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Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from the game. I make no profit from the writing of this work of fiction.


Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any references to novels, media, etc. I do not make any profit off writing this. 

A/N: It occurred to me just as I uploaded the last two chapters that I had not left any notes to explain speech, so here they are in case anyone was confused:

"Regular speech"

'Mental speech'


Prologue: Destiny Rising 

     A lone castle of stone stood proudly enshrouded by strong mountains in the land of Pern; its massive spires reaching as if to grasp the clouds right from the sky above. Its great walls were once filled with the laughter of young pupils on their way to study the ways of the Rider, but no more as there had been no new students for over three centuries. A lonesome and grim melancholy had fallen over the occupants of the once great Dragonskeep.

     The trecherous King Lazarus and his fateful dragon companion Leviathan ruled with an iron fist slowly encroaching upon the castle, its only defense, the mountainous walls and the last of the Dragon Riders. The dreaded king had killed many of the old ones and continued to whiddle away the proud race, both riders and dragons falling victim to his vicious tyranny, finding their deaths for refusing to join his terrible forces and help him to dominate the land, most wanting to return the country to its former peaceful glory before such a king had stolen the crown. Many soulbonded couples had been torn apart, leaving many Riders weak of heart and soul, making them easy prey for the king's slaughter. The numbers had dwindled from their once hundreds to a mere seventy or eighty riders, only two elders remaining.

     With no understanding of why new Riders had not been sensed in centuries, the elders had resigned themselves to the fact that the king was winning and feared that they would soon suffer the very real threat of extinction by his hand. Desperate, the elders had called several of the most experienced and strong Riders from their ranks and ordered them to travel the lands in search of new allies and possible riders. 

     The story begins with one of those Riders, the last Rider to have been sensed over three centuries in the past, a lonely man, fated to a lonesome existence with no soulbonded mate to call his own. Seifer Almasy had searched and searched and searched over the many years, following leads that led to nowhere and though he continued searching upon the orders of the elders, the darkness in the back of his mind whispered that it was hopeless. No new riders would be found; it was his destiny to be alone, born alone and cursed to an infinite existence beneath the crushing weight of his loneliness, empty in his quest, but carrying on if only out of spite for the Gods. 


     Squall stalked through the forest boardering the land of his heritage and that of the dread King Lazarus, a bow in his pale, nimble hands as he searched the area for game to hunt for the night's meal. Fine wisps of dark chocolate coloured hair shifted idly in the soft breeze as he traveled on near silent feet.

     A strange sound like that of a sad trumpet filtered through the foliage before him and his sharp eyes searched the treeline for the source as he moved cautiously forward. The dense forestry abruptly opened before him into a clearing, his breath catching in a horrified gasp. There in his path laid a massive, dangerously beautiful creature; a wounded black dragon called out pathetically. Great anger and sadness seeped into the dark haired elf's body as he slung his bow across his back, the taught string crossing his lithe chest as he approached the injured creature calmly and slowly, searching in his his mind for the dragon's own, desperately impressing his motives onto the large creature.

     The dragon's head shifted wearily to roll a bright green eye over him. It did not move well, injuries so severe caused by arrows and swords prohibiting it from freely moving about. The young elf closed his eyes for a moment, reaching out a pale hand to touch the smooth snout of the dragon.

     'Who's responsible for this old one?' he questioned quietly within their shared connection. The dragon's consciousness wavered as blood poured without slowing from the many terrible wounds on its hide.

     'A dark rider... Madness in his heart,' came her pained reply.

     Anger furrowed Squall's brow as he heard the pained voice within his mind.

     'The king goes too far... Why were you attacked?' the elf responded, disgust clear in his mind's voice. It was criminal what the king did to the creatures in the lands. 

      'He wanted me and mine to swear an unbreakable oath to him, to ally ourselves with a demon such as him who deserves not to call himself Rider. Many of my kin fell at his hands. I escaped only by pure desperation. I had no other choice for there was something precious that must be protected from the horrid king of corpses...'

     A fine cinnamon brow raised as the elf listened to the dragon's strained words, his fingertips stroking over the smooth scales on the large creature's snout, 'What is this you speak of?'

     The dragon convulsed for a moment, scales shivering as dark smoke furled from wide nostrils, something akin to a cough sounding from within its great chest. Squall stroked its soft nose soothingly with the backs of his knuckles. When the fit subsided, the emerald eyes focused back upon him, though the light within them was fevered, flicking as if fighting to remain.

     'I have not much time left in this place. I cannot protect my precious quarry any longer. The dragons have strived for this for many centuries now. This is our last gift and our last hope for you and your's young one. I impart you with this task. Will you accept this dangerous and most important quest?' the dragon's voice was hoarse and strained as she implored him. He nodded, unable to refuse the request, a strange calling in him urging him on.

     The dark dragon moved awkwardly, unfolding bloodied arms to reveal a brilliant opal stonelike object. It was no more than an arm's length and no thicker around than half that. He swallowed thickly, reaching to receive the strange object. As soon as his palm touched the smooth, shimmering surface, a shock ran through him, an odd buzz that took his body over with familiarity.

      'Protect this most precious gift with your entire life young one for if you fail, all will be lost. This be the last of our offspring, the rest stolen or crushed by the king. You are now entwined with this last request. You will be a Rider, the first in three centuries. Care for this child and embrace that which is your destiny... I can hold this life no longer...'

     Delicately pointed ears quivered as Squall pressed the warm egg to his chest, wrapping a protective arm around it. The dragon's words rang in his mind ominously. He had already decided he would accept the quest without doubt and do whatever he must to be true to it.

     Stormy eyes closed for a moment as he fought to gain his bearings, 'I will cherish this gift which you have bestowed upon me and I will not fail. Go now in peace old one and worry not for my hands may be small, but my will is strong. You will not be disappointed...'

     The dragon's head nodded once and one final melancholy trill sounded before the creature laid it's great head to the earth and was silent. Tears slid from lumionous twilight depths Squall turned from the sight, the egg held in his arms tightly, the sound of his heart permeating through the hard opal shell. He made his way back to his home and spent the following three weeks keeping careful care of the precious egg.

    He slept with it pressed to his chest, singing soft lullabys in the native tongue of the earth to the dragon child within. It was nearly a month before the elf was woken abruptly in the night by the feeling of another in his mind. The touch was tentative and warm, searching and he smiled as he realized the source. The egg lay cracked on the floor next to his bed, one bright crimson eye peeking through the widening crack. An awed smile formed on bowed lips as he knelt before the egg, reaching with careful fingers to pull the shell from the top, revealing the beautiful snowy white dragon within. He had never heard of such a dragon with scales the colour of pure white snow and deep scarlet eyes labelling her an albino.

     His new dragon immediately climbed from its confines and propelled itself into his chest, snuggling into him happily. 'Do not fear little one. I will take care of you, for you are mine and I am your's', he assured the shivering baby in his arms softly as he stood and searched for some meat to feed the newborn.


     Months passed in what seemed the blink of an eye and the beautiful brunette elf's dragon grew. He had given her the name Shiva after the goddess which made the snow fall. It seemed fitting for the dragon with scales the colour of fresh fallen snowflakes. She had grown huge in the time he had had her and could now converse with him and hunt on her own. Their journey would have to begin soon and so Squall prepared, though he was unsure where they were to go. No one, but the Riders of old knew where their keep was located and so he had no idea where to begin their search for it. He needed the guidance of the others in order to be of any use to them in the war which meant he had no choice, but to search for the Dragonskeep of legends. He was lost deep in thought as he played a soft melody on his flute, sitting on a thick branch in a large oak as Shiva circled about overhead.

     Suddenly, her bright voice rang through his mind excitedly, 'Riders come!'

     He did not need to be told twice and dropped from the tree gracefully, slipping the thin instrument into his belt as he awaited the approaching riders.



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