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AN: This is my first story, please be nice.

Lightning woke up, her head slightly throbbing. "Where am I?" She wondered out loud. Slowly, she removed the covers on the bed. Wait, covers? That didn't sound right. Slowly, her mind started to clear up. Lightning was coming home after patrol, then nothing. Now she was here in a mysterious room, no doors or windows around. There was a small wall mounted light on each of the four walls, under one of said lights was a hot tub big enough for three people. To one side was a large standing wardrobe. Next to where Lightning was laying, was somebody else. 

Instantly, Lightning shot out of the bed, seeing the woman. She had light peach skin, with short blue hair, and as far as the Guardian Corps. member knew, was just as naked as she was. Wait, naked? Lightning's face turned beet red, realizing she too was naked. Strangely, she was void of all forms of pubic hairs, even her legs looked newly shaven. 

"Ok, Farron, breathe, you can figure this out." Lightning insisted flushed. However, as her roommate  shifted beneath the thin sheets, Lightning suddenly got aroused. The blue haired girl's body had contoured to the blanket, showing off her luscious breasts and ass. Her long shapely legs bent at the foot of the bed. 

"Damn, she's gorgeous." Lightning admitted. "Wait, what?" That didn't make any sense, Lightning wasn't a lesbian. True, she didn't go out and riot like some of her neighbors did, but she liked men. 

It was at this point, Aqua woke up in the bed. Wait bed? That didn't sound right, she was stuck in the Realm of Darkness for who knows how long. Looking around the room she was in, Aqua spotted a pink haired woman just as naked as she was. Wait, huh! Looking down at her own body, Aqua was indeed as nude as the rose haired beauty before her, realizing this, she quickly covered herself with the blanket. Wait beauty, where did that come from? True she had a crush on Terra, but being with men most of her life, it didn't mean she was attracted to the same sex.

"So, am I to guess, you don't know how you got here either?" Lightning asked sheepishly, covering her body nervously. 

"Uh, yeah, I'm Aqua." The blue girl admitted. 

"I'm Lightning." The pink girl admitted. It was here, a sweet smelling aroma filled the air, as well as both captive's noses. Instantly their bodies began to tense up. The duo soon saw the other in a new light, with a nagging thought in the back of their respective heads telling them to ravage one another. 

"You, uh, look v-very pretty." Aqua began flustered, holding in her urges to fuck the girl in front of her. 

"Y-y-y-you too, Aqu, Aqua." Lightning swallowed hard, attempting to ignore her crotch's desires for this blue haired goddess to fondle it. Those dainty hands, caressing her body. Lightning's thoughts were disrupted by her nipples increasing in size. 

"Uh, may, maybe we should see if there's something to wear in the closet over there?" Lightning suggested nervously. 

"Good plan." Aqua agreed quickly. Draping the blanket over herself, Aqua walked over to the closet, only to find she couldn't open it. "It's locked?" As she stepped back in surprise , the blanket dropped, revealing her naked body to Lightning. 

"Wow." Lightning gasped in wonder, dropping her arms. Aqua slowly turned, seeing Lightning. The strange smell entered the air again, more powerful than the last time. However neither could do anything to stop what happened next. 

Aqua pushed Lightning to the bed as the two women passionately kissed, rubbing their erect nipples to one another. Lightning's hand soon entered the moist cavity that is Aqua's soaking wet pussy. Slowly she rubbed her pointer finger into each fold, listening to Aqua's moan's of pleasure. 

"That's cheating and you know it." Aqua smirked lustfully. 

"Then why don't you take a turn." Lightning offered, her face in the same place. Aqua graciously did so. Slowly, Aqua explored Lightning's pussy until she found it. 

"No, don't." Lightning giggled as Aqua found and rubbed her clit. Lightning's moans of pleasure soon filled the air. The pink haired girl could barely keep herself together, pushing herself further up the bed, until Aqua's finger's slipped out.

"Come here you." Aqua giggled, then proceeded to lick Lightning's pussy. The guardian corps. member howled in joy.

"This didn't make any sense, why would this be so heavenly?" Lightning thought, but quickly passed it off, seeing the joy in Aqua's face.

"No fair, I want a taste." Using her training, Lightning quickly grabbed hold of Aqua's ankles, and shifted the blue haired woman so her ass was near the headboard. Lightning quickly darted her tongue inside the folds of Aqua's vagina, enjoying the sweet and salty taste. Aqua was soon finding herself doing the same, enjoying every bit of this. Soon, more and more of the strange odor filled the room. 

"My pussy is on fire." Aqua declared panting. 

"Then let's give it some attention." Lightning smirked, kissing her partner. The two repositioned themselves so their crotches met, rubbing into each other over and over again.

"God, I'm going to cum." Aqua declared, kissing Lightning.

"Me, me too!" Lightning shouted happily. No sooner than they did, the two came, spilling their juices onto one another. Panting, the two laid their heads on the pillows provided. 

"God that was awesome." Lightning admitted with a genuine smile. 

"No doubt about it." Aqua agreed looking into Lightning's emerald eyes. "I love you," She admitted. 

"I love you too." Lightning agreed. 

"Sleep." A voice in the back of their heads ordered. Almost instantly, Lightning and Aqua's eyes shut closed, sleeping peacefully. 

A portion of the wall raised up, revealing the PSICOM scientist Jihl Nabat, smirking venomously, having watched the girl's process from her control room via hidden cameras. Recently she had begun an experiment to better control L'Cie and even Cieth through an assortment of odor based drugs. However as it turned out, the drug was more on the lines of an aphrodisiac, despite giving Jihl temporary control over her test subjects. While creating a new batch, this girl, Aqua appeared out of a black portal armed with a mysterious key like weapon which gave her powers not unlike those marked by the Fal'Cie. After apprehending the girl, the key vanished, so Jihl couldn't experiment with it. 

So, Jihl decided to go down a different route, one involving an old microchip implant, inserted into Aqua's ear, and brought out the aphrodisiac again. Lightning however was just a fun experiment she wanted to try. Jihl had heard about the stick in the mud and figured if her mind control tech could work on Lightning Farron, it would work on anyone. So, a few bribes, gil, and a bit of drug laced water, Lightning was Jihl's newest guinea pig. So, strip the girl's down, put them in the training room, and allowed Jihl to have fun. 

"That worked better than expected." Jihl smirked, walking over to the closet. She pulled out a key and began to talk to herself. "Doubtful it would allow me to control a L'Cie, but it's still in the development stages." She pressed the key to the door, and the closet opened up, giving Jihl a few ideas. 

About a month later, Jihl tiredly walked through the front door of her private estate, miles away from anyone. "Girl's mistress is home." 

"Coming ma'am." Two voices called out. Jihl smirked at the two maids in front of her. Lightning and Aqua were both dressed in skimpy French maid outfits complete with maid caps. The black one piece dresses barely covered their asses, and allowed their breasts to seem larger than they should be. Both wore stiletto heels and white stockings. However if one took a close enough look, you could tell neither Aqua or Lightning were wearing undergarments. However both girls did have a different choker on. Aqua's was blue with a silver tear drop jewel on the center, while Lightning's was pink with a gold thunder bolt. These were little trinkets of Jihl's that continued to give her control. 

"Come along Aqua, Lightning, mistress needs to do some experiments." Jihl smirked lustful. 

"Yes mistress." Lightning and Aqua said in dull unison. Holding hands, the two followed Jihl into a far room, where they would have a little fun. 

AN: Yes I ended it on a cliffhanger. But this is a one shot story/ prototype. If people like this, I will do a sequel. 



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