Sorceress's Fool

BY : salarta
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII or any Final Fantasy properties, its characters or any ideas or concepts contained herein. This story is a mere fan-made work, and I make no money or profit from its creation and dissemination.

Author's Note: This is another story that I'm doing little to no rewrite/editing on because I'm done writing these fics but think it's worth putting out what was passable. It was sitting on my computer for a year or so. I think part of the reason I never bothered to wrap it up and post it before is because it's especially mean to Rinoa and plays into what some people think she's like when they say they hate her.


"Umm... excuse me... I'm... the daughter of, um... Galbadian Army's, um... General Caraway."

In Rinoa's mind, it was the perfect plan. Carrying the power-suppressing Odine Bangle, she had slipped out of Caraway Mansion, run through side streets and climbed boxes to reach the Sorceress. Once there, she hoped her most powerful weapon of all would see her through: her peppy, winsome smile, the same secret weapon that earned her a three band SeeD fighting force from Headmaster Cid of Balamb Garden. Time and again, she used her charm to acquire goods and good will for her cause, right up to and including the train used to hijack President Deling's car.

It was only when she stood in the Sorceress' presence that Rinoa knew she had made a terrible, terrible mistake. She stammered through half-baked lines, her normally perceptive thoughts turned to mush. Everything coming out of her mouth sounded so stupid and phony, but she kept going, incensed with a sudden deep drive to find out how bad her excuses could get. Little by little, her confidence in this cunning plan of hers shrank before the Sorceress.

"So, I... um... brought you a small gift. Please..."

She slowly approached the throne. Her instinct to run away hit hard as she came closer, but she couldn't resist the urge to press on. She had to see this ploy through to the end, she convinced herself.

When a barrier threw her back, she cursed herself. The blast sent her sprawling to the ground with only enough time to shake her head and blink her eyes from the bright flash given off by the barrier. She regained her vision as an invisible force hoisted her into the air by the bangle.

"Ugh!" She gasped. Rinoa went slack and dangled to a strange power digging into her chest. She dropped to her knees a moment later. As the Sorceress stood from her throne, so did Rinoa, but not of her own will. From a small, quiet corner in the back of her mind, Rinoa watched her body act out.

'No... no...' said the little voice inside her head. Her feet shuffled on unsteady legs after the Sorceress. An empty, vapid expression crossed her face. Reaching the podium, Rinoa looked out at the massive crowd below. A whole city of people had come out to celebrate the Sorceress' rise to power. Every man, woman and child of Deling City awaited the Sorceress' speech from the high podium.

Rinoa could only imagine how the crowd saw her. Flanking the Sorceress alongside President Deling, she must have looked every bit an eager right hand to the vile woman whose powers had her moving about like a puppet on magical strings. It all felt like some horrible nightmare. From the Sorceress' scornful speech, to the purple fire Edea used to lift and immolate President Deling, her mind went through a haze dulling what should have been a twinge of horror. As the Sorceress flung the president back, the haze in Rinoa's head cleared enough for her to hear Edea with perfect clarity.

"Rest assured, you fools. Your time will come. Allow me to give you a small taste."

Rinoa's eyes went wide, but only in her split second of control, as she ambled past Edea. She helplessly swayed at the edge of the platform for all to see. She knew what the Sorceress had planned. The Sorceress wanted to show her off as an example for anyone not enraptured by her spell. By wandering into the woman's den, she had turned herself into her sacrificial lamb.

"This is General Caraway's daughter," Edea announced. "She came here tonight to stop my reign of terror with a contrived plot that even a child could see through. Take a good look at this woman, lowlives. This is Rinoa Heartilly, and Rinoa Heartilly is a FOOL."

Rinoa squinted as best she could across the square. None of the faces of people suddenly roaring with approval at the insult were familiar. None of them looked like childhood friends or old mentors. None of these people knew her, yet all of them eagerly joined Edea's call to judge and mock her.

"Look at her face. That is not the face of a genius. It is the face of a moron. Time and again, she proved herself too stupid to see the traps I laid out for her with every failed plot."

With a wave of Edea's arm, a very large rectangle, much like a magical television, revealed the very scenes marking Rinoa's shameful setbacks. It started with Rinoa demonstrating her scheme to hijack President Deling's train car with the crude, ugly mock-up handmade by Rinoa herself. The angle never strayed from its view of her, drinking in every bit of Rinoa's giddy playtime with her little toy train set right up to her grumpy mini-tantrum when her allies pointed out the awful construction of Deling's car.

Except that exact scene never happened. The basics remained the same, but every motion and word the magic screen displayed exaggerated the moment. In Edea's altered vision of the past, she looked like a spoiled brat putting on a play show for a crowd of grown-ups. The Deling City audience laughing at her expense would have left her in a state of deep shame if the violation of her dignity hadn't come from pure fabrication.

Scene after scene came up for the judgment of her so-called peers. From decoy monsters to surprise assaults, the screen took the real setting and warped it. On the train, the Rinoa on screen rushed up to what she thought was Deling and received a swift punch that knocked her unconscious. In Timber, Rinoa fumbled with a camera from her room in her group's base, oblivious as she announced her private fun to the whole town through the TV station's giant built-in screen.

The Rinoa on the magic screen smacked the camera. "Stupid camera! First my vibrator, now this. What good is this stuff if it can't be used more than five times a day without breaking?"

The viewer faded, leaving only the chuckles and giggles of the crowd.

"Fortunately for Rinoa, she has made the one smart decision of her pathetic life and offered herself as a gift to me. I have accepted her offer. You might be asking yourselves, why? How can a weak, sheltered woman as dense as Rinoa Heartilly serve your Sorceress? Observe."

Rinoa gasped as the same powerful, invisible force as before floated her off the platform. She hovered high above the crowd. Her feet dangled for ground she couldn't reach. In the brief instant she regained control over her features, they screwed to make her grit her teeth and wince.

"Rinoa!" She heard Squall's shout from the distance.

Violet smoke consumed Rinoa's body. The sounds, smells and sights of Deling City disappeared. Caught in the haze, Rinoa found herself blind, the whole city silent, while a pungent odor clung to her. If she had control, she would have coughed. Instead, she inhaled deeply, taking whole lungfuls of smoke. As it cleared, she floated back to the platform.

Red lipstick curved out to her cheeks, accentuating the wide, vapid grin on her chalk white face. A single red heart appeared under each of her golden eyes, those eyes covered by black eyeshadow to match her wild and messy hair. Rinoa could not see these details, but a stiff breeze ruffling her tiny, fluffy red skirt drew her to the features she could. Peering down, her hands caressed the thin black spandex straps running from the front of her skirt, up over her shoulders and down her back like a pair of suspenders. The straps barely covered her aureoles, their thin pink edges slipping out.

No jiggle presented itself as Rinoa set down on her bare feet. The design of her wardrobe looked tailor made to express her complete lack of breasts, their diminutive size pressed into the shape of a perfectly flat chest. This didn't stop Rinoa from pinching and rubbing until her obscene little nubs visibly popped into full view under the platform's lights. Rinoa would have blushed, but even if she could her new face ensured no one would get to see it.

'No... no. Stop it! Stop!' Rinoa pleaded inwardly as she gleefully waved with the dullest of dull grins.

For only the briefest, blink and you'll miss it second, a wicked smirk crossed Edea's lips before she returned to her stoic self. "Deling City, I give you Rinoa Heartilly in her purest form: the fool. What better use for a fool than to entertain her betters with her stupidity. Isn't that right, Rinoa?"

"Yep! No brains here! I'm all dumbass, teehee."

Rinoa wanted to scream. Between her empty-headed giggling and the sensuous rubdown she gave her boobs, Rinoa wanted nothing more than to thrash and break free, but her body responded to her efforts by twisting her nipples as punishment. Even if a few errant squeaks slipped through her painted lips, the raucous laughter at her new look and the insults pouring out of her mouth would have buried anything she had to say.

"This is the best you wretched creatures have for a resistance. Faced with annihilation, you left a stupid little girl to fight your rebellion and allowed her to play child's games. Let my new jester serve as a warning for anyone plotting an end to my reign."

Stepping from the podium, cheers erupted after Edea's speech. The Sorceress paused at the exit and peered over her shoulder to Rinoa. "Come, clown. We have a parade to attend."


Rinoa danced. Front and center on the parade float bearing Edea and Seifer, the Sorceress's Fool put her all into a performance fit for her master. A spin raised her skirt, exposing the black wing tattoos across her bare ass, a pair matching the ones across her upper back. She lowered herself with a sexy wriggle, hands pressed against her tiny tits. With a dull smile, she turned to Seifer and flashed her bare pussy with a quick thrust of her hips.

"Hey Seifer! How am I doing? Do I look dumb and slutty enough?" Rinoa asked. She frowned when the Sorceress' Knight cast his gaze aside and glared out at the people lining the streets. "Aww, don't be like that. You think I'm not dumb enough to be the Sorceress's Fool, don't you?"

Edea answered for him. "Rest assured, Rinoa, you have nothing to prove. Your idiocy has no equal. I would not have chosen you if you did not deserve it."

"B-but... I'm not doing anything stupid," Rinoa meekly replied.

Edea glared at her whimsical puppet. She motioned for Rinoa to come. The young fool skipped to her side and bowed, arms behind her back and skirt tugged higher to reveal her thick rump supported by two stiff and straight legs.

"Rinoa, where are we?"

Cluelessly, Rinoa answered, "... Deling City?"

"My float, where everyone can see you. What are you doing?"

Dumbfounded, Rinoa pressed a finger to her lip, peering up in thought before looking back at her master. "... Shaking my ass on stage?"

"Very good. This next part is very important. I want you to think about it as hard as you can. When these people see a half-naked fool performing an erotic dance at the front of my float with a stupid grin on her face, what is the one thing they are certain to think of her?"

It took a few seconds of silent hmming, but when Edea's meaning came to her, Rinoa's eyes lit up with dopey joy. A wet thrill dripped from between her thighs. Her slick, sweaty wild hair whipped around as she turned.

Inspired by her master, she strutted to the front of the float and immediately dropped onto her ass. A spread of her legs and lift of her skirt presented her sex as a tribute to Edea's glory. It was the one bright sopping spot on her whole dirty jester body, more vulgar than burlesque. Anticipation built when she dipped her hand between her thighs.

Right as she plunged her fingers inside with a soft and raunchy moan, the face of a scarred man cutting through the parade allowed Rinoa to wrest enough control over her body to widen her eyes in shock. It ended swiftly, and she settled into a ditzy smile.

"Squally! Master, Squally came to see me perform! He wants to watch me play with myself."

"No, you fool. He's coming to stop me," Edea said.

"You mean he didn't come to see me? Why not?" Rinoa whined. "He should be excited! He always thought I was a small-boobed bimbo."

"His view of you is clouded by compassion and reason. Seifer and I will show him the error of his ways soon enough. He is not your concern. Your task is to show your loyalty to me by entertaining these people with your buffoonery."

Squall, the only man that could hope to save her, ran between paraders with Quistis and Selphie right behind him. Every creeping and lingering second it took him to rush the float meant another second of Rinoa baring her gushing sex and quaking legs right in his line of sight. Yet somewhere, deep within the recesses of her mind, the real Rinoa cried for release.

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