An Office Quickie

BY : Archie
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"Fuck more." A heavy panting voice demanded from the office. "Harder!"

Reno's lithe body was pinned to the large desk, Tseng's pants around his ankles as he slammed into the Turk's wet and needy ass. On the other side of the desk was Rufus Shinra, with seven inches of fat cock that soon shut up his demands when it was forced between his lips.

What had started as a simple dare had turned into Reno's fantasy come true, his boss and the President both using him like some street whore, devoid of care about anyone walking past he mewled out happy noises as he was taken from both ends. Rufus hadn't even thought twice when the quip was made about a three-way, the office door was locked and Reno was pushed across it.

Tseng had smirked, it was such an unnerving sight because for a moment Reno wondered if they were about to put a bullet in his cocky mouth, via Rufus' gun. Then he'd simply yanked him up by his shirt and kissed him, Rufus had assisted by pulling the navy pants down around his ass, noting that the sly little fuck hadn't even put underwear on.

Tseng's cock slid in and out of his tight hole, each push forcing the lube covered rod deeper into the tight tunnel. Reno's hands grabbed at the desk as Rufus face-fucked him, pre-cum and saliva dribbled down his chin in response to the bruised and swollen lips it was creating. Tseng's hand went to his back, pushing him against the desk and keeping him helpless, and at the same time pushing his own hard erection to the cold wooden surface.

"Would you care to have him before I do?" Tseng looked at Rufus. "I don't presume to think you want the messy seconds."

"Actually sounds fun." Rufus smirked. "By then he's bound to be writing like a little whore for me."

Tseng nodded with a chuckle, Reno moaned, gods they even talked about him like he was their toy. Yes this was a perfect day, a perfect day made quite loud from his groaning as Tseng rammed hard inside him. The wet noises of lube and his flesh slapping against him were sending Reno insane, especially as each thrust sent Rufus down his throat. Rufus' cock was hard and slipped in and out of his mouth so violently he could almost have gagged, but each time just as it bruised the back of his throat he was pulled back again and took in a deep rasping breath.

"Ah fuck." Tseng groaned, smashed against his ass his hands moved, his nails dug into his buttocks and came hard into him.

Reno grunted around Rufus' cock, holy crap that felt good. A hot thick stream of the head Turk's cum spilt into him and as Tseng pulled free the remainder dribbled down between his legs, and down over his balls. Tseng stepped back and yanked the redhead around so that he was facing up towards them. Rufus smirked, leant over and kissed the swollen lips before he walked around and dropped his cream pants to his ankles.

"Oh mmm Rufus," Reno looked at him, hazy eyes that washed over the blonde’s wonderful groin, "oh fuck me... please!"

"I have every intention of it." Rufus smirked, he pushed the redhead's legs wide and thanks to the already sodden mess of lube and Tseng's cum he slipped into him with ease. "You're already wet beyond measure. Will you even notice me in there?" He teased, despite being used Reno was still tight and hugged his cock nicely.

"Oh hell yeah!" Reno yelled back as Tseng took the opportunity to lean over and stroke his cock for him. "Damn, fuck that's good."

"Language," Rufus snorted teasing him, "but at least the effort isn't wasted on you."

Tseng's hand worked over his shaft, watching as Rufus' length buried into him, where he'd been only moments before. Tseng and Rufus had been lovers for years but it was only the closest Turks privy to the information. Now Reno was getting a bit of the spoils of them both, and he was only too happy to be the one underneath them.

Reno writhed under his touches, Rufus’ hard erection slamming in and bruising where Tseng had already been, coupled with Tseng’s hand stroking him firmly. He was so close to a climax but Rufus would never let him do such a thing before he was finished and he knew it. He took a deep breath and tried to hold back, it amused the President who pushed into him balls deep.

Reno’s ass tightened around him, he was so close and Rufus wanted to feel it, wanted the sensation as his rod was crushed by the climax. He slapped Reno’s ass and waited until the familiar groan of another man’s release came to his ears, then the sensation as he was hugged around his organ and slammed up as deep as he could. Reno yelped half in pain and half in pleasure as he was soaked internally a second time.

Rufus’ climax was heavier than Tseng’s and Reno squirmed as Tseng’s hand milked the very last of his own seed from him too. Reno was left spent on the table barely able to move, and Rufus smirked before pulling free from him, tapping his sensitive cock and then watching as the redhead jerked in response. He was a dirty, soggy mess and Rufus loved it.

“Next time I might have to see if we can’t get Rude in on the action.” Rufus threatened him.

“I…” Reno looked at them both. “Would do anything you wanted President.” He smirked.

“Good. Now clean up my office.” He said with a laugh as the two men exited leaving him on his own, one very happy man.

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