Final Fantasy II: Victory at Last

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Author's note: This is, to my knowledge, the world's sole extant heterosexual English-language FFII erotica. I believe I've seen one piece of yaoi and one piece of yuri, but nothing M/F (or in this case, M/F/F/F). I wanted to write a piece that serve both a climatic victory orgy, as well as a sexual memoir of the character's involved. According to official sources, Firion is something of a libertine, so writing smut about him felt extra appropriate. Also, while mostly noted for it's unforgivingly hard gameplay, FFII does boast quite the roster of sexy characters. It needed smut, so I wrote it. Enjoy.


Firion had saved the world. He had rescued the princess, slain the evil emperor, and traveled into the depths of hell just to slay the evil emperor again.

He deserved a reward. He was cashing in all of the goodwill he had earned, for one evening of supreme enjoyment.

He sat on the throne of the Kingdom of Fynn, all but naked. His skin was of a pale olive complexion, and his hair was ghostly white, a luxurious mop kept tied loosely back in a long ponytail. His body was as a thing carved from marble, all long muscles and smooth skin. He had removed his armor, his clothing, his boots, even his signature headscarf. He was not the king, and it was not rightfully his throne to sit upon, but he had been allowed to make use of it just this once.

Three women knelt before him. Hilda, Princess of Flynn and rightful owner of the throne he sat upon; Leila, the pirate captain; and Maria, his friend from childhood and adopted sister.

All three women were naked. All three were sucking his cock.

The three women would pass his erect member back and forth between them, each taking his length in turn, then handing it over to the next. Sometimes two of them would take it at the same time, kissing one another while letting his hard member pass between the seal of their lips. Sometimes one would suck his balls while another licked at the head, and a third ran her tongue teasingly along his pale legs.

Maria had his cock now. Her hair was violet purple, and fell down to her waist in crashing waves. Her body was slim but toned, arms and back hardened by years of archery. She sucked him as only she could, knowing every inch of his body, every tick that made him work. She swallowed him to the base, deep-throating him without complaint. Hilda held her violet hair back, so as that Maria could look up at Firion, her eyes fixed upon her lover's while she serviced his cock.

Maria had been his first lover, his constant lover, the only person who's sex drive matched his own. The had been but youths when they took each other's virginities; he had lain the young Maria down in a field of flowers, exploring her body, her exploring his own. He made her cry his name to the pure blue sky with his mouth on her sex. She had swallowed the seed of his first orgasm at the hands of another, swallowing his cock to the base even then. Finally, he had knelt between her legs and pressed himself into her, her cry startling a flock of doves that flew into the air to mark the occasion. He had worked in her adroitly, their inexperienced bodies possessing uncanny instinct for how to move, where to touch, when to be gentle and when to be furious.

When they had finished, they lay under the sunset, basking in the heat of each other's bodies. He promised to be ever by her side, and she promised to be ever beside him.

But there had been others; many others. Like himself, Maria possessed an insatiable hunger, a need to feel the touch and passion of those around her. She had taken Minwu into her tent the first night of traveling together, sucking the healer's cock and riding him til he came. She had made wild love to Gordon, the forlorn prince of Kashuan, taking the young man's virginity in her stride.

Firion would watch, sometimes, while she had her men. He had watched while the massive Guy took her like a wild beast, his musclebound frame threatening to crush Maria's. He remembered clearly how tiny her legs looked stack on his massive shoulders while the human behemoth hammered into her savagely.

Maria had even seduced Leon, her own brother. She teased and prodded for weeks, slowly wearing away her surly brother's harsh outer shell, until one evening she finally overcame the instinctive taboo. Firion had watched while her own brother fucked her senseless, his own body being lit on fire with arousal at the sight. When the incestuous pair had finished, Firion took Leon's place, driving his cock into Maria's sopping cunt while she sucked off her brother. The three of them had made furious love until daybreak, but never spoke of the incident again. Firion wondered, perhaps, if that night of mad passion had been the force driving Leon away from the rest of them.

Of course, just as Maria had her men, Firion had his women. He looked down at Leila – Leila, who had one of his testicles in her mouth, coiled around his leg, her fingers playing between her sex. Her pale blue hair cascaded around her, falling down her shoulders while she serviced Firion's eggs. Her body was light and lithe and agile, her eyes exotic and inviting. Maria released his cock from her mouth, and Leila swallowed it eagerly. Maria gripped Leila's arms behind her back while Hilda pressed the pirate's mouth down on Firion's cock. Firion's hips fired up to meet her, skullfucking the pirate while she whimpered and mewled and moaned with delight.

From the first they made, the sexual tension had been palpable, a dynamic energy in the air. He had known she lured him into a trap, and cared not; her crew had ambushed him, and he bested them. It was all part of the game.

He still remembered the feel of her knife against his throat. The press of her body against his, and the message it carried.

She had invited him back to her cabin that night, saying she wanted to “apologize.” They made love passionate, furious love. Leila was a kinkster through and through, and the pirate had all but demanded that Firion tie her to the bed, pull her hair, slap her ass, fuck her in the ass. To tell her that she was a pirate whore who needed to be punished for her betrayal. They made no concealment of the cries of their passion, letting all the ship hear of their activities.

The second night, Maria joined them, pleasuring herself while watching Firion fuck the pirate captain. He had tied a sash round her neck, leashing her, choking her, while beating her with a flogger she kept for that exact purpose. All the time, staring his other lover in the eye, asking her how she liked watching him fuck his new whore.

The third night, Maria joined them properly. She sat on the pirate's face, making the other woman lick her cunt while Firion's cock ravaged her pussy. They called Leila their plaything, their shared sex toy, and the pirate captain was overjoyed.

Firion was now fucking the submissive pirate's throat raw, the other two women grinning as they held her in place. Hilda moved one hand down between Leila's legs, toying with her cunt while Maria held her arms bound.

Finally, the other women pulled Leila off of Firion's cock. The blue-haired pirate's breath was ragged, her body trembling. She had come while she was being facefucked, overwhelmed by the sinister delight of being used for someone else's pleasure.

Hilda pointed at the ground, wordlessly, indicating the pirate should prostrate herself. Leila complied obediently, and the princess straddled her face, lowering her sex onto Leila's tongue before leaning in to taste Firion's cock again. Maria knelt behind the princess, kneading her breasts with her hands, running her tongue from Hilda's spine to her ear, pleasuring her liege lady however she could. The princess had soft, blonde hair and a curvacious body, untempered by the world as Maria's and Leila's had been. She had plush, rosy lips, lips Firion delighted in feeling wrap around his rod.

Whereas Leila and he had been lover's from the first, winning the princess's heart had been a long, slow journey. He had desired the princess from the moment they met, to feel her soft embrace. She, for her part, had been captivated by the warrior, the exotic swordsman who had won back her kingdom. Every meeting involved glances that lingered too long, words that left much unsaid beneath the surface. Sexual tension had arisen between them gradually, over the long course of the war.

The first time Firion had taken Hilda it had, in fact, not truly been her. A monster had assumed her form while the real Hilda was taken away, a prisoner of the Emperor. Firion had known, and had cared not. The imposter had sought to seduce him, and seduced he was.

He made passionate love to the false Hilda on the floor of her throne room. He tore her dress from her body, his mouth ravishing her skin. His expert fingers brought her to earth-shaking orgasm, and when he finally entered her, he fucked her every way a man can fuck a woman. On her back, on her side, on her knees, all the while making the impostor come and come again.

She had meant to seduce him, but he had seduced her. When at last he had finished, spending his seed across her face – who doesn't want to come on a princess's face? - he revealed that he had known about the illusion all along. The impostor, furious, revealed it's true form, that of a monstrous demon, but was so exhausted from their union it lacked the strength to fight. The battle had been short, victory easy.

It was not until after she had been rescued from the clutch of the Emperor that Firion finally made love to the real Hilda. This had been a proper lovemaking, and a proper deflowering: the virgin princess had had neither man nor woman before him, and hence her earlier reluctance at his flirtations.

They made love slowly, gently. Always asking permission before taking another step forward, always checking to see what she enjoyed and did not enjoy. He explored her body with his mouth, tasting every inch of her soft curves, from the tips of her fingers to the tips of her breasts, from the arch of her neck to the valley of her legs.

He made love to her with his hands, first, working one finger inside her while the other played at the nub of her sex. She came like this, her very first orgasm, lying on her royal bed, one arm clinging his thigh as he knelt beside her.

His mouth was next, licking the honey of her sex, probing and tasting at her delicious moistness of her cunt. When she came, she screamed his name, swore there could be no better lover in all the kingdom.

Finally, he entered her with his cock, piercing the veil of her maidenhood, making her a woman in the eyes of the world. She had gasped while he worked in her, bringing her to her fall over and over again.

His needs had come later; he taught her how to pleasure a man, with her hands, her mouth, her breasts. How to coax the seed of ecstasy from the male sex organ. Maria would join them as well, teaching her the secrets of a woman's body.

And now all three of them knelt before him, pleasuring him as he had pleasured them. Hilda's mouth bobbed slowly on his cock, the organ alive with excitement and arousal. He could feel her moaning around his cock, her body being assailed with pleasure by the other women, her fingers gripping tight into his thighs. At last, he cupped her chin, lifting her gaze to his.

“My lady,” he said. “I think it's time you ascended your throne.”

He had taken his time enjoying the blowjob, relaxing, letting his lover's do the work. But now it was time to move forward, to join properly.

Hilda climbed onto the throne, onto Firion, and lowered herself onto his erect cock. She gasped as she felt his hard tool pierce her silken sheath, filling her with warmth and delight. Firion could feel her tight pussy contracting around him as she lowered herself, her voluptuous breasts coming down to eye level. He took one nipple in his mouth, teasing it as she began to ride him.

Up and down the princess went, rising and falling on Firion's spire. One hand stroked her spine, the other traveled lazily up and down her leg.

The shuddered as they felt new sensations on them. Maria was still behind the princess, running her tongue inch-by-inch up the column of her spine, sending electric chills through her body. Firion felt Leila's tongue in his ear, slowly circling from the outside to the inside, her hot breath on his skin.

“Fuck her, Firion. Fuck the princess rotten,” whispered the salacious pirate, “show her that even princesses can be whores.”

Firion put his arms beneath Hilda's legs and rose to his feet, standing with the princess impaled on his cock. She gave a gasp, and clung tightly to his neck as he began to bounce her up and down on his length. The other two women coiled about his legs, sultry and submissive, licking his thighs, toying with his balls as he fucked the princess.

Firion caught his reflection in one of the throne room's grand mirrors. One girl on his cock, two more at his feet. He felt powerful, sexy, dominant. He felt adored.

“Yes, my love!” screamed the princess. “Yes, take me, take hard!” Firion's strong arms bounced her up and down in his cock, making the princess scream with ecstasy. Maria and Leila knelt beneath them, tongues exposed, lapping at the exposed joining of their sex.

She wrapped her whole body tight around Firion as she came, high voice screaming as she climaxed. Maria held her as Firion set her down, kissing the princess full on the lips.

“No one can pleasure a woman like our Firion can,” said Maria, stroking the Princess's sweat-damp hair. “I know. I have searched for and wide, and he is still the best amongst men.”

While Maria held the princess, the petite blue-haired vixen of a pirate captain stroked Firion's chest. She ran her tongue across the hard muscle there, tasting the sweat of his lovemaking.

“Will you fuck me, next?” she pleaded, stroking his body. “Will you ravage me with your glorious cock?”

Firion pointed down at the floor. “Kneel. Bow down before me.”

The submissive pirate eagerly complied, kow-towing on the plush carpet of the throne room. She faced away from Firion, on her knees and elbows, body bent low, face down and ass up.

“Is this how you want me?”

Firion knelt behind her, piercing her tight pirate pussy with a single thrust of his lance. Leila mewled as he entered her, her cries echoing through the royal chamber. He twined his fist into her azure mane, pressing her face down into the rich carpet.

His other two lovers came to his side, kissing him, stroking him, encouraging him on.

“Ravage her, Firion. Bow her before you and claim her.”

“I love watching you fuck other women. I love listening to the way you make them moan.”

Firion kissed the woman at his side, his tongue dancing first with Hilda's, then with Maria's, his hips thrusting methodically against Leila's prostrate form.

“Kneel down, both of you. Next to her. That's it, just like that,” he instructed, and the two women complied. Maria and Hilda knelt on the carpet next to Leila, mirroring her posture, their curved buttocks raised high to the air and faces buried in the lush fabric of the rug.

His left and right hand went to each of them, tracing the outline of their womanhood before sliding a finger into each of their cunts. He fingered the two of them while fucking the third, pleasuring all three women at the same time. Their moans formed a symphony to his ears: Hilda's shy moans, Leila's submissive whimpers, Maria's ecstatic cries. Looking down on the three of them bowed prostrate before him triggered something primal in him. Dominance. Control. Power. Sex. They were all entwined.

He moved between the three of them, fucking them each in turn while they bowed before him. He would fuck one until she came, crying his name to the wind, then move to the next. He relished the subtle differences in the feeling of each of their cunts; this one tighter, this one warmer. All delectable. They each had a different rhythm; slower for Hilda, faster for Maria, as hard as he could for Leila. He felt like a master organist at his instrument, working each of the three women to their fall. While he was fucking one he would finger the others, keeping all three of his lovers wet and moaning.

“Turn over,” he instructed. “All of you.”

The three women turned to lay on their backs, long pools of blue, purple, and golden hair spilling out from each of them. His dagger pierced Maria's sheath, the familiar feeling of her warm pussy enveloping his cock. His first woman. His first love. He adored each of his lovers in their own way, but it was Maria who was his partner from the beginning, who had been with him through every step of his quest, who had ravished him in celebration in the throne room of the underworld after defeating the Emperor.

He had his hands inside Leila and Hilda's cunt at her side, two fingers working inside their soft passages while his thumb vibrated along the outside. The woman had their hands on each other as well as him; Hilda's fingers rubbed at Maria's clitoris, Leila's tongue explored her mouth. It was Firion's celebration, but it was also Maria's; let her be the center of things.

Firion hammered into Maria with lightning strokes, the violet haired beauty raising her hips off the ground as he plowed into her. His hands worked inside both of the other women, drawing them each to new heights of ecstasy.

He felt their pleasure building, the contractions in their body indicating they would climax soon. He paced them, one hand slowing here, the other speeding there, to bring the three women in sync. When they came, the three of them came together, their cries mingling in the air, each shouting his name.

“Yes, Firion!”

“Fuck me, Firion!”

“I love you, Firion!”

Firion came in concert with his three lovers, the feeling of their writhing bodies on his throwing him over the edge. He pulled himself free of Maria's grip at the last moment, his cock erupting with volcanic force. His seed splashed across her belly, her bosom, onto her face, onto the faces of Hild and Leila beside her. He covered the three beauties with his seed, feeling a primal sense of accomplishment at seeing his semen on their naked bodies, even more so when they began licking it from each other's skin.

He collapsed onto this three lovers, the four of them forming and intertwining mass of limbs and bodies on the soft carpet floor. Gentle hands stroked his skin, lips kissed the sweat from his brow. He felt warm. He felt loved. He felt desired. Saving the world was small price for happiness such as this.


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