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Title: Fragile

Series: Final Fantasy VIII

Pairing: LagunaxSquall

Rating: Leaning towards the R side in its implications.

Notes: For MagusKuhn3, I hope this makes you happy. <3 Can't wait to talk to you again.


Night, darkness all around. The only light was moonlight.

Two figures, laying out on the grassy ground, in a wide, open plane with nothing but stars and the moon around them.

They were locked in an embrace; bodies entwined. One, taller, with kind, gentle eyes slid along the others neck, placing soft and delicate kisses on it, one hand resting on the small of the smaller one's back, the other running up their side.

Dark, dazed eyes slid shut from the kisses, pale hands rested on the other's shoulders, content just to let the other explore their body.

They pulled back, gently pushing the smaller, slightly more fragile one down to lay back on the grass, only to crawl over them and bring therir faces closer, and press their lips together in a kiss.

A soft, relaxed moan broke the silence of night, a hand going up to tangle in the light, soft strands of hair, holding the other in place and willingly let them explore their mouth, lips parting, inviting, receiving.

Slender, tapered fingers trailed sensually along their side, drawing a shiver, and a soft sound that sounded almost like a whimper.

Their lips broke the contact, and they moved down, placing open-mouthed kisses along the other's bare neck and shoulders, hands traveling down to rest on lithe hips.

A soft sound was made, and a whisper that was barely heard. "Please,"

There was a pause and slight hesitation, brows furrowing in a small frown of concern, but liquid eyes opened to stare up at them silently; sincerity and trust reflecting in them.

With a soft nod, the taller one moved down, the others legs parting slowly, almost shyly, their forms were already bare.

There was an odd sensation for a while, but not too uncomfortable, and the smaller merely sighed and relaxed. It wasn't until a few moments later when their eyes snapped open, before clenching tight from the sharp stinging they felt. A whimper broke the silence again, and the movement stopped.

The taller one placed a hand on the others cheek and ran their thumb lovingly along it before leaning down and capturing the smaller's lips in a kiss again, to reassure them.

The smaller kissed back, one hand seeking out the other's to grasp it and entwine their fingers as they began to relax again from the other's kiss, focusing solely on that, even as the stinging started up again, but it was bareable now, because they wanted this, knowing full well that the other loved them back as much as they loved them.

They broke apart, breathing heavily, all movement had stopped again. The other's unoccupied hand reached over to link and entwine with the younger, leaning over them again, a soft, light smile formed over their lips.

The others smile was met with an equal one, before their lips parted to mouth a sentence. Understanding, and with a nod, the taller one began to move; pulling back, only to come forward again and meet them slowly.

The arch of the back, the soft hiss, and the glazed eyes were a sight to behold to the taller. They moved together slowly, not feeling the need to rush or hurry. It was something that shouldn't be rushed. They had all the time they wanted.

Their pace never lengthened or sped, nor slowed, they moved in perfect tandem; searching, burning slowly as they worked steadily and climbed higher in passion. Nothing but soft sounds, and light hisses broke the silence of that night under the stars. Nothing but strong emotion and a full connection could be felt around them.

And when they could finally go no further, the peaceful scene was broken as two cries rang out as one, sending their voices rising to the heavens above. Their bodies melded together as they relaxed, heavy breathing and the loud thudding of their hearts the only thing that could be heard between them.

With silent effort, the taller moved slowly, pulling away. There was a quiet whimper of begging, a plead not for them to go. But they returned a moment later, cool, but silky warmth touched skin as cloth was draped around them. Smoldering blue eyes bore into smoky coloured ones. Slender, pale fingers traced along the other's arm before stopping at their hand, fingers grasping, pulling. The need to be close was apparent.

"Laguna..." The smaller began quietly.

"Shh. It's alright, Squall."

Giving a small nod, they tilted their head up, catching the taller in a soft kiss that was almost shy in appearance before pulling away with the barest of smiles painting their expression, illuminated further by the moonlight.

Everything was perfect as they curled close to one another and let their eyes fall shut until the dawn came to steal away their fragile happiness.



DHC: Well, I hope this isn't too bad and you people can find some enjoyment out of it. ...Actually, even if you don't, thank you for reading it anyway. =)

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