Trick or Treat?

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Disclaimer: I do not own Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 or any of its characters. I also do not profit from this. This is written purely for practice and for fun.

Trick or Treat?

Summary: Sephiroth and his friends are college students on winter break and out of boredom, they decide to venture into the supposedly haunted house of one mysterious Vincent Valentine. YAOI Top!Vincent/Bottom!Sephiroth Top!Cloud/Bottom!Seph

Warning(s): M/M, AU, Yaoi, Humor, Anal, Oral, Blood/Blood Sucking, Rimjob, Uke/bottom Sephiroth, Language, Vampire Vincent, and other warnings apply.

Chapter Warning(s): AU, Humor, Bad language, sexual references, and other warnings

Pairing(s): Vincent/Sephiroth, Cloud/Sephiroth

Disclaimer(s): I do not own Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 or any of its characters. I also do not profit from this. This is written purely for practice and for fun.

A/N: This is an AU story and is nothing serious or canon to FF7. This was written purely for fun and for the sake of the Holidays. Roaming Firefly and I decided to make Halloween a little more…sexy? I guess? Haha. xD I meant to have it finished and submitted by Halloween, but the game of life delayed it a bit. I hope you all enjoy and as always, feedback is greatly appreciated by yours truly. So consider this a Christmas gift.

Due to the length of the story, I’ve decided to split it into two parts. I update better and faster when the chapter isn’t over 6k. So, look forward to Part II soon enough. It’s going to have some explicit material in Part II, which means the uncensored version will be up on the Adultfanfiction website.

A couple notes:

1.) Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley are half-brothers in this story. They both had the same mother and different fathers, which is why they have different surnames.

2.) Ages:






Vincent-Unknown (appears to be in his mid 20’s)


[:+ + + + +:]

Part I




“…my friend likes you, Seph! I think you should meet him—“Babbled the spiky-haired, friendly Zack from his spot lounging on the top bunk until he was rudely interrupted by someone else.

“—sounds like a great idea. You need to get laid,” agreed the crimson-haired man called Genesis as he strolled into the room as if he owned the place. He immediately flopped down on the neatly tucked in bottom bunk, which belonged to none other than the silver-haired man who was determinedly attempting to study.

Zack rolled over and peered down over the bed to look at Genesis. He frowned slightly at the other man’s comment since he was a believer in true love. Since he believed everyone had a special person out there waiting, he just wanted everyone to find that person and be happy. The dark-haired man didn’t believe that sex was what his friend and fellow roommate, Sephiroth, needed.  After all, Zack and Angeal both had longtime girlfriends and were blissfully happy whereas Genesis just slept around with ever girl he could manage to get into his bed. It was painfully obvious to Zack that Genesis wasn’t happy even though he pretended to be. The spiky-haired optimist was convinced that only love could make a person happy.

“No, I don’t think that’s what Seph needs right now,” Zack disagreed with a slight frown marring his handsome face. He never enjoyed arguing with the redhead because the guy would go berserk over the stupidest shit. Zack liked Genesis and all, but he had to admit that there were even times he wondered why he was friends with the guy.

The red-head rolled his eyes. “That’s exactly what he needs, Mr. Goody goody. Tell me, Zack…have you even fucked that girl of yours, yet?”

Zack’s bright eyes darkened considerably until his glare rivaled that of even Sephiroth’s. His voice was pure steel as he defended, “That girl is my girlfriend and she has a name. It’s Aerith, and it is also none of your business if we have made love or not.”

“Oooh, so touchy. I’m taking that as a no, then,” sniggered Genesis with his trademark sneer. Secretly, on some level, he did actually envy what his friends Angeal and Zack had, but he would never admit it to another soul for as long as he lived. His pride wouldn’t allow it and nor would it allow him to admit that he envied Sephiroth’s genius intellect and talent with a sword. And of course, there was that other thing. That thing he wouldn’t dare admit to another soul, much less to himself.

“Shut up!” Snapped the irritated Zack with clenched fists. Breathing deeply, he did his best to calm down and resist the urge to break Genesis’ face. Even a nice, decent guy like Zack Fair had his weak moments and temptations.

“Will you both be quiet?! If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m actually trying to study,” barked a displeased Sephiroth as he shot them both with withering, warning glares.

Unaffected by the glare, Genesis snorted, “Study? You study too damn much! Classes are over, if you didn’t know? Now is the time to relax until we have to go back to classes in 2 weeks. And if you ask me, we deserve about a month off from all this bullshit ‘work’ these professors drag us through.”

“I’d have to agree with Gen on that one, Seph. You really should take it easy. Just…relax. You look kinda pale and weak,” reluctantly agreed the very concerned spiky-haired male.

It was Sephiroth’s turn to snort, “I will take it easy when I am dead. Unlike you deadbeat, ahem, party animals, I intend to actually graduate in the spring.”

“Blah, blah blah,” intoned Genesis in a bored, mocking drawl as he waved his hand carelessly in a dismissive manner. “We’re all going to graduate in the spring, princess. Well, Zack won’t, but you, ‘Geal, and I will.”

The silver-haired college student slowly closed his book when it became clear to him that there would be no more studying tonight. He knew that his friends would probably adamantly insist that he take a break until he eventually conceded to end their pathetic whimpering. They were relentless fools who knew just which buttons to press to make him sorely tempted to rip out his own hair. In fact, at one point in time, he had literally torn a small clump of his own hair from his head. Suffice it to say, most of his friends wisely avoided him for the weeks that followed after he had tried to behead them with one of the training swords.

Genesis suddenly rolled off of the bed and slinked over to Sephiroth while adorning his pale face with his best shit-eating grin. He always plastered his face with such a smirk whenever he was up to no good, or worse, when he had come up with a terrible idea that would undoubtedly end in disaster. 

“No,” curtly responded Sephiroth without sparing his mischievous friend another look.

The redhead shut his mouth once before furiously shaking his head in a way that showed he would not be deterred by his friend’s stuffy attitude. “Yes! I have a brilliant idea for what we can all do tonight! It’s Winter break, remember, and we should go out and do something besides hanging around these boring dorms. And no parties…parties are dull and pointless now. We’re not kids anymore. And we should do it tonight before we all have to leave to go home to our…ahem, families.”

Zack’s interest was instantly piqued as if someone had suddenly announced free food. “What do you wanna do, Gen?”

Genesis then smiled as if he had won a very satisfying battle. Gesturing his hand towards the window, he then revealed, “We go to that old mansion on Cerberus road. The Valentine mansion. You know, the one that’s supposedly haunted by a walking corpse...”

Sephiroth immediately shot up from his desk to whirl around on Genesis as if he were going to punch him. His bright green eyes were narrowed with eyebrows drawn down as he glared at the redhead. “No, absolutely not! I forbid it, Genesis.”

The slightly older, red-haired man looked insulted as if his friend had smacked him across the face. “Oh and why the hell do you forbid it, huh, your majesty? You hate fun so much to the point that you have to suck it all away until we all die of boredom.”

Sephiroth sighed, “That place is condemned, you idiot, and it has been for well over a century. It is not stable, it is not safe. I do not want you idiots getting yourselves hurt.”

The most optimistic of the three men was now perched on the edge of his bed. He was smiling really big like a kid in a candy shop as he exclaimed, “Aw, you DO care! See, I told ya that Seph cares about us, Gen. You owe me 100 Gil.”

“Damn you for caring, Seph,” grumbled Genesis as he reluctantly fished for the money that he owed Zack. He then begrudgingly handed the entire sum of money over to the perky younger man. Losing a bet to Zack was surely a swift kick to his pride; however, his ego was vast enough to endure the damage done.

A man taller and larger than any of the other three men chose that precise moment to enter the dorm room. He looked remarkably similar to Zack and in spite of his height and muscle mass, there was a gentle kindness resonating within him. There was also maturity and wisdom in his character that many young people lacked for a good portion of their lives.

“Hey, ‘Geal! I won the bet!” Exclaimed Zack as he hopped down from his bed to job over to the large man.

“Little bro,” greeted Angeal before he blinked and refocused his gaze on his little brother. With mild curiosity, he then asked, “What bet?”

“I told Gen that Seph cares about us and he disagreed, so I insisted that it was true. He then said, ‘Wanna bet on it?’ So we did and I won,” explained a very pleased and increasingly exuberant Zack.

Angeal didn’t laugh, but there was mirth glittering in his eyes nonetheless. Shaking his head, he then muffled his brother’s spiky dark locks and chided, “That wasn’t nice…”

“I wasn’t being mean,” defended Zack as he suddenly remembered something important. With a gesture that said ‘Wait’, the excited man jogged over to the closet until he found what he was looking for. The spiky-haired man then emerged in triumph with a small box in which he then turned and handed to Sephiroth as he beamed at him. He was nearly shaking with excitement as he announced, “I knew I would win so I went ahead and got you something. I hope you like it, but if ya don’t, I can still return it. I know you don’t celebrate Christmas, Seph, but I still wanted to get you something. I hope you like it.”

Genesis cursed while he shot Zack a dark look. Glancing at his best friend Angeal, he then sighed dramatically, “No offence, ‘Geal, but your brother annoys the hell out of me.”

“That was nice of you, Zack,” commended Angeal as he looked at his younger brother with pride. He then glanced at Genesis and smirked as he spoke, “You get on everyone else’s nerves pretty much all of the time. It’s only fair that someone else bothers you for once, Gen.”

Sephiroth paid little attention to their interaction as he took the box offered to him, but he did not dare open it. His irritation had quickly turned to curiosity and into something else that felt kind of…warm. He would never dare admit to anyone, living or dead, that Zachary Fair was his favorite friend.

“Go on, open it up! It’s not a bomb, I promise,” urged a very impatient and eager Zack.

“As you wish,” sighed Sephiroth as he began tugging off the bothersome red and silver decorative ribbon. As soon as it was off, he removed the top of the small box to peer inside…


[:+ + + + +:]



The luminescent full moon hung high in the midnight black sky even though it was mostly hidden by wandering wisps of dark clouds. It was nearly midnight as the gang of friends came upon the twisted, rusted, and ancient metal gate that rose about as high as the surrounding twenty-foot fence. Rusty barbwire was twisted around the pointed, sharp tips of the fence which gave most trespassers the distinct impression that climbing over the fence was a really, really bad idea.

The fence itself looked strong in spite of its advanced age and had several thick titanium steel chains that bore heavy locks on them which effectively secured the gate shut. There was no way any bolt cutters of any size could possibly cut through the chains.

Zack whistled as he peered up at the intimidating, towering metal enclosure. His face held a pinch of doubt as he studied the fence with some trepidation.

As if reading Zack’s mind, Sephiroth immediately stated, “There is no way in Gaia I am climbing that fence. I like my testicles attached to my body, thank you.”

Both Angeal and Zack made mutual noises of agreement without saying a word.

Staring in rapt fascination at the insidious looking mansion looming in the distance, Genesis didn’t appear to have heard his friend. After a couple of quiet minutes, he suddenly snapped out of his daze and glanced around smugly at his gathering of friends. “Don’t worry, princess. We’re not climbing over it; we’re climbing under it.”

The typically silent Cloud said nothing as he gaped up at the imposing, yet disturbingly provocative fence. In some ways, the fence reminded him of the untouchable, beautiful Sephiroth.

“Excuse me?” Dead-panned Sephiroth as he narrowed his green eyes at the red-haired man. He ignored the annoying pet name knowing full well that Genesis was baiting him with it.

“You heard me,” snickered Genesis with a shake of his shiny crimson hair.

“How do you propose we do that, hm?” inquired the silver-haired man as he crossed his arms over his strong chest.

“Simple: follow me and I will show you how,” cryptically answered Genesis as he strolled away to the left along the fence.

“Hn,” grunted Sephiroth before he started to reluctantly follow after the smug ginger.

Angeal and Zack both exchanged skeptical and confused looks before they, too, began trailing slowly after their friends.

Cloud brought up the rear as he began to follow, as well. He was nervous, yet terribly excited as he fidgeted with the zipper of his navy blue winter coat.

Around ten minutes later of walking in silence, Genesis abruptly stopped near a large bush that was growing right against the fence. He lowered himself to the ground and then crawled underneath the bush until he had disappeared completely. Within moments, he was standing on the other side of the fence, smirking at his friends in victory.

“Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this,” hesitated the tallest of the friends. He was obviously having second thoughts about trespassing on private property.

“Go home then, Angeal, if you’re scared,” taunted Genesis even though there was no real bite to it. Because Angeal had been his best friend since birth, he had a special kind of respect and affection for him. Sephiroth had been their longtime childhood friend, too, but they hadn’t met the younger boy until elementary school. Even though he was about two years younger than Angeal and Genesis, Sephiroth had been placed in the same class as them as kids due to his above average intelligence. In spite of all his friendly teasing and rivalry, Genesis did in fact respect Sephiroth.

“I’m not going anywhere without Zachary,” firmly countered Angeal as he shook his head. Having second thoughts, he sighed before he muttered, “Besides…someone needs to be around to make sure you don’t get hurt, or worse, get yourself killed, Gen.”

Ignoring his friends, Sephiroth knelt down on one knee and then leaned over to peer under the bush. Since it was so dark outside, he could barely make out anything, but he did glimpse a freshly dug hole under the fence. He had to wonder how anyone, especially Genesis, had been capable of digging up the frozen ground. “Hm…”

Zack smirked knowingly when he had caught sight of Cloud openly staring hard at Sephiroth’s backside. He could literally see a thin line of saliva accidently escape from the blond’s agape mouth.

Nice, isn’t it?” Whispered Zack after he had quietly snuck up on Cloud.

“Huh, what?” Sputtered a distracted Cloud who then reluctantly tore his bright blue eyes away from that incredible ass which was clad in all that skin tight black leather. He had been too busy fantasizing about what he’d love to do to that amazing ass. It hadn’t even occurred to him at the time that Zack had been watching him the entire time that he had been eye raping Sephiroth.

Zack sniggered, “You got some drool there…”

Cloud’s face burned red from embarrassment and shame as he wiped it away. He probably would have died on the spot had Sephiroth been the one who had caught him ogling him so shamefully.

The dark-haired young man clapped the blond boy on the back before he leaned in close to Cloud’s ear to whisper, “It’s okay, man. I’m only messing with you. I know you like Seph and that’s okay, too. He’s a good guy even though he is a bit standoffish. You just have to get to know him. Why do you think I invited you along tonight?”

The blond felt immensely better after hearing that, but still felt a tad bit embarrassed by his own behavior. He didn’t say anything, but he did nod and half-smile at his friend in reassurance.

“Are you lovebirds coming or not?” Teased Angeal.

Cloud’s pale face flushed bright red at hearing Zack’s brother call out to them. He jerked his head in the direction of Angeal’s voice and was surprised to see that both Angeal and Sephiroth already stood on the other side of the fence with a smirking Genesis. Glancing at Sephiroth, he noticed that the man looked bored and impatient without actually paying any mind to any of them. Distinctly feeling the need to clarify, the blond stammered, “W-we’re n-not…”

Zack burst out laughing and nearly fell over as he clutched at his midsection with both of his arms. If he wasn’t laughing or looking so amused, one might have assumed that he were suffering from severe abdominal pain.

Angeal rolled his eyes in response to his brother’s immature reaction, yet his eyes softened once he looked at the embarrassed Cloud. “Don’t worry, kid. We know you’re not making googly eyes at my little brother.”

“Yeah, we all know who makes you hot—“ Started a snickering Genesis before he was cut off by an elbow connection hard with his side. He grunted from the blunt pain and rubbed his side as he glared at his taller, dark-haired friend.

Angeal smiled innocently as he called out, “You guys coming or not? I’d hate to leave you behind!”

Sephiroth didn’t appear to have noticed what had transpired between his friends since it was typical of him to not pay attention when his rambunctious friends were behaving like children. Due to their playful, boyish behavior, the silver-haired young man had to tune them out quite a bit.

“Yeah, yeah, we’re comin’, bro!” Chuckled Zack as he briskly strode over to the bush with every intention of joining his brother and friends. He next gestured to Cloud and then to the bush in open invitation. “You first, Spike. I don’t want anyone jumping you while I’m on my belly crawling under the fence.”

“Thanks,” murmured Cloud as he walked over to the bush.  He glanced around him before he dropped to the ground and slithered gingerly under the bush until he was crawling out of the hole. He yelped when a strong hand had grabbed him and hoisted him up to his feet. Cloud then mumbled a quiet thanks until he saw who had helped him up and he nearly died on the spot. Vivid, beautiful jade green eyes were staring down at him quizzically as if trying to determine what was wrong with him.

“No problem,” replied Sephiroth casually as he turned and bent over slightly to grab and heave Zack up from the hole. Once his friend was standing on his feet, the silver-haired man turned away and looked towards the looming, creepy looking mansion. Sighing, he glanced at his friends and said, “I want to get this over with, so let’s get going.”

“Yes, sir!” Piped Zack with a mock salute after he had finished brushing off the loose dirt from his clothes.

“I still can’t believe we actually convinced you to tag along, Seph,” grinned Genesis as they began their trek towards the ominous looking mansion. The closer he got to the mansion, the bigger his high felt as he felt adrenaline pump through his hot blood. The only time he felt truly alive was when he was doing something he knew he wasn’t supposed to be doing.

Sephiroth resisted the urge to roll his eyes. In a firm, even tone of voice, he retorted, “You didn’t convince me of anything, Genesis. I’m only here to make sure none of you brainless nitwits accidently kill yourselves. We’re going in, looking around for ten minutes, and then…then we’re leaving. Is that understood?”

“Got it, killjoy. Anything else we need to know, or does that about cover it?” Inquired the redhead with mock compliance. Baiting Sephiroth happened to be one of Genesis’ favorite hobbies.

The silver-haired man narrowed his eyes and glared at his smirking friend. “Just that it’s really, really difficult to talk with a broken jaw…”

Genesis didn’t miss the underlying threat laced into those words, but still, he couldn’t help himself. “Speaking from personal experience?”

“Not yet, but when the opportunity presents itself, I’ll be sitting in a chair beside your hospital bed eating pretzels very loudly while you’re forced to sip your ‘food’ through a straw.”

The red-haired man didn’t like that visual too much, but didn’t let it show. “Not even I would be that cold.”

“…” Sephiroth stared pointedly at Genesis as if his statement had made absolutely no sense at all.

Genesis laughed, “All right, you have a point. I totally would do that to you, too.”

Cloud watched their interaction with mild curiosity as he chewed on one of his fingernails. Realizing what he was doing, he jerked his hand away from his mouth and shoved both hands into the pockets of his coat. Frowning, he leaned closer to Zack and whispered, “Are they…together? They seem kind of cozy bickering together like that.”

The spiky-haired youth gazed up ahead at Genesis and Sephiroth for a few moments as he contemplated the blond’s words in his head. Shaking his head, he smiled briefly before he leaned over and whispered in reply, “I wouldn’t worry about it, Cloudy. Seph has been single for…er, awhile now and there’s no way those two will ever date. I think Gen likes Seph, but he won’t dare admit it and I know for a fact that even if Gen tries anything, Seph won’t allow it.”

“I hope you’re right,” mumbled Cloud as he watched the object of all his current desires lead the way towards their chosen destination. Despite his young age, Cloud was no virgin and he knew what he liked and how to get it. In his three or four years of steady sexual activity, Sephiroth was the first person he had come across as more than a potential fuck buddy. The blond didn’t know what it was, but the incredibly alluring silver-haired man seemed to call out to him in such a way that no one else ever had. He didn’t care that Sephiroth was older or that he seemed unattainable. The blond would try his best to get Sephiroth; and if he didn’t get him, he didn’t. But if he did get him, then he knew that it would be well worth it in the end.


[:+ + + + +:]



The handful of friends stood with mouths agape before the sinister looking Victorian age mansion as they gazed at it in a mixture of trepidation and intrigue. It instilled a primal, natural fear inside them; a fear of the unknown. Of all fears known to man, the fear of the unknown was the greatest, most crippling fear of all. Knowing that there were rapists and murderers prowling about seemed almost nothing compared to not knowing what lurked out there in the dark. If one knew what it was and where it was, one could avoid it, but if one didn’t know, there was no avoiding it until it was too late. No matter how foul or traumatizing something was, people always wanted to know what, why, and how despite the consequences.

The decrepit mansion itself seemed to embody the irrational fear of the unknown. It towered above the young men like a weathered mountain that refused to succumb to the winds of time. As dark, ancient, and dilapidated as it was, the mansion clung to its existence like a child to a broken, yet favored toy. It existed because it wanted to even though the reason itself wasn’t very clear. Whatever tied itself to this place was most likely the reason why the mansion remained untouched.

The unkempt grass, trees, shrubbery, and flowers around the place surrounded it like random unmarked tombstones in a disorganized, overgrown cemetery. There was no order to them in the way that they grew or even where they grew. As if spawned by the notion of chaos, the plants grew wherever and however they pleased in spite of how dead and lifeless they appeared. They seemed to cling to life almost as much as the mansion clung to remaining as it was in spite of all the weathering.

Cloud was the first to break the awkward silence. “What’s the deal with this place? Why are we even here? It just looks like some rundown old place that’s begging to be demolished…”

“They say the Valentine mansion was built nearly five hundred years ago,” began Zack in a cryptic, solemn sort of voice that reminded them all of the narrators that starred in horror flicks. He stared at the mansion as if merely looking at it forced him to relive its history. “It was built during a time of economic success and peace. It was a time before technology was even a thought or a dream. That’s why the mansion is so old and lacks electricity. Even the plumbing is old and most likely nonexistent…”

Impatient from standing around in the cold or from Zack drawing out the story, Sephiroth eventually snapped, “Zachary, get on with it! I would rather we did not catch our deaths out here in the cold. The temperature is dropping as we stand here like morons and it won’t be long until it is below zero.”

Of course it wasn’t anywhere near below zero and Sephiroth was clearly exaggerating how cold it was. He was the kind of person that only hated the cold if he were standing around in it without moving. Regardless of his embellishment, it was actually quite cold and the temperature was indeed steadily dropping.

“Ok, ok, hold your Chocobos, Seph! I’m getting to it,” defended Zack as he threw a sheepish look at his silver-haired friend. Receiving nothing but am indignant huff in reply, the dark spiky-haired boy returned his gaze to his blond friend. “Where was I? Oh yeah…the Valentine mansion was built back in the old days when there was no war and most people flourished. The mansion itself was built for a young, wealthy lord called Vincent Valentine. It was a wedding present from his father for Vincent and his new wife, Lucrecia. People say they were happy enough even though Vincent’s work took him away from home most days and nights. When you’re young and in love, you don’t usually see any of the problems until it was too late. And too late it was since his wife grew bored and lonely in that big house that lacked the pitter patter of children. The only sounds of the mansion belonged to that of a pacing, bored lady and a dozen servants tending to the estate.

“There came the day when Lucrecia met another man, a cruel, insidious man who went by the name of Hojo. He was a renowned doctor that tended to the patients in the asylums. It was rumored that he tortured his patients by conducting cruel, inhumane experiments on them. Because the patients were deemed insane, nothing they ever said was taken seriously by the law. No one ever believed them, not even when they turned up critically injured or dead.

Anyway, the mad doctor Hojo gave Lucrecia the sort of attention she desperately craved. It wasn’t too long before she invited Hojo into her bed. She carried on her affair in the mansion on nights that her husband wasn’t home. The staff would not speak of it to Vincent in fear of what their lady would do to them in retribution. But there was one servant who ultimately chose to risk his head by telling his master what the lady of the house was doing.”

The blond cringed as he commented, “Ugh, what a skank…”

Genesis snickered even though he was only half-listening. He had heard this story many times to the point that he could picture it in his head before the words left Zack’s mouth. The redhead adored the story because it was full of passion, betrayal and death. It was one of his favorite tales, but he felt it was nowhere near as good as Loveless.

The tallest of the males said nothing as he glanced around warily. Like Sephiroth, he felt the need to press on and get this adventure over with, but he wouldn’t dare interrupt his little brother’s silver tongue.

The silver-haired youth was annoyed, yet amazed at how focused Zack was on spinning the tale for Cloud. Normally, the exuberant young man was distracted by anything and everything around him, but right at the moment, he was deadest on telling the story. Sephiroth had heard this story a million times and didn’t particularly enjoy hearing about it. It was a dark, woeful story and he hated hearing it whether it was indeed true or not. It was sad, sad in the way that made him feel things he didn’t like feeling. Things that he had left discarded and forgotten in the dark confines of his troubled mind. If he didn’t think about it, then it didn’t exist and it wasn’t real. It didn’t happen. As long as he didn’t feel it, or think about it, then he would be okay.

Oblivious to Sephiroth’s discomfort, Zack continued the tale of Vincent Valentine. “Instead of accusing his wife of infidelity, Vincent ignored the situation and threw himself even more into his work. When he wasn’t attending business meetings and overseeing the several farming properties that he owned, Vincent would drink himself nearly to death. The money he used to spend on gifts for his wife he spent instead on drink and prostitutes. There’s another rumor that the type of whores he liked to indulge himself in weren’t even women, but young androgynous men.”

Cloud glanced in Sephiroth’s direction and wondered silently to himself that if Vincent Valentine were alive; would Sephiroth be one of his conquests? He didn’t think Sephiroth would have been a prostitute back in those days, but he would have still been androgynous and beautiful. That mesmerizing green-eyed god would have made Vincent forget that his young, stupid wife was fucking some psycho. He would become lost in him and forget everything else…

And then the blond blinked and suddenly wondered why he was even thinking these peculiar thoughts in the first place. He was alive and so was Sephiroth. Vincent Valentine was probably some dead guy who met an unfortunate end. Why should he care about some old dead guy anyway? The guy was dead and there was no way he could come out of the ground and steal Sephiroth away from Cloud.

“Years passed for the couple and still Lucrecia carried on her affair while Vincent continued his self-destructive ways. It got to the point that she didn’t even try to hide it anymore. Her husband was rarely ever home so she allowed Hojo to sleep over for days at a time without leaving. It was also said that she was pregnant a few times but suffered from a miscarriage each time. There was no proof of that even though some of the servants later claimed that to be true.

It’s rumored that Vincent was driven insane by his inability to cope with his wife’s infidelity and with his own weakness. It was said that one fateful night, drunk and angry, Vincent came home and stumbled upon the pair sleeping in his marriage bed. Out of insanity and rage, he viciously attacked them both, Hojo first and then his wife, by ripping out their necks with his teeth. After Vincent had finished with the deed, he fled the scene of his crime never to be seen again. No one knows where he went, but some suspected that he had become a monster; a monster that thrives by consuming the blood of the living.”

“So…he turned into a vampire? How did that happen?” Asked Cloud with one of his blond eyebrows raised in skepticism.

Zack shrugged. “No one knows. He probably just believed that he was a vampire, which is why he acted like one. He probably ran off into the night and drank himself to death in some ditch or alley. One thing is certain and that was his body was never found.”

“Okay then, this Vincent guy went crazy, believed he was a vampire, killed his wife and her lover, and then ran off never to be seen again?” Summarized Cloud with sarcasm oozing in his words. He liked his friend a lot, but the story was kind of…dumb and there were gaps throughout the entire story.

The enthusiastic spiky-haired student nodded and didn’t seem the least bit fazed by the blond’s lack of enthusiasm for the story.

“How come this place never got tore down or renovated? Why is this dump still standing?” Inquired Cloud as he cast a cynical glance at the depressing, yet unsettling mansion.

Sephiroth wanted to smile, but chose to keep his face devoid of any and all expression as he watched his friends out of the corners of his eyes. At first he had written Cloud off as some shy, cutesy little guy, but the more Cloud spoke, the more he was surprised by him. The silver-haired student felt more taken with the blond the more he spoke. The younger boy was very smart and his attitude was a rising improvement with each word that he issued forth from his lips. Sephiroth felt more comfortable with him now and he found he didn’t mind if his friends brought Cloud around more often for their social activities.

“In the past, people have tried to move into the mansion, but each time someone tried, they mysteriously died or disappeared. So after awhile, people stopped trying to buy the place since it had such a bad rep. No matter how low the price went, most people weren’t turned on by the idea that dozens of people had mysteriously died there. Since no one could profit from the house, they then decided to demolish it and sell the land to the highest bidder,” explained Zack as he gazed thoughtfully at the old mansion.

Cloud sighed, “Let me guess…they tried to destroy the place, but something kept going wrong. More people died, the machines malfunctioned and after awhile, they decided to stop trying.”

Zack nodded. “Something like that. A lot of people felt the mansion was haunted, that it was a bad omen. A place of great evil. To avoid further injury and death, the mayor stamped the mansion as a historic place. It is illegal to even be where we are standing. We could all go to jail for trespassing on this property even though no one out right owns it.”

The blond nodded slowly since that did make sense to him. It was the only possible explanation as to why this terrible place was still in existence. A part of him told him that there was still more to be told, so he then asked, “Anything else before we go in?”

With an expression that revealed he believed it to be true, Zack then answered, “Some people say the Valentine mansion is haunted by the ghosts of Hojo and Lucrecia, the murdered lovers of Valentine mansion. Others say that Vincent never left his home at all. They say that even now, Vincent still resides in his mansion as either a spirit or a vampire, preying on those foolhardy enough to trespass on his property.”

Sephiroth rolled his eyes and then coughed before a nearly violent shiver wracked his numb body. In impatient, clipped tones, the jade-eyed man snapped, “May we get this over with already? I cannot even feel my own body anymore.”

“Yes, Princess, we’re going in now. Hold onto your dress and quit complaining already,” huffed Genesis as he began walking stiffly towards the porch that led to two huge front doors of the dark mansion.

“Says the ‘man’ who spends two hours on his short, straight hair,” snorted Sephiroth as he hastily strode towards the entrance.

The red-haired man was quick to defend himself. “Hey, I like to look good! There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Suuuuure! Whatever you say, buddy,” Laughed Zack as he walked alongside Cloud.

Angeal chuckled as he moved to follow his friends. “I have to agree with Sephiroth on this one. If anyone here is like a girl, that would be you, Gen. You take two hours on your hair, two hours to shower, an hour to pick out clothes, another hour to dress, and a couple more hours to finish grooming yourself. All in all, you spend around 8 hours grooming yourself. Total girl.”

The blond boy stared in disbelief as he followed his friends. “Eight hours? I don’t even know any girls who spend half that amount of time on themselves.”

”It’s a good thing Gen doesn’t wear any cosmetics…” Trailed off Sephiroth suggestively as he shot a smirk at his red-haired friend.

Red-faced and fuming, Genesis shrieked, “SHUT UP!”


[:+ + + + +:]


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