One Night

BY : NiaraAfforegate
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Disclaimer: I claim no ownership or rights of any content controlled by or related to Square-Enix, the Final-Fantasy collective or associated media, and produce this terrible smut-shot with no permission and for no profit

Note:  Recently replayed FFXII in an attempt to do so without over-grinding and trivialising the whole game (Read: pioneering to nabudis and stealing end game gear the moment I had my full party, the first time...)  Of all the various smutty thoughts that crept into my head while playing, as they always do, this one stuck in my mind long enough to convince me to comit it to paper.

It's set before the events of the main game (i.e. two years after the intro with Reks, five years after the plague) by a short but unspecific amount of time.

This was done mainly as practice for me to work on presenting erotica as written from the perspective of a male character... something that I'm not completely comfortable at doing well.  I'm also concerned about my characterisation of Vaan...  but the boy 's head just seems to be so empty most of the time to begin with.

I make no appologies for how bad it is, and comments or criticisms are much appreciated.



One Night

Lowtown never truly slept.  Night came, and the terraces open to the sunlight were lit with stars and lamps instead, but there remained always the dull hum and bustle of the poor and earnest masses going about their business and tyring to live their lives.  These days, it wasn't uncommon to hear people say that down here, with the people, was the real Rabanastre now.  Amidst the oppression there was spirit still, and even the dispossessed and disenfranchised always had business going on in some fashion.

When you didn't have legitimate business to be about, you made do.  After the war the city had so many orphans, with no families and no money; no way to look after themselves at all, except by banding together and finding a way, usually through sheer determination, and a fair amount of less than legal activity.

They were their own family now, the orphaned children of Rabanastre, and all of Lowtown was their home.  Many of the warehouses made for comfortable hangouts, half full of produce and trade-goods, though there was one in particular that most of them slept in whenever they needed rest, with Migelo's blessings.  Vann resettled himself, curling his arm more firmly about the slight form that lay alongside him, back pressed against his chest.  He bend his head to nuzzle at her hair and inhale the scent deeply.  Penelo responded with a quiet, pleased hum and wriggled closer.  One downside to the closeness they all shared now was that it made finding quiet time alone with one in particular much harder.  Even now, Kytes, Filo and Bucco shared the storeroom with them, resting or sleeping on the piled bolts of cloth and sacks of grains.

It hadn't been so long ago that they had all more or less slept together, as much sharing warmth against the harsh cold of the desert nights as anything else even though, in truth, the storeroom that acted as their sleeping quarters remained quite comfortable most nights.  Gradually though, the arrangements they tended to choose for sleeping had changed, with the others shifting away a little bit at a time, until now, most of the others rested over the other side of the room from Penelo and himself, with various stacks of good almost completely obscuring them from each others' view.  Vaan smiled softly.  The implication almost made him blush, but he was quietly thankful for it all the same.  It had probably been Kytes' idea, if it was a deliberate thing at all, but he hoped none of them ever actually brought it up.

His thoughts were drawn back to the present as Penelo moved, bringing up one hand to grip onto the arm he held her with, while her other pulled the thick blanket that covered them up a little higher.  His eyes drifted through the darkness to a glint that caught on the metal of his vest, dropped haphazardly by his boots, and then beside them, folded much more neatly, Penelo's jumpsuit.

“I can almost hear you thinking, Vaan.  Restless?”  Her voice was a soft whisper, vaguely chiding, though he could hear the smile in it.  He kissed her lightly behind the ear.

“I was just thinking about...  It's nothing, don't worry.”  At least, nothing he'd be able to say anything about aloud without stumbling over his tongue or turning bright red.  In response, she pushed her back against him more firmly, not taking the effort to actually nudge or poke him, then shrugged instead with a small shake of her head.

“Well, anyway, you should rest while it's still quiet.”  Her words were somewhat lost amidst the awareness of how warm the soft skin of her back felt against his chest, and more prominently that it was her bare skin against his.  He knew they both slept in nothing beyond undergarments, but any time he thought too much about it, stringing more coherent thoughts together grew difficult.

“Uhh... Yeah.  Sorry Penelo.”  She was right, but even so.  He wondered how long he could hope to hide his suddenly stirred arousal.  Not long at all really, he knew, feeling the growing pressure pushing up against her behind.  His next breath came out as more of a warm sigh than he had meant it to but she didn't pass comment on either.  Instead he felt one of her hands slide back to rest gently on his hip, stroking in soft patterns.  Vaan swallowed, giving up on restraint and bending his head to kiss at her neck again, this time with a little more intimacy.  He felt her tilt her head, exposing herself more to him in response.  A soft sigh, barely more than a breath.  His arm around her rested across her middle but he lifted it now, uncurling his fingers to stroke at the small curves of her breasts, rubbing one finger more pointedly over a nipple.  Penelo drew a breath, sharper than before as he explored and he felt the hand on his hip grip gently.

He could feel his heart beating quickly in his chest, thumping with an insistent force that only made him more aware of her smooth back pressed up against him.  Turning his head, he brushed his cheek over her shoulder, trying to disguise his heated breathing until she shifted suddenly, resettling and moving her legs.  Vaan bit his lip, pushing down what would have been an audible gasp.  Her motion had pushed her behind against him more forcefully and he could feel the curves of her buttocks pressing on either side of his thoroughly awake arousal.  Surely she could feel his heart hammering against her back now.  On instinct, and because his body wouldn't be denied, he pressed his hips in against her, only the two thin layers of their undergarments between them.  Penelo sighed again, her hand on his hip tugging in time with his motion.

As he pressed his lips to her neck again, he cold feel the hot flush of her skin, more than the warmth of their blanket.  Her heart beat as swiftly as his, sending a rhythm through her chest and into the hand that still stroked and rubbed softly at her breasts.  Her hand at his hip caught with a light touch at the edge of his underwear, tugging slightly.  It may have been an accident, or maybe not.  Worth taking the chance though.  There was no real way to make the gesture seem casual or relaxed, but he tried anyway, letting his hand slide down from her chest to trace along the curve of her hip.  He brushed his fingers against  her for a moment, encouraging, before tracing softly along the line of her own undergarment.  Her body paused as she held her breath, anticipating, while his fingers pushed and tugged at the fabric in between probing the curves of her hips and moving with clear intent towards her groin.  When his fingers dipped inside, stroking now through the thin and sparse hair that barely shielded her heat from his fingertips, he heard her exhale again with a trembling sigh.  Her body moved, one leg lifting just enough to hook over his ankle and give his hand better access.  It wasn't an invitation, so much as an uncertain and wordless desire, one body begging to another with little conscious though in between.

Vaan urged his hips forward against her again, feeling her push back in kind, rubbing and sliding against him as the soft sounds of their breath grew to muted panting.  It wasn't the first time they had been like this, though it was only a few time so far, and beyond the unclear and vague sense of physical wanting it hadn't gone further than this, but even so, he longed to hear it again; the sound she made, body tense, as she— His thoughts fled as another sensation drove them away.  Somewhere amidst their unpractised grasping they had both more or less shed the last remaining barriers of cloth between them and now he could feel the pulsing length of his arousal pressing up between her thighs.  His hips worked now in a slow, almost unthinking rhythm and he could feel her  doing the same.  She moaned between her teeth, quiet and restrained, but desperate all the same as the slight part in her thighs let his length slide up to rest directly against her. 

The soft folds of her sex, hot and growing slick as they rocked back and forth, made Vaan groan roughly into her neck, kissing again between ragged gasps.  His fingers explored roughly at her front, but after a few moments she pulled the hand away again, returning it to her chest instead.  He barely noticed, caught up in the sensation of their thrusting, his ears hanging on the delicate sounds of her breath, tiny vocal catches slipping out every few seconds as she tried to remain quiet.  He pinched one of her nipples, drawing a gasp from her but didn't push it, holding her tight to him instead. 

As their rhythm increased, Penelo's hand gripped his hip harder, then slipped further to squeeze at his rear, encouraging his motions.  Her other hand rose to cover his, holding him as he continued to stroke and fondle her chest.  He could feel every twitch and turn of her hips as his length slid against her, slippery now with her own arousal.  She felt so hot, and so right, but there was something more his body ached for.  He could feel it, so close, each thrust of their hips together, only a little more.  Vaan grit his teeth, spurred on by her soft gasps, now growing increasingly urgent.  As his hips pulled back he adjusted slightly, and felt himself sink deep into her folds as they came together again, deeper than ever before.

“Hahh...  Vaan!”   Penelo's hand gripped his tightly and she did gasp aloud this time.  They both stilled, hesitant.  He felt his eyes clench shut at the sensation, the heat and wetness of her, all around him, tight and gripping hard to his length.  Her gasp was almost enough to push him over in that instant and he wavered on the edge.  In the stillness, he could feel the muscles of her passage squeezing and contracting around him as their panting remained the only sound between them.  After a moment she spoke again, giving his hand a squeeze.

“Don't stop...”

Still uncertain, but driven now by his own body's instinct, Vaan nodded, nuzzling at the back of her neck again as he began to thrust his hips.  At first she bean to move with him, easing his motions inside her and gasping softly each time.  As tight as she felt around him her arousal let him slide easily inside her, and her movement soon relaxed, then began to push against him instead, drawing him deeper still.  He felt her move his hand to grip her breast again, her fingers squeezing firmly through his.  Vaguely, he could feel her other hand working in quick, mysterious action at her front as well, but all that remained in his mind was the feeling of being inside her, the heat gripping and squeezing him, sending ever fiercer jolts of pleasure through his body each stroke.  As their motion reached a desperate pace, Vaan could feel his limit fast approaching again, head buried against her shoulder as he panted roughly through clenched teeth.  She was drawing close as well, he knew, but the sensation was already too much.

“Ahh!  Not yet, not yet!”  Her gasped cry only served to push him over the edge and he groaned, grabbing hold of her hips and drawing her hard in to him as he continued to hammer against her.  His eyes flickered shut as he felt himself release, the final burst of pleasure coursing through his body and washing out everything else.  He heard a rough sound, his own voice gasped and uneven through clenched teeth, then a moment later, felt Penelo go tense in his arms.  Her breath caught and he felt her passage squeeze his still pulsing length more fiercely than before.  The tight, gasped out cries of her climax rang in his ears, piecing the gradually fading fog of is own pleasure.  He hugged her tight again for a moment then continued to place small kisses around her ear and the side of her neck.  Still catching his breath, he moved until he could stroke her hair gently with his other hand.

“Penelo... I—”  He wasn't quite sure what to say but she filled the silence or him by turning her head to kiss him properly.  She lifted a finger to her lips and shook her head, smiling at him in the darkness.

“Shh...  Vaan, thankyou.”  Her voice was still breathy and sounded tired, but at the same time it sounded as happy as he remembered hearing her for years.  He smiled as well and nodded.  It was enough.  As he drifted towards sleep, still holding her, he heard Kytes roll over and resettle himself, and wondered if they'd need to start sleeping somewhere else altogether.


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