A Vodka Haze

BY : GohanRoxas-AFF
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The pink-haired former soldier needed to start going to AA meetings. She seriously had a drinking problem, and she knew it. Luckily acceptance is the first stage, so she was getting close to solving it.
Her eyes darted around the room before settling on a silver-haired boy – at least, he looked like a boy – chatting with someone. He was leanly muscular, and handsome in a peculiar way. Of course, that may have just been the vodka talking.
It was a well-documented fact that when the woman was drunk, she became a bit of a nymphomaniac, finding the first attractive person she could get her hands on, drag them to a hotel and ravish them within an inch of their lives, regardless of gender or sexual preference. Only once was she blown off; a guy named Demyx, who wanted to remain faithful to his – wait for it – boyfriend.
Her thoughts were broken when the silver-haired teenager cleared his throat in front of her. “Having fun ogling me?”
She flushed a little, but then again her cheeks were pink from the alcohol, anyway. “So what if I am?”
He arched an eyebrow. “You’re drunk.”
“And you’re sexy. We both have issues,” she half-slurred.
The boy flushed a little himself, but covered it. “So…name’s Riku.”
“Call me Lightning,” she managed to remember her nickname, despite her inebriated state.
“Nice,” he muttered. “So…” Riku coughed a little. “Any plans on what you want to do?”
“What?” Lightning had thought she’d said that silently. Obviously not. Damn brain. Why can’t you take more booze?
“You just said you want to do me.” Riku was smirking now.
She looked at him before almost violently putting a hand on his crotch. “Yep. Sure do.”
His eyes widened at those words…and the location of this woman’s hand. “S-seriously?”
“Hell yeah.” She moved forward slightly and started to kiss and bite at his neck, smirking all the while.
Riku moaned a little at that. “Hotel?”
Lightning pulled back and smirked wider. “I like your thinking.”

The attendant at the hotel had given them their keycard without a second glance. In his eyes they were just a couple of honeymooners that had had a few too many celebratory drinks. Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth.
When they got to the room, Riku struggled a little with the card in his anxiousness, but managed to get it open. Almost immediately, Lightning pushed him on the bed and closed and locked the door behind them.
Riku’s blue-green eyes looked up at the woman. They were bright, but clouded over slightly with an obvious lust.
Lightning’s lip curled in one corner and she started to strut towards Riku, her hand pulling on the zipper of her black dress. When the dress fell, she wasn’t wearing anything under it. He could see her curvaceous form, including the odd-shaped birthmark perched between her breasts.
The woman moved towards him and leaned over him, her eyes gleaming like a hunter’s while they stalked the prey. She leaned down and captured his lips with her own in a heated, passionate kiss. Her hand busied itself with undoing his pants and unzipping the fly.
Riku’s hands, meanwhile, explored every inch of her body, pausing on the breasts and lower back. He gave each of those areas special attention, and she moaned appreciatively at that.
Lightning’s struggle with his pants came to an end as she rid him of them – as well as the plain black boxers he’d been wearing underneath. His white shirt was the next to go and she started to kiss his collarbone. He let out a groaned expletive and gripped the bedsheets.
She was enjoying this. Being in control was her favourite part of all of this. She teasingly hovered over him, causing him to groan again.
Suddenly, she was on her back as Riku stared down at her, his hands wrapped around her wrists. She struggled briefly, but stopped as he took one of her nipples in his mouth. A dry moan escaped her and he chuckled.
Riku pulled back slightly to dig into his pockets for something. Lightning’s brow creased as she wondered what he could possibly be doing. When he got his wallet out, she was even more confused. Until, that is, he pulled out the square foil package he’d been looking for.
“Oh,” she said aloud. “For a minute there, I thought you were gonna try and pay me.”
He scoffed. “Hell no. This is the payment in and of itself.” Riku opened the package and slipped the latex it contained onto his member. Then, without another word, he slid himself inside her.
Lightning moaned loudly and gripped the pillow with both hands. This was different from all the other times, somehow. Something was clicking in her head now. Something she’ hadn’t gotten from anyone else before.
Riku started to move quickly, his eyes staring at her chest as it bounced with his every move. Her moans became shorter and slowly grew in volume, occasionally joined by expletives.
Lightning’s legs coiled around his waist and she raised herself so they were in a sitting position, her looming above him. His pace didn’t slow at all, not even when she started to move her own hips in time to his movements.
She captured his lips again and moaned loudly into his mouth, biting down on his lip. Inwardly, she revised her first opinion of him. This was no boy. This was a man.
How long they stayed like that, she had no idea. It was all a haze induced by the alcohol and the sheer passion. It was a literal haze of vodka and sweat. Which is a lot better than it sounds, as it turns out.

When Riku woke up the next morning, he woke up alone and naked. That said, there was a note in delicate handwriting on the bedside table. He picked it up and looked at it. There was a phone number on it, and the caption: Not bad, kiddo. Next time you’re in Bodhum, look me up ;) – Lightning.
“I’ll do that,” he smirked.

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