My Brother's Girl

BY : Drake
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My Brother’s Girl



            “Just think kids!” Baku said cheerfully as he carried four suitcases to his van, two under his massive arms and two in his hand. The sun hadn’t quite come up yet, the sky a light blue with hints of orange on the horizon. “In a few hours you’ll be in paradise soaking up surf and sun like royalty!”


            “I’m more looking forward to soaking up the women and booze,” Zidane smirked from his seat in the car. He was heading off to college this coming September, and his brother was graduating his own college and moving across the country, so their father had gotten the two of them and their little sister to agree to a week’s vacation in Costa del Sol. Spend some time as a family before they moved apart forever, he said.


            “Would it kill you to stop thinking with your penis for ten minutes?” Mikoto sniffed from beside him.


            “Why would I do that, he has such good ideas,” Zidane tossed back.


            “And because his genitals are comparatively more intelligent than his brain,” Kuja said from the front seat, his nose in a book. Zidane looked at the cover - some political book by some woman he had never heard of. Ew.


            He leaned forward to make sure Kuja could see the smug expression he had. “I just enjoy a healthy appreciation for the female form, Gorgeous,” he said, using the pet name he knew his well-groomed brother hated, “try it sometime, you’ve got a prime specimen.”


            “Terra’s relationship with me is based on something stronger than the physical,” Kuja replied, reaching a hand to push him back. “Not that you’d understand.”


            “Did he tell you?” Mikoto asked, lifting her head as Zidane sat back and Kuja put his ear bud back in. “He talked Baku into bringing her along.”


            “Why, he wouldn’t know what to do with a girl in a bathing suit if she sat on his lap,” Zidane shrugged. He had never ceased to be amazed by Kuja’s complete lack of interest in the female sex, even when he had talked him into coming out to bars with his friends and pointing out beautiful women of every body and personality type imaginable. While Zidane had never minded taking such ladies off his brother’s hands when he inevitably lost interest in them and went home, he was actually curious why. Kuja had never even shown interest in men, so his old theory his brother was gay died quietly. Zidane wasn’t even sure if the elder was a virgin anymore.


            “You could try and get Baku to bring Garnet,” Mikoto suggested. Zidane tensed slightly.


            “…nah,” he sighed.


            “Okay, last bag loaded!” Baku laughed, slamming the back door of the van. “Everyone got everything they need?”


            “I’ve got your credit card old man, all I need,” Zidane called back. Baku grabbed his wallet and flipped through it, rolling his eyes. He could never be entirely sure when his son was kidding.


            “I’m fine,” Mikoto said.


            “I am content,” Kuja whispered, not opening his eyes.


            “Right. Zidane shift over to the middle seat, we’re stopping to pick up Terra and then we’re on to the beach!” Baku smiled, climbing in the driver’s seat. Zidane unbuckled his seatbelt and shifted over next to Mikoto. He looked down at her as she let out a long breath and shifted away from him as much as the seating allowed.


            “Hello to you too, Beautiful,” he smirked, grabbing the center belt.


            “I wonder sometimes if you have a genetic predisposition to saying something obnoxious and/or perverted every other sentence,” Mikoto thought aloud as the van pulled out of the family driveway. “Me and Kuja seem immune however. Perhaps we're the normal ones and you're the aberration.”


            “And perhaps if you two actually had sex once in a while you might enjoy talking about it too,” Zidane retorted. “And that electric toothbrush you bought doesn’t count, which isn’t fooling anyone by the way.” 


            Mikoto blushed furiously and moved her hand to slap him, causing him to dodge and laugh. Zidane sat back and reached into his pocket for his PSP, flipping it on from sleep and resuming his game. Mikoto pulled her phone out of her pocket with a pair of earbuds, and the two siblings quickly fell into their own worlds as the elder in the front had already.



            The van jerked to a stop, and Zidane lifted his eyes as he saw Baku climb out. He turned his head out the window.



            “So what sorts of plans involve bringing your girlfriend along for the week?” he asked as he saw Baku speaking to a girl on the porch of the house they were stopped at.


            “I told her we were going to Costa del Sol. She said she had always wanted to go there. I asked if she would like to come,” Kuja stated.


            “How silly of me,” Zidane rolled his eyes. “One of the most famous beach resorts on the continent and you bring your girlfriend because why not.”


            “For once even I would have to agree,” Mikoto nodded. She looked forward at Kuja and leaned up to Zidane’s ear. “Hey, I’ve wondered,” she whispered, watching their brother to make sure he didn’t react. “Are you sure Kuja isn't….you know?”


            “Nah,” Zidane whispered back. “That would require interest in men instead of women, he ignores both.” Mikoto giggled and sat back down, and the door on the other side of the van slid open. Zidane smiled. Neither of them got along that well with Kuja, he always acted like he was more mature and cultured than other people when a quick glance at his bookshelf or his desktop icons would show he was just like any other boy his age. Poking fun at him was what brought the younger two siblings together when most of the time Mikoto was frustrated with Zidane’s laid-back attitude and Zidane pitied Mikoto for not having more fun with her life.


            “Hi Kuja,” Terra said sweetly, hugging him around the back of the seat.


            “Hello,” he said, patting her lower arm. Terra sat down and turned her head.


            “Hi Zidane, Mikoto,” she continued. Mikoto nodded as Zidane raised a hand in greeting. Terra reached for her seatbelt, and Zidane allowed a momentary glance down at the white pleated skirt she was wearing. He remembered the first time Kuja had brother her home, she was wearing a similar number then and he had gawked at her legs for several seconds, fortunately she and his brother were busy talking to his father so no one had noticed. Terra was a beautiful woman, a year and a half older than him if he remembered right, and had a sweet personality from when he had spoken with her. He had quickly reigned in his hormones with the reminder that if he was many things, he didn’t steal girlfriends…no matter how much of an upgrade he would consider the act to be for them.


            “Looking forward to the beach?” Mikoto asked as Baku put Terra’s suitcase in the back.


            “Yes, I’ve wanted to go since I was a little girl,” Terra nodded. She leaned forward and whispered something to Kuja, Zidane barely made it out. “And I packed something special for us.”


            “I see,” Kuja said simply. Terra sat back with a slight face, and Zidane pretended he hadn’t noticed. He cast another quick glance at her legs and allowed his mind to imagine what she meant. She may have been off-limits but there was no rule against daydreaming.


            “I’ve checked the maps, we’ve got one break for breakfast along the way, then it’s on to Costa del Sol!” Baku said, getting back in the driver’s seat. Zidane turned back to his PSP as the van started down the street.



            Zidane slid his room keycard through the reader and the door to his room clicked open. He whistled lowly at the sight, it was a comparatively smaller and less expensive room than most of Costa del Sol’s resorts but it was still an impressive sight. He threw his suitcase to the side, slipping his shoes off and made a running leap onto the bed, bouncing on it with a grin.


            “I’m retiring here,” he declared loudly, the cotton sheets caressing him as if to accept the offer. A soft bed, a private bathroom, a balcony overlooking the beach. Once he checked the room service menu for pricing he could confirm this week was going to be heavenly.


            “Mikoto’s room is 456, Kuja’s is 458, and I’m across the hall in 457,” Baku said from the doorway. “I know it’s the first day and we’re all excited so I’m clearing you to do whatever you like until dinner, be back in the rooms by five so we can go eat together.”


            “Right on dad!” Zidane gave him a thumbs up, and Baku closed the door. Zidane jumped to his feet and walked to the balcony, pushing open the glass doors. The of Costa del Sol stretched below, the shoreline seemed so close he could almost throw a rock into the water. Miles of beaches, parks, boardwalks, a golf course, Costa del Sol was one of the finest vacation spots in the country, everyone who wanted to enjoy the summer came here if they had the money. Zidane looked over the tiny forms of the people on the beach, his eyes darting between bikini-clad-bodies.


            “I need a babe to share the view with,” he thought aloud, taking off his shirt and tossing it back into the room. He quickly changed into his swim trunks and tossed on a lighter button-up shirt and sandals, and headed down the hall to the elevators. Humming to himself, the doors slid open and he held back a snicker - inside a young couple hurriedly pulled away from each other, their hair disheveled. He stepped in and waited as the doors closed. Casting them a glance from the corner of his eye he couldn’t help himself when he saw how flustered they were.


            “Don’t worry, I don’t mind. I plan to be doing the same in a few hours,” he advised. The woman buried her face in her hands as the man gave Zidane an awkward smile. He returned a genuine one and headed out to the lobby when the doors opened.



            “It’s even better than I had dreamed,” Terra gushed as she looked down at the beach. The wind ruffled her clothing, bringing the scent of salt to her nose. “What should we do first?”


            “I was thinking of finishing the book I had begun during the drive,” Kuja thought aloud, unzipping his suitcase and removing the nearly folded clothing to put them on the bed. Terra looked over her shoulder, stunned.


            “Kuja, we’re at one of the greatest beaches in the world! Don’t you want to get out there?”


            “They will all be there this time tomorrow, I am sure,” he replied. Terra shook her head and moved to her suitcase on the other side of the bed, flipping it open.


            “Well, I’m heading down there, so if you’d care to join me…” she trailed off as she picked up a red two-piece bikini and held it up. She had never bought something so racy in her life.


            “I’m fine, thank you,” Kuja said, not even noticing. Terra made a face and headed into the bathroom to change.



            “Hey there beautiful,” Zidane asked, sitting on a stool next to a woman in a dark orange bikini. She looked at him and gave him a visible once over. Zidane returned the favor. Blonde, blue eyes. Nice breasts, pretty face. She'd be a great start to his weekend.


            “You're cute. But I have a boyfriend,” she said. 


            “Okay then.” Zidane nodded and turned away to look over the beach from the shade of the drink stand. He didn’t get it. He was charming, witty, and fairly handsome with a good build. Back home girls always responded to his pick-ups, out here he was constantly getting told the women he was speaking to had boyfriends. Behind him the bartender brought the woman’s drink and she left.


            “What can I get you?” he asked. Zidane turned around.


            “Something light on alcohol and flavorful,” he shrugged. “First day here, just arrived and don’t feel like getting drunk just yet.”


            “Gotcha, Mimett Splash,” the bartender smiled, opening the fridge behind him.


            “Can I ask something?” Zidane said. The bartender nodded. “Where are all the single women? I’ve tried to chat up more than a dozen in ten minutes and every one of them says they have a boyfriend.”


            “Ha, good luck man!” the bartender laughed. “With the prices of these hotels, odds are most ladies here are with a man, no one comes here alone.” He put Zidane’s drink on the counter. “That’s two hundred gil.” Zidane reached into the pocket of his trunks for his wallet and handed the man a bill, uncapping the drink and taking a sniff. Fruit, strong scent. He took a drink and shrugged. Not bad.


            “Hi Zidane.” Zidane turned his head as Terra sat down on the stool beside him.


            “Hey,” he replied. Terra ordered something, he didn’t hear what because his brain suddenly shorted out at the sight of what she was wearing. As far as bathing suits went it was conservative, but she filled it out nicely. Those lithe legs of hers seemed even longer with the red material set on her hips, showing through a transparent pink flowered wrap tied around her midriff and thighs.


            “I’ll cover it,” he said suddenly, grabbing his wallet again. The bartender gave him a wink. Zidane discretely shook his head. “This is Terra, my brother’s girlfriend,” he said, introducing her in explanation. The bartender gave him a sympathetic look and got her the drink she wanted, something light blue.


            “So where is Gorgeous anyway?” Zidane asked, hanging the bartender a bill.


            “In his room reading,” Terra sighed, taking a drink.


            Zidane and the bartender looked at each other, a silent exchange occurring in their expressions.


            “His girlfriend is out here looking like that and he’s inside?”


            “Yeah, he's kind of an idiot.”


            “Kuja doesn’t know how to swim, he does like beaches though, he’ll be down here if you ask him tomorrow,” Zidane shrugged. The bartender left to serve a couple at the end of the counter, leaving them alone. “He just doesn’t function like normal humans do.” Terra giggled.


            “I’ve noticed.” She looked down at herself, her face reddening. “I sort of bought this for him, but he didn’t even notice when I showed him.”


            “I think you look beautiful,” Zidane said honestly, allowing himself a second look at her body.


            “Thank you,” Terra smiled. The two turned in their stools to look over the beach. “I am confused though why he asked me to come if he’s completely uninterested in me,” she said.


            “He told us you said you wanted to come.”


            “I do, I’ve always wanted to come here,” Terra nodded. “But it’d be nice to have someone to share it with, you know?”


            “Very much, yes,” Zidane muttered, taking a long drink.


            “Kuja told me you broke up with your girlfriend a couple weeks ago. Did you ask her to come along, maybe reconnect?” Terra asked.


            “Nah. Garnet and I…we were just not right for each other. I wanted things she wouldn’t give and she wanted things I couldn’t. That's the short version, anyway.” Zidane shrugged. 


            He and his on-and-off girlfriend had finally split up with him after a year of turbulent dating. Zidane was by no means only interested in sex, but he had a healthy sexual appetite and recognized the importance of physical needs in a relationship – at least that was how he justified his behavior to his family.


            Garnet was a sweet, lovely girl, but she refused any physical intimacy, her traditional family had raised her to wait until she was married. Zidane understood that, and even the no petting he could work with, but when kisses or caresses seemed to scare her off, he had been confused and disappointed. He remembered when they had gone to the movies one night, he had tried to slip her some tongue when he kissed her and she pulled back and walked out of the theater, leaving him to follow her and drive her home in silence. Finally she had told him it was over, her parents thought his lifestyle wasn’t ‘proper’ for a girl like her and she agreed with them.


            “I’m sorry.”


            “Don’t be. I wasn’t as hurt by it as I thought I would be.” Zidane tried to think of something to shift the conversation, he hated self-pity and he wanted to make the obviously lonely girl next to him feel better. “So Kuja tells me you’re planning to become a teacher?” he asked.


            “Yes. I love working with children,” Terra smiled. “We met looking over the volunteer board for an elementary school sports program. He said he’s looking at politics and wants to build a goodwill image now.”


            “Yeah he mentioned. Good area to go into I guess.”


            “What are you thinking of doing?”


            “Wanna break into acting. My high school teachers say I’ve got natural talent. Looking at drama programs in colleges.”


            “That sounds nice.” They fell silent again, Zidane chiding himself. He was naturally friendly around other people, especially ladies, so why was nothing coming to mind to say to this one?


            “Can I ask you something?” Terra said suddenly, looking at him.


            “Sure,” Zidane nodded. 


            Terra looked nervous and leaned in closer, lowering her voice.


            “Is Kuja…um….how do I phrase this…”


            “No,” Zidane interjected, understanding quickly.


            “You know what I was going to ask?”


            “Yeah, Mikoto and I have wondered sometimes too. But no, I don’t think so.”


            “How can you tell?”


            “He’s just as interested in guys as he is gals, which is to say not at all.”


            “Oh…” Terra looked disappointed, and Zidane was confused.


            “You’re disappointed your boyfriend isn’t gay?” he muttered.


            “I thought if he was, that might explain a few things,” Terra shrugged. “Since we’ve been going out he, rather we, haven’t done much.”


            “Define much,” Zidane prompted before taking a drink, curious in spite of himself. Terra made a face like she was trying to understand it herself as she told him.


            “He kisses me on the cheek sometimes.” 


            Zidane nearly spit out his drink. “Sometimes?” he asked in disbelief, choking slightly. How the hell was his brother not passionately making out with this girl every chance he got? He knew Kuja wasn’t as, for lack of a better word, horny as him, but Zidane assumed he at least got physical in private.


            “Mostly when around other people,” Terra nodded.


            “Wow…” Zidane was still in shock. “I figured he just didn’t like advertising that kinda stuff but….wow…really just kissing?” Terra nodded. “Not even on the lips?”


            “Maybe once, maybe. I don’t recall all our dates,” Terra replied. “If he just isn’t ready I understand. But if we’re a long-term couple, and he acts like we are, then this is a bit too slow, and…well, people have needs, right?”


            “Yeah, I get it,” Zidane nodded. He definitely got that.


            “Otherwise we’re great. He’s smart, ambitious, courteous, goodness is he handsome,” Terra said, swooning a bit at the last word. Zidane held back a snicker. He considered himself the ‘handsome’ brother, Kuja’s paler hair and fairer skin made him look more ‘pretty’ in his opinion. “But whenever we’re alone…”


            “Have you said anything to him?” Zidane asked.


            “I want to but, if he was gay, I wasn’t sure how to bring it up. If he isn’t, I guess I could talk to him,” Terra said.


            “Yeah. Hell, don’t even talk,” Zidane turned closer to her. “I personally don’t know if Gorgeous has ever boinked a girl before.”


            “Boinked?” Terra giggled.


            “There’s a lot of words I could have used there and that was the first non-crude one to jump to mind,” Zidane defended. “Look, point is, if he’s a virgin or not, he’s missing out on a lot of fun. So don’t even say anything, just make a move and try to get him to respond.”




            “Yeah, just go for it. Hell, a good lay might finally loosen him up a bit.” Terra laughed again.


            “I’ll consider it,” she said, her face red. “Thank you, Zidane.”


            “My pleasure,” he grinned. He strained to think of something else to talk about. “So…watch much TV?”


            “I’m into old comedy sitcoms, I set my DVR to record them over the week and then just have a marathon on the weekend,” Terra replied.



            Zidane lay in bed, trying to get to sleep but nothing working. After he and Terra had gotten to know each other on the beach he had spent some more timing unsuccessfully trying to pick up a girl, followed by some time at a boardwalk arcade before dinner. He had been watching Kuja and Terra during the ordeal, she was awkward whenever the topic somehow turned to their relationship but he seemed oblivious. They had then retired to their rooms for the evening, Zidane congratulating himself on thinking to bring his PS3, hooking it up to the room’s TV and inviting Mikoto and Terra in for some game time. Kuja had shunned them and gone to his room to read.


            “Poor girl…she deserves a guy who knows how to treat a lady like her and she’s stuck with Gorgeous,” he thought. He turned his head to look at the clock. Ten after midnight. He was hungry. He got up to raid the minibar and heard a soft sound from the open window. Zidane grabbed his shirt from earlier and threw it on, not bothering to button it up, and opened the balcony door, still wearing his swim trunks.


            Terra had her arms folded on the railing of the next balcony, her head held down and a small light pink nightgown protecting her from the warm summer night. Zidane slowly stepped up to the edge of the balcony.


            “Terra?” he called softly. Terra raised her head, and from the look on her face it was obvious she had been crying.


            “Sorry to wake you,” she whispered.


            “What’s wrong?”




            “You’re not on the balcony after midnight crying because of nothing,” Zidane insisted.


            “It’s ridiculous,” she murmured. “And embarrassing.”


            “Is Kuja asleep?” Zidane asked. Terra nodded. “Come over, I want to know,” he insisted. Terra looked at him, and then went inside. Zidane crossed his room to his door and waited to see if she would listen. It took a few moments but he heard her footsteps in the hall and opened his door before she could knock.


            “Alright,” he ordered as he closed the door behind her. “What’s going on?” Terra sat down on the edge of the bed, wiping her eyes.


            “Well…during dinner I was thinking about what you said,” she muttered bitterly. “So, when Mikoto and I left you earlier, I went back to our room. Kuja was watching some movie, I don’t even remember what. I sat next to him…and…”


            “And?” Zidane prompted, sitting down beside her.


            “I took your advice and moved my hand to touch him,” Terra said hesitantly, pausing before continuing. “He…he pushed me away and jumped to his feet. He looked like I had burned him.”


            “What?” Zidane exclaimed.


            “We got talking, he said he doesn’t want a physical relationship!” Terra had almost begun to shout. “If he’s going to be a public figure he needs a wife to fit the role, he thought I was a good pick. Says the kisses and dates are for show.”


            “You’re fucking kidding,” Zidane muttered.


            “No…he said if it bothered me that much, once his career was secure he’d be comfortable if I wanted to…” Terra’s face twisted into a mix of anger and embarrassment. “Hire someone to ‘help me with those kinds of things.’ Like it’s some sort of disorder or…I don’t even know.”


            “Jeez…” Zidane looked at the floor. He knew Kuja wasn’t the nicest guy around, but to crush Terra like this was beyond what he expected from his brother. He was at least humane, usually.


            “I told him I wasn’t going to be some trophy wife and stormed out of there,” Terra continued. “I just wandered the hotel for an hour then came back up. He was getting ready for bed and said we’d talk about it in the morning. I didn't say anything, I just went onto the balcony. And just stood there, thinking.”


            “Damn…so what are you going to do?” Zidane asked.


            “I don’t know,” Terra shook her head. “I’m not that kind of woman, Zidane, I want romance, physical contact, an actual relationship. I’m not a political tool.” She sniffed loudly and Zidane handed her a box of tissues from the night table. Terra blew her nose and tossed the issue in the garbage pail. “I guess…it’s over. I can’t be with a man who doesn’t care about me except for how I help his job…you should have seen the way he looked at he explained it to me Zidane. It was like it was perfectly normal and I was the strange one for being upset…”


            “I can’t tell you what to do,” Zidane said softly. He admitted to himself he wasn’t entirely unbiased, pretty girls tended to cloud his judgment. “But if you can’t be in that sort of relationship, then the longer it continues the harder it will be to break it off, and the more it’ll hurt him. Not that you should care about that,” he amended quickly.


            “I know. I’ll tell him in the morning,” Terra nodded, “it’ll ruin the vacation but after tonight that’s pretty much a given.”


            “I’ll come with you if you need support,” Zidane said. “But hey, look at me.” He put a hand on Terra’s chin to tilt her head his direction. “This is not your fault,” he said firmly. “You have nothing to feel guilty about. If that’s what he wants from a relationship that’s his choice, you are not in the wrong here, and really neither is he. You just want different things. Okay?”


            “Yeah…thank you,” Terra smiled.


            “You’re a good woman Terra, you’re sweet and loving and beautiful. Any man would be lucky to have you. And if Kuja can’t accept that, remind yourself it’s his loss,” he advised. Terra snorted slightly. “I mean it.”


            “Sure…” She leaned over and wrapped her arms around Zidane’s neck, burying her face in his shoulder. “Thank you, Zidane. You’re a good friend.” Zidane hugged her back, breathing in the flowered scent of her hair. His eyes looked down at the smooth, pale skin of her neck, barely a centimeter from his face. Close enough all it would take would be…


            Before he could stop himself, Zidane pursed his lips and placed a light kiss on that skin. Terra stiffened in his arms slightly. Pausing for a moment, Zidane moved his face to the side to kiss her again, this one lingering. A third time further up the neck prompted a sharp intake of breath from the side of his head. His hands around her waist had begun to move towards her hips.


            “Z-Zidane?” she whispered. Her voice brought him back to reality, and he pulled away.


            “I’m sorry,” he muttered, ashamed. “You’re…you’re my brother’s girl, I’m not that sort of a guy, I don’t do that. I just…you hugged me and…” he realized he was pawing for excuses. “Forget it. Sorry.”    


            “You’re wrong,” Terra said softly. “I…I’m not his girl…not anymore.” Zidane looked up at her, her eyes wide and nervous, her breathing heavy. Holding her gaze until he had moved out of view, Zidane leaned back in to kiss her neck again. After the second Terra’s arms came around his neck again, her head tilting to allow him better access. He kissed his way up the side of her neck and gently took her earlobe between his lips. She was sighing softly and the feel of his lips on her ear provoked a gasp. His hands shaking on the bed behind her, Zidane pulled back and took her face in his hands.


            “I gotta warn ya,” he said, leaning his forehead against hers. “If I don’t stop now, I’m not sure I’ll be able to. If you wanna leave, I get it.” 


            Terra licked her lips. “What if I said I want to stay?” she asked.


            Zidane flashed her the same half-grin, half-smirk he was used to giving women. That she even asked was answer enough, and he felt somewhat guilty to admit he had hoped she would say something like that. He reminded himself of what she had said a few seconds ago and pushed the guilt away.


            “I’ll ruin you for all other men,” he whispered lecherously. 


            Terra stared for a second before replying.


            “Kiss me like I'm your girlfriend.”


            Zidane quickly obeyed, closing the gap between them and seizing her lips. Terra’s eyes drifted closed, the kiss full of passion and lust. They parted only to meet again with renewed fervor. Zidane ran his tongue over her lips and she opened to him, her own tongue caressing his in invitation. He accepted and moaned low in his throat at her sweetness. The awkward position sitting on the edge of the bed prevented them getting closer, and Zidane grabbed Terra’s hips, lifting her from beside him and depositing her on his lap. She pushed him onto his back on the bed and leaned over him, the two staring into the other’s eyes.


            “Sorry,” she panted. “I’m not usually like this, but it’s been a while.”


            “Me too, and don’t apologize,” he said, kissing her again. His hands slid up the back of Terra’s nightgown, their kissing breaking just long enough for her to pull it over her head and throw it away, revealing her chest clad in a white bra. He slid his arms out of his unbuttoned shirt leaving it on the bed beneath him. Terra’s lips met his again, tongues entwining in his mouth. Zidane felt the familiar rush of heat in his body begin to build. He had gone a long time without this level of contact with a woman, as much as he appreciated the female form he was no cheater, he had been loyal to Garnet even as his manhood screamed in protest whenever their evenings ended uneventfully. Now he had a beautiful, very willing young woman straddling him and his body was demanding he not pass up this chance.


            Zidane rolled them over, looming over Terra and putting his hands on either side of her head to push himself up. Her face was flush, the heat of the night and the sweat of their lust sticking her hair to her forehead. Her lips were plump, her chest rising and falling heavily with her breathing. She looked down at him and Zidane couldn’t help but grin as her fingers traced his chest and abs. He wasn’t overly muscular but he was proud of his build, lean and athletic.


            “Stay right there,” Zidane ordered. Terra shivered at his words and nodded. Zidane looked down and planted a kiss between her breasts, running his tongue along the skin. He kissed his way to the right and lifted a hand to pull the cup of her bra down, exposing her breast. He smiled. Her breasts were well-rounded, a bit on the small side though, with pert, pink nipples. Her kissed his way over the mound and paused to look up at her when he felt her hands in his hair. Terra’s head was thrown back against the bed.


            “Watch me, Terra,” he whispered. He waited a few seconds as Terra lifted her head and opened her eyes. His aqua eyes boring into her deep violet, he stuck his tongue out and swirled it around her nipple. Terra’s face went taut, her mouth falling open, but her eyes remained on his eyes. Torturing her a bit more to watch her face contort in pleasure, Zidane lowered his head and gently took her nipple between his teeth. Terra threw her head back and let out a sharp moan, her hands fisting in Zidane’s hair. He released it from his teeth only to wrap his lips around it and suckle, flicking his tongue over the tip in his mouth.


            Beneath him Terra was writhing. She hadn’t realized how much she had missed the touch of a man, she had never been overly sexual like she had heard of Zidane but she had been in physical relationships enough to enjoy them. Kuja had attracted her, but she had never been able to arouse him even when she overtly tried, dressing in more provocative outfits or suggesting movies with sexual themes. In the back of her mind she had thought Zidane was cute the few times she had met him, but she never imagined he would be suckling her breasts as he was now. Terra moaned low in her throat as his fingers traced the edges of her rounded flesh. If she’d known she was picking the wrong brother at the time she would have dumped Kuja months ago.


            Zidane lifted his head and moved to her other breast, reaching behind Terra’s back, conveniently arching up and down off the bed, and unclipped her bra, tossing it away to lavish the same attention on his new treat as he had the first. Terra’s legs were hooking over his hips, the hands in his hair almost painful. Licking his lips as he finished Zidane kissed her midriff, his hands ghosting down her hips to her white panties. Over his head Terra’s eyes widened as she realized his intent. Zidane dropped to his knees on the floor and pulled Terra forward slightly until her knees were folded over his shoulders. He slid her panties down the legs he had been staring at since the first day he saw her and leaned in to sample his prize.


            Terra’s legs clenched and tightened around Zidane’s neck as he lapped at her, his tongue stroking her softly. Her taste was ambrosia, and he had to restrain himself from devouring her, worried about frightening her off or going further than she was used to. He smiled as her mewls got louder and more frequent and delved his tongue inside, swirling it inside her. His hands stroked her thighs and hips, her hands still tangled in his now thoroughly disheveled hair. His tongue curled up to tap her bundle of nerves at the top and she bucked into his face. His smile grew into a full grin and he did it again and again. Terra’s body tightened around him further, her back arching up off the bed.


            “Z-Z…oh god you’re so good!” she groaned. He placed a kiss to her slit, curling his tongue around and gently thrusting it in and out of her, stopping now and then to tease her clit again. Terra’s head thrashed to the side. She had had oral sex before, but she didn’t think it could feel this good. Below her, Zidane moved his attention to focus his lips and tongue fully on her clit, bringing a hand up and thrusting two fingers into her. Terra arched up the bed until she was sitting up, doubling over to fist Zidane’s hair, almost hurting him. He looked up at her clenched face, mewls and moans pouring from her lips.


            “Good girl,” he cooed from between her legs, eyes sparkling. “Let me see you cum.” Terra’s eyes cracked open to look down at him, and threw her head back with a loud cry. Zidane drank in her juices, drawing out her climax until she fell back on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. Placing a kiss on her slit, he stood up and made a show of popping his fingers in his mouth and licking them off, smacking his lips when he was done. He wasn’t sure if she noticed, she still seemed out of it. Smirking, he reached over to the night table and pulled open the top drawer.


            “Good thing I came prepared,” he thought to himself, fishing a silver package from the box of condoms he had brought with him. He had come to Costa del Sol expecting to spend more than an evening with some lovely beachfront hottie – he just hadn’t expected she’d be his brother’s ex. Terra blinked a couple times on the bed and slowly lifted her head to see him slipping his swim shorts off.


            “Zidane…that was…oh wow,” she panted, feeling stupid for being unable to speak properly. He grinned and climbed on top of her on the bed and silenced her with another kiss, her nipples pressing into his chest. Zidane ran his fingers through her hair as hers ran over his back. Something poked against her thigh as they made out, and Terra sharply breathed through her nose. Zidane pulled back, both their eyes shining with lust.


            “Last chance,” he whispered. “Any regrets?” Terra put a hand on his neck.


            “Shut up and take me,” she replied. Zidane grinned.


            “Yes ma’am,” he got out before she pulled him down to kiss again. He felt a hand grasp his manhood and was distracted from her lips as she moved him into position. Zidane felt his head push into her and finished the job, slamming into her fully with one smooth thrust. They parted with a mutual gasp. Zidane’s eyes were wide.


            “Oh god, it’s been too fucking long,” he groaned, slipping his tongue back into her hung open mouth. She was so tight, he wasn’t sure if it was just her or if he was out of practice but he felt like his dick had gotten caught in a vice. Terra’s hands found purchase on his backside as he began to thrust. She was still wet after his earlier meal and he was soon pounding into her freely, adjusting to her depths. Terra’s hands pulled him back in almost as soon as he withdrew, giving more force to his thrusts.


            The movement of their bodies and demands for air broke their kiss, Terra’s senses on fire. He was thick, thicker than any she’d had before. Zidane planted his hands on either side of her head and watched her face as he plowed into her harder. He lowered his face to run his tongue up her lips, smacking his own. He loved her pussy but that damn mouth of hers was so sweet, he could kiss her all day without sex and orgasm from it. Terra’s eyes rolled back, the leering face and swaying hair hanging overhead going out of focus. Zidane took her lower lip between his teeth and sucked it.


             “Tell me how I feel,” he ordered, letting her lip go and adjusting his knees for more power. He wasn’t much for dirty talk normally, but once he got going even he was surprised by what came out of his mouth.


            “Y-oh-f, feel so gooood,” Terra moaned out, her words coming out fragmented with each thrust back into her core.


            “I feel good?” Zidane teased. “My cock feels good pounding into you? Pounding that little pussy?”


            “Yes!” Terra shrieked, throwing her head back. “It-ah-it’s so good!”


            “Fuckin’ A it is,” he said, lowering his head back to her neck and suckling her pulse point. “Oh god you're so hot down here.”


           “ooooooh so are you,” Terra moaned, her eyes rolling back. Zidane felt her getting tighter and her hands dug her nails into his rear. She was close, he recognized the signs. He thrust into her deeper, the sound of slapping flesh echoing off the walls.


           “Mmmm. I know that feeling,” he chuckled. “Gonna cum for me?” Terra just cried out. Zidane grabbed her face and tilted her head down to face him, balancing on his elbows. “Me too…look at me again,” he said. “I want to see you watch me…ah!” he felt a tingling in his dick and held it back a moment longer. “W-Watch me!” he shouted. Terra’s rolled-back eyes focused on him. His once bright blue eyes were darkened with lust, twinkling with mischief. “Tell me how good I – oh fuck – tell me how good fuck you,” he said. “Say it!”


           “Zidane!” Terra moaned, lifting her hands to his face and kissing him. “Oh god, you fuck me so good.”




           "You fuck me good!”


            “Scream my name as you cum!” he all but snarled. Terra tried to hang on, wanting to prolong the incredible pleasure the man above her was giving her, but Zidane was having none of it. His fiercely thrusting cock continued to pound her, and she only endured a few more seconds before her head snapped back and her back arched into his chest.




           The sight of the girl beneath him calling her orgasm to the world broke him, and Zidane dropped down to her neck, groaning loudly as he shot his load into the condom, five thick spurts filling it. Terra’s body shook and collapsed back on the bed, her entire form going limp. Zidane weakly pulled back to slip his softening prick from her and rolled to lay beside her, his head spinning. He’d had more than his fair share of lays, few exhausted him like he felt now.


           “Oh wow that’s been building,” he muttered, grinning wryly. Months of pent-up frustration left his body in one long stream as he left out a long breath. He looked down and pealed the condom off himself, tossing it in the general direction he presumed the trash bin was by the bedside. Beside him Terra turned her head to the side, her bangs falling over her face.


           “We should have talked a long time ago,” she whispered after a moment between breaths. Zidane turned his eyes her way. “I picked the wrong brother,” she explained. He reached a hand to her arm and pulled her half on top of him, capturing her lips again.


           “Hell yeah,” he agreed, pushing her sweat-coated hair back.


           “Do you think someone heard us?” Terra asked.


           “Nah. Gorgeous is a sound sleeper.” Zidane thought, then shrugged. “And if he did, fuck ‘im. He had his shot.”


           “Well I wouldn’t want him to find out about our break-up by him walking in on us when you're inside me,” Terra giggled.


           “Why not? Be pretty damn hilarious,” Zidane snickered. “Maybe we can let him watch and he can pick up some pointers.” Terra made a face and slapping his arm lightly.


           “Thank you,” she repeated, laying her head on his chest and curling her legs onto the bed. “For being there, and for…yeah.”


           “You can say it, ‘the best sex of your life’,” Zidane teased. “I’m used to that line.”




           “Tell me I’m wrong,” he challenged.


           “In recent memory?...sure,” Terra shrugged. Zidane put a hand beneath her legs and stood up from the bed, adjusting his position to lay back against the pillows with Terra in the same position.


           “I can’t stay here, what if he finds us?” Terra asked.


           “He ain’t got the keycard. And if you’re up to walking back to his room then I haven’t done a good enough job,” Zidane quipped.


           Terra thought about his first comment and snuggled closer into him. She pursed her lips. “So now what, then?” she asked. “Was this a one-time thing or are we together now? Or is this just while we’re on vacation? Should we tell him about this or just go with the break-up and keep it secret for now?”


           “Too tired, too many questions,” Zidane replied. “We’ll shower in the morning and figure it out over breakfast or something.”




           “‘course. I dunno if we're a couple, but I'm sure as hell not done with you just yet,” he said like it was obvious. Terra smiled slightly, then looked down and grabbed a sheet to cover their nude forms. The girl in his arms nodding off, Zidane closed his eyes to join her.


           I am some sort of lucky bastard, in every sense of the word.



           A buzzer ringing in his ear, Kuja cracked his eye open and sat up with a yawn. Standing up from bed he slipped his feet into his slippers and moved to the bathroom. He stopped along the way and turned back to the bed. He had woken up alone.


           “Terra?” he peaked his head into the bathroom but there was no sight of her. He made a face. He’d been hoping to explain the situation with his asexuality better now that she had had a night to sleep on it and get over her anger, she had been more offended than he expected. Finding no sign of her in the room Kuja crossed to the door and stepped into the hall. He walked down one door and pounded his fist on Room 460.


           “Zidane!” he called. The door cracked open and he stepped back as one of the hotel staff stepped out, wheeling a breakfast cart. “Excuse me, did you see a woman leaving my room this morning?” he asked.


           “No sir,” she replied.


           “Is my brother in there? This is his room.”


           “There was someone in the shower, sir, I didn’t bother him,” she shrugged, wheeling her cart down to the next door. Kuja pushed the door open and walked to the bathroom, knocking on the door. Running water confirmed his little brother was certainly awake and showering.


           “Zidane!” He heard movement, then a muffled voice.


           “Yo!” Zidane called back. Kuja shielded his eyes and opened the door, a blast of steam meeting his hand.


           “Have you seen Terra this morning?”


           “Uh, why? She not with you?” Zidane called over the water.


           “No. We had a fight last night, I was thinking she might have gone out.”


           “Oh? Well, uh…” Kuja blinked through the steam and lowered his hand slightly as it had cleared a bit. “Maybe she just, you know, had to get out and…find some sort of release. OW!” Kuja frowned at his brother’s yelp of pain and squinted to see if he could see him through the curtain.


           “Are you alright?”


           “Yeah, just…scraped my hand trying to find the taps,” Zidane replied. “She probably went for a walk. Can I finish here?”


           “My apologies. Thank you,” Kuja stepped back and pulled the door shut, wiping the sheen of sweat from the steam away from his face and heading back into the hallway. 


           Back in the shower, Zidane listened to the door shut and waited a few seconds to hear the room door beyond shut with it. “I think we’re good now."


           Terra glared at him, the wet hair in her eyes ruining any potential for intimidation. “That was not funny."


           “Sure it was,” he replied, grabbing her butt and pulling her flush against him. “Now, where were we?” his hands drifted around to her front, the tip of his finger playing with her opening. Terra shuddered slightly. “There we were,” Zidane chuckled. Terra’s hand found his dick and began stroking him.


           “Never had sex in a shower before,” she confessed. 


           Zidane placed a kiss on her nose. “Babe, there’s a lot of places you haven't had sex before that I'm gonna check off for you. And a lot of places you have, too. By the time we head home, you’re gonna need me to carry you out of here.”


           “Really?” Terra gave him a challenging look and pressed a nail into the base of his shaft. “You’ll be just as tired as I am, boy. I’m almost two years older than you, don’t think you can wear me out like some little high school girl.” 


           Zidane suddenly spun her around, his dick pressing against her slit as her hands found the wall to brace herself.


           “Oh, but I do plan to try,” he whispered into her ear. 


           Terra turned her head and gave him a devilish grin. “Fair warning, I give as good as I get.”


           “I hope so.” Zidane kissed her deeply and thrust into her.

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