Lost In Corruption

BY : LuMorsAza
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At first there was the darkness, and then the light came. Or in less religious sounding terms, it was like waking up from a dreamless sleep. The nothingness was shed, and in came… something not quite right. Feelings were jumbled, sensations barely making sense; memories were hard to grasp. Fuzzy would be the best way to describe it, much like coming out of a stupor.

“I… who? My name… what is it? Wait… who am I? What am I? Why can’t I remember anything? I don’t even know… what happened before? No… I… where…”

The mind felt so blank, so empty. Sensations were still a jumble, something was maybe below, but if it were warm or cold couldn’t be determined. The area around either, for that matter. Perhaps this was what it’s like when you’re first born, to have no sense of anything beyond just being.

“I… I wonder if I’m alone. I… no… I wasn’t… I was with…!”

In a flash a memory returned, a hand reaching out to somebody looking up. Somebody important, somebody special. A friend? Lover? Blue eyes, so deep, glowing…

… Glowing… purple, glowing portal. The mind raced, desperate to recall more, but it seemed as though the trail ended there. Darkness came after the portal, and then… something began to feel warm. The warmth, it began to flow over the whole of what could only be assumed to be the body. The warmth then began to concentrate in several areas, but with no real concept of self those had no name. The general warmth remained, but those several places grew hotter, more intense. A shiver ran up somewhere as a new sensation hit, right where one of the spots was.

“So strange, but… it feels nice? Mmm… it’s right whe-”

Another flash as memories poured in. A soft bed, fingers running along a thigh, up towards a crotch. White fabric flashing in the pale light as a dress rose up legs. Fingers clumsily finding their mark, a shiver up the spine with a cry of pleasure.

“T-that was the first time that I… I… t-touched… no!”

With a jolt the world came into bright focus, the sky crimson as blood, dotted with billowing puffs of lighter red shades that seemed to be clouds. A quick downward jab of a fist toward the now confirmed heroines crotch resulted in a yelp of pain. Looking down, she quickly grabbed the small, red head of a creature and lifted it up.

“What the?!

The thing cried out, which shocked the woman. It was all becoming crystal clear; in her world the monsters didn’t talk. Nor, as she lifted the beast up further, have large, seemingly disproportionate penises between their le-

“What the?!”

It was her turn to ask the same thing before flinging the small creature away. Wearily she rose to her feet, only to feel her legs tremble; she dropped to her knees with a moan. Her trembling hands slipped between her legs, cupping her now moist panties. Biting her lower lip, she tried to focus… but the heat wouldn’t stop. Worse yet, the heat was in her breasts as well, her nipples little more than two solid lumps as they pressed against the fabric of her shirt. With every breath she had to stifle a moan as her nipples rubbed against the material that covered her chest.

“Ha… ha ha! What’s wrong, feeling a bit horny? You know, I got a way to make it all better…”

The small creature spoke as it took flight and then hovered before her face, its immense for its size phallus swinging freely in the breeze. Her cheeks flushed, or perhaps they had been so since she came around, as she stared at the large piece of man meat the small red creature possessed. She licked her lips, then forced herself to look away from it. The monster chuckled as it reached out with spindly arms and grabbed hold of her temples. Quickly, he turned her head to face his member once more.

“You know you want to suck this, bitch.”

She moaned again as her eyes stared at the fiery red dick before her, the head an even deeper shade. It was nearly as thick as his entire body and almost as long as her arm from the elbow down. Below it was a sack that seemed to contain two testicle, both nearly the size of a fist! Her breathing increased as her nose desperately flared to take in his scent; it was filthy, it was disgusting. It was as if the beast had never bathed… and yet… and yet…

“Come up, open those pretty lips.”

The best goaded as it pressed the head against said lips, then began to grind. Her entire body trembled with lust and desire… and then, like lightning, what little resolve she had left struck. Pulling a hand from her crotch she balled it into a fist and slammed it into the heavy nut sack of the tiny creature, causing it to howl in pain. With deft skill she rolled away from the monster and stood on her still shaking legs, this time managing to overcome the heat and sensation. With honed instinct she took up the stance of a brawler, hands and feet at the ready to beat the creature senseless.

“You wretched bitch!”

The monster bellowed as it rose into the air once more, its eyes glaring with murderous intent.

“To think that I was going to give you the pleasure of fucking you senseless!”

It growled, her eyes narrowed. She pushed the thought of being ravaged by that massive cock out of her mind… she hoped. Steeling her nerves, she retorted;

“Who would ever want to do that with a freak like you? Does that giant thing take up all the blood in your body, or are you just stupid on purpose?!”

The creature howled in rage at that.

“Big talk coming from a woman who dresses like a whore! Do you even get any money with those tiny tits and flat ass?!”

She saw red at that moment. Well, red that wasn’t the sky or the monster. With speed born of countless years of training she closed the distance between the two of them and before the monster could react she drove a fist into his testicles once more. Just as the beast began to cry out in pain, she took hold of it bulbous nut sack and began to swing the small creature in the air. ‘Round and ‘round the creature went, growing ever more dizzy as it screamed in pain. Just as it seemed to be ready to vomit, she slammed it into the ground, its head somehow not splitting open as it struck a rock. Letting go, the beast thought it was safe, that is until she slammed one of her feet, clad in a boot that had a large, spiked piece of metal attached to the end, into its nether region, sending it flying as though it were a football.

Panting softly, she watched the creature seemingly vanish over the horizon. With a glower, she shouted;

“For your information, a lot of men say my breasts are huge and my butt is shapely, you jackassssssssssssssaaaaaa!”

With the rush of adrenaline gone, she once more collapsed chest first onto the ground from the heat and desire that ran through her body. She mewled with every breath as her breasts pressed against the hard, cold ground. Her nipples felt like they were going to break from being so ridged as they rubbed against the ground and her top. Her small, slender gloved hands snaked their way between her legs once more, fingers reaching for her panty covered mound. Mewling, she began to grind her fingers against the moist heat that emanated from just below her underwear. She jerked with every touch, moaning louder with every stroke, her hips wiggling uncontrollably, causing her short black skirt to rise ever further up her thighs.

“Oh god, I’m so horny… what did that thing do to me?!”

She whimpered through the moans, her fingers having simply circumvented her panties and went right for the hole below. Quickly a finger vanished deep inside, and then another, and another. Four fingers began to pump in unison as she fucked herself with a desperate need to get off. She closed her eyes tightly as she cried out in passion with every movement, unable to control herself any longer. She longed for a dick, any dick… but the only one she knew of had been punted away.

“Cum… wanna cum…!”

She whimpered as she pounded her pussy with her fingers, thumbs extended in a nearly futile attempt to hit her clitoris while she fucked herself in earnest. She wanted a man, any man… she wanted…

“Cloud… Cloud… I need you… want you! Please, get over here!”

She cried out in the vain hope that the spiky headed, blond haired warrior with whom she traveled would come for her. But she was alone in this strange world; if he were around he would have found her. And if he found her like this…

“Oh God, I don’t care what you would think of meeeee! I need your cockkkkk!”

She felt something building in her stomach, the unmistakable sensation that she was about to cum. Pumping faster, she let her mind wander to Cloud and his dick; she had never seen it before, but she always imagined it to be as burly as the sword he carried. She wanted that huge thing inside of her pussy, pounding her, stretching her walls.

“Cloud, so good… so thick… fuck me… fuck me with your dick! Make me yours!”

She cried out, her fantasy becoming one with her fingers. In her mind it was his dick slamming into her drooling hole, violating her with such force. The look in his glowing Mako eyes as he plowed her, watching her tongue hang out of her drooling mouth, making her crazy with his immense meat. Fucking her without regard, making her truly into the slut that everybody assumed her to be. She wanted him to break her, own her… and when she couldn’t take it anymore…

“Cum… cum… cum Cloud! Cream my pussy so hard! Drive it into my womb and cummmmm!”

She screamed as her abused opening quivered and finally, she came. Thick gushes of fluid sprayed from around her fingers as she kept fucking herself, thighs clamping down hard on her arms, toes curling in her socks. She moaned, her nipples sore from the grinding, arms trembling, fingers tired… but she kept going. A second orgasm quickly followed suit, more fluid oozed from her hole as, this time, her fingers came to a halt.

With a whimper, she passed out into another sea of darkness, only this time from pure exhaustion. Soundly she slept, her fingers still lodged in her pussy, her panties soaked to the ass with fluids. She slept and dreamt of the man she wanted most holding her in his arms.

Finally, in her dream her name echoed from the lips of the blond man she had just fantasized fucking.

Tifa Lockhart was her name… and she was now lost in a world of corruption.

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