Three Shades of Pink

BY : Drake
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I am aware this title is awful, but it’s one of those things that’s so awful that once I thought of it I just had to run with it, you know? The really smexeh stuff will be built up to, but it will come, have no fear of that.

Three Shades of Pink

"Okay, one more trip will do it," Hope said. He lifted a box from the trunk of his friend’s car and setting it on top of three more boxes on a hand cart behind him. Noel just grunted and tilted the truck back to wheel it across the underground parking garage. Hope ran forward to call the elevator at the other end. "Thanks again for doing this, man."

Noel smiled and wheeled the truck into the elevator doors as they opened. "No problem, you helped me move into the dorm, right?"

"You need any help moving when you find a place next year, let me know, I’ll help out again." The two of them had been dorm mates at college, but Noel still had a year left in his program. He had agreed to help Hope move into his new apartment on the condition he returned the favor when Noel needed it. The elevator doors opened and Noel wheeled the truck of boxes down the hall to Apartment 403, Hope leading the way with his key.

"This is gonna be great Noel. There’s a community center down the street, a bus stop to downtown across from it, they got a pool and sauna, it’s in a nice part of town…"

"Yup, so you’ve said, paradise." Noel interrupted. Hope unlocked the door and pushed the door to his new apartment open. It was a small place, one bedroom with a kitchen and living room-dining room combination, and a couple closets in the hallway. The apartment

 A soft, desk and table were pushed against the wall. "Here we go." Noel set the truck down and slid the boxes off onto the ground. "Let’s go grab the last ones and then you can unpack."

"Hey there!" The two looked up to see the door of Apartment 204 across the hall open. A young woman in a white blouse with a red skirt peeked her head out, a pink ponytail falling over her left shoulder. "You two must be the new neighbors." She smiled and stepped into the hall.

"He is, I’m just helping with the move," Noel said. "I’m Noel.

"Hope," Hope said, smiling and extending his hand.

"I’m Serah," the woman said, beaming and shaking Hope’s hand. "You two need any help? I’m not busy."

"Nah, just one more load and we’re done," Noel shrugged. "I’m gonna go grab it," he said, winking at Hope so Serah couldn’t see and heading to the elevator. Hope watched him go, blushing slightly. Serah didn’t seem to notice.

"You live in this area before?" She asked.

"No, just out of college, first time in my own place not counting the dorm."

"Oh cool, I begin college this year. Where’d you attend?"

"Palumpolum. You?"

"Eden. Mom and Dad insist on the best. No offense."

"None taken." Hope shrugged, and Serah looked ready to say something else when a voice interrupted her from the apartment behind her.

"Serah, you want the last Coke?" Hope looked up as the door behind her opened again. Serah turned. An older woman stood in the crack of the door, her hair the same pink as Serah’s but longer and falling loose over her shoulder, wearing a dark red T-shirt and black jeans.

"Oh, Claire! Hope, this is my big sister Claire," Serah stepped to the side to allow her sister to step into full view in the door frame. "Claire, this is Hope, he’s our new neighbor."

"Hi there." Hope held out his hand and Serah’s sister slapped a high-five across it rather than shake it. He chuckled slightly.

"Call me Lightning." She nodded at him then turned back to Serah. "So, you want this?" Lightning asked Serah, holding out a red and silver can.

"You drank the last one on me last time, so yes," Serah said indignantly.

"You know the rule, the one who finishes the case replaces it."

"Fine, I could use the walk." Serah grabbed the can from her sister and stuck out her tongue. Lightning rolled her eyes and looked back at Hope.

"So, new guy. Anyone moving in with you?"

"No, there’s my friend Noel, he was thinking about it but he’s got one year left in the college so he’s gonna go it alone. It’s just me." Hope shrugged at her raised eyebrow. "Don’t worry, I won’t hold any wild parties or play loud music or anything."

"And if you do, you better invite us at least," Serah teased. Hope grinned and nodded.

"Serah, Light!" A third voice came from the apartment. "If you don’t get back here I’m unpausing and booting both your asses off the edge!"

"You’re losing and you know it!" Lightning snapped back, heading inside.

"We’re saying hi to the new guy!" Serah called over her shoulder

"Unless you’re planning to fuck him I don’t care. Here or out there, you’re going down!" The voice called back. Serah rolled her eyes. Hope gave her a confused look.

"Lumina. The youngest one," she explained. "And immature to go with it." Hope nodded in understanding. "We’re playing Smash Bros. Got a fourth controller if you want in," Serah offered.

"Thanks but I shouldn’t. Noel’s bringing in the last few boxes," Hope said.

"Sure, no problem." Serah stepped forward and hugged him. "Welcome to the building, you need help around the neighborhood or unpacking, just knock." She stepped back and gave him the brightest smile he could imagine.

"Will do." Hope nodded. Serah stepped back into her apartment and Hope let out a breath. Shaking his head in amusement at the sisters, he headed back to the elevator and took it to the ground floor. He stepped out and walked to see Noel struggling to get the front door open with the hand truck.

"About time!"

"Sorry, you saw, I got talking," Hope replied, pushing open the door. Noel wheeled the truck up to the elevators. They boarded and pressed the button for Hope’s floor.

"So…Serah." Noel grinned. "She’s cute."

"Yeah. And forward, very forward," Hope mumbled. He recognized flirting when he saw it. He had always been shy growing up, he had had his girlfriends but it was still unnerving at times how openly blatant people could be with their sexual lives. He’d never gotten used to it at high school, when he could pass by people making out in the halls on a regular basis, and college was only moderately better.

"She live alone?" Noel asked.

"No, actually, lives with her sisters, Claire and Lumina. Clair goes by Lightning, I guess," Hope replied. Noel gave him a mischievous look.

"They cute too?"

"Lightning, I’d say more ‘hot’, but yeah. Didn’t see Lumina, she stayed inside."

"Any of them single?"

"Didn’t ask." The elevators opened and Noel wheeled the truck of boxes out into the hall.

"Well, knock and ask them now. For me, at least."

"Ask yourself."

"Dude, I’m not gonna ask if they’re single then immediately ask one of them out. You gotta ask for me so I know I’m clear."

"I’ll find a way to work it in next time I see one of them then. Now quiet, don’t want them to hear." Noel obeyed and fell silent, pushing the boxes into Hope’s apartment. Once inside Hope let the door shut and Noel turned his head.

"You thinking of making a go for one of them?" He asked. Hope shrugged.

"Maybe, we’ll see. Come on, I wanna unpack and sit down." Hope took the truck from Noel and nudged the boxes off it.


Serah cracked open her can of pop and sat down in a recliner. Lightning and Lumina were sitting on the couch, Lumina had kept her word and unpaused the game to send Serah’s Pikachu flying off the edge of the screen, the rodent floating back into play as Serah picked up her controller. Her sisters were already busy beating each other up again. Lumina was wearing a black spaghetti top with a dark red miniskirt, her hair tied in a ponytail on the right side of her head.

"So, what do you think?" Serah asked, taking a drink before she got back into the game.

"I think I’ll grab a new case if you let me take a swig for some painkillers, I feel a headache coming," Lightning replied, glancing at Serah. The anguished cry of Captain Falcon came from the TV, and Lightning looked back at it. "Bitch!" Lumina smirked without turning her head.

"No, about the new guy. Hope," Serah prodded. "He’s cute."

Lightning shrugged and continued hammering on her controller. "Sure, if you’re into the soft pretty-boy type."

"I am." Lumina grinned. "They’re easier to break-in."

"He’s a step up from the last guy at least," Lightning said.

"Hard to step down," Lumina said.

"Hey, I liked Snow!" Serah gave her sisters a look of disbelief.

"He was a bum."

"And a dumbass."

"He was a sweetheart." Serah licked her lips. "And he had a chest chiseled out of marble."

"Fine, he was a bum and a dumbass with a nice body," Lightning amended.

"Meh, the walls are just for show, the real prize is the foundation." Lumina snickered. Serah looked confused, and Lumina caught it and rolled her eyes "He had no dick."

"How would you know?" Serah replied. "I mean… he was good!"

"I have my ways, and sure, you go with that."

"Don’t go pulling that stuff with Hope, you’ll scare him off," Lightning warned, giving the youngest sister a glare.

"So you’re laying claim?" Lumina asked.

"Nah. Serah?"

"I’ll give him a shot." Serah shrugged and smiled. "He’s cute, seems a nice guy, not a creep. If Lumina promises to keep her hands off him."

"I promise nothing," the sister in question said, smirking. Serah gave her a look. "Oh fine, go ahead, get your cute little leash around him. Just lemme know if you blow it." Serah grinned and took another drink, then set her mind back to the game as Lightning sent Lumina’s Kirby hurdling upwards.

"I’ll pay him a visit in a couple days, let him settle in, get comfortable… get the bed made."

"Have fun," Lightning said, giving Serah a knowing look. She returned it.

"That’s the plan."

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