that thing, she discovered it was very sticky. Vines left her hands and legs, but she couldn’t get up. Her whole body, her hair was glued to the leaf.

She cried as the vines torn her white vest, her jeans shorts and red cape away. Two vines, with suction cups attached themselves to her breasts. Thousands of small needles pierced her nipples, making her cry from enormous pain. Suction cups started to suck her tormented nipples. Her loud cries were silences as another vines forced its way into her open mouth. Yuna gurgled, as big, veiny thing filled her mouth, moving slowly down her throat.

She couldn’t move her hands and legs, while some vines inserted themselves between her legs, spreading her pussy lips wide. Some slide under her body and penetrated her anus. They cared not for her comfort, spreading her to the painful degrees. Two cups closed on her ears and started to pump some liquid inside. Then another leaf fell down, closing Yuna inside green, sticky cocoon. Darkness engulfed her, but pain didn’t left.

Suction cups on her breasts were merciless, sucking her poor nipples. Yuna had problems with breathing, since her mouth was filled with the fat vine. It was shooting some slime inside her, forcing her to swallow. She was deaf, her ears were plugged. She could feel her ass being penetrated with cruel power. Plant wasn’t raping her for mating purpose, she was sure of that. She never heard that plants could mate with humans. So why it was doing this? Vines were rather trying to spread her holes as much as they can. She wanted to cry so badly.

Answer came after an hour. Yuna could feel something going on in her belly. Her waters broke, then vines withdraw from her body. She was gasping and moaning, feeling that something is not right. Yuna was doing her best to move her hands or legs, but they were glued to the leaf. Then she gave long, sharp scream of pain. Dozens of thick, green vines shoot out from all her holes – ass, pussy, ears, mouth, and nose. Her belly was torn apart, blood mixed with green ooze exploded all over the cocoon, as the new part of the plant was born. Of course, she couldn’t see it, because her death was mercifully fast. Plant absorbed most of her body and equipment. Even the metal parts were covered with special acid that made them rust very quickly. After a day there was no sign of Yuna.

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