Tifa's Blowjob Bar

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Video Game Vixens

A Final Fantasy 7 Erotic Fan-Fiction

Chapter 3 : Tifa’s Blowjob Bar

Disclaimer : This is a work of erotic fan-fiction aka smutty porn. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story. This work is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic adult content including humiliation/degradation. If you are offended by such things please do not continue any further. It is a work of fiction.

Author’s Notes : Time for another chapter of Video Game Vixens. This time starring the perennially popular Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7. Of whom I’ve been a fan since back when the game initially came out.

It had all the makings of a slow night at the 7th Heaven, the little dive bar in the lower levels of the city of Midgar. There hadn’t been a customer in about an hour leaving the sole employee staffing the quaint little shack plenty of time to clean the tables, sweep the floors, and wipe down the bar while she waited for things to pick up. Some jazzy tunes pumped out of the jukebox over in the corner while she worked.

Tifa Lockhart ran the little drinking establishment. She was a stunning brunette with a short shock of bangs and the rest of her luxurious dark brown hair left long, hanging down past her ass and tied off into a little tail down near her waist. Her reddish-brown eyes went well with her extremely cute face. She was dressed in her usual manner which left very little to the imagination. The extremely tight white tank top she wore clung to her positively massive pair of breasts which jutted out in front of her like a pair of overripe melons. The fabric was thin and in the cool air of the bar her erect nipples could be seen poking through the material. It clung a few inches below the undersides of her huge tits before leaving her smooth midriff exposed. The pair of suspenders she wore ran around her bosom making what was already her most notable physical feature stand out all the more. Her arms were clad in long brown fingerless gloves which came up to the midst of her upper arms. Around her thin waist she had a brown leather belt which held up a tight and extremely short black leather skirt that clung to her curvy hips and tight ass. The tiny length of it was accentuated further by her long graceful legs. On her feet she wore a pair of brown woolen socks and a pair of sturdy red shoes.

She had her back turned putting up some freshly cleaned glasses when she heard the little bell ring announcing someone coming through the door. She turned, a warm smile on her face to greet the customer.

“Welcome to Seventh Heaven! Have a seat at the bar and I’ll be happy to serve you.” She looked over the man who had entered. He was a tall stocky man with dark hair and a beard. He was dressed like he might be some kind of factory worker. His thick soled boots made the floor creak as he made his way to the bar. Reaching a round seated stool he pulled it out and took a seat.

“I’ll have the house special.” As he spoke he dropped several gil onto the counter in front of him. Tifa nodded and reached out to take hold of the bills he had dropped. Picking up the crumpled and well-worn money she counted it up then stuffed it into a large jar that was already about a quarter of the way full of cash.

“One house special coming right up!” She flashed him her warmest smile again as she grabbed a sturdy looking glass mug and poured out a delicious looking amber drink. She topped it off just right with the proper amount of head before setting it down in front of her customer. As she poured his beer the man had reached down behind the bar and was fiddling with his hands. There was the sound of a zipper. Then he put his hands atop the bar and grabbed his drink.

Tifa said nothing at this. Then as he lifted the mug up to place it to his lips she lowered herself to her knees without saying a word. The bar was made up solely of some legs and a counter top. Beneath it there was no barrier between her and her customers. She could see how he had lowered his pants down around his ankles as he sat there at the bar. His cock was impressive, long even in a state of partial arousal. It was floppy and only semi-erect. Tifa moved closer beneath the bar towards the stiffening member. With one hand she reached out and took hold of the cock. Stroking it softly she encouraged his growth to a full on erection so that the long thick member was sticking out pointing at her face. Tifa licked her lips before pressing them to the cock-head. She could hear him begin to swig his beer as her wet lips parted around his tip and her tongue began to tease the sensitive skin there.

He sat there impassively drinking his booze as the stunning bar girl started to suck his cock. Tifa could feel his reaction however in her mouth as his cock completed its growth to full size in her wet maw. She could feel the way it throbbed and twitched excitedly as he tongue teased and licked along its length. Feeling a warm hard cock in her mouth excited the sexy young woman in a way she couldn’t explain. The brunette alternated between bobbing her head up and down on his dick and letting his increasingly wet shaft out from her lips so she could lick him all the way to the base then suckle up his heavy hairy nutsack. When she was down there stuffing her cheeks with his balls she’d grip his cock with one hand and slap the hard wet prick all over her face enjoying the touch of a male’s manhood against her skin.

While she was down there on her knees beneath the bar she heard the bell ring twice in quick succession. Without getting up she pulled her mouth off his length and stroked it with one hand while she greeted the newcomers.

“I’ll be with you both in a few minutes. Please have a seat at the bar!” Her clients would know what to expect and were willing to wait for the services she provided in her bar. She didn’t give the first customer short shrift just because business had picked up. She began to suck his cock again taking him even deeper till his fat length teased her throat. She could feel the long curly hairs around the base of his cock and on his stomach tickling her nose as she took him down to the base. His balls, still dripping with her saliva, pressed up against her chin as she swallowed his entire shaft. With her tongue swirling around the underside of his cock he came before too long at the expert blowjob skills of the big titted girl.

Tifa caught the entire load of piping hot jizz in her mouth. She could taste his salty essence as he filled her with his cream. She could hear him still swallowing his beer as she struggled to not swallow what he had poured out for her just yet. It swirled in her mouth as she let him empty the entire contents of his balls into her maw. Gripping his cock around the base with her fingers she milked the rest of his load into her wet willing mouth. Finally when she had collected the last of his seed she pulled back behind the bar and rose with her mouth still full of cum. He had drained the last of his glass and set the mug down onto the bar with a clink.

“Shank you berry mush.” Her words were mumbled due to her efforts not to spill the spunk she had saved in her mouth as she thanked her client for his patronage. As she spoke the sloshing white jizm floating about in her mouth was visible. She closed her lips and visibly swallowed the entire mouthful down before the customers eyes. As he watched the sexy girl swallow his seed he pulled his pants back up and put his cock back away. Then simple as that he rose from his seat and made his way out.

“Please come again!” Tifa tilted her head and smiled at the retreating man before turning her attention to the two had entered while she had been below the bar. One of them was a younger man, probably just over 18 from the look of him. He was cute in a boyish sort of way. Then on the next stool down was an older guy who must have been twice her age. The young man looked slightly nervous. Tifa didn’t recognize him so he must have been a new customer. She made her way over to stand in front of him. He couldn’t quite seem to lift his gaze from her impressive chest to look her in the face as he silently dropped the money onto the bar. Tifa counted it, stowed it in the till like she had done before and then set about pouring him a beer. Setting it down in front of him she gave him a wink.

“Be with you in just a moment. And what can I get you?” She asked the other man next to him.

“I’ll have the house special as well.” He dropped his money on the bar and Tifa repeated her ritual of counting it, putting the proceeds away and pouring a beer. Then turning back to the young man she dropped to her knees without further comment. He had his pants down around his ankles and his cock was already fully erect in anticipation. Tifa wasted no time. Moving in she began to fellate the boy sucking his cock with all the skill of a well-honed whore. She could see him grip the side of the bar as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. He wasn’t even touching the beer in front of him. When she slipped off his cock to get down and tease his balls with her tongue she was caught unprepared when he suddenly spooged without warning. A blast of cum shot straight up and hit the underside of the bar. The sticky goo fell back down to land atop her brown hair and dribble down across her forehead. Streaks of semen slid across her nose, lips, and chin. Feeling hot cum on her face thrilled the blowjob queen every bit as much as tasting it in her mouth. She’d have to clean the underside of the bar but she basked in the feeling of warm thick cock juice all over her skin just the same. Tifa rose up from behind the bar to see him blushing as he stared at the mess he had made of her face. She just smiled at him with her cum stained lips.

“Don’t forget to drink your beer!” She cocked her head slightly as she grinned and licked up the seed on her mouth.

“Uh right, the beer.” He chugged the entire thing in a single go before slamming the mug down. When he got off the stool he almost tripped on his own pants before he remembered to tug them back up and made a quick exit.

“Oh the folly of youth.” The patient customer waiting his turn said. He sipped his beer and waited for his turn. Tifa kept him waiting no longer. Dropping to her knees yet again she came face to face with an impressive member waiting for her oral attentions. Again she plied her skilled mouth and tongue to suck the man off. He was no quickie like the last one had been. Tifa could feel his pleasure as his cock throbbed against her tongue but he held out enjoying the feeling of her warm wet mouth for many minutes as she encouraged him with her tongue. She was cradling his wrinkled old sac in one hand and stroking his shaft with another while running her tongue around his mushroom shaped tip repeatedly before he finally came. His cock came loose from her grip and an unreasonably large load consisting of spurt after spurt of cock-cream began to pump out straight at her throat and chest. Hot spunk sprayed out against the skin of her shoulders and upper chest. Even more of it soaked into her tank-top. The tiny shirt, already stretched impossibly tight around her huge tits was now caked on by the sticky jizz. The white cotton was thin enough to begin with but now it was near transparent showy the fleshy tone of her giant knockers and her pointy pink nipples with their saucer sized areolas.  

Oh god that felt good, Tifa thought as the semen coated her chest. There were three things the hot little tart loved more than anything. One was sucking cocks, hence the blowjob bar she operated. The second was feeling cum be it in her mouth or all over her skin. The third was doing it for money. Not so much because she needed the cash though that did have its advantages. No, It was the special kind of dirty that it made her feel inside servicing strangers for gil that got her off like nothing else. She had just sucked off three men in under ten minutes and Tifa could feel her dampness in her white cotton panties already. The night was still young yet as well.

She saw the old man off, cum still splashed across her face and tits as she waved goodbye. More clients came in either singly or a few at a time. She swallowed several loads down into her tummy but more often than not she took them across the face or her big fat tits. She was a mess of semen smears at this point as it dripped down across her skin and messed her long straight hair. No effort was made to clean herself no matter how filthy she became. She just continued to wear the spunk as it built up on her body.

It had been a slow night up front but things continued to pick up as the evening wore on. Just as the cum built up so did the cash. Tifa pushed the gil down into the jar but eventually she was having trouble fitting any more in. This wasn’t a problem she was having with cock-sucking however. She’d never tire of feeling stranger’s long hard shafts sliding in between her lips and rubbing up against her tongue before delivering their creamy treat.

The highlight of the evening came when eight men came in together. They weren’t just any men either. A squad of Shinra security forces all getting off at the end of their shift showed up. They were still clad in their uniforms when they tramped on into the bar. Each of them was fit, tall, and muscular. Tifa felt her tummy flutter as she looked at the group of hard dangerous men standing there looking over the bar. She was definitely no fan of Shinra but that made the idea of wallowing down on her knees sucking the whole gang of them off even more exciting to her. Her cunt was already sopping wet and now a special tingly sensation was emanating from between her legs as she prepared to greet the newcomers. This was their first time at the 7th Heaven and they all stared at the big titted slut with cum all over her upper body as she approached from around the bar.

“Hello there. You look like you’re here for the house special.” She carried four of the full mugs in each of her hands.

“That’s right. We heard we should give it a try. You look a little full up.” Tifa handed out a beer to each of them as he answered her.

“If you don’t mind standing I can go ahead and serve you here. No wait that way.” She handed out the last of the drinks as she flashed them a cum splashed smile.

“Sounds perfect.” One by one the group of hardened security officers unzipped their trousers and loosened belts. They let their slacks hit the floor around their boots as their erect members dangled out all around her forming a circle of cocks. Tifa had lost count of the amount of times she had sunk to her knees that evening but now she did so again. The man directly in front of her wasted no time. He gripped his shaft around the base and began to slap his length across her sloppy face.

“You like that big dick in your face?” He kept bouncing it off her.

“Mmmhmm.” Tifa let out a moan mixed in with her statement of agreement. Sticking her tongue out she began to catch his cock slaps across it. Then when it settled there she began her blowjob lapping up and down his length and wrapping her soft wet lips around his shaft. Her cheeks sucked inwards in a lewd display as she pulled out all the stops to pleasure the tough Shinra company man. All around her she could feel his fellows with their erections pointing at her waiting their turn to feel her wet wanting mouth swallow their lengths. She attacked aggressively diving deep on his cock and freely letting his tip glide back into her throat and choke her.

While she focused her entire array of oral skills at bringing the security officer to orgasm Tifa slipped a hand down under her skirt and into her panties. She began by stroking her cunny with her fingertips but as his length burrowed deeper into her throat her fingers dug deeper inside her pussy. She had three fingers up to her second knuckle stroking her cunt when she felt his cock twitching in her throat about to cum. Although she would have died to have him spray his load straight into her already semen coated belly he had something else in mind. Having drained his beer already he set the glass mug unsteadily atop her jizz drenched tits. Pulling his manhood out of her tight wet throat he pointed his cock-head down into the mug and spat a thick heavy load of cum into the glass. Tifa looked down into the glass longingly as if she found the thought of waiting to taste his seed nearly unbearable but the customer was always right after all so she waited. He made way for another of his squad mates to come up and Tifa repeated her deepthroat performance for him breaking out every weapon in her cock-sucking arsenal.

When she had him on the verge of release he followed his friend’s lead and pulled out to pump another hearty gout of spunk into the mug. The thick off white goo foamed and pooled in the mug as a second helping of cum was dumped inside. One by one she repeated her performance blowing one after another as she drove her fingers deep into her cunt aching now for release. Though the mug wasn’t very steady balancing on her huge soft slimy tits she managed to keep it upright and not spill any as she encouraged each of them in turn to pump his ball juice into the increasingly full mug. She yearned for release now but her orgasm was eluding her despite being obviously on edge. There was something more she needed to set it off. Her panties were ruined by the time she had gotten the last Shinra employee to empty his gooey baby batter into the mug which was now full to the very brim.

Tifa looked up with a dumb smile upon her face as she contemplated draining the mug full of all eight of their sperm in one big chug. Using her hand that wasn’t buried up to her wrist in her snatch she took hold of the handle of the mug. The jizz painted bar girl tilted the glass up to her lips and opening her mouth she gulped down a hearty swallow of semen. She began to moan as she felt herself roaring towards her peak. This was exactly what she had needed. She gulped down another helping of cock juice as she felt her cunt starting to clench around her hand in anticipation of a mind breaker of an orgasm. She tilted the mug up higher. A miniscule amount leaked out at the corners of her mouth but most of it drained straight into her needy cum sucking gullet. So much cum drained into her mouth she was gargling as she tried to choke it all down. White hot pleasure ripped through her body as she felt her cunt gush with release. The wooden floorboards beneath her were coated in pussy juices as they sprayed out around her hand. She had swallowed the entire mug full of semen and sent herself to her own 7th Heaven doing so.

She hadn’t even gotten around to taking their money beforehand. Instead they dumped out a wad of nasty old bills onto her tits as she crouched there on her knees twitching as she came. The money was soiled immediately as it landed in the sticky semen all over her upper torso. Tifa remained there kneeling and unresponsive as they pulled up their slacks and made to leave. She was finally snapped out of it as she heard the bell on the door.


“Thank you for your business. Please come again!” She really hoped they would. Maybe they could bring even more of their friends next time. She’d like that. She’d like it very much.

The End.

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