Self-Indulgence and Nothing More

BY : cherrygirlprime
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The petite black woman, Jess was writing a fanfiction about her some of her favorite characters from Final Fantasy Seven, using pictures as stimulation and sighed in a way that could only be described as in longing as Vincent Valentine and Tseng Xu writhed together in time to the staccato rhythmic clicks on her keyboard. The writer felt more and more stimulated as pretty pair moved from the teasing foreplay of hot blow jobs to full blown intercourse against the walls or the showers of the Mistress of Words' imagination. How she loved to write these two, Vincent with his brooding angst-y ways and Tseng with his hot intelligence and cool emotions, with their fabulous bodies and long flowing hair. To the Authoress, they were temptation and as sweet as sin to write, as if they had been concocted for her pleasure alone...and that of many fan girls and fan boys.

She felt that familiar throbbing between her legs and decided to seek out the "comfort" of her husband and searched her Oklahoma home for him, wondering where he had got to. Perhaps he was driving to Quebec to bring them back poutine? What other excuse would an American have to venture into the land of Igloos and people who rode to work on dog sleds and wore something called a trapper hat? What a bunch of weirdos!

Jess looked at herself in the mirror, admiring her looks; she had a golden cafe au lait complexion with generous curves, dark sparkling eyes and curly hair and a wide friendly smile, which she only projected to those she deemed worthy to receive it. She wasn't tiny in stature, she stood five foot three inches and was wonderfully curvy and was undeniably attractive. She frowned when the lights went out and went in the direction of the bat cave in order to light the candles there. She gasped when she tripped over something in the dark and the world went black.

She cracked an eye open when she came to and quickly sat up to find the two paper and ink objects of her affection staring down at her, as one pair of red eyes bore down on her and another pair of almost black, almond shaped eyes, studied her with the same intensity.

She noticed that they wore only their pants, exposing two drool worthy chests and deduced from the lingering smell of sex in the air that they had had been in the act of coitus when interrupted by her appearance on the scene.

"Who are you?" Tseng demanded, already having gun trained on her and so did Vincent.

"I'm Jess, I was just writing about you" she said.

"Writing about us? How is that even possible?" Vincent asked her in his soft baritone voice.

"I write fanfiction. I like to write about you two having sex, it's called lemon writing" she explained.

"Having sex? Are you trying to imply that you're the reason I suddenly felt the need to have my way with Vincent and take him down on all fours?" Tseng asked her, jerking his head at her.

"Well I was just writing about that" she admitted.

"Oh so you're some sort of Smut Goddess that feels she can tell two grown men what to do?" Vincent said, "what if we decide to tell you what to do?" he asked her and opened his leather pants and exposed to the already amorous feeling Authoresses' humid eyes, the largest and palest cock she had ever beheld.  It was so close to her that she could inhale the heady scent of his precum and male musk. "Don't you want to suck on it?" he taunted her with a smirk and he sighed when her small hands started to play with his low slung balls as her wide lips opened to receive the plump column of Vincent and began to eagerly suck him, taking as much as him inside herself as possible until the ex-Turk moaned and lightly tugged her curls to encourage her to orally ravish him deeper.

Tseng studied the enticing contrast between the pale as snow Vincent, being suckled by the darker hued girl, without preamble he undressed her and then pushed down Vincent's leather pants so they pooled at his feet and then pushed his own pants from himself. He regarded the ample figure on her hands and knees before Vincent as his hands loosely held her hair, she looked ripe and ready for the plucking and twice as juicy. Her body enticed him, it was almost like he was looking at a chocolate fountain come to life and begging for him to lick her sweetness.

Tseng's fingers quickly located her folds got on his knees behind the trembling goddess and his fingers exposed her hot core to his gaze and it seemed to glisten before his eyes. His long tongue soon swirled inside her, exploring the entirety of her hypersensitive pussy and even managed to pierce her heated sheath while her hips writhed at the stimuli and her muffled moans filled the room. Wanting more, he stood up and stabbed himself into her well prepared center seizing her hips, his face lulled forward in his arousal as he fucked her wet tightness, he could tell from the way she was fluttering on him, that she was already about to cum and a harsh clench and a squeal confirmed this.

Jess gasped when she realized who was inside of her; Tseng was the large dicked man she had always dreamed he would be as he seemed to hit every nerve ending inside of her and she shook at the stimulation. Jess still generously sucked Vincent in a way that seemed to please him at how flushed he was, she could feel him expanding in her mouth and his salty precum leaked into her mouth to mingle with her own saliva. The balls in her hands were clenched like a fist and Vincent's breath came in gasps as he approached his crisis. She watched at how his lithe body tensed at the stimuli her mouth was giving him and his face was tight with the need to release and with a full body heave, he shot down her throat and she eagerly swallowed his hot spunk.

Vincent sat down on the bed that was the only furniture in the room and taking the lube from the floor, he coated his hand and started stroking himself back to hardness as his lover continued to have sex with the female stranger, enjoying how hot it looked as Tseng's olive complexion set off her darker tone as he conquered her. Tseng's face lulled back and his eyes shut as he slammed her, his ragged breathing indicated he was about to cum and based on how the girl kept shaking, she was too. Tseng's hips slammed harshly forward and with a loud cry, he emptied himself inside her and she came again and staggered to her feet.

"Come here girl" Vincent said, burnishing his hard glistening cock at her and she walked over as if in a trance as it seemed to beckon towards her as she walked towards her dream man. His lips met hers as she straddled him as he sat on his knees. With a hand braced at her back, with a quick lunge, he impaled the girl and she leaned back and wailed as she took his length, if Tseng had been big; Vincent was enormous! In a trance she rode him as he himself pounded himself back into the girl until both were covered in sweat and Tseng got in bed with them to further stimulate them by stroking the pearl of her bouncing sex and kissing Vincent until they both got off.

Jess was practically licking her lips as Tseng had Vincent down on his hands and knees and ordered Vincent to pleasure her while he took him from behind and she eye fucked them both as a shaky tongue ate her until she came.

They finished off with Vincent standing holding her up and in her pussy, while Tseng took her from behind and all sighed out as the sensation drawn from her body and how they could feel each other's cock snaking against each other between her thin walls and they fucked her slowly to prolong the sensation. Afterwards they all had a bath and all played some more.

Jess was quite sore by the time they were all done but couldn't stop smiling. "So Jess, do you think you could get together with us again? We had a most enjoyable time" Vincent said. "What is your answer, Jess?"

"Jess, Jess? Are you okay, baby?" Andy asked her as her eyes fluttered open.

"What happened?" she asked, feeling sore in her nether regions.

"I got home and you were on the floor. I guess you must have hit your head on something" he said helping her to stand.

"Where were you?" she asked him.

"Montreal, Quebec to pick up poutine, something inspired me to drive nineteen hours there and back for it, I can't explain it. Something also made me stop at a restaurant named Schwartz's Deli to get smoked meat sandwiches as well" he said going to get the stone cold curdled cheesy and gravy fries and soggy sandwiches from his car. She felt sad that it was all a dream and couldn't figure of how hitting her head would cause the well fucked feeling in her loins and realized she had something in her hand and opened it to find a scrap of tattered bright red cloth there and wondered if it was all true. If that were the case; Sephiroth was going in her next story with all of them. 


Jess was having lots of fun in the personal bedroom where Tseng and Vincent met for their trysts, and when I mean by a lot of fun, I mean, as in Vincent sat in the chair while she rode him cowgirl style and Tseng was on the floor giving her oral attention as she typed at her laptop, controlling the scene. She was certainly liking her situation and shivered at the dual sensation of a skilled tongue on her pussy while Vincent's hard cock penetrated to her to the fullest extent. Once in a while, Vincent would cry out as Tseng's tongue flicked against his glistening cock, when it was exposed by Jess's body to heighten his pleasure.

She had found she could enter into this section of their world just by willing herself there when she wrote them being together and then she would happily join in their fun. It was a win situation for the Authoress as she could get to have sex with the objects of her desire and technically it was not cheating as they didn't official exist.

She gasped as she wrote that she had multiple orgasms and both of her lovers worked her over stimulated body to spike her pleasure until she collapsed against her "seat" while he went on playing with the hard chocolate nubs of her nipples and Tseng teasingly leaned up to suckle on one of her tender bud.

"So what's going on here?" a smooth voice inquired from the shadows and all three people turned to see who it was as the tall leather clad man stepped from the shadows, his signature silver hair swished around him as he moved.

"Sephiroth, you're always ending up where you're not wanted" Tseng commented, rising to his feet.

"Yes why is that? Were you following us?" Vincent said, raising to his full height after helping Jess to her feet. Obviously not caring that he was naked and still fully engorged and she didn't care that she was naked either. Yet Sephiroth's eyes seemed to widen to see so much bare flesh on display and looked just a tad uncomfortable as the female seemed to be raping him with her eye.

"I was wondering where you were going and therefore, I followed you. Now I see that is was not for any reason, other than to satisfy your lusts between yourselves and this woman. How boring. I shall be leaving now" he said and with a swish of his duster he turned to the find it was no longer there.

"Drat, what did that go?" Jess facetiously asked her lovers as she typed, her wide smile beaming at them as she examined her new quarry.

"Still doing the asexual thing Sephiroth?" Vincent called after him.

"My sex life is no concern of yours" the confused looking man said to them and then his eyes landed on Jess.

"You there, you did something to the exit? Return it, I wish to depart" he insisted of the amused looking Authoress.

"Oh, I see. It seems our other lover desires to fuck Sephiroth" Tseng said and he flinched at this.

Sephiroth looked nervous as the two men advanced on him, "I am not having sex with anyone present" he said with a sneer making people just long to take him down a peg or two all the more.

"I have always wanted to experience him myself to see what sort of lover he would make. He's so pretty with all that pale skin and shiny hair. Shall we see what he looks like naked?" Vincent said with a leer.

"Oh yes, one naked pretty boy coming up" Tseng said.

"I can't wait. Strip him, strip him right now" Jess practically begged

Sephiroth was looking from one to the other and then smirked as his Masamune materialized in his hand "you shall both stay back and you; you shall restore the exit to its rightful place" he commanded and then stared at his empty hand in shock.

"Oops, where did that go?" Jess asked in a sing song voice.

"Well it looks like you're all out of options, Sephiroth. You're trapped in here with us and have no way to defend yourself. Will you quietly take off my clothes submit to us?" Vincent asked him, suddenly beside him and this caused Sephiroth to jump and whirl away from him.

"I still have my inhuman strength or have you forgotten that?" he said taking a swing at him, only to have Vincent catch his wrist and looked surprised when Vincent pulled it behind his back and then seized his other one and pulled it behind his back as well, pinning him.

"And suddenly Sephiroth was a weak as a child" Jess read aloud. 

"Good one, looks like it's up to me to unwrap our gift" Tseng gloated and undoing the buckles on Sephiroth's duster and with Vincent's help, slid it from him.

"Unhand me, I command you" Sephiroth said in a cold voice as his heart beat triple time as the three naked people examined him as his belt was removed, his pants were undone and pushed down and his boots removed, to pull his pants from him the rest of the way, leaving him dressed only in his harness. This caused him to look more submissive than if he had simply been naked.  He gasped as even the scant modesty of his hair was drawn from his body by Tseng's fist to expose him completely. He could feel himself blushing as all three people examined his pearly body.

He gasped in outrage as Tseng's hand slid across his chest."You are like a beautiful statue come to life, yet you have such soft, warm skin. It shall be fun learning if you have any spirit or if you are indifferent to sexual pleasures as you claim. I, for one, cannot wait to show you the way. You're a virgin, right?"  Tseng asked to him.

"That is none of your business" he said. "Do you worst to me. Torture me if you want" Sephiroth said in a haughty voice.

"We're not going to hurt you. All we're going to do is fuck you and make you experience sexual stimulation. I mean why spar when we can make love to you? Let's get him to the bed" Tseng suggested and Sephiroth jerked back against their arms but soon Tseng's hands kept his arms pinned over his head.

"Jess, would you like to ride his cock while I take the trollop's anal cherry?" Vincent called to her.

"You don't have to ask me twice" she said hustling over and stroked Sephiroth's protesting body as she explored the alabaster trail of his lean, but muscular torso and he lightly gasped as her fingers encircled the pale disks of his areola and the flicked the tips themselves until they bloomed under her touches. Sephiroth cried out as his soft cock rested in one of her golden hands stroking and caressing it in a skillful way. Sephiroth shivered as Vincent poured cold lube along its length, the same hand curled around him, warming the lube with her own skin and started to stroke him in a compelling way.

Meanwhile, Vincent had spread Sephiroth his legs and he knelt on one while his claw hand kept them spread, exposing the pale pucker of Sephiroth's entrance and well coated lubed up fingers opened him to press and toy with his p-stop as Vincent scissor his fingers within him to prepare him.

Sephiroth gasped as both people teased his body into the unfamiliar sensation of arousal creeped into him as his hormones took over and he started to move his hips in time to their dual stroking and Tseng smirked and leaned down to capture Sephiroth's inexperienced mouth and kissed him sharply.

"You are a virgin, but not for much longer.  I can smell it on you, I can taste it on your lips. You've never even kissed anyone before. You can lie, but your body can't. We are going to make you experience sexual pleasure whether you allow us to or not. If I were you, I would surrender and join us. You have a body made for loving and we shall" he whispered to him. "Look at how well you're responding and we're only getting start. Surrender my pet, you know you need this."

"Never" Sephiroth cried with a growl as he tried to jerk free of his fleshy fetters as the female continued to toy with his now fully engorged dick while Vincent's long fingers stroked something in him that caused him to lightly gasp and he bit his lip, determined not to react.

"Jess, Vincent. Go ahead and take the stubborn slut's cherry" Tseng ordered them.

"Stop" he cried as the dusky female lowered herself over him so that his virgin cock brushed against her wet lips and he cried out as he was impaled into her molten hot core, while Vincent spread his legs apart with his arms and took him with one firm shove and Sephiroth cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain to be doubly impaled. Vincent allowed him a pause to adjust to his girth and then pulled out of him until just his head remained and then back again, taking him in deep, drawn out strokes to allow him to experience all of his length, knowing that each stroke would flex against his prostate and any pain he felt would soon become exquisite pleasure.

Sephiroth ceased to struggle as the onslaught of stimuli robbed him of his senses, his eyes were blown wide open and small whimpers of pleasure escaped his clenched lips as his resolve slipped away and his hips started to move in time with both people, offering himself up to Jess and widening himself to Vincent. Tseng soon felt that Sephiroth's resistance was at an end and let loose his arms and this time he kissed him back and put his hands on Jess's waist drawing her more firmly down on him.

Tseng's stroked himself while waiting for the others to be done with Sephiroth, it was a gorgeous sight of the pale ex-virgin being reamed and creamed by Tseng's two other lovers. His formerly cold face was animated in his arousal and his body heaved against them. Tseng's smiled as Jess leaned forward so her large breasts draped over his own flat chest and he kissed her back and so a sexual enthusiast was born.

Later on, Jess had Vincent do her doggie style as she watched Tseng take Sephiroth as he bounced him in his lap, his arms shoving him higher as Sephiroth was practically wailing his body was riddled by intense sexual excitement, not even seeming to care that Tseng was giving him love bites everywhere he could reach on his powder white skin. It most carnal scene Jess had ever witnessed as she watched the proud man deteriorate before her eyes.

Jess soon was almost hysterically sobbing as each of her holes was taken at once by the lusty men as they all shoved her full of large cocks until she actually past out from the onslaught of stimulation and woke up in her bat cave.

"Honey, where have you been" Andy asked her.

"I was right here. I must have fallen asleep" she said to her husband.

"So where are you going?" he asked her.

"To take a nap" she said.

"But you just woke up" he said in a confused sounding voice.

"Falling asleep at my desk is exhausting work" she said in a satisfied voice as she quickly replaced the exit to the bedroom in her story and undid the changes she had made to Sephiroth. 

Andy read her latest story, wondering why she had been so distracted lately. It was nothing out of the ordinary for her to write, with the exception that she was written into this one but Andy wasn't worried. She could admire and write smut about as many pretty pen and ink men as she wanted; it wasn't like they were real.


Sephiroth finished bathing and got dressed. "Where did Jess go?" he asked the others.

"She comes and she goes as she sees fit" Vincent explained.

"She's really quite something" Sephiroth commented.

"It looks like she has a new admirer" Tseng added.

"You know we could invite you the next time" Vincent suggested.

"What need have I for such foolishness" he demanded, back to normal.

"You sure seemed to enjoy it' Tseng said.

"I was pleasant but I can do without. Now I must depart. Do not mention this tryst to anyone; no one would believe you anyway" Sephiroth said.

"You know there is a reason why you remained a virgin this long" Vincent said, getting fed up with the uptight man.

"I would rather people tremble from fear and not excitement in my presence" he replied and left.

"What a douche. I swear no matter how I dug for it, I could not get that stick out of his ass to save my life" Tseng complained.






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