Nocturne - Kuja's Fugue

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Nocturne - Kuja's Fugue


I woke very confused. That was the first thing I recall.

You see, there stood a motley rabble before me--several men and one woman, who stared as though they'd never seen me before, or even heard of me. I thought the idea was laughable…and then I discovered these poor bastards really didn't know who I was after all.

A sure relief, you'd think, wouldn't you? But I'd have given my tail for a bit of familiarity…my clothes were rent into hideous rags, and I'd spent near my entirety on Terra perfecting them. I tried my very best to look presentable, while someone lifted a sword larger than he was--possibly to spit me with it. Shaking my head, I relaxed my arms, relinquishing myself to these brutes for now. The blonde-haired hunk might have the strength to lift a chocobo with what little effort that sword took him to heft.

"Take him to the General, Cloud. He needs to see this one…. Maybe he's like the little creature we found earlier, crying for someone named 'Kuja'."

"…What a most fortuitous occurrence," I muttered, more than a little vexed at this point. "My name happens to be Kuja. And the creature you're speaking of has to be my wayward ward, Vivi Ornitier…. A tiny doll, but you wouldn't guess that unless you removed the hat. It's several sizes too large for him--I had to make do with what I had--and he's wearing green-striped pants, a blue coat--"

"Yeah, clearly you're the guy. One mystery solved; I think he's got your 'Vivi' with him right now. Cloud--" The woman managed to look detached somewhat, while the black-haired fellow behind her smiled coyly. Was this Cloud?

No, seemed that blonde swordsman was. He strapped his sword back over his shoulders and headed for me, kneeling to give me a purely arrogant frown. "You move," he breathed threateningly into my ear, "and I'll snap your neck. Won't take much."

"…I had no intention of doing so." Really, who could argue with a handsome face like that?




"I'm not used to you," Cloud said later, while walking me through the halls of a place called Shin-Ra Corp. He was a SOLDIER, which I took to mean some barbaric minuteman with an almost sexual attachment to steel. I'd given him a careful look myself, and determined whatever he was, he certainly didn't seem to be compensating for anything.... Young and virile, but clearly confused, he carried me into a large meeting room, where a young man with about Zidane's build looked coolly up at me.

"So this is the stranger."

"Yes, Mr. President." Cloud set me down into the chair in front of this lad, whose plaque read "Rufus Shinra"; clearly the name behind the facility of sorts. A man with glasses--eerie fellow, ugly in ways I couldn't explain--eyed me with all the curiosity of an antlion. "Shall I leave?"

"Only to find General Sephiroth. This man will be on his recognizance until he decides what to do with him." Good that Rufus actually knew I was a man; people had been confused before. I only thanked Bahamut my codpiece hadn't come loose…that would be embarrassing to say the least. (One simply didn't fall out of proper dress in front of strangers.)

The handsome fellow saluted, a quick lift of a well-muscled arm--and turned around, exiting the room with enough slow, coiled purpose that I couldn't help watching. Smooth, firm buttocks flexed behind those well-worn uniform trousers…. Yes, yes, a thrill and a half, I decided, licking my lips and swiveling to attend the President.

The door closed. "I'm not sure where you come from." He broke the silence first. "I know you're not from Gongaga, and Coneria doesn't have the clothes either you or your little friend do. You've all the appearance of a faraway aristocrat…you remind me of the history books, when the Planet was called something else. Gaia, I think."

"But that's where I came from," I murmured obtusely, which probably confused him all the more. But his colleague--Hojo, the tag said--looked at me closely now, raising something to wave it carefully down my body.

"No Mako in him. But some other substance…It shares the same ancient properties of the Lifestream. I believe he's telling us the truth," Hojo agreed, a gleeful smirk spreading over his face. "Do you think he's aware of the JENOVA principle?"

No, I hadn't heard of anything so strange. And I told them as much--didn't seem to surprise them. They looked at each other questioningly until Rufus pressed a button on his desk.

"Heidegger, please bring in the boy." He relaxed now, reaching for something called 'Nibel Cold Ale'. "So, my friend. You are lost, possibly historically lost, and despite the absence of Materia you can clearly cast its spells." Holding another of the bottles out, he invited, "Please. Please, drink and be merry--you see, the General isn't a very friendly individual, and his idea of excitement is polishing his Masamune or thrashing the soldiers into shape. Cloud Strife is one of our more successful recruits."

I took the bottle; it felt near frozen, but I wasn't about to ask for heated brandy here. A sip didn't offend my stomach too badly…. Behind me the door opened, and a small pair of booted feet ran up to the chair. Equally minuscule hands hugged to my waist.

"Kuja! I thought I'd never see you again! I f-found you in the Iifa tree…the last of it…. And then, we fell…Bright blue--"

"Yes," I agreed. "But we're here together now, Vivi. I'm glad you're with me--In some sick way, my lad, I'm terribly happy to see you."

He sombered somewhat there, clambering into my lap. "I s-saw the General. He's very big…. Bigger than you, Kuja, and he's…really quiet. His eyes glow green…." Softly he murmured other things about this 'Sephiroth', while I smelled leather and oils in the room.

It hadn't entered suddenly, this scent. Rather, it crept through the room as eerily lovely as absinthe, my heart quickening with the soft breaths I heard now. Someone saw me here and seemed as confused as Cloud, or they'd been working themselves to exhaustion…. And yet I smelled no pungent spikes of sweat to confirm the idea.

"He wasn't loud, Rufus. Actually, rather tolerable, considering his age…. He looks about nine." But the strange presence headed up to the desk in the form of a man shrouded in firm black leather, white-silvery hair spilling down his back in a perfect silky tide…straight, but thoroughly clean. Even now I inhaled a different musk there, that of soap and inoffensive colognes.

He passed a book to Rufus. "But that's not what brings me here. Look on this chapter--The Magical Age, or the Age of Gaia. This man…and the boy…. They're one Kuja and Vivi Ornitier. He created this little boy in 1799, the 1799 of the first age of the Planet. When Garnet Til Alexandros XVII reigned, this man was alive."

"Astounding." Rufus frowned. "They're over eleven thousand years old. And how they came here…."

"The Lifestream. I found it's also transported the girl I remember to a different place altogether…. Aeris seems to be completely gone from this world, as does Zack." He didn't seem upset by this notion, but when he turned around, I saw for the first time those glowing green eyes.

Gorgeous. Simply penetrating. Sephiroth was a cool, calculating man--all except those eyes, which delved past mine into my brain…. The stare there was less confused and more curious…like an Armodullahan would have. Or perhaps a Tonberry, pondering someone before it killed them. One hand reached to offer Vivi a frosted something or other.

"You were well-behaved. Elena sends it with her regards." His fingers ruffled Vivi's hair--in the rush to get to me, his hat had toppled from his head. "But you'd better continue your behavior."

Vivi nodded. "This smells good," he mused, tasting what might be chocolate ganache on the top of the little cake. "Oh! It is--Kuja, do you want a bite?"

I tried to beg off. "Vivi dear, it doesn't belong with ale. Milk, maybe…not ale." But one finger shoved to my face; whatever else he was, my little mage could be pushy when he wanted to. Duly I licked the frosting from his glove.

"Rather nice. Do send my compliments to the lovely woman; seems I've needed something sweet this evening." One look to Sephiroth convinced me we'd be spending a considerable amount of time together tonight. "And I really must thank you for your hospitality, master President."

He smirked. "You haven't touched your ale but to sip it. Is it too strong for your stomach?"

"No," I denied, and gave my best effort to drain it. Vivi laughed comically; drinking such a substance so quickly left me with a fair amount on what little remained of my clothes. "…R-Rather tasty, once one becomes accustomed…."

"You didn't have to rush, friend. We have all night."

I frowned softly. "I suppose so, sir. Would you rather I remain here for the duration--or are you headed somewhere I must accompany you to?"

"No, as I said, you'll be on Sephiroth's recognizance. He came to tell me who you are, and now that we know, I don't intend to drop you below the Plate. You're staying up here with the General…in his chambers, because prison is no place for someone like you. Especially with the general population; you've committed no crime I can think of, but they'd certainly have their way with you there."

The blunt statement flared my cheeks with sudden heat. A dungeon, filled with men who would ravage me as though I were some common whore…. Shaking my head, I hugged Vivi tightly to my chest.


"Of course not." Sephiroth's murmur behind me sent a compulsive thrill into my bones. "We'll be going now."


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