The Prank

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Chapter 1 : The Prank


Zack was helplessly pulling on the chain that were tying him to the bed while squirming under the red haired Commander heated glare. The man looked absolutely furious no furious was not even begining to cover it.

- Do you know why you are in this position puppy?

Genesis was walking around the bed slowly staring at Zack like an angry cat about to savagely pounce on its prey.

- No sir!

Zack shivered a bit, not because of the fact that he was completely naked but because if possible Genesis glare got even more viscious then it already was.

- No? So you are telling me that you havn't done anything wrong today?

His tone was so cold and angry that Zack stopped breathing for a moment.

Today? The only thing he had done today... It couldnt be... He hadn't even managed to pull the prank... Zack glanced toward the commander and realised that the man had to have seen him which mean he was dead... totally and utterly dead...


Earlier that day.

Zack and Reno had decided to pull one of their crazy prank. Zack was standing on the edge of the roof on top complettely of shinra tower to place the last part of their prank when his foot slipped and he started falling down the 70 floors at full speed.

After falling for about 5 floors Zack could feel someone arms and legs twist around him and a bit later a huge pull sent them flying back toward the roof where Tseng who had been observing the 2 pranksters had jumped with a bungee elastic to save the careless puppy. 

Tseng had then grabbed Reno by his collar and stormed off with him after scolding the SOLDIER and TURK sternly. 

What Zack hadn't known was that Genesis who was lounging in one of the sofa who was facing the windows on the 68th floor while reading loveless had heard the boy scream. Genesis had been so scared for his lover that he had managed to crack the window with his sword which was supposed to be an impossible faith as they were protected against SOLDIER strength. Genesis had been trying to destroy the window to save the boy until he saw Tseng jump back up with him. 

Genesis had then decided to wait a few hours to confront the boy since he knew that if he went now he would litterally kill him himself for scaring him to death like that.

Back to the present

Zack gulped audibly when he realised how bad the situation was.

- Gen...

- Quiet. 

Genesis roamed his gloved hand softly on the other man chest and stomach. He had to touch him to reasure himself that the boy was there, that he was safe. Zack heartbeat speeded up a bit. He had no idea what the commander would do to him. Last time he had been in trouble with him had been quite nasty and it was for something much less bad then today troubles...

- I can explai...

The sharp slap Genesis gave on his thight quieted Zack quickly.

- I do not want to hear a single noise from you Zack. You have been a very very bad puppy

Genesis hand caressed Zack chest softly then without warning he pinched and twisted the boy nipples hard which normally would have Zack gasping loudly but he managed to bite his lips and stay quiet.

- I will make sure Zack that you never even think of risking your life for nothing again.

As he was saying that Genesis lips were so close to Zack ears that they were brushing the lobe softly and then the commander started licking and suckling softly on the spot under the younger man ear that he knew to be a weak spot of the boy who was already starting to get hard.

Zack was having a very hard time to keep things quiet. Oh he knew he would fail before long but if he didn't try he knew things would get worse fast.

Genesis grabbed Zack cock in his hand and started stroking him softly. He then put his lips on the young Soldier lips and kissed him lightly sliding his tongue in the boy mouth and carressing Zack tongue tenderly with his. Genesis kept stroking the other man cock softly swirling his thumb lightly on the head. The red haired man then started spreading kisses, licks, suckles and light bites down Zack jaw and neck.

Zack lips were almost bleeding from his efforts of staying quiet.

Genesis started stroking faster as he was sucking on Zack neck and the younger man closed his eyes in pleasure before moaning softly.

Once the sound registered in Zack brain he opened his eyes in panic to see Genesis face barelly an inch from him and the red haired man was smirking devilishly at him and his eyes were clearly saying that even if he had been tender he was still very pissed off at the puppy.

- Seems you will have to be punished after all Zack.

Genesis stood up went to the desk where they were keeping all their toys and grabbed a few items.

He started by putting a gag ball in the puppy mouth tieing the straps properly. After that he lubbed a vibrator carefully before pushing it inside the younger man without any preparation which was showing how angry the man really was. Zack squirmed a little at the cold intrusion.

Once that was done Genesis installed the rod that was made to hold a vibrator in place. He then used a vibrator that had a band that would hug Zack cock shape perfectly once slipped on it and put it on the rod in such a way that the band was around Zack cock head sending vibration on the sensitive skin and making the younger man arch his back in pleasure which made the band move down on his cock then back up when he settled down. Zack was now looking wide eyed at him as the pleasure he was feeling was forcing him to thrust up and down in the little silicon band making him moan softly over and over.

Zack felt like he would go crazy. The vibrator was sending vibration directly on his prostate and his cock was so sweetly stimulated by the band that he couldnt stop thrusting in it. It felt soooo good. Genesis heated and lusty stare was not helping either he couldnt wait to feel the older man cock deep inside him.

- Well I will be back in a few hours enjoy yourself Zack. We are faaaaar from done discussing your behavior.

Genesis smirked at the other man and left the room to go tell to their lovers what shenanigans Zack had got himself into this tme.

Zack for his part was pulling helplessly on his restraint while thrusting up and down quickly and moaning uncontrolably. 



A/N : Hi all hope you guys liked it. It's first time i try to write that kind of stuff so hope it wasnt too bad ^^;

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