Don Corneo Stinks

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Disclaimer: Fiction based on Final Fantasy 7. I do not own Final Fantasy, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This Fanfic has Bisexual content and straight up gay sex. It picks up at the part of FF7 where Cloud Tifa and Aeris are walking through Don Corneo's mansion. Hope you enjoy!


The three of them entered the mansion and headed toward Don Corneo’s room. They were hit with the thick scent of perfume as they neared the large golden door. It wreaked and they couldn’t and the smell went straight to Clouds head. He shook it off best he could and could see the two girls were doing the same. They had to focus on the mission at hand. Incidentally Cloud noticed for the first time just how sexy his two partners looked at that moment. They both looked incredibly slutty, in fact now that he thought about it. He looked like a little slut himself. He could see his reflection in the gold door, and somehow with the silver lipstick and eyeliner, the blonde wig with tiara and the sexy dress, Cloud looked like a slutty princess. Cloud couldn’t help but get a little hard as they entered Don Corneos room.

They stood there in line while Don Corneo looked them over like three tasty pieces of meat. He was salivating at the thought of ravaging one of these slutty whores. Cloud couldn’t blame him; he was getting that urge himself.

Don stopped and feigned a melancholy tone “Oh I simply cannot decide!” Corneo said “Perhaps I need to try my other senses first.” Abruptly he turned, grabbed the back of Clouds head and shoved his tongue in his mouth.

Cloud nearly grabbed him by the throat and strangled him right there. But Don Corneo’s guards were still right there. So Cloud regained his composer, remembered the mission and reluctantly returned the kiss. Don held the kiss for far longer than Cloud anticipated.

Cloud noticed that Corneo had a peculiar scent as well. It mixed in his nostrils with the scent of the room, making him feel light headed again. Cloud couldn’t help but notice how long the Don’s tongue felt in his mouth. His head was spinning. It was like a snakes tongue dancing around his mouth. He found himself getting lost in the moment as he closed his eyes and returned the kiss full force. Finally Don pulled his lips away and slid his tongue slowly out of Cloud’s mouth; Cloud closed his lips around his tongue and gently sucked on it while it slipped out of his mouth. Cloud opened his eyes and saw Don staring at him, licking his lips. Then he was moving closer again, opening his mouth as if to kiss him. Cloud instinctually opened his mouth, stuck his tongue out slightly and moved to meet his kiss. But as their lips were less than an inch apart Don pulled away and turned to move towards Aeris. Cloud awkwardly closed his mouth, feeling a twinge of disappointment despite himself. He realized that his Cock was rock hard and pitching an incredible tent. He quickly and as subtly as he could, adjusted it to hide his engorged cock in the waist band of the panties that he was wearing.

Cloud looked over to Aeris and Don Corneo and almost shot a load in his pants right then when he saw what she was doing. Don was holding out his finger and Aeris was licking and sucking on it as if it was a cock. She was riding her tongue along the length of his finger, taking the length of it in her mouth all the while starring at Don. She seemed to be blushing a deep red, Cloud thought it was from embarrassment at first but looking at the way she was face fucking his finger he wasn’t so sure.  Eventually Corneo pulled his finger out and gave Aeris a long lick on the cheek.

He moved passed Cloud and stood in front of Tifa. And starred at her. Tifa was beat red and breathing heavily in anticipation for what would be done to her. He kept just watching her, looking at her body, fucking her with his eyes. Tifa started to squirm, she was rubbing her thighs together. Corneo finally bit her hard on her neck and Tifa let out a yelp of pleasure. He started to kiss and lick Tifa’s neck, sucking hard. Tifa tilted her head back and smiled wide. She loved it. Cloud could see Don’s tongue start to snake out of his mouth down to Tifa’s large breasts. It was so long, it slipped under Tifa’s low cut dress and started to attack her nipple. Tifa let out a loud moan and shuddered. Don Corneo just made her cum. He stepped away from her and said “Guards, you may leave. I think I’ll keep all three.” Cloud looked to Tifa and she was beat red and breathing hard. Aeris had her tongue lolling out of her mouth and was panting noisily. Cloud realized he must have had a similar look on his face. He wanted more. He didn’t care about the mission anymore, he just wanted more. “You three follow me”

He led them into a large room with a bed that reeked with the same perfume that Don Corneo had on. Cloud took in a big whiff and shuddered. At that moment his cock burst the elastic of his panties and popped out of the fold in his dress. Cloud had a moment of panic but Corneo looked right at it “You have quite a large cock for a woman” He said with a smile, “but nowhere compared to mine.”

In one motion Don Corneo tore his pants away, exposing the largest cock Cloud had ever seen. It was as thick as his arm and twice as long as his own dick, hard as a rock and veiny. “Now let’s continue where we left of” He said as he sat on the bed.

Aeris moved first, the other two were still transfixed by Don’s monster cock. She sat on Don’s lap straddling him and rubbing herself on his cock. Aeris moved in to kiss him but Don grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her back. He beckoned Tifa closer with his free hand and she obeyed. When she was close enough Corneo pulled her into a deep kiss. Tifa let out a long moan while making out with Don. Corneo pulled a now panting and desperate Aeris down to his cock. She wasted no time swallowing it, giving it the same treatment she gave his finger. Cloud watched in awe and conflicted lust as Aeris’ head bobbed up and down on Don Corneo’s cock and Tifa got face fucked with his tongue.

Tifa’s short dress was riding higher and higher up and Cloud could see the wetness of her pussy. Corneo reached a hand down and started rubbing her wet pussy through her panties. At his touch Tifa screamed and tilted her head back in pleasure. Don took the opportunity to dive his face into her huge tits. He was biting her nipples through her dress and she loved it. Aeris was still working his giant shaft. To Clouds surprise she was able to get half of Dons dick down her throat.

Cloud couldn’t take it anymore. He moved up beside Tifa, grabbed her ass and kissed her deep. Tifa reached down and took Clouds hard cock in her hand jerking it off. Cloud could feel Tifa shuddering to Don Corneo’s touch. Cloud broke off the kiss and dropped down Tifa’s panties for Don’s convenience. Don pulled his face away from Tifa’s tits, lay down and lifted her onto his face, eating her soaking pussy out. Tifa screamed all over again, grinding her slutty pussy on his face. Don reached up and pulled Tifa’s skimpy dress down, allowing her ample tits to pop out. He grabbed them both in each of his hands and played with them while eating her out. “Oh my god your tongue!” Tifa struggled out through grunts. “It’s so long and wild! It’s driving me crazy!”

Cloud looked on and had a deep feeling of jealousy. He just wasn’t sure who he was jealous of. He went behind Aeris who was still going to town on Don’s cock. Cloud raised her long tight skirt up passed her ass and marveled at how wet she was. He slid her panties off and licked her slick pussy. As soon as his tongue touched the sweetness it was suddenly pulled away from him.

Don had reached down and pulled her up onto his lap “turn around” she obeyed; cloud saw her face for the first time since she first started sucking Don’s cock. Her chin was covered in drool, her tongue was lolling out of her mouth and her eyes were wide with mad excitement. ”Now slip my huge cock in your pussy.” Aeris obediently squatted on her legs lowering herself down. Despite her wetness and willingness Aeris was still a virgin. And Don Corneo had a hugely massive cock.  It would push against her opening and slip away. “You, girl! Guide my cock into your friend’s virgin snatch.”

Cloud realized who he means and slowly reached his hand out and wrapped his long strong fingers around Don Corneo’s cock. He brought the tip to Aeris’ pussy and held it steady while she lowered onto his dick. It was a tight fit, but she managed to squeeze the head into her twat with a gurgling scream. ”It’s so big! I want it all! I want the whole thing inside me! I want it to ruin me! I want this cock for the rest of my life!!!!”  Aeris came hard on his dick, squirting her juices all over the cock and all over Clouds face. The added moisture seemed to help a little and Aeris slid lower on his cock like a limp doll. She soon regained her strength and began to pump away on Don Corneos cock. Muttering about how much she loved taking this giant dick in her. She was still nowhere near to taking the whole thing though.

Cloud stood up and took a step back looking at the lewd scene. He was overcome with a need. Tifa and Aeris were getting satisfied but he was left out. He wanted it too. He had to admit it to himself. He wanted Don Corneo to make him cum too.

Cloud crawled onto the bed to where Don Corneo was eating Tifa’s sopping cunt. He moved close and gave Don’s ear a long lick “I want you to make me feel good too Donny.” Cloud moaned into his ear. “My cock is so hard for you.” Cloud guided Don’s hand to his dick to show him, “I want you to make me explode Donny.” Don was slowly teasing Clouds dick with his hand while Cloud started to make out with Don’s ear, licking it and kissing it and sucking it. “I want to make you explode too. I want to suck your massive manly cock. I want to suck it right down to your giant balls.” With one hand Cloud reached down and started rubbing Don’s balls. “Then you can explode right into my throat. And maybe you can suck my dick too. It’s nowhere near as wonderful as yours but I bet it tastes better than this sluts pussy. I want to feel your long tongue wrapped around my shaft. I want you to taste my delicious cum.” As cloud said cum Don Corneo shoved his tongue deep inside Tifa’s pussy. She wailed as she reached a climax so hard her entire body trembled.

“Then after that,” Cloud said “You can shove that fat meaty dick of yours into my tight asshole” Cloud shoved his tongue into Don Corneo’s ear canal. Fucking Don’s ear with his tongue. Don shoved Tifa off him and she fell to the bed limp and unconscious. He turned to face Cloud, but kept his face still, watching Cloud as he continued his seduction. “That’s right Donny deep inside my asshole.” Cloud kissed Don Corneo on his lips, but Don kept his mouth closed and face still, watching Cloud. “And when I say deep Donny, I don’t mean like this pathetic little girl.” He gestured to Aeris who was struggling up and down Don’s cock, only making it a quarter of the way down. “I mean I’ll make your cock disappear in my asshole Donny.”

Don Corneo reached up and pulled down hard on Aeris’ shoulders. Aeris came and let out a scream that would’ve been heard all the way in district six. Cloud brought the hand that was rubbing his balls up to stroke the remainder of his shaft that didn’t get swallowed up by pussy and stroked it hard. “See Donny? Even when you force her she can’t take all of you. I’m begging you Donny, let me make you cum deep in my asshole.” Don Corneo pushed Aeris hard off his cock; she fell to the floor limp and unconscious. Cloud stopped kissing Don Corneos motionless face for a second and looked him in the eyes. “Dirty me Donny.”

Don opened his mouth and kissed Cloud deep, shoving his tongue in to fuck Clouds throat. His hand shot down to Clouds rock hard cock and squeezed down hard on his balls. He brought his other hand down to rub the head of Clouds cock. It took no time at all for Cloud to explode and shoot the biggest load of his life, shooting jizz all over Don’s hand and all the way up to his face. As his orgasm subsided Don Corneo pulled away from the kiss and shoved his jizz covered hand in Clouds face. Cloud eagerly devoured his own cum off the hand and sucked on Don’s long thick middle finger. As he slid the finger out of his mouth he looked Don straight in the eyes. Gave the finger one last suck and slunk down towards Don Corneos massive eleventh finger.

Cloud sat on Don’s chest as he looked at the cock with reverence. He grabbed the head with one hand and played with it slightly. Teasing it. He leaned in and gave the head a long lick, tasting his pre cum and Aeris’ pussy. Cloud propped himself up on all fours and looked down at Don’s face. Clouds still rock hard cock was hanging right in front of Don’s face “You’re delicious Donny.” Cloud said while licking his lips. “I just want to gobble you up.” Cloud dove down onto Don Corneo’s big dick, taking it down his throat, shoving it all the way to Don’s balls on his first go. Don bucked his hips hard into Clouds face. Cloud slowly pulled it out gasping for air when he got out but diving back in for more before he caught his own breath. While he was deep on Don’s dick he slammed his own hips down onto Don’s face. Corneo opened wide and swallowed clouds dick whole. The two of them sucked each other hard, Cloud taking it all the way, Don strangling Clouds dick with his tongue.

Cloud pulled out and said “I can feel it Donny.” He dove back on and came up again. “Your tongue is massaging my dick so good.” Don’s tongue slipped out of his mouth while still wrapped around clouds cock and worked its way to his ass, licking the outside. “That’s my ass!” Cloud screamed in between choking on Don’s dick. “Your tongue is teasing my ass while it’s wrapped around my dick!” *Gargle gargle* “You’re gonna make me cum again!” *gargle* “Are you cumming too Donny?” *gargle* “Cum down my throat!” Cloud dove down again and held his cock there while Don exploded straight into his stomach. The sensation sent Cloud into another orgasm, jizzing into Don Corneos mouth. Cloud couldn’t keep down Don’s cock any longer, he pulled away as torrents of thick cum choked him and sprayed all over his face. Don pulled up on Cloud sitting him upright, Clouds cock still down Don’s throat, both cocks’ still cumming torrents. Cloud was being sprayed all over by Don’s jizz cannon. All of a sudden Aeris and Tifa pounced on Don’s jizzing cock, swallowing cum and getting their own facials.

Cloud was watching in orgasmic bliss when all of a sudden he felt Don’s Tongue shove up his asshole and stir him up. Cloud jumped in pleasure, his cock popping out of Don’s mouth and shooting the last few spurts of his orgasm onto Don’s dick. Don fucked Cloud with his tongue, spitting clouds own cum up his asshole while he did. Tifa was sucking Don’s big dick and Aeris was licking Clouds dick, looking at Clouds face as she did. “You’re going to take his huge cock aren’t you Cloud?” Aeris asked while moaning. “Up your ass?” Cloud screamed in pleasure as Don’s tongue worked his asshole. “I want to see it go in your asshole!” Aeris moaned.

Cloud looked down at Don Corneos still rock hard cock. Tifa was tit fucking it now and staring at Cloud. She released his dick with her tits, gripped it with her hand and pointed it right at Cloud. Don slid his tongue out of Clouds asshole and Cloud stood, walking slowly on top of Don Corneos massive shaft. It was dripping wet with saliva and cum, just like Clouds asshole. Cloud lowered himself onto the head, let his ass kiss it. He looked back at Don and slowly started to lower himself down, Cloud smiled and screamed as Don’s massive cock pierced his asshole. It was halfway in when Cloud stopped and came hard all over Tifa’s face and tits.  Then he slammed down the rest of the way and screamed. His face was contorted with pleasure as he started to ride Don Corneos dick. He was salivating.

Don push Cloud forward, bringing himself to his feet and pushing Cloud to his knees, his cock still lodged deep in Clouds ass. He pounded Cloud with everything he had. Bringing his cock fully out of Clouds asshole and shoving it back in to the hilt. Cloud was babbling nonsense about cocks and cum. Tifa crawled under Cloud where his dick was shooting occasional spurts of cum onto the bed sheets and took Clouds cock in her mouth while he continued to get pounded.

Aeris appeared suddenly in inches from Cloud and licked up some of the saliva on his chin. “Mmmm your saliva tastes like Don’s cum.” She scooped some more up on her finger and sucked it sexily. Cloud was barely paying attention to her he could only focus on the massive cock ramming his asshole. Aeris licked the rest of the goo that covered Clouds face. She stood up and went behind Don Corneo and started licking his asshole while his pelvis was thrusting back and forth. She reached under him and gripped his two balls in each hand.

The sensation sent Don over the edge. He grabbed Cloud by his haunches and pulled him back hard, bringing their two bodies flush together. Don shot his second massive load inside of Cloud. Cloud could feel Don’s hot cum filling him up. He couldn’t believe how hot his ass felt. And how full he was. He sat there on Don Corneo’s dick for what seemed like an eternity. His own dick was spraying all over Tifa’s huge tits. She was giggling and rubbing it in. Aeris was lapping up the overflow of cum dripping out of Clouds ass. Cloud turned to Don Corneo and kissed him, closing his eyes…

When Cloud opened his eyes he saw only Don’s massive dick, being plowed in and out of a pussy. Cloud was on his back with Aeris bouncing up and down on Cloud’s hard cock. Beside him Don Corneo was ramming Tifa’s pussy while she moaned lustily. Don Corneo started to cum inside Tifa’s pussy. Cloud reached out and grabbed Don’s balls and could feel them pulse with every shot of cum that came out. Cloud came himself into Aeris’ tight pussy. The two girls were cumming as well.  Cloud suddenly had an urge to taste Don Corneo’s cum so he pulled Don’s cock free of Tifa’s pussy and took it into his mouth. Swallowing every delicious morsel. When he was done coming inside of Aeris, she climbed off and started eating Tifa’s cum filled pussy. Tifa followed her lead and ate out Aeris as well.

Cloud popped Don’s cock out of his mouth and slid up to meet Don’s lips. They kissed passionately while they rubbed their cocks up against one another. Cloud wrapped his arms around Don Corneo and said “I don’t think I’m dirty enough yet Donny”

Don lifted Cloud up and slammed him down hard onto his cock, drilling deep into Clouds asshole. Cloud kissed Don again, searching for his tongue. When it slipped into his mouth he sucked on it like it was a cock. While he bounced like the little slut he became on Don’s cock he slipped Don’s tongue out of his mouth and said in a trembling girly voice “dirty me forever!”

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