The Most Dangerous Game Ever Hunted

BY : lawrencecasher
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The Most Dangerous Game Ever Hunted

By lawchan

Summary: All Zell wanted was to live a normal life. That's kinda hard when you have two male vampires Seifer and Squall hunting you down and wanting to mate with you. To make maters worse, Zell finds himself falling for the charming vampire hunter Irvine. Will he ever get a break?

Warnings: Vampires, Mpreg, non-con, Explicit violence and language, slash, yaoi, Adult themes and sexual references.

Pairings: SeiferxZell, SquallxZell, IrvinexZell

A/N: I've been itching to get this up for a while. Haha Okay then Let's get this fic going!

Disclaimer: I own nothing! I don't own Final fantasy nor do I make any money from writing this story. Only pure enjoyment. I also do not have any affiliation with Square Enix or any of its subcategory's and I also do not own any characters in this story.

Chapter 1: The Hunt is On


Never in the whole ten years of being a vampire have I ever had the pleasure of hunting down something so innocent, so pure, so beautiful, so...deadly. A month I have been hunting him. I just can't seem to forget his scent, it drives me crazy how difficult it has been to catch him. Now he is armed and ready to fend me off with silver bullets and bombs that sting my eyes and burn my nostrils due to the retched stench of garlic. He certainly has done his research, Which is another reason why I must have him.

Yes I mean in that way. You see, not only does the scent of him make me hungry, it also arouses me, to the point where I must stop and take care of my...problem. His name is Zell by the way. Zell Dincht. And although he is male, and although I am male, I still have the sudden urge to mate with him, to have him bear my children. I know it may sound strange, but ever since I became a vampire all of these feelings and desires have become nothing but natural.

I'm sure you didn't know this, but male vampires are one of the very few demons that can get another male or female human pregnant. Female vampires however, cannot carry due to the fact that once they've been bitten and changed, the maternal cycle stops. Zell isn't aware of my lust, only my hunger like most humans are. I'm almost tempted not to kill Zell after the birth so I can raise the baby with a partner, but I am a fool for wishing that since that is a custom of a mortal. Not a beast like me. This is just the way it is.

Now that I am a vampire who is looking for a mate I must shake away those customs of wanting things like marriage and a family, because that is only a privilege that the living will experience.

Well...I better go now, I'm getting closer and he doesn't even realize it. Perfect chance to have my intentions carried out right here in this dark alley he's turning into. By the way my name is Seifer. Seifer Almasy.


Have to run. Have to get away. Have to hide. But where will I go? Everywhere I end up, he's always one step behind me or ahead of me. I don't even know his name...The ever persistent vampire. My stalker/my killer. "My killer" sounds more appropriate since I know what his intentions are. He's trying to kill me. And me: I'm just his prey. I've only managed to avoid him twice now-I don't think that he'll allow a third escape from me. Which is why this time the roles have switched. As of now, while I swiftly turn into a dark alley to lay my trap, I declare myself the killer and he is the prey. I will KILL him once and for all.

I had to leave my home in Balamb where he found me for the first time. But I just can't put my mom in danger anymore. The only thing I left for her was a note telling her how much I love her and that maybe someday I'll get to see her again. I want to taste some of her wonderful cooking and bring her home grandchildren. I laughed to myself. She always wanted grandchildren. And since I'm her only child I'll make sure she sees that before she leaves this world.

His death would be more than enough to stop his advances upon me. I've done my research. Garlic and silver is all I have at the moment. It's all I could manage to get my hands on at such a short time span between now and the last attack where I had used everything I had to fend him off. I will use garlic to blind him. Then as he staggers and thrashes about, I will take this blade made of silver and impale his heart. That's how you kill a vampire. He's close now. I can feel his hunger at my backside. I must prepare the decoy.

I take off my red and black leather jacket and slit my wrist with the knife, applying generous amounts of blood to the material. This was my favorite jacket, but oh life is on the line here. I threw it in a nearby dumpster and crouched behind a box where I would hide and wait with a handful of garlic. If this plan failed, two new options would open. I either ran or died. As I poured the garlic into my palm I felt the air get heavier. He's here.


What a dump. This alley is obviously where Zell plans to take his "home field advantage". The funny thing about it is that his plan has already failed. I'm a vampire. Did he really think that I would smell his jacket and him at the same time and not be able to tell the difference? Stupid boy. Though, his efforts could only be described in one word: Cute.

As I walk down the damp narrow alley I can feel eyes on me from behind those boxes, watching me. Waiting for me to activate his trap like the oblivious bunny he thinks I am. But no, Zell. YOU are the bunny, and I am the predator. You are the game, and I am the hunter. You'll find out all about that when I have your body writhing underneath me torn between pleasure and pain.

I walked as expected over to the dumpster to open the lid and find a jacket inside. HIS jacket. Zell wastes no time. Behind me I can hear tiny footsteps approaching my backside. He tries his best to silence his shoes, but even if he was a master ninja I'd still hear him. Heightened senses, including hearing. Not to mention smell, which unfortunately at this moment is a regret since I can smell the stench of the garlic in his hand ruining his own beautiful scent. It's making my eyes water. No doubt he plans to use it as a blinder.

Playtime is over. Before he is able to throw that crap in my face I whirl around and grab his wrist. He didn't realize I had him caught until about four seconds later. Fast reflexes.


The place where my stalker gripped my wrist felt like it was about to snap. This was the first time we ever made physical contact and now I'm experiencing first hand how strong he is. The garlic powder was knocked out of my hand and lay somewhere on the pavement in tiny particles of forgotten dust. I have failed, and soon there would be no doubt that I would lose my life in mere minutes.

But if it ends here I might as well go out fighting. Zell Dincht would never go down without a fight. I trusted my knee towards his gut. He caught it with his hand and gripped it like he was gripping my wrist. The knee (like any other kick) Was just a distraction for what my free arm was about to do.


The sound of my fist colliding against his nose sounded like someone snapped a pencil in half. I hope I broke it. He staggered backwards holding his face in one hand. I took no time in pulling out the silver blade and daring the spawn of hell to underestimate me again. With a lick of his own blood dripping on his upper lip and an almighty smirk on his face, he only succeeded in further pissing me off.

I charged at him full speed aiming the tip at his heart. One whirl and I could feel pain searing up my back from his choke hold. No matter how much I struggled I couldn't get free. It was worth a try, right?

The blade fell to the ground long forgotten. My killer pinned my back to the brick wall and my wrists above my head with one gloved hand. I dared to look at his face and was met with the most deadly pair green eyes I had ever seen. And they were staring right back at mine. They captivated me, and hypnotized me to accept my awaiting death silently. My breath became hitched. I couldn't talk or even scream for help for that matter.

My killer was smirking down at me, reveling in the greatness of the prey he had finally caught I assume. What an arrogant prick he was. He got closer sealing the gap between our chests until his was pressed against mine. He only needed one hand to restrain two of my wrists. I feel really weak compared to him. With his free hand he caressed my cheek causing me to blush, which in turn caused him to smirk wider.

What the hell was all this for anyway? He has me where he wants, why doesn't he just get on with the killing? As if on cue, or he had read my thoughts, he hunched his towering body down towards my neck, hurtfully ripping the collar of my black T-shirt and exposing my bare skin of my neck. Gulp.

A gust of wind blew towards his backside making his long white trench shroud me from the world's eyes while he murdered me. Yet there was hope. "Get your filthy fucking claws off of him," an icy authoritive voice declared from the end of the alley. My killer and I looked at the silhouette of a man and all of a sudden I felt hope. Hope that maybe I would see daylight once more. Some one had come to save me. My stalker's eyes slit at the newcomer. I looked from the tall blond vampire to the newcomer and didn't even notice the air become ticker again, or the fact that my blond killer had his knee wedged between my thighs.

My killer finally responded. "I smelled him first," he growled possessively smothering me to the brick wall even more. What did he mean "first?"

My hero walked slowly towards us stepping into the moonlight stopping a few feet away from us. He wore a black jacket with fur on the collar and black jeans with a white t-shirt on underneath. His eyes were icy-blue-like cold water and his hair was chestnut brown.

"Do I look like I'm one to care whether you smelled him first or not? He shall be my victim regardless," he finished. I caught a glimpse of fangs from the corners of his pouting lips.

At that moment my heart collapsed into my stomach. As realization hit me, I trembled under my first killer's weight. TWO vampires were hunting me down.


The garlic flew from Zell's hand the moment I snatched his little wrist. His plan has failed (naturally) and I can hear his heart beating faster, he hasn't given up hope yet. I could see the determination in the eyes of my little fighter. He's such a firecracker. I grabbed his knee as he tried to bring it into my stomach. Feet belong on the ground, child, or in your case they belong over your head. Hehe I'm a bad boy.

I didn't have much time to laugh at my private joke when something hard collided with my face. Blinding white light sent me staggering back a few steps but it wasn't enough to befall me. I think the little twerp broke my nose. That's okay though. When you're a vampire, your healing rate increases. I lick the metallic red liquid from across my face for now. The strike didn't anger me, but aroused me. To know that he is strong and beautiful at the same time makes the temperature of my always cold blood boil.

My prey pulled out a silver knife from his pocket and got into a defense stance. He was so damn cute, yet so damn dangerous. The most dangerous game I've ever hunted. He needed to be taught a lesson.

Just when I thought he was smart, he charges at me blindly, and I easily maneuver him into a choke hold making him drop the knife. In mere seconds I have him pinned to the nearest wall, hands above his head. I had to resist all temptation to just rape him against the wall right here and now. I want this to be somewhat consensual and not just traumatize him. That a vampire does have a choice over. I'm faced with a difficult decision. I have him right where I want him. But should I a). Fuck or b.) Feed? Definitely fuck. This beauty deserved life over death. A human life that is. Not a cursed one like mine and my brethren. Besides I just ate a few hours ago. To be honest I wasn't even that hungry. I was horny.

With my mind made up, I closed the gap between us and captivate him with my vampiric lore. For centuries vampires have used this method to coax their prey into a submissive state. Whether it be to mate or feed. Just by making eye contact with Zell in a certain way, I freeze him on the spot to the point where he won't dare scream.

He's so beautiful. I ran my hand down his tattooed cheek, making him blush, a feature that I lack due to always having cold blood. I brushed my envy aside for now and ripped his shirt apart. His face didn't falter. What bravery and such golden hair he has. Much like a chicken. My brave little Chicken-Wuss. Well, little chicken, brace yourself. The big bad wolf finally gets to fuck you.

I placed my lips down to his neck. "Get your filthy fucking hands off of him." Great, another vampire out of his league...


I can't take it anymore. His scent is driving me crazy. I've been a vampire since birth, and at the age of 19 I'm a little bit more than ready to find a suitable mate, and by the smell of things, I've found him.

He's about 5'3" in height, blond, around 16 or 17 years old and his name is Zell Dincht. I figured out his name by following him to the hotel he was staying at and reading his occupant's file...after I killed the concierge only a few hours ago. Sometimes when I smell him I get his energy level confused with a hyperactive five-year-old. He has really fast metabolism and a very active body. I followed him all the way to Deiling City from Timber where I had first smelled him. It seems as though he's been avoiding someone for a long time. Though, it's hard to tell who he's running from. An Ex-boyfriend I'm assuming? Whatever he is, he's strong, persistent, blond, tall and violent. If I want any chance with Zell I'll probably have to kill the other guy chasing him. Which would be no real problem.

It's a chilly fall night and I walk away from the main street to a nearby alley. Just following my nose. If I can't mate with him tonight then there's always tomorrow night. Vampires do most of their hunting and mating at night and browsing during the day. Yes during the day. I don't know how that stupid rumor that vampires turn to dust when hit with sunlight. I can hear a struggle down the alley. Zell and his EX are fighting. Before I follow my instincts and save Zell from his attacker, better judgment struck me. I want to see Zell defend himself so I can see how strong he is.

His stalker EX was smirking at him while Zell tried to kick him in the stomach. I was impressed by the next sound which was a cracking from the taller blond's nose. Ouch. That looked like it hurt. Whatever you probably deserved it, prick. I mentally laughed how I was already standing up for someone I had only been following for a week.

When there was a big enough gap between the two blonds, Zell pulled out something shiny. Must have been a knife. Eventually, Zell was disarmed of it and pinned to the wall. If this wasn't enough to spring me into action, the fangs from the corner of the taller man's mouth was. That man was no EX. He was just a horny vampire. "Get your filthy fucking claws off of him," I ordered, making my self known.

The taller of the two blonds snarled in my direction wanting to know who interrupted his "play time". I stepped into the street light and let my proud features show fully. Zell had his eyes on me, but I wouldn't look him in the eye. I was too busy having a staring contest with his stalker to see whose resolve would break first.

He ended the contest by crushing Zell to the wall with his larger body and growling, "I smelled him first!"

I chuckled lightly at his child-like behavior. He reminded me of a kid saying, "Mine!" I can tell he wasn't born a vampire, since he hadn't learned that our race takes what we want when we want it. Cattle (humans) are always up for grabs for whoever sinks their teeth (and/or cock) in first. I'll teach him that right now. No one touches my property. "Do I look like I care whether you smelled him first or not? He's mine regardless," I declared. I could hear Zell's heart beating faster. He thought I was going to save him. Now he's trembling beneath his stalker.

Technically I am saving him. From being defiled by this trash. "Zell, listen to me. I want you to run far away from here," I told him. I'll catch up with you later. He looked hesitant at first. He was wondering whether moving would get him killed or not, but to both of our surprise...

"He's right, Chicken. Get outta here," The taller blond said letting go of Zell. Why had he called him 'Chicken'? Zell's facial expression seemed to have held the same question. Zell backed away slowly from us and when he felt he was safe enough distance dashed into a full sprint. I will catch up with him later, but for now I have to get rid of the competition. When Zell was out of sight the blond spoke again. "Seifer Almasy, vampire for 10 years."

"Squall Leonheart, born a vampire," I replied in the same curt manner not even bothering to look at the underling. Seifer's expression turned from arrogant t o taken aback at my response.

"Hmph, now that Zell is gone I can rip you limb from limb, you little bitch." He spat pulling out a Hyperion model gunblade.

"My thoughts exactly," I agreed pulling out a revolver model gunblade. Satisfied at his second wave of surprise for tonight.

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