Legacy of the Lifestream

BY : Gwilwileth
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A.N. Okay. So I know I said it would be a few months before I did this... but one was all I could manage, and no, I DIDN'T finish my other story... '^-^

So here it is! The prologue of the Sequel to Harmony's Melody! I hope you all enjoy and love Legacy just as much! And remember, reviews make me happy, and a happy author updates faster!

Chapter 1: Prologue - A World Away

The young witch sat on the large stone just outside the circle of Drombeg. A few bags lay across the ground at her feet, waiting to be tossed into the portal the moment it opened. The crunching of leaves and dead grass broke the silence, two small feet wreaking havoc across the cold Irish soil. The little feet belonged to a young girl, about four or five years old from an outsiders opinion. Vibrant red curls bounced freely as the little girl joyously frolicked through the dried grass outside the circle. Piercing yellow-green eyes roamed the giant stone monolith, the child's mind trying to work out how she could find her way to the top of the massive stone to sit beside her mother.

"Mommy? When are we leaving?"

"As soon as the door opens, Sweetheart. It can't be too long, now. Maybe another hour at the most. After that, it'll be tomorrow, and it'll be too late."

The little girl nodded her head, wondering how long an hour was. Now that she thought about it, she was really tired.

That hour turned out to be a long one. Two years long, in fact. The girl could clearly remember her mother's cries of despair when the magical door did not open. She knew someone special was on the other side- she had known this all her life. Two special people, actually. Her mother's best friend... and her father. She tried her best to console her mother over the next two years, even convincing her to go back to Drombeg on the night that the seven year wait had passed. Her mother didn't see the point, sure that the door to their family would never open again, but had allowed her persistent daughter to win the argument- if only to show her how useless it was to dream... wishing on fallen stars was just a fairy tale, after all.

And when the brilliant light and rush of magic had erupted, she grabbed her mother's shocked hand with a wide grin, remembering a piece of the story her mother had told her. Words that had come from her mother's own mouth.

"Just have faith. Faith decides a lot of things."

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