The Education of Hope Estheim

BY : Slayzer
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The break down of this story is like 10% Plot, 70% Smut and 20% Nasty.


Thinking of Final Fantasy and sex dose any one else get sick of the poor quality of FF Hentai? 9/10 times it's just the girls get gang raped my goons or monsters and end up loving it or dead. I was so happy this one time I found something from FF Tactics that had Agrias and Ramza having loving and consensual sex. (looking at some of that shit I feel sorry of Tifa. She never has sex with Cloud and is always getting raped)

Now do like Hentai.

My favorite hentai artist is Po-ju who dose great work with comics about handsome and overly well endowed boys having sex with beautiful muscular women. So when I think of Hope/Fang fucking each other this guys work comes to my mind. (fair warring Po-ju dose a lot of Yoai as well)

Even as I post this on Adult Fanficion I'm thinking of reposting it on but this my be too much for them.

Hope is struggling with some unique body issues. Fang is all too happy to help Hope overcome them all long as he willing to help her cum.


The Education of Hope Estheim

by Slayzer


The Sulyya Springs were such a contrast to the gray canyons and dark caves the heroes had just traveled through. The vibrant psychedelic colors of the plant life could a little overwhelming but the strange beauty of the springs could not be denied. The beautiful background did not escape Hope's notice even as he soaked in one of the many hot springs.

After crawling through a tunnel nothing felt better then to wash the accumulated dirt and sweat off. Everyone had split up to bathe with the women going one way and the men another. Hope had then excused himself from Sazh and Snow saying he need to find his own place to wash.

The older men had joked about Hope's shyness and told him there was nothing to be embarrassed about. Hope blushed much to their laughter but Hope knew there was always good reason for him to be embarrassed about his shameful and dirty body. Hope was sure it was his father's fault that he was born with this sinful body of his and he swore to never let anyone know.

Joking aside Snow and Sazh respected Hope's need for privacy even if they didn't know the cause of the boy's stubbornness. Knowing that the area was clear of monsters they let Hope find his own pool to bathe in. Snow had sent Hope off with a playful warring of. “Don't get any ideas of trying to sneak a peek at the girls.”

Hope later found a secluded hot spring that he could have all to himself. There were rocks around the edges of the pool for a little extra cover. It even had a small waterfall that poured out of the cliff face that he could used as a shower.

Hope triple checked his surrounding to make sure he was alone before disrobing. He folded his clothes neatly as he stripped down. Even being alone he felt such shame just getting naked because Hope believed his body to be dirty and sinful. Hope's feeling of shame and disgust with himself were as apparent to him as the large and sinful appendage that dangled between his legs.

To say it another way. Hope was hung like a beast, just like his father.

Now if you ever wonder how a nice but otherwise unassuming guy like Bartholomew got such a hot wife like Nora, well wonder no more. Hope was born with an angelic face like his mother and he also had a monstrous cock like his father. A blessing right, well not so much for Hope.

Many years ago a young Hope heard some loud noise coming for his parents bed room. Hearing his mother crying out in what the boy thought was pain he took a peek to see that she was okay. Image if you can how horrible it would have been for the innocent eyes of young Hope. Seeing his beloved mother naked, panting, crying and screaming in as his dad fucked her with his huge cock like a wild beast. It looked so horrific to Hope and he had no idea that they were just making each other feel good.

After that a Hope had a deep seeded feelings of shame about his body, a sinful body like his father's. It never affected the Hope until he hit puberty and the beast hanging between his legs now rose to crave attention and always at the most inappropriate times it seemed. What should have been at natural discovery of his body and feeling of sexual arousal had come twisted into feeling of shame and guilt. This awkwardness made Hope grown resentful of his father for whom Hope believed he inherited his sinfulness.

That was even before Hope got himself dragged into this misadventure to save the world.

For a boy like Hope who thought any feeling of a sexual nature were disgusting, shameful and inherently sinful. What could be more trying the traveling with beauties like Fang and Lightning. Woman who were as proud and fierce with their own sexuality as they were deadly with their weapons.

Lightning was Hope's savor and how could dare he betray her by having such nasty, disgusting and sinful urgings? The fact the Hope could barely control his body at night was all to more proof that he was unclean and unworthy of being loved. Every erection he had to fight down when he thought of Lightning was a more proof of his wickedness.

Even now with Hope's body in hot water being cleaned just thinking about how dirty he was for lusting after Lightning was enough to rouse the beast of his loins. Hope had found the treatment for his lustful needs. He took his left index and middle finger and held them in his right fist and then he took a deep breath.

With a sharp snap Hope dislocated his two fingers.

The pain shot throughout his body like fire cleansing his mind and making his large dick go flaccid again. It was drastic but biting his lips and pinching himself now longer brought the beast to heel. Hope held on for a few moments before resetting his fingers. To him the pain was a cleansing and healing thing.

After that Hope let his mind clear and his body relax into the hot water. He sat down near the edge of the spring and let the water come up to his chest. Looking up into the sky, clear save for the ever present orb of Cocoon, and felt at easy with everything. Hope stayed like that for a while just letting his mind go blank.

“How's the water there kid, nice and toasty?”

“It's very nice...” Hope said before he thought of who was speaking to him with that odd accent.

Fang was fully dressed and sitting on a rock overlooking Hope. She was so close to him that all he had to do was roll his eyes back and he could see her face smiling down at him. Fang seemed to take some delight in the blush that spreed across the boys face.

“What are you doing here!?”

“Watching you. Well watching out for you after all you wouldn't want to be attacked by some fanged animal while your in the bath.”

“Haven’t you heard of privacy!?”

“It's fine. We had communal bathing in Oerba so it's nothing I haven't seen before.”

Fang could only see Hope's face and chest clearly as the hot spring water obscured everything else. That was when Fang saw some long, white and snakelike by Hope's thigh. Contrary to what Fang had just said she had never seen anything like what Hope had.

“Don't move.” Fang said her voice going cold as she hopped off her preach and come right up next to Hope.

Hope did as he was told because of the seriousness of Fang's voice out weighted his own growing discomfort. “What is it Fang?”

Fang got right up next to the water her hand raised as if ready to dive in and catch a fish. “Don't be alarmed Hope but there’s some kind of eel or snake swimming by your legs.”

Hope was trying to think of how the tell Fang in a delicate way that the eel was him.

Fang's hunter instincts took over and her hand shot into the water and her fist closed tightly around her prey. Hope gasped for air and Fang froze in place as she realized what or more accurately, who, she had in her hand. Her hand was just barely able to warp around Hope's dick. Fang was so stunned that as she let go of Hope she feel head over heels into the water.

'Hope is a very big boy.' was the thought that ran through Fang's mind as she splashed into the water fully dressed.

Fang's butt was sitting bottom of the hot spring as she pushed herself up with her arms. She was now sitting in front of Hope a little deeper into the water with it coming up her shoulders. Hope just looked right at her his face a mix of outrage and horror at what had happened.

Fang just looked away sheepishly. “Sorry. I thought that your... … ... well. that your penis was an eel.”

“Well you were wrong.” Hope spit anger seething through every syllable.

Fang got defensive suddenly. “Can you blame me!? Not only are you freakishly huge but it's even looks weird. It's got like a snake head on it and I’ve never seen a man that looked like that.”

“I take it the men of Oerba weren’t circumcised.” It was true that the men of Oerba weren't circumcised and this was Fang's first time seeing a penis that was. So her confusion was somewhat understandable.

Fang felt even more foolish then before and arguing with Hope as she was the one at fault. She then pulled herself up out of the water to leave. As Fang got up her water logged sari slipped off her shoulders leaving Fang only in her wet undershirt. She bent down to pull her sair up again and that only exposed herself even more. Fang was doing all of this just a few feet in front of Hope.

Fang just laugh her own embarrassment. “Sorry about that Hope. Well maybe we can call it even now?” She said with a joking smile.

The smile ran from Fang's face when she saw Hope intentionally dislocate two of his fingers.

“What the hell are you doing!?” Fang lunged forward and grabbed Hope before he could hurt himself again. Her own state of undress quickly forgotten.

“Stop! Don't touch me, I'm dirty!”

It all became clear to Fang with those last two words. Hope wasn't just ashamed of his body but guilt ridden for having sexual feelings as well. He started to cry even as Fang held him down. “Don't tell anyone. I don't want anyone to know was sinful and disgusting I am.” Hope sobbed.

It hit Fang just how little they all know of each other and the demons they lived with. She never thought that Hope was so misguided to be reviled by his own sexual needs. Hope was fighting his own body as he was fighting to save the world all the while no one knew how he struggled with something that every one thought was natural.

A sick feeling hit Fang as she thought about how she and Vanille had been to Hope. Fang always thought it was just being playful not so much as teasing. They were just trying to get the boy out of his shell. Did the lighthearted and not unintentional flash of her hip or curve of her bosom not excite Hope but shame him. While she and Vanille smiled sly thinking they had give Hope a little thrill did he...?

Did Hope hurt himself because of her?

“Hope your beautiful. How could you ever say such things about yourself?”

“Your wrong Fang. I'm just like my father. I have his sinful and wicked body that lust after women.”

Again it became clear to Fang what happened to Hope and the source of his anger toward his father.

“That's not true. I don't know how you felt for seeing your mother and father like that but your wrong. It must have looked like he was hurting her but she was sharing her love for him. Calling sex wicked and dirty couldn’t be farther from the truth. Maker's sake Hope that's how you came into this world.”

The unwanted memory of his mother writhing in pleasure under his dad came back to Hope. “How could that be love? I don't understand how could my father do that to her and still say he loves her!?”

“Hope let me ask you something?” Fang said as she let go of Hope.

Then she lifted her wet shirt up and over her head. Hope just stared in awe of Fang's full tan breast with dark almond colored nipples. Fang ran her hand over her soft skin and shivered at the thrill of not only touching herself but doing it in front of Hope. “Now then Hope is my body wicked? Do you think I'm sinful?”

“No your not.” Hope said honestly. “but your a woman so...”

“So nothing Hope! Being male or female doesn’t make you dirty or pure. I touch myself to make myself feel good Just as I'm sure you mother did when she thought of your father. Want to know something else, even Lightning masturbates when she thinks she alone.”

“Light dose that too... ...”

For the first time when Hope thought of Lightning in a sexual way he wasn't wracked with guilt or shame. It was nice, thrilling even to think of Lightning as a woman. Obliviously he knew Lightning was a woman but Hope sometimes saw her misguidedly as something beyond human. He had given her a kind of vale of purity that stripped Lightning of her humanity.

Fang saw the fear and shame slowly drain out of Hope. However as much as Fang wanted to help Hope his healing didn't help her with her needs. She always thought Hope was cute but never did she think we was so 'gifted'. As she watched his dick harden and rise out of the water she knew he would be able fill that need in her. As well as fill a few other things of hers.

“Even better then touching yourself...” Fang then pulled Hope into her with a hug pressing her breast against him. “...Is touching someone as they touch you.”

Hope struggled against Fang uselessly. As he tried to push himself free of Fang all he was doing was groping her breast. Fang smiled at the boy struggling in her arms. “Don't they feel nice?” she asked as Hope pawed and groped her tits.

Hope's struggling stopped as he came to enjoy the feeling of Fang's soft breast in his hands. Then he started to rub her tits and lift them up to feel their shape. Hope would pinched Fang's rock hard nipples as he played with her.

“Go on Hope just let yourself go and do what feels natural.”

That was all Hope need to hear as instinct drove him forward. Hope took one of Fang's nipples into his mouth and started sucking like he was trying to get milk. Fang went rigged with pleasure as Hope chewed on her sensitive flesh. She let go of him as it no longer seemed like he would run away.

“Hope your so cute.” Fang said as she looked down at this boy attacking her breast like a hungry baby teething. She wanted to do more for Hope and to him.

Fang and Hope shifted positions so she was now sitting on the edge of the pool. Hope was laying in her lab as he played with her tits. It felt almost incestuous to Fang as she cradle Hope like he was her baby as he pleasured her. She wondered if this would help or hurt Hope with regard to his Oedipus complex.

The reason for their new position was more then just so Hope could transfer his lustful feeling of his mother to Fang. Having him laid out like this before Fang it gave her easy accuse to him. With one arm cradling Hope to her breast Fang ran her other hand down to his dick.

Fang loved the the feeling of Hope long smooth and hairless shaft. Having it twitch and grown under Fang's touch as her fingertips slide down his length. Once he was fully hard Fang closed her fist around Hope's cock and started to jerk him off.

Hope tried to push himself free of Fang again. “Don't touch me there, that part of me is dirty.”

Fang had enough of that talk out of Hope. When he opened his mouth to protest again she shoved his face into her breast. “Why don't you stop wasting your breath saying such crap and put your hot little mouth to better use. You just keep sucking on my nice big tits like a good little boy and let me take care of you.”

Hope gave in to Fang and let her do something that he was always so ashamed to do himself, masturbate. Fang's hand was callus and rougher then Hope's own. She also worked his cock with a forcefulness that he would never dare use on himself being to timid. It was amazing and Hope's dick never felt so good. With every stock of his cock Hope felt the awkwardness and shame he always had this sex disappearing. Soon he was just left with the feeling of ridding a wave and nearing the crest as Fang brought him closer and closer to climax.

Hope's orgasm was so sudden for him that he gasped and moaned like a girl. His whole body spasmed in fits of bliss as he shot his load into Fang's hand. This feeling of cumming that Hope always thought was dirty was now the best thing he'd ever felt his life.

Fang enjoyed not only watching Hope cum but the feeling of his hot thick seamen on her hand. He must have been saving it because it was more then a handful of the stuff that oozed out of her palm. Fang brought her hand up to her lips and licked Hope's salty cum off. The nasty strand of white sticking to her fingers and lips before she careful licked them clean.

Hope aversion to sex was so strong the he was at time physically repulsed by the sight of his own semen. Now looking at Fang sucking down his cum off her hand like it was honey Hope thought that he had never seen her look so sexy.

Fang cleaned the rest of her face off with a quick wipe with the back of her hand. She saw the look Hope was giver her and frowned. “Your not going to say that was dirty to are?” she was losing her patience with Hope reluctance to give in and enjoy himself.

“I was just thinking how sexy you look right now.” Hope said with a blush.

Fang laid Hope down on his back on a near by flat rock. She ran her hand down his soft white body and she left him exposed to the world. “Your very sexy too Hope. Not a single inch of your wonderful body is dirty or sinful...” Fang lowed her head next to Hope's large and still hard cock. “... definitely not this part.”

Hope gasped as Fang easily slide the first few inches of his cock past her lips. The hot wetness of her mouth around his dick gave way to her throat. Fang had taken Hope's cock deeper into her throat then she had any man before and their was still several inch left. Knowing her limits Fang grab Hope's balls and played with the rest of his dick as she unable to deepthroat the rest of him. Hope wasn't going to complain at all about how Fang was treating him.

Fang's head went up and down on Hope's shaft. Her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked his cock down into her throat as far as she could. Several minutes later she felt Hope's balls stiffen and she knew he was almost ready to cum again.

'Such an energetic young boy.' Fang though with as much of a smile as she could give with her mouth full of cock. She almost let Hope pull of her mouth but as her tongue tickled his dickhead he came. The rush of his cum was more then Fang could handle and she almost gagged on his seed. Fang manged to get her breathing back in rhythm and then washed her mouth out with some spring water.

Fang wasn't the only one left panting for breath after that. Hope was gasping for air after receiving his first blow-job. He watched as Fang spat out a mouth full of water to rise the taste out of her mouth. “Was it more then you could chew?” Hope asked slyly.

Fang rolled her eyes. “Funny guy. Now seeing as I did something nice for you. Maybe you should do something nice for me?”

Hope nodded “Anything you want Fang. I want to make you feel good to.”

Fang stood up and pulled the rest of her sair off her hips. Now as naked as he was Fang spread her leg part so he could see her clean shaven pussy. She parted the petals of her flower for Hope. Even those she wanted it this was still embarrassing to Fang and she blushed. “Now why don't you come here and return the favor?”

Hope got into the water and fell to his knees in front of Fang. Then without a second of doubt he drove his face into her waiting snatch. Grasping for more leverage he took hold of Fang's firm sexy ass.

For all the blow jobs Fang had given the men in Oerba had always been repulsed by the thought of eating her out. The way Hope was going at her with such willingness and gusto put all the men Fang knew in her life to shame. Fang ground her pussy into Hope's face as he licked her out and squeezed her ass.

“Easy there Hope that's all very sensitive I assure you.” Fang said as she pat Hope's sliver head like he was her pet. With Fang guiding Hope along it wasn't long before he found her special spot.

“Maker! That's the spot right there! Hope you got it just keep licking that part!OH FUCK!!”

Fang was soon cumming as Hope licked every drop of her nectar off her pussy like a bee cleaning the petals of a flower. Fang had to took two fist fulls of Hope's sliver hair to brace herself as waves of orgasms rocked her. When she was done Fang let go of Hope and fell backwards into the hot spring with a splash.

Hope looked for Fang but she had disappeared into the water. A few moment later Fang rose out of the water like a mermaid and pulled Hope playfully into the water with her. Hope felt at ease in Fang's embrace as their wet bodies rubbed up against one another.

“Hope you are so wonderful.”

Fang and Hope kissed, their tongues lapping at each other like dogs in heat. Breaking the kiss she leaned in close to his ear and in a low husky voice asked. “Do you want to put it in me?”

Hope almost came right then but he fought back for control of his body. He couldn’t speak but nodded his head.

Fang pointed to a near by rock at the water's edge. “Get on that rock then lay down on your stomach then wait for me.”

Hope didn't hesitant to do as he was told. To rock was smooth and flat and about the size of a large bed. He was now far more exposed then he was in the hot springs had been. Even knowing that it was only him and Fang that fact that someone could see him was exciting. Hope laid down as he was told his hard throbbing erection pushing angst the smooth hard stone.

Several moments later Fang returned and quickly pulled Hope's arms behind his back. A thin leather cord was then wrapped around his wrist binding them together. It was enough to bind Hope but not so tight that it cut off the blood flow. “Tight enough for you?” Fang said as she rolled Hope over onto his back.

“What are you doing?!” Hope cried as he fought against the cord binding.

Once again Fang couldn't help but admire Hope every wonderful inch of him. His soft white skin, sliver hair, deep green eyes. She loved the way his angel like lips pouted and his struggles to break free. He was just so damned adorable it was a sin.

“Hope your going to lay there like a good little boy and I'm going to ride you like you were a bareback Chocobo.”

Hope whimpered under Fang as she ran her fingernails cross his chest. “Come on now Hope, it's me. Did you think I'd let you be on top?”

“I didn't think you tie me down like an animal!”

Fang smiled slyly as she stroked Hope's hard cock jutting right into the air. “Yet you do seem to be enjoying it.”

Fang climbed on top of Hope and slowly guided his cock to her waiting moist pussy. Feeling his thick cumrumsized cock pushing into her hot pussy lips almost gave Fang pause. Would she even be able to take him? Fang was not one to back down for any challenge and her burning need overwhelmed her hesitation.

Fang slowly forced Hope's cock into her. Inch after inch pushed and stretched her vagina open wider then any man she had before. Fang braced herself by digging her fingers into Hope's shoulders as she took ever last glorious bit of him into herself. It was no minor thing for Fang to take Hope's dick all way to the hilt.

Fang then started to ride up and down on Hope cock. Her firm around sexy ass bounced up and down on him. As she rode him there was nothing he could do but buck his hips in to her. Hope wanted his hand free to reach up and play with Fang's tits as they jiggled with every impact of their bodies meeting but he couldn’t get free. Fang scratched her nails deeper into Hope's chest as she bucked up and down on him.

“Oh Maker! Oh Fuck Maker! YES!” Fang yelled as Hope was hitting all the right spots.

Hope wasn't as loud as Fang but he was feeling the same way. Having his big hard virgin dick milked by Fang's hot wet pussy. Already he could feel the pressure in his balls like a volcano getting ready to blow. It was futile to fight it but Hope wanted to hold out as long as he could to enjoy the feeling.

“Cum for me Hope! I don't care how big your cock is! I'm not letting some teenage cherry boy make me cum first!” Even as Fang said that she felt herself losing control.

All it took at the first hot splash of Hope's semen hitting Fang's womb to send her over the edge. Her pussy clamped down tightly on Hope as they both came together. It so much for Fang that she became lightheaded and fell forward on top of Hope as his dick slide out of her pussy.

The two of them stayed like that for a long while. Spent sweaty bodies on top of one another as they panted for air. Fang wiped some of the sweat from Hope's flushed face and kissed him. “Hope I think I found your new focus in life. The maker put you on this world to be a sex machine!”

Hope blushed under the sheen of sweat on his face. “Fang...”

“Yes?” Fang said lovingly with a kiss to her new boy toy.

“My arms are starting to fall asleep.”

With all the mind blowing sex Fang forgot that she had tied Hope's arms behind his back. By now his arms must be very stiff so Fang quickly unbound Hope's arms. Fang had Hope sit in her lap as she rubbed his shoulders and back. It didn't bother either of them being naked with each other. Hope had learned to accept his body for what it was and enjoy what he was capable of.

“Thank you Fang.”

“Your welcome any time Hope.” Fang said as she stopped massaging the boy's back and hugged him. All it took was the feeling of her breast on Hope's back to get a reaction out of him.

“Hope you are an insatiable little sex beast aren’t you?” Fang whispered playfully to Hope and licked his ear. Even after she fucked so hard not that long ago Hope was getting hard again.

“I can't help it! You've let out years of sexual repression and to go with it this damn l'Cie and healing magic makes me recover quickly.”

“Maybe you can't help it but now you can take care of it.” Fang leaned back on her arms and Hope fell back with her. They were now in a reclining position and she could look down on his whole body. “I want to watch you masturbate.”

“But... ...”

“No. I loved being with you Hope but we can't do this every time your in need, I have limits you know even if you don't. So show me that you can take care of yourself.”

Hope didn't question Fang again. Hope's cock was too big for him to stroke with just one of his hands to he had to use both. His dick was still wet with Fang's pussy juice as his hand slid up and down his shaft easily. Hope bit his lips and closed his eyes as he picture a woman in his mind. Even with Fang naked and right behind him it was another woman who appeared in Hope's fantasy.

Fang loved watching Hope discover himself. Seeing him free from the guilt and shame that needless tormented him. It didn't even bother her that Hope was thinking about another woman. No matter how Fang had touched Hope's body she knew it was another woman who had touched the boy's heart.

“Who are you fantasizing about?” Fang asked but knowing full well who it was.

Hope blushed a deeper red as his breath harder and more irregular. He didn't want to say it out loud but that wasn't going to work with Fang. She reached around him and squeezed his balls. Hope yelped in shock but didn't say a word so Fang squeezed again harder.

“I want you to say her name.”

Hope was almost in tears but he couldn't stop jerking himself off even as Fang toyed with him roughly. “Light...”

“Louder, I didn't here you!”

“Lightning!” Hope said as Fang let go of his balls and he felt himself ready to climax.

“What about her and be specific.”

Hope was gasping for air as he brought himself closer and closer to an orgasm with Lightning's image in his mind. Even it just being him and Fang it was hard for Hope to bring himself to say it out loud. Hope took a deep breath and as loud as he could yelled. “I think about Lightning when I play with my big fucking cock!” with that he came.

Hope blow his thick sticky load all over his stomach and chest. The wet splash of his cum on his soft skin didn't bother Hope at all. He still couldn't believe he had said that out loud. Gasping for air he threw his head back into Fang's breast like they were pillows and rested.

Fang cradled Hope and ran a finger over his sticky stomach. “We've both gotten quite messy haven't we?”

Hope sighed contently in Fang's arms bathed in post-orgasmic bliss. “I know and we were supposed to be getting clean. We haven’t done a very good job of it have we?”

Fang tighten her grip on Hope suddenly.

“Your right Hope but we did put on quite the show.”

Hope's heart skipped a bet. It was something in the way Fang said show. Like he and her had an audience this whole time.

Fang wasn't looking at Hope but near by rock formation, one large enough for someone to hide behind. Hope looked were Fang was watching and waited for several of the longest seconds in his life. He was sure of it now someone was behind those rocks.

'Oh maker don't let it be...' Hope thought to himself but a familiar flash of pink shattered him.

There was no doubt who it was that had seen Hope and Fang. He didn't need to see her face with that long pink hair. Even as she stood up with her back to him and Fang he knew her face so well and who could he not. That woman was Hope savor and ideal and the fantasy that torment him almost every night.

Hope opened his mouth to say something but he couldn’t make any words come out. A good thing really because what could he say right now that would mean anything to her.

Fang had no trouble finding her voice. “Hey, Lightning what are you doing over there?”

Lightning tensed up and her hands clenched into fist. She turned to face Fang and Hope with her face filled with anger. Hope had never been more exposed in his life and not just being naked. Hope felt like nothing under the burning gaze of Lightning's ice blue eyes.

Hope had never seen Lightning look more beautiful.



What the fuck have I done here?

So I gave Hope feelings of regret and shame for sexual feeling that stem from his Father issues. So the best way to cure him of this psychological disorder is to have Fang tie him down and fuck his brains out. All the while Lightning as been watching them to ashamed to revile herself and stop them but she so aroused she can't look away.

Why did this seem like a good plot at the time?

I also leaned somethings writing this. One no matter how hard you try to use nice sounding euphemisms for the act of lovemaking in the end it all comes back down to Pussy, Cock, Tits and Ass. It happened because those words are like FORD cars. Their not fancy but their cheep and get the damn job done.

Another thing I leaned my boundary. My first thought was I’ll just go for it and not stop. Then I looked back and saw I had gone too far. The first drift of this had Fang beating Hope with some heavy S&M, bondage and Femdom. Reading how I had Fang screaming vile things at Hope and making him loved it I knew then, it's too much.

I can see Fang being the dominant and aggressive but she wouldn't hurt Hope. I could see her spanking Hope playfully but I had Fang whipping him and after reading that over I deleted five pages of some really bad hardcore sex.

Oh right be for I go the little “?” and the end as if teasing you that there could be more.

(Part 2 - The Education of Lightning Farron)

“How could you!?” Lightning raged at Fang and Hope who were both still naked.

“What's your problem? Unless me and Hope were too loud I don't think you have any reason to complain.” Fang said being very blasé for someone in her situation.

Lightning looked down at Hope for a moment with a look of hurt clearly on her face. “Why... …?”

Hope said nothing and how could he after what Lightning heard him say.

Fang came to the boy's defenses as it was mostly her doing. “Go to hell! So me and Hope had sex and you know what it was great. I'm just as proud to have Hope by my side in battle as I would be to to have him in my bed. If you don't feel the same then it's your problem not ours!”

Lightning lost it and she yelled at Fang. “It is my problem! Why is Hope with you then!? Why did he chose you when I.... ….” Lightning stopped cold mid rant. She had said to much but it was to late now. The feelings she fought for so long were overwhelming her. Lightning grabbed the hem of her skirt up and pulled it up.

Lightning's plan white cotton panties were so soaked through with her pussy juice that it looked like she had pissed herself. “Hope, why are you with Fang when I want you to make me feel good to?”

(That all the taste your getting. )

Thank you for Reading and Please share your thoughts and criticisms. That however would mean you owned up to reading this dreck.

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