Blue Death

BY : Daughter_of_Satan
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Gate went open, as Yuna walked inside the last chamber of the Closter of Trials. It took her long time to reach this place, but she was happy. Another Aeon was there and she, the High Summoner, needed it to complete her quest. Yuna was wondering, what kind of Aeon she will find there. Gate behind her closed and light filled the room. There wasn’t any fire, but four blue pillars. Each of them was shining with cold, blue light. On the walls she could see painting, showing summoners from the ancient times.

Surly, this place was old, probably as much as whole summoning thing. Yuna breathed deeply, almost feeling the presence of the past generations of summoners who visited this pace before her. She looked in the centre of the room. There was long altar, made by some kind of crystal that emanated with weak, blue light. She approached it carefully, holding her wand in her palm. Her steps echoed in the empty hall. Looking at the altar, she noticed niche, small enough to place palm there.

Yuna placed her open palm on the altar. Crystal was very cold. Suddenly, it’s light went stronger and then, in sudden flash of blue energy, silhouette of woman appeared in the air, just above the crystal altar. She was tall, her dark blue hair were long, arranged in braids, each of them ended with golden ring. Yuna wasn’t sure if the woman was dressed or her crystal body was naked. Light vest around her hips was only one visible cloth that Aeon had. Woman looked at Yuna with smile. Her dark blue eyes were shining, piercing high summoner. Surly, Aeon witnessed many summoners before Yuna. She was just another one who came there, seeking for her help.

High Summoner was amazed with the cold beauty of Aeon. She didn’t notice that floor under her feet turned into crystal blue ice. It went up, covering her black boots. Yuna raised her wand, to do the summoning ritual and took Aeon under her control. But suddenly she realized that her wand wasn’t brown and yellow anymore – it was completely blue now. And it was cold, very cold. Frots bite her fingers and Yuna dropped it. Wand fell on the floor. It broke into million crystal pieces.

Woman lowered herself, looking into Yuna’s eyes with visible interest. High Summoner tried to move back, but she found herself immobilized, her boots were all covered by the crystal ice. Feeling growing fear, she freed her feet from the boots, but when her bare foot touched the cold ice, she fell in the floor. Aeon approached her. Crystal blue hand reached and grabbed Yuna’s arm. High Summoner cried, as she terrible cold paralyzed her. Her whole hand went blue. Second after it broke from her arm and remained into Aeon’s hand. Women dropped it on the floor. Frozen hand turned into dozens of ice pieces, some of them were bloody red.  

Loud scream filled the ancient hall, when Yuna understood what happened. Her left hand was gone, it’s red, frozen pieces were lying in front of her. Wound wasn’t bleeding anymore, it froze instantly. High Summoner tried to withdraw to the gate, doing her best to crawl on the cold and slippery floor. Suddenly Aeon’s hand grabbed her calf. Instantly, her leg, up to the knee, turned into ice. Yuna tried to free herself from the Aeon’s grip, but then she heard “crack” and half of her leg remained into Aeon’s hand. She started to cry with hysteria. Aeon looked at her with surprise.

Ice woman grabbed Yuna by her hips and raised her, looking straight into high summoner’s eyes. Ice was slowly consuming Yuna’s body. Cold, blue lips touched her red, warm lips. Breath of coldest air on earth filled her mouth, freezing them instantly. Cold tongue explored her freezing mouth. Her eyes were starring with shock as her body was turning into ice. Yuna was still aware what was going on with her. She couldn’t feel anything, but she could watch with morbid fascination, when Aeon’s tongue was licking her body. Wherever it touched, human body was freezing instantly.

Finally, Yuna was nothing more but the ice doll. Her face was the mask of shock and panic. Aeon grabbed her head and ripped it from the body. There was single string of blood, but it froze instantly. Her body fell on the floor, breaking into dozens of shimmering ice crystals. Aeon disappeared, rematerializing itself down under the altar. She placed Yuna’s head among many other heads of summoners who were stupid enough to deal with her and not strong enough to control her. 

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