Final Fantasy VII: Pervert Children

BY : SlutWriter
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Tifa kissed Denzel's cheek softly and fished with one dexterous hand in the young boy's khaki shorts, feeling a twinge of excitement similar to what an explorer might experience while traversing the unknown for the first time in a long time. It was a renewed and welcome sense of hot anticipation. Her sex with Cloud could be athletic and energetic (they were both capable of super-human agility and strength), sometimes playful- but it lacked something even at it's best, and at it's worst, it was downright boring.

Tifa had thought often about exactly what the problem was, but they'd never had a real conversation about it. Cloud was not a very creative partner, and had a very simple and romantic view of relationships. A protector at heart, he could be maddeningly gentle and passive. Tifa had often thought to herself that Cloud had no idea what to do when the rescue was over and it was time to "relax" with the princess. Sex was infrequent, too. For all his noble qualities, her spiky-haired beau had a traumatic past. He could be a troubled, aloof, and brooding man. Reminiscing as he frequently did about Sephiroth and the events of the previous few years, Cloud often became sexually disinterested or oblivious to her physical needs.

And on top of all that, he has a small cock, Tifa further noted, savoring the heat of Denzel's firm midriff as she slid her forearm against it. This was unquestionably true. To the surprise of absolutely nobody who had seen his Buster Sword and assumed (correctly) that he was compensating for something, Cloud had nothing to brag about downstairs. Fully erect, his pale and spiky-pubed penis was only about four inches long (four and a half on a really good day) and the width of a man's thumb, with balls like medium-sized grapes. 

To say that the forthcoming sexual experience might be liberating for Tifa was an understatement. Unlike Cloud, Denzel was anything but passive, seemed eager to explore her body, and represented a forbidden fruit that fired her loins in a way she'd not felt in years.

Since Denzel was only a young kid, Tifa expected to produce from his shorts a tool of similar or lesser dimensions than her boyfriend's. It was therefore with a coo of cute, open-mouthed surprise that her fingers dipped into his britches and closed around a hot and pulsating column of flesh that seemed as thick as her arm. Her face lit up, and she could not hide her delight as she felt down and up the shaft. Tifa had never seen Denzel naked before- the boy was always very shy when it came time to wash. She attributed this shyness to the Geostigma marks that often appeared on his thin and feisty body- but now it was clear he'd had other secrets as well.

Working deftly with hands that had been well-trained to deliver crushing punches or climb the dangerous rock faces of Mount Nibelheim, Tifa unsnapped Denzel's shorts and prepared to haul his thick, powerful organ out into the open.

Denzel put two hands down to stop her, suddenly looking unsure where he'd been so confident just minutes before, when he slid two of his skillful fingers into her pulsating quim. Meeting his eyes, Tifa saw uncertainty and self-doubt on Denzel's face. He had been confident in his love of her body, but he was not as sure of her love for his.

To ease his apprehension, Tifa brushed her long hair back behind one ear to make sure he could see all of her face, and then shone a disarming smile in his direction, complete with the trademark smirk that had made the hearts of Nibelheim's most eligible men flutter in her youth. She stroked his cheek and kissed him softly on the corner of his lips, a saliva bridge momentarily forming between their mouths as she pulled back away.

"It's ok, Denzel," she said. "Trust me."

They locked eyes for a moment, and after a few seconds his protective hands fell away from her wrist. Tifa drew her arm back, still gripping his heavy, hot underage penis, bringing it out into the open air. Upon seeing it, she exhaled with wonder, her anticipation turning to lust.

God, it's got to be twelves inches long and as thick as my bicep, she thought. I've been tucking him in at night for months and the whole time he's had a Midgar Zolom in his pants!

Denzel's cock was already rock hard, rising up from his pelvis in a turgid column, uncircumcised and completely hairless. His balls were big and smooth, drawn up tight against the base, and the entire length of his shaft was mottled in places with bruise-like coloration - the ever-present Geostigma that had been the topic of conversation in Edge since the first cases had been reported. Even the darker flesh of the foreskin had patches of purple and black. The Geostigma made the boy's cock look nasty and brutal, seasoned and remorseless- and that "dirty" aesthetic turned Tifa on to no end.

I want this thing to hurt me, her mind seethed. I want this in places Cloud could never go.

"It's gross, huh?" Denzel whispered to her, looking sad. "You probably don't want to touch me anymore, right?"

Tifa shook her head urgently, then pressed her lips to his ear, whispering with calm desperation. "No, Denzel. You have nothing to be ashamed of." She paused, before adding: "I want it. I want to touch you."

Swinging one toned and limber leg over his body, she moved to straddle him, staying kneebound and settling her thighs onto the backs of her calves. Denzel's cock jutted upward, and Tifa gathered and pressed it against the immaculate whiteness of her chest, feeling the heat of it between her breasts, before clasping her hands together and using her forearms to press her huge, hanging tits together around his shaft, cradling it in wet, buoyant flesh.

Denzel moaned as he felt the pressure, the pleasing, lubricated passage between her tits was large enough to engulf most of his oversized cock. "Aren't you afraid?" he asked, eyes filled with ecstasy and concern. "Of getting sick?" It was a question that was being asked around Edge by everyone. It was still anyone's guess how Geostigma was spread.

"No," she replied. "Let me take care of you. Let me help you, the way you helped me. I'll take care of you like a girlfriend should." Her choice of words was no accident. Tifa began to give Denzel a slow, amazingly pleasurable titfuck, jacking him in slow motion with the tidal ebb and flow of her peerless breasts. She dipped her head down and kissed the tip of his foreskin-wrapped cockhead, poking her tongue into his slick pisshole, dainty nostrils flaring as she took in his musk.

He smells so strong, she realized. For what little she saw of it, Cloud's unremarkable cock had all the scent of a recently-showered moogle. Denzel's geostigma-mottled cunt-stretcher was different. It had the pungent scent of sex pouring from it, evaporating right in her pretty face.

"It's dirty-" Denzel began, voice weak with pleasure, but she cut him off at once.

"It's alright," she said, and kissed his cockhead. "I want all of you, Denzel." She jammed her tongue in between his glans and foreskin, licking around, tasting and feeling a ring of slippery residue. "Nnnnngh! I love your dirt!" She drew a tongue that tasted like pure, concentrated sperm and sweat back into her mouth, savoring every second. In that moment it seemed her lust for the underage boy beneath her grew so great it might immolate her and leave her burning. She hadn't realized how much she needed this. And how much she would do to keep him, no matter his age. And be kept by him, in turn.

"I'll take responsibility," she said, her words coming out in a breathy huff. "I'll clean you all up, Denzel."

Tifa took a different grip on her breasts then, pinching her nipples and pulling them together so they were touching Denzel's cock, right where the foreskin ended. She applied pressure, moaning with pleasure. The boy felt the tightness of her nipples gripping the top of his cock and moaned in turn. Rivulets of milk slid from between her fingers and down his shaft, and then she dragged her breasts downward, peeling Denzel's foreskin down expertly with her massive, leaking tits.

They both gasped and twitched with excitement at the sliding sensation, at the audible sound of the young boy's heavy, sticky skin retracting to reveal a moist, chowdery ring of yellow-white smegma. "Nnngh, it stinks..." Tifa moaned, closing her eyes and biting her lip. Her cunt twitched with ecstasy, beginning to leak even more. The overpowering, sexy smell of Denzel's cock excited her.

Still titfucking his powerful, milk-soaked shaft, she lowered her face to his glans with unabashed hunger, ready to eat his pre-teen scum like a good bitch.


Cloud executed a sharp turn and swung his bike around, stirring up a line of dust on the road. Pulling his redesigned Buster Sword from it's extravagant leather scabbard, he hit the kickstand just in time to stop the bike from keeling over, then rolled off and assumed a fighting pose. He executed this transition in mere seconds.

The reason for his sudden stop was that three men had appeared before him in the road in a deadly ambush. Their names were Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo, mysterious troublemakers who specialized in looking dangerous and competent as hell- but Cloud would only learn that in time. He knew them only as the "silver-haired men", men who had been causing a ruckus in their search for Jenova.

They were fifty feet away. A distance that could be measured in milliseconds, if they were as skilled as Cloud suspected.

"Cloud Strife!" called Kadaj, gesturing in Cloud's direction with Souba, the wicked double-bladed katana that was his calling card. "Blood calls to blood, and here you are."

"Why are you trying to find Jenova?" Cloud called back.

"Mother has plans for us all!" returned Kadaj. "Even the likes of you!"

Suddenly, Loz braced his feet in the dirt and exploded forward, aiming to take Cloud's head off with a mighty head punch. Simultaneously, Yazoo shot low with his Velvet Nightmare handgun. In order to avoid the two-pronged attack, Cloud needed to go horizontal in the air, a feat he managed with some difficulty. Loz ripped past him high, and Cloud swung a leg up to send him tumbling in a trail of dust. He swept his Buster Sword low to deflect the bullets back in Yazoo's direction.

Can't let my guard down yet!

Cloud was able to raise his sword just in time to catch Kadaj's follow-up attack mere millimeters from his face, showing both of them with sparks from the crossed swords. Their eyes were inches apart as they jockeyed for position. Mako eyes.

"The Second Reunion is coming," hissed Kadaj. "And this planet will belong to Mother again."

"Raaaagh!" Enraged, Cloud surged forward, breaking Kadaj's guard...only to sense him being whisked away. Dust on the horizon and the sound of engines roaring into the distance confirmed that he'd been picked up by his brothers. And all three were on the move again, toward Edge.

Cloud opened his cellphone and dialed Tifa, his heart still racing from the recent encounter. There were ten rings, eleven, twelve. Finally, there was an answer, and he heard her familiar voice. "Hello? Cloud?"

For some reason, she also sounded out of breath.

"Tifa. I was right. The silver-haired men are definitely after Jenova. They're on the way back to Edge."

There was a pause, and Cloud heard something that sounded like a slurping noise.

"Tifa? Did you hear me?"

"Oh, yes- I was...just doing some cleaning," came the stammering response. Cloud raised an eyebrow.

"Well, you have to be careful..." he offered, and trailed off as the sound of sucking and smacking lips came through the cellphone speaker. "Tifa, are you eating something?"

No response for a few seconds. A gulping noise.


Finally she spoke up. "Oh...y-yes! Sorry, I was just eating some extra-thick cheese! It's *really* good."

Cloud actually paused and looked at his phone quizzically. After a moment, he continued. "Well, I want you to take this threat seriously, ok? Lock the doors and keep Denzel and Marlene close."

More slurping noises and wet sliding sounds. Then Tifa's voice. "O-ok, Cloud, whatever you say...ooooooh yes you nasty little moogle I like it when you-"

The call was obliterated by static and Cloud pulled the phone away from his ear. "Tifa? I think we're getting a crossed connection. What did you say?"


Tifa was sliding her milk-soaked tits up and down Denzel's huge cock, holding the cellphone with her head pinning it against one shapely shoulder.

"I said, 'I love you!'" she finished, then abruptly hung up the phone with disinterest. Denzel had started to thrust his little hips up from the bed, fucking her tits and driving his now-sparkling-clean cockhead into her mouth. She nearly orgasmed as it plowed upward against her lips. She could take Cloud's entire length in her mouth with no problem, but she nearly had to unhinge her jaw just to accept the knob of Denzel's astounding kiddie throat-fucker. She slid her mouth over it and drooled pathetically down the shaft as she performed a sordid pedophilic paizuri on the boy, bobbing her head on his pole like a chocobo trying to uproot some Gysahl Greens.

Any discomfort Denzel felt because of the agitation of his Geostigma bruising was cancelled out by the unparalleled titfuck and knob-slobbering he was receiving. They sawed back and forth together for several minutes, with Tifa doing most of the work at first, and Denzel slowly becoming more aggressive. Eventually, he broke the motion for a second to scramble upward, moving out from under Tifa and pulling his khaki shorts off as he did. Tifa rose to her knees and presented her tits to him, eyes smoldering with lust and the desire to be used. With Denzel standing on the bed and her kneeling, it was a perfect fit. The young boy stepped forward and slid his big dick back between her slick mammaries, ready to fuck in earnest.

From that moment onward it was Denzel's show. He reached forward to grope her chest as she held the swells of flesh in place for him, forming a tight chestcunt to tantalize his rampaging member. His cute young ass flexed as he thrust powerfully, the slapping, squelching and sliding noises adding to their mutual arousal. The titfuck continued for five minutes, then ten. She gave her body to a young boy to use, and he did so, with all the strength and passion he could muster from his small frame. He never seemed to slow down.

"You're so much bigger than Cloud," Tifa moaned, lubrication streaming down the inside of both thighs. "He could never do this to me!"

"Tifa...I...I love you!" moaned Denzel, clutching her breasts, feeling milk splatter his obscenely large young ballsack as he sawed into her cleavage.

"Then show me you love me and give it to me!" she hissed back.

"I don't... want you... to get sick!" gasped the boy. Tifa groaned with animalistic desire. The was hotter and more aroused than she'd ever been with Cloud, or any man.

"I don't care! I'm not afraid! I want your sickness, Denzel! Give me your Geostigma!" Her voice was a low, lewd, begging prowl. "Fuck your sickness all over me! Fill me with it!"

She pulled Denzel forward until his face was inches from hers and seethed the words to him, her hot breath pouring over his face.

"Pump your nasty Geostigma-filled cum all over my fucking tits and I'll love every second of it you little motherfucker!"

"Ouuuuugh!" moaned Denzel. His cock began to jerk, and his buttocks locked at their apex. Tifa pulled back slightly and knelt submissively in front of his cock, using one arm to raise her heavy breasts up and the other to aim and jerk the boy's pulsing, spasming rod.

"Yes! Oh yes, Denzel!" she moaned, as nasty ropes of thick, white semen began to pump from Denzel's cockhead and drape over her breasts, nearly burning her with their heat. One, two, three, four. The tacky, sticky spermshots formed gelatinous bridges on the swell of her bosom. She nearly came just from the sight of Denzel's virility, as his big, nasty cock continued to explode over her chest, not stopping or weakening, firing one pearly ribbon after another until her amazing tits were a glazed and sloppy lattice of his underage wad. Her mind reeled.

The best I've ever gotten from Cloud is a couple of weak spurts of watery seed, trickling down the inside of my thigh after a boring lay. Now a cute little kid is burying my rack in his hot, smelly fuck and I can't get enough. Disinfect me, Denzel. Make my skin forget his worthless cum.

Denzel's orgasm didn't abate until she was a mess of criss-crossing alabaster lines. When it did, the boy dropped first to his knees, and then to a dazed, astounded cross-legged position on the bedspread.

Raising her tits to her mouth, she began to suck her young partner's accumulated jizz from her slick chest, swallowing, gathering, swallowing again. The boy's cum was so thick that more than once she was able to slurp up a rope of wad as if it were a ramen noodle, sucking it into her mouth. Each time she swallowed, she opened her mouth to show him - to demonstrate that she had accepted him.

Denzel leaned back and lay flat on the bed, looking up at her with cute, half-lidded eyes. She cuddled down beside him, draping a leg over his hot young body, clutching him to her. They needed no words to express their feelings about what had just happened. It was only when Tifa moved to softly caress Denzel's heavy, flaccid cock in the afterglow of their coupling that she noticed something that took her from her reverie. 

Denzel's Geostigma bruises were completely gone.

​All of them.

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