To Claim a Fallen God

BY : cherrygirlprime
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So here he sat, in a squat booth in the corner of this not only visibly offensive, audibly detestable, and olfactory barraging place being very uncomfortable. The place reeked of alcohol, cigars and cigarettes, and other ungodly smells that made him want to sneeze himself clear out of this building.  He would kill Aerith again, if he hadn't become fond of her as an actual friend.  After that last battle with Cloud in which he had been annihilated again and banished to death once more, instead of the dark and cold loneliness awaiting him once again, she had been waiting for him surprisingly in the calm blue-green that made him.  Actually, when he was literally in pieces, Kadaj, the fiery spirited young man that was quite figuratively his heart and soul, Yazoo was his cunning mind and allure, and Loz his cockiness and brute strength. 

Aerith offered rest to Kadaj, inadvertently healing his heart, and when mind and body followed shortly thereafter, they were too from her kind spirit and with her Holy Gospel. 

He had been able to merge himself back together and become at peace for once in a long time. That is why he was so resentful that Aerith drug Zachary, herself, and him back to life again and back into this current situation.

He was happy to have his Second in Command and friend back. He was happy that he could remember the better times between them two before the false mother, Jenova, had hijacked him.  He was even able to feel something of vindication for Aerith since he had struck her down in death due to falsities. Well, Jenova had used his hand to do so.  Surprisingly, she had understood why it had happened that way more than himself.

 He had learned from Aerith about his history and Vincent Valentine's involvement, the only person who legitimately was concerned about him, even before there was a 'him'.  It was even at his own risk to his health and life, which it Vincent had paid dearly for.  He was alive, but like him, very augmented due to unspeakable experimentations…and ageless with literal demons as his contemporaries in his very mind. How lonely was the man because of the sins of his father, Soji Hojo and his real mother Lucrecia Crescent?

Sephiroth conceded that he had always been something of an oddity himself.  He was fair to the point of albinisms almost.  He still maintained his silvery white hair, long and flowing down to his calves as well as his jade eyes with slit pupils.  He also had periods of…time where he was to bar himself away in his room and preferably nude.   He actually preferred to sleep that specific day away.   The theory was never explained to him why after he had started puberty this had happened, only that even as Hojo had told him this vague explanation to hide himself away.    He would visibly shake and twitch as if it was an effort not to touch him, which he was not particularly fond of anyway. 

But he’d remembered once he’d been made a General at 14, he’d accidently went out among his men during one of those times.   One minute his calm and collected men were at attention, the next they were straining and…and then there were some of his actual men lunging at him.   It wasn’t as if they posed a threat to him, more a shock that they dare.

 Sephiroth quickly subdued them and glared at the remaining men that were shaking with effort to let them know whatever their problem, they had better deal with it accordingly, turning his back quickly on them.  When he made his way back to his tent to form more strategies on the war, he missed even how his best friends and fellow Generals were behaving.  

Angeal was sweating profusely as if he had been running though he had not and Genesis looked flushed and was breathing hard as if they had matched off, matching his beautiful red hair, both sporting noticeable predicaments in their pants.  He had made a mental note to remember these moments of hysteria that seem to happen and lock himself away.  He did this faithfully, that is until the whole body stealing from Jenova.

Going insane takes many of your priorities away, especially when one is busy razing and killing people and things in the name of a false mother, true parasite of the world.

Oh well, that was then and this was now.

Sephiroth sat in the dark, slightly muggy corner thinking about his life choices.  He despised Aerith for bringing him here with Zach.  He knew the rules though.  Her friends would be more than willing to play nice if she and Zach were around since they knew she had brought him back.  When they asked why she’d brought back her own killer befuddled, she stated simply that he was not her killer, Jenova had been and went into the same droll story of how he had been overtaken and basically mind raped.

Wonderful entertainment.  He needed to kill something and for some reason he had been on edge all day.  There were normal patrons there as well, female and male, vying for his attention.  He had never wanted or needed human contact, why start now?  The sheer thought of touch was revolting due to his upbringing so it was healthy for the other party to know that when approaching him.

As if the day was not already off to a terrible start, in walked Rufus and his Turks.  They would know of his revival and posed no issues, he just did not care to be bothered.  A short time later, Reeve and Vincent swept into the room back from a WRO mission.


So now, all of Avalanche sans the talking sentient cat/wolf from Cosmo Canyon and annoying woman child from Wutai was here.  That still left him Tifa, who though she chatted with Aerith, eyeballed him warily as if he were going to try to split her in two any second and on high guard always around him.

Rufus and Cloud were at the gaming table with the other two named Cid and Barrett. Zachary, Rude, and Reno were also in tow drinking beer, Rufus his bourbon, and playing something called “Poker”.

 He knew Cloud’s guard was never always down.   For that matter, that whole table was very aware.   Vincent and Tseng had sat by the hearth that remained not lit and they were playing chess, he also knew both those men were always on guard and since they were the closest to him, he too was on guard with them.  

Reeve sat at the bar talking to Elena about his new version of Cait Sith.  Those were the only two that seemed truly not concerned.

Sephiroth felt as though he should be above it but he wanted to sulk.  It had been three damned months since he would come back, were any of them dead yet?

Normally he had general disregard for how they behaved and sat quietly until time for them to leave like some well-mannered child but-Goddess, why was it was so hot in this place? Was Ifrit personally heating it with his own body temperature? 

Sephiroth shifted uncomfortably in his seat. 

In addition, why did his leather feel so scratchy against his skin all of a sudden? 

Then he felt it.

Slowly trickling from his hairline was a bead of sweat that traveled down his face. 

Sephiroth didn’t have to touch it to look at it to confirm it was real.  He did not sweat unless after heavy exertion.  He had not displayed this type of behavior since…


This was not acceptable.  This was too public of place; why Goddess now?

He heard it more than saw it.

That table of men next to him now were highly aware and focused on him, all subtly or not so subtly to his sensitive ears, many smelling the air as if they had scented the best fragrance in the world.

It was like being fourteen all over again only there were two SOLDIER enhanced grade men, an amalgam of a man and demon strong enough to keep up with said SOLDIERS, and four moderately Mako enhanced men from the TURKS all of which stared right at him…

Fuck!  The sensation he’d felt month after month for years hit his body full on under their gazes and he gasped and ripped his jacket from him, leaving him in his harness, leather pants, and long boots and called Masamune to defend himself.   He knew he was in for a fight.

The regular patrons at this point had started fleeing thinking his stance one of violence. He just rolled his eyes since he was used to misunderstandings when trying to defend himself from a very unfortunate event that he had simply forgotten on rebirth.

The strangest thing happened though.  All the men pushed away from the table except Barrett and Cid who were just fucking confused as to what in the world was going on.  

Were they the only two that truly couldn’t smell the aroma in the air?   A bewildered Reeve confirmed he couldn’t either and was trying to help Elena to safety but had completely forgot that she was a Turk and was ready to battle.

 Tifa was ready to join the fray; of course she was.  Instead of attacking Sephiroth after each that had smelled the sweet-smelling odor, each man locked eyes with other “rivals” in the room and began in-fighting.   This had the women confused and had Aerith casting Esuna on an entranced Zack and dragging him through the front door away from whatever this was. 

Elena and Tifa cast unbelieving eyes at the now free for all that was happening among the men.   Tseng quickly and effectively disarming his own men Reno and Rude, leaving them both knocked out.  Vincent scrapping fast and heavy with Cloud matching score for score with hand to hand with clawed gauntlet and Cloud with one of the small swords from the Fusion Sword in such small space.

Tifa went to make a loud complaint but a hand clamped over her mouth and dragged her away. Reeve was able to get Elena to see if Reno, Tseng’s second in command was downed by the man himself, there’d be nothing she would be able to do.   She was reluctantly led away as well.

The fight was now down to Rufus and his trusty sawed off shotgun and martial arts taught to him by Tseng.  Tseng had his guns and arsenal of weapons on his person and his deadly martial art. Vincent had his enhanced speed and deadly hand to hand combat with claw and his trusty gun, Peacemaker. Cloud had his speed, augmentation via Mako and his Fusion sword. 

A very confused Sephiroth was still holding Masamune taking in the scene from atop one of the tables as he continued to burn from the inside out.

Tseng went against Rufus and quick dispatched his shotgun.  Rufus tried his learned martial arts on Tseng, but nothing was the same as the master to the pupil of the skills. Tseng had knocked Rufus down.

Sephiroth’s face did betray how odd this whole situation was. 

Something told him to run, run fast, run hard, or just run with the women.  He manly pride would not hear of that.

He should have listened.

As he watched this battle, he found himself to be getting stimulated.

Sephiroth had never felt so soiled in his whole life!  He’d never as much as touched another in a sexual way or himself alone because Hojo honestly had scarred him in a lot of ways. 

Here there were men fighting.   Two of them had been enemies once, one little more than a comrade based on their employer that he’d once decided to skewer and he was getting aroused? Preposterous!

The smell that was weaving in the air intensified threefold, cloying the very air the men took in, some of them sighing or even moaning in want because of it.

 Vincent let off a vicious, unhuman growl and attacked Cloud in earnest when before it was as if he was just playing with him.  In no time, Vincent had Cloud unarmed and his clawed hand around the man’s neck, as his eyes wildly flashing from crimson to molten gold.  Cloud does the oddest action Sephiroth has ever seen: he laid back, turned his head gently to the side and bares his milky white neck to Vincent.

The man seems appeased as he does not slaughter him but that still leaves Tseng.

Vincent looks at Tseng, Tseng looks back at Vincent, and there is a pregnant pause of silence.

During that time, Cloud has shuffled over to the base of the table Sephiroth stood on.  Sephiroth’s face remained completely neutral as he is pay attention to what’s unsaid between the last two and Cloud has shuffled over to his table base.

Cloud then pulls himself up and begins to take his clothing off.

This does break Sephiroth’s mask in abject horror and fascination as to what the man is doing.

 Once Cloud has divested himself of all of his clothing, he then faces away from Sephiroth now on the wooden, well-worn floor of the Seventh Heaven and props himself up and produces his ass for Sephiroth while on hands and knees.

 Sephiroth can clearly see the man is sporting an erection himself, and truth be told, it is marvelous if he allowed himself to say so. 

Cloud is writhing on the floor and making noises that are so indecent and they are having a profound effect on Sephiroth but somehow in his mind it still seemed incorrect for what he needed, no matter how provocative.

Cloud is stroking himself and precum is gathering at his tip.  It is a glorious sight to see one’s former enemy in such a position.

Vincent has notice and begins to stalk towards Cloud as to strike him down.

Before he could reach him, Rufus had recovered, and with his moderate Mako enhancements and awaiting prepared penis, grabs and turns Cloud and sits him square on his lap, making Cloud take him all in.

This stops Vincent in his stalk cold, as Cloud is neutralized as a threat as clearly he is already mating.

Cloud lets off an ear-piercing scream almost likened to when Sephiroth had stabbed him with his Masamune.  He collapsed forward, resting his head against the wood floor; Rufus draped over his back, still within him, pauses to allow the man so reprieve, and now sets a slow but steady pace knowing that the SOLDIER can heal fast. He hated to take him hard and dry, but Vincent would have killed him. 

Tifa could not leave well enough alone, always running towards the heartache.  Aerith had a good idea of what was going on since the Planet was highly pleased and communing with her and tried to stop her, Tifa pulled away rushing in only to see the now moaning and groaning nude Cloud, obviously pinned under an equally naked and thrusting Rufus Shinra.  The look was oddly erotic even to her as the last shred of her childhood crush fled like so many doves away from their cage.

She stopped and looked up to Sephiroth and back to the scene before them and back again. 

Great, her brain was broken.  When Cloud cried out his first release and Rufus was still going, Tifa was already dragging a still unconscious Rude out the building grumbling about not knowing what she had waited for and that she should have known. 

Cloud had been flipped onto his back and was angrily attacking his cock that hadn’t went down with his first climax as Rufus continue to bury into his backside.  Both were breathing hard and flushing different shades of red when Cloud came for a second time all over his chest and Rufus’s chest and after a minute or so Rufus joined him.

Sephiroth could have scowled the way he jumped, torn from the visual on the floor, when Vincent finally spoke aloud in a deep polyphonic voice.

“I would be loath to kill you for this one because the host has a soft spot for you Tseng.  Make no mistake though, I am not he and he is not I,” the voice, most likely Chaos, the remaining sentient of the creature Vincent was possessed with, had stated. 

Who was the one they were speaking about Sephiroth ruminated.

Like a true Turk, a Tseng struck bargain.

“I too am fond of life Chaos and do not wish to fight you.  It would sadden Vincent a great deal if I were gone, would not you agree?  I propose a triad.  I know I am not as enhanced as the one you seek or fertile, but if it is your wish so that we could both be with this one and still please Vincent.  After all, did he not just propose to ‘loving’ me? That is not an easy thing for your host, surely you know that” Tseng smoothly said.

Ah, Sephiroth pondered, he was “the one”.  Time to kill them both and burn the bodies if he could.

HE still was not moving like he should be…

 “Very well, Tseng, Director of the TURKS, I will have mine and I will have many, many offspring” the creature threatened then with a smile filled with too many sharp teeth, and began to chant a spell and Tseng screamed and grunted, falling to his knees gritting his teeth as whatever spell placed on him completed.

“You now belong to me for indefinite, remember that” he looked down at Tseng and then Chaos turned golden eyes on Sephiroth.

Sephiroth took up a stance with his Masamune more than ready for the creature and the man that he unfurled from the floor after recovery looked now just as hungry as this man/creature.  A flash of red pass through Tseng’s eyes.


Vincent launched at the man, bound up, and above in a gracing arch as Tseng leapt away, both with their guns blazing raining bullets on Sephiroth in righteous fury.

Sephiroth back flipped off the tabled he had been standing on just in time to miss those deadly claws making to grab at his long hair all the while batting their volley of strikes away with surprisingly difficulty.

The more Sephiroth fought the men, the more his hormones, long latent, started in on him. He started being barraged by what Rufus and Cloud had just been doing and with a quick glance and he surefootedly jumped from table to table, punching and swinging at either man.  After a quick look down, he confirmed that they had taken up another position.  Heat assaulted his being in a strong wave and he actually stumbled.

They both have been just playing with me anyway.  I’d been dead if they truly wanted it…

Just that one false step had him sprawling against the main bar that had been cleared. Sephiroth hissed at the impact the bar had against his stomach.  Though he was not damaged, he would be lying if he did not admit it hurt when suddenly a heavier presence was on his back, breathing right next to his ear, wisp of the dark black hair tickling his shoulder blades and spine.

“Look at what I have caught here” the voice now all Vincent’s own, rasped in his ear.

It produced a shiver in him so violent that both men moved with it.  Sephiroth’s attempt to push up but was met with pressure and remained pushed down, cool worn wood touching his bare chest and nipples as his head now turned to the left looking into Tseng’s own ravenous eyes.

“Do you smell him?  He smells divine!” Tseng almost salivated with eyes pinned to Sephiroth’s rippling back muscles as he strained against Vincent’s settled weight.  Tseng tentatively bent down to meet Sephiroth’s eyes and then down to his lips even as Sephiroth bared his teeth at him.

Tseng had read his eyes.  In those irregularly shaped pupils and Lifestream colored irises was worry, outright fear, and something else…

“Unhand me.  I will kill you for your manhandling of my person!” Sephiroth growled, putting up a good front.  Vincent saw, or rather smelled through it.  Vincent bent down and inhaled deep at the juncture of Sephiroth’s neck and shoulder.

“For someone so adamant about being touched, your body is responding just the opposite to that” said Vincent shuddering at the sudden spike in pheromones that Sephiroth was giving off.

Sephiroth was completely silent and attempted remain stoic but he was failing.  Something within him was slowly unraveling deep within him and he hated it but was in awe and anticipation of it too.

Tseng noticed that Sephiroth was no longer baring his teeth and had started relaxing but still was wary. 

He took a chance.  He slowly and cautiously met Sephiroth’s lips.  Sephiroth’s eyes blew wide and Vincent, taking the same cue, took his right hand and began to reach around and grind his hand into Sephiroth’s groin.

Sephiroth completely relaxed in their combined efforts and to his horror and shock, his nether region was responding to Vincent’s ministrations.  He was mentally turned on from Cloud and Rufus’s display; it took no time for him to start actually feeling it physically.  He gasped into the presented kiss going on with Tseng, now with more tongue, teeth, and zeal that ever.

He felt Vincent slowly taking his SOLIDER belt off and now working his zipper down and taking his manhood out and had started to caress it.  Sephiroth drew in a harsh breath at the cool air on his fleshly column, even as Tseng had moved on to nipping, biting, and kissing him along his mouth and lips and even coming up to offer the same ministrations to Vincent, turning Sephiroth on more at this visual in his mind.

Sephiroth almost buckled with the combined stimuli.  Vincent was working him intensely now.  Sephiroth’s arms were out in front of him and his hands were clenching and unclenching in fist.  He had started to shake now from the onslaught of the feelings.

Vincent too had started to get aroused, which was apparent by the bulge Sephiroth could feel against base of his spine.  Vincent drug Sephiroth around and over his shoulder.  Tseng was following.  Vincent slammed Sephiroth against the stair well and now had freed himself as well from his own leather pants as he wrapped his hand solidly around his and Sephiroth’s now openly weeping, swollen flesh.  Tseng had now taken his place at Vincent’s back, right over his shoulder looking down at the beautiful sight going on.  Vincent was now aggressively frotting Sephiroth’s and his own dick in his own normal, leather and fingerless gloved hand.

Sephiroth cried out at the attack on his body.  He had never felt something so purely raw; he was almost hyperventilating. The more Sephiroth unraveled, the more voracious Vincent and Tseng was which made Sephiroth just ready and he almost sobbed it to his shame. His legs were almost buckling.

Just as Sephiroth was about to come, Vincent stopped his actions with a curt “not here” on his breath.

Sephiroth, if he had been anyone else would have sworn a list of profanity and Tseng just grinned maliciously at him, knowing what was on his mind.

“Follow me to my room, both of you” Vincent more or less ordered the men, leaving both of them exposed, knowing the house was emptied besides a very busy blonde duo downstairs.  By the sounds of it, Rufus was getting his comeuppances as they were making their way to Vincent’s room.

Sephiroth was pulled/pushed into the room by the twin dark haired men and flung to the king that took up the space of the room.  It was apparent Vincent took his sleep very seriously. Sephiroth was snickering on the bed as said man descended on him, taking those boots from his body and his leather pants with them, leaving no room for doubt he wore no underwear under the armor.

“Marvelous” Tseng said eyes trained on the newly bared pale flesh licking his lips, Vincent’s own eyes a holy fire from within, glowing within the dark room.

Tseng himself was stripping as fast as his own hands could move and he began removing clothing from Vincent’s person as well, Vincent helping with his multiple belts and fasteners.

Before Sephiroth, two equally naked men now were in his presence.

Before he could quarry the situation, his forgotten erection was no longer forgotten when engulfed completely by Tseng, who had somehow snuck onto the bed.

Sephiroth’s head fell back between his propped up arms, mouth wide in a sigh/cry, almost tearing the sheets asunder the feeling took him so suddenly.

Vincent slowly and carefully moved up above Tseng’s head as he moved up and down along Sephiroth’s column of flesh and began to lick his disk of nipples, causing them the pebble and turn pink.

There was an ominous ripping noise from Sephiroth’s right hand in the sheets.

None stopped their process on his body.

Sephiroth tried to get his mind together.  He was scared and he was confused.  He knew what the men were doing to him felt amazing but he felt like he did all over again at age 14.  Actually, forget scared, he was terrified. He was not one for touches as they had never been kind to him and he had never done anything like this before, with anyone.

Yes, the great General Sephiroth was a virgin.

Plenty had wanted a part of his title by being with him in a relationship, but not to love him, which made him deny them.  He knew others found him beautiful, he was a manufactured demon that made to look like a benevolent angel, an angel of death he had proven his self to be repeatedly.

Vincent saw that Sephiroth was still thinking. Only this man could be guilt tripping while getting an amazing blowjob by Tseng.  He knew they were amazing because Tseng and he had been trysting after the Omega incident. 

Chaos had departed to the planet and once revitalized, came back after freeing Lucrecia from her crystal coffin so that she could finally move on.

‘Enough thinking’ Vincent thought and he gently pulled Tseng’s hair to have him dislodge, which he did coming up with a small rivulet of drool in the corner of his mouth that Vincent kissed thoroughly to taste Sephiroth on his lips. 

Sephiroth watched the two after Tseng’s motions.  Sephiroth missed the feeling as soon as he removed himself from his penis, all his thought stopping and him of course focusing now on the shared kiss that they were sharing his taste.

Sephiroth groaned and quickly covered his face with one of his hand as if to shy away from the now attention that he had from the sound that had made its way out.

Sephiroth looked up at Vincent in between his fingers still very bewildered by all of this.

Vincent settled down upon Sephiroth, almost lips to lips with him.

“You are so beautiful and you don’t know it.  You have never been taken care of.  I’m sure you are not even too certain what is going on but I…I assure you I will take care of you and your every need” Vincent said as he rubbed his face along Sephiroth’s like some great panther.

Sephiroth did relax more though he was still wary because it was true; he had no idea why men as a whole would act this way around him on this day.

Vincent beckoned Sephiroth to lay back and began his ministrations again along his clavicle and breastbone in kisses and bites.  He kissed all along his chest, around his areola and his nipples, down the hard planes of his chest to his navel where he swirled his tongue inside causing Sephiroth to shiver and moan out softly.  Vincent brushed his hand along the very thin slivery happy trail of hair leading from Sephiroth’s navel.

Tseng had taken up residence behind Vincent kissing along his back and shoulders and teasing his secret passage with his lubed finger, causing Vincent to gasp out even as he was playing with Sephiroth, unbeknownst to Sephiroth.

Vincent took up his erection and pumped him once, twice and taking the lubrication from somewhere from the side, placed some on his hands. Since his regeneration, both of his hands were repaired though Chaos had returned to him.  Vincent swallowed Sephiroth down whole, no gag reflex in sight, causing Sephiroth to tear the sheet with both hands as he bucked up into that luscious heat and actually cry out. Vincent traced down his firm globes and found his bud and he ran his finger along the opening.  Sephiroth froze up.  He had never done this beforehand and he tensed and Vincent felt it.

He began his efforts in double and Sephiroth to relax again despite how he felt internally.  Vincent felt him relax and gently pushed one finger experimentally inside. Sephiroth though it felt odd but not so strange that it was uncomfortable. Vincent began to stroke inside of Sephiroth and continue to suck him as well. Soon a second finger joined the first and was crooked just so hitting something inside of Sephiroth causing his breath to stutter out.  A third was added and all three were working Sephiroth over internally. Vincent was pleased and made note of Sephiroth’s reactions and location of his bundle of nerves even as his own was being massaged by Tseng causing him to groan around Sephiroth’s flesh, which set off an orgasm in the now flushing, squirming man.

Sephiroth bowed something severely and his pubic bone and pubis bumped Vincent’s nose slightly as the orgasm took him so suddenly.

 Vincent felt him shoot down his throat and had removed his hand and took both hands and gently but firmly pressed both of Sephiroth’s thighs down as the man calmed from his orgasm.

Sephiroth was blind, deaf, and dumb from the experience and breathing very erratically.  It had felt so good it was sinful.  He had felt the tension in his lower stomach tighten and tighten and just when he thought it would not release and his worry was about to manifest, it burst into a flow of colors and muscle tingling, spine breaking, euphoria. He vaguely felt the hands on his thighs hold him in place as he moved to and fro riding out this sensation.

“What…what was that just now?” Sephiroth said with a slightly rougher voice from arousal.

Vincent looked at him, Tseng stopped what he was doing, both pairs of eyes were training on him now. 

“Have you never experienced the joys of the flesh, sexual intercourse Sephiroth, with either female or male?”  Vincent caution gently in his question.

“I…no. There was never time for…normality,” Sephiroth said looking crestfallen as if he was every bit the creature he had been raised to feel that he was.

Both Vincent and Tseng looked so sad at the revelation. 

“I know what haunts your thoughts, so cease.  This was not your fault you were never loved or shown love in any form.”  Vincent said, eyes showing like red flames with emotion.  “What you experienced was an orgasm; it is your body’s way of relieving tension when in the throes of passion.  It is a very pleasant experience, or can be.  Please, Sephiroth, let Tseng and I love you.  I want to show you love, not just with your body,” Vincent stated.

Sephiroth was hesitant but the man had not hurt him in the least, neither had.  He was interested in knowing what love could feel like via his body and if this man were willing to do so, he would allow it.  He was capable and strong.  He would allow him to dominate him.  Something inside him loved that idea and his hormones saturated the room with that confirmation.

Vincent growled low in his chest and Tseng began to breathe hard and sweat profusely again.

Vincent quickly prepared himself, placed himself before the prepared entry on Sephiroth, and slowly started to push in.

Sephiroth gave up holding himself up on his elbows found himself flat on his back with the exception of the pillows under his head and the one under his pelvis that had been placed there by Tseng for a better angle.

Vincent continued until they were completely flushed and Sephiroth was now breathing hard and had taken on a full body flush. He was so hot! He felt like he was on fire!  He just wanted Vincent to move.  Vincent had been still for two reasons: allowing Sephiroth time to get used to his girth and also for Tseng to breech himself as well.  Once he felt Tseng pull back, so did him.  They set an awkward rhythm that eventually fell into a natural one.  It was a hard, tight push into each other and one that incidentally was passing or hitting Sephiroth’s prostate each time.

Someone was making a lot noises and Sephiroth idly realized it was him carrying on but he just could not seem control the volume or the amount of noises coming from his mouth it was so exquisite.  He tried to throw his hands over his mouth, Vincent pulled them away, and a deep growl was his rebuttal to that action. Vincent wanted to here him, to see Sephiroth crumble.

Shameful display.

As they were in their own world and pleasures, apparently the blonde-haired people had stumbled into Cloud’s room and decided to perfume the sheets as well.  Well that just made it a contest to see who could make who make the most noises.  This was one game Vincent meant to win- with his dick.

Tseng tried to hang but he was with two very modified men and even with his very impressive stamina and staying power, came and collapsed in a heap as Vincent had Sephiroth now on his hands and knees and face down actually crying and pushing back against the man all the while they all were serenaded by Rufus’s caterwauling from the other room as Cloud was owning his ass.

From clearly being around Reno too long, a long string of profanity was let off and groans from next door then silence from the golden pair. 

Well, Cloud lost this match.

Vincent and Sephiroth were pushing against each other: one back into the stroke and stroke into the push back. 

The sounds of skin slapping were truly obscene.

With one swath of bed sheet completely ripped from the bed and in shreds, Sephiroth all at once was tightening and drug Vincent with him over the edge of a glorious sounding orgasm, if the sounds of those pleading cries and groans of Sephiroth’s name in reverence were anything to go on. 

Vincent shot line after of line of his sperm deep into Sephiroth, who incidentally still had a hold on his person internally.  If they were dogs, he had said it was a type of reverse knotting.

Sephiroth turned his face this way and that along the decimated silk sheets, tear streaked and flushed, and breathing hard and finally relaxed his rear end releasing hypersensitive Vincent who hissed but came loose and rolled to the other side of Sephiroth who was now in the center of the men.

They all look like they had fought a battle, and whatever they had fought had won.

Sephiroth was so relaxed.  He had never experienced this level of lethargy from just this “orgasming” ever.  He wanted to think more on the subject but his eyes were just so heavy.  He blinked once, twice in Vincent’s direction, noticing vaguely that he did not seem so hot anymore and was asleep in minutes.

Vincent and Tseng as well had fell to slumber and apparently so did Rufus and Cloud.  The bar house was deathly silent.


The others, on Aerith’s urging, went and stayed at the inn for the night saying tomorrow would be fun and to just trust her, especially with the Rufus and Cloud situation to have to clear up.  Everyone took her word for it but all wanted the real answer and tomorrow was just too long. 

Aerith’s shoulders slumped as she prepared to tell everyone what “in the hell” as Cid and Barrett had said, was going on.

She went back of course to explaining Sephiroth’s origins and the experimentations that were done to him, which by now pretty much everyone had dissected and knew, especially since he lived amongst them again.  But what they didn’t know and even he didn’t know was that he was made to reproduce more SOLDIERS of his caliber, by any means necessary

Well this made a sick, twisted sense to the others, given all the other horrors that Soji Hojo had did on his own son.  What they didn’t know was that Hojo was so bent on Sephiroth producing more like him so his work didn’t go to waste, that Sephiroth had both reproductive organs and was prone to going into heat, though he was 100% male in every other way and this struck one a month.  Hojo had been so heartless that he wasn’t above using Sephiroth’s own sperm and his own eggs to make Sephiroth basically carry his own child doubly, not to mention he did not give him a… proper way for the child to be born so every child would have to be by cesarean, which is why Sephiroth’s healing factor was so extensively perfected and he was so difficult to kill by sword alone. 

He was made to be in pain. 

And to top this off, Aerith concluded, Sephiroth’s ‘day’ or his heat would drive his men to insanity to forcibly…inseminate him or drive other’s latent feelings to the surface if it wasn’t slated on him, which is what happened with Cloud and Rufus. 

“Rufus and Cloud had to have had feelings that they had both pushed away for a time for it to be drug out like it was.  I don’t know if Hojo made a failsafe in Cloud like he did everything else when Sephiroth was thought dead the first time but I do know that Vincent and Tseng would have gotten a hold of him, and he would have…”  Aerith could not finish the sentence due to her sensibilities while blushing furiously and Zach holding her tightly to himself so thankful she would drug him out of there. 

Yes, there was a time that he could have loved Sephiroth as deeply as Aerith but he knew above all else, Sephiroth was his friend.

“Wait, why did it not work on either of us then?” asked Barrett as he gestured to himself and Cid, not that he was truly heartbroken.

“Again, there had to be latent feelings somewhere in that person beforehand before they would have tried to act upon them.  That does not necessarily mean that Sephiroth would have wanted them back equally, and that is what made this particular augmentation the worst I believe of all.  Hojo was setting  his own child up to be  raped from the time he went through puberty which according to the records was around 13…” Aerith said looking sad and ill at the thought.

“Wait, you said that Vincent or Tseng will have bested him.  Does he know what the outcome is?”  Tifa questioned not liking Aerith’s now paling color.

Oh, Goddess, a pregnant, ex-General of SOLIDER…this was NOT going to go very well.

“Please tell me he knows Aerith!” Tifa all but pleaded. 

She could not even care if Cloud got pregnant by Rufus Shinra.  That would teach Rufus to steal people’s crushes.  Nevertheless, this…this was horrifying.

“No, no he doesn’t know” Aerith said looking down at her boots, hair covering her eyes.

Everyone in the main lobby froze and a stiff breeze blew by.

Reeve was the first to speak.

“I have a special assignment in Icicle Inn for the WRO,” he said with a serious face.

“Do you need an escort, the TURKS can help, I am sure we can help you, mainly me,” Elena said next, everyone knowing what was going on.

“Yeah I got to get back to the coal mines and see how they coming along in Corel” Barrett said eyes shifty.

“I gotta…aw hell I aint’ got shit to do in Rocket Town but it ain’t an ex-homicidal maniac who might be pregnant on mah list, so bye” Cid grumbled and walked in a hurry away towards the outskirts of the town trying to get to the Shera, Barrett on his heels asking for a ride home; Reeve and Elena were already gone.

That left Aerith, Zach, Tifa, and the two coming around TURKS Reno and Rude.

They decided to take the rooms and just rest for the night. 

It could be that even if Sephiroth were…caught, it was a chance it could have not have taken.

Aerith was the only one who knew better because the Planet was constantly trilling and had more so since Cloud was thrown in the fray.  All she could do is pray for her friends Vincent and Tseng and for the wayward Rufus, because if it was one thing she knew, it was both Cloud’s and Sephiroth’s volatile tempers were monumental. 

Men having children.  What was Cloud’s favorite saying?  Oh yes…” Not interested”.

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