Sweet Relief

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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. This is just me wanting to write some filthy smut for amusement and fun.

“Um, what?” Rikku’s expression was stuck somewhere between outright shock and complete embarrassment, her green eyes wide as saucers as she stared at Lulu and Wakka, who…to his credit seemed a little shyer about the entire thing. She almost thought she had heard something else: The wind, or…or maybe just some fiend off in the distance or something that had more sense than this.

“I want you to have sex with Wakka,” Lulu repeated, and Wakka grunted lightly with embarrassment as Lulu leaned back. For once, seeing Lulu out of her dress was a little bit of a shock but it was clear that she was coming along nicely, her stomach had swollen considerably and her already sizable breasts were probably the size of Rikku’s head by now. She seemed to be wearing a more typical Besaid attire, which exposed her shapely figure. She mildly wondered what she’d look like without that dress and not pregnant…but that was far from a secondary concern.

“Um,” Rikku stammered, her face heating up. “I uh…I’d like a little context here, please! This is kind of sudden!” she protested, clasping her hands together.  “Why me? Why not…I mean, I guess Yunie isn’t really a choice you’d make, but-“

“It’s pretty simple,” Lulu said. “Wakka is…well, he’s very enthusiastic.” She purred. “But I’ve not had any interest since the baby is coming along, the doctor tells me that is normal.” She said, hand over her stomach.  “We’d like you to keep it a secret from Yuna and the others, if possible.”

“That doesn’t answer my first question!” Rikku protested, feeling her nerves making her jittery as she stared at Wakka. He wasn’t ugly, or anything…he was kind of endearing and really sweet. He was like a father figure, or…or something. Not exactly her first choice in wanting to sleep with someone, but Blitzball bodies were pretty attractive.

“It’s complicated, ya?” Wakka grunted. “I just…y’know, I felt like we could trust you-“  Wakka started before Lulu cut in with a faint chuckle.

“And he’s found Al Bhed women to be attractive,” she said plainly, and that make Rikku cock her head to the side in amazed wonder. Well, she certainly had been approached before because of her eyes, but Wakka, of all people? Having an Al-Bhed fetish? She didn’t know if that made things more complicated, or less.

“S…So,” Rikku mumbled, hands over her bare stomach. She was never too shy about showing herself off, maybe it was just an Al-Bhed thing. But now she felt a little self-conscious, to Wakka’s credit she never really felt like the older man was ogling her. But here she was in a bikini-top and a mini-skirt, showing off every corner of her toned, lithe body and he liked that. It took a moment to wrap her head around.

She closed her eyes with a frustrated little grumble, before opening one eye back up. She couldn’t believe it, but she was considering it. She wasn’t exactly a virgin, not that Brother or her worthless father knew anything about that. But it wasn’t like they were asking her to…do some sick, twisted thing. It was helping friends, right? Right. Right.

“Um,” Rikku finally said with a long sigh. “I…guess we can? I mean, how often and…you know…”

“Unless you’re busy, as often as Wakka can get,” Lulu murmured, head tilting a fraction. As much as she wanted to say it, his sex drive was insufferable when she was trying to relax. Wakka was already trying to keep himself patient, but the man was insatiable like this and drastic times called for drastic measures. Maybe she was assuming too much with Rikku, but she always struck the older woman as someone who was similarly…wired. “Does that mean you’ll do it, Rikku?”

“Okay, I mean…I guess it’s no big deal if you’re okay with it?” Rikku said to both Lulu and Wakka, who was currently scratching his head in displeasure. But really, what was the other alternative? It wasn’t like he was expecting it to happen after they had defeated Sin and settled down. But it was Lu, she was beautiful! What kind of guy wouldn’t want to savor every moment of that, ya?

“I ain’t okay with it,” Wakka protested, his eyes roaming along Rikku a moment. The younger girl felt her stomach flutter for the first time ever. Wakka didn’t do that kind of thing, and yet the adorable little bumpkin dragging his brown eyes across her body was one of consideration. His gaze slammed right between her legs and she had to let out a slight little exhale to calm her nerves. This was really happening, wasn’t it?

“Yes you are,” Lulu replied flatly. “You’re the one who suggested her in the first place, Wakka.” However true that was, Wakka didn’t seem that eager to take advantage of it. Which made Rikku feel even more awkward to have to be the third wheel of this odd marriage spat. “I understand why you’re uncomfortable, but if I have to deal with you trying to coax me into sex one more time, I’m going to set you on fire.” She muttered dryly. “If Rikku is interested, for my sanity…please take advantage of it.”

“I mean, I’m not against it,” Rikku said flatly. “But come on, Wakka…you need to work with me here to like…you know, make me feel like you want to relax? You really are a little grumpy looking.”

Wakka grumbled in irritation, but finally sighed. “Can’t believe I’m doin’ this…” Wakka mumbled, shifting out of his top.

“That makes two of us, big guy,” Rikku mumbled, letting her eyes trail around the chiseled chest. Maybe he was getting a little bit of a gut, but it was quite clear that he wasn’t being lazy. “But I mean, hey…it won’t be so bad,” she said shyly, moving closer. “You um, look really good you know?”

Wakka glanced at her again as she moved closer, noticing her figure through her flamboyant clothing. Well, it wasn’t like it was hard to do…but it was still nice to look at. The fact that Lu was watching made it better, in a way.

“How uh…how you wanna do this?” He asked somewhat awkwardly, it was relaxing that she seemed a bit out of place like he did. But he couldn’t ignore the fact that his cock was pressed so hard against his pants that he wanted to rip them off, to rip her clothes off and-

“Well,” she said sheepishly, her eyes alight with arousal. “Um, I like it in a lot of ways but…you look like you need to get off really bad,” she pointed out dryly, poking the thick bulge in his pants.  No wonder Lulu seemed so content and relaxed anymore, the bumpkin had a treetrunk down there, didn’t he? She wasn’t picky on size, but…wow. Wakka grunted lightly at her touch, before watching her slowly unbutton his pants, her lip stuck between her teeth. Seeing her expression when his cock was finally freed from his boxers was…empowering. She felt her tongue dart across her lips as she tugged off her fingerless gloves, the shyness going away to be replaced with abstract wonder as her fingers curled around the shaft, stroking down nice and firm.

“Wowie, Wakka,” Rikku grinned. “I’d have jumped you in a heartbeat if I knew this was hiding in those baggy pants…” she said, while Wakka shivered in delight, head lolling back.  It had been a very, very long time since Lulu had done much for him, this felt like a drink to his parched libido.  He couldn’t believe in a thousand years that his wife would be so accepting, but he didn’t believe a few years ago that Yevon was a lie, so what did he know?

“Shut up,” Wakka groaned. His retort lacked any sort of steam whatsoever as Rikku moved her hands up and down his thick shaft, watching his expressions with an impish little grin.  He had to be…what, seven inches? But he was thick. She found the tufts of red hair kind of endearing.

“You like it, then?” Lulu asked casually. “He’s got a nice dick, doesn’t he?” Somehow, hearing Lulu say ‘dick’ was like hearing your big sister say it: awesome and embarrassing all at the same time. But this was also her husband, her naturally husky voice helped the mood.

“Yeah, it uh…it’s really nice,” she complimented, as Wakka was standing there with Rikku’s surprisingly expert hands sliding smoothly up and down his hot shaft. He wanted more, but this felt so…wonderfully different, he didn’t know how to react. “So um, how do…how do you want to do it, Wakka?”

“Rough, ya?” Wakka breathed. “I’m beggin’ you, Rikku…” She felt her face heat up slightly as she shifted on her knees. She was hardly against that, but this thing was a fiend between his legs. Fully-erect, it was a wonderfully terrifying creature.

“Um, lemme just…see first,” Rikku breathed, shifting up to drag her tongue over the fat tip and sink her lips down. Wakka’s groan was so loud she felt like someone would walk in, but Lulu’s dark eyes on them seemed to silently encourage her to sink her lips down further with a heavy breath, her tongue dragging across the underside of his thick cock. It wasn’t as huge as she originally thought, but it was taking some effort to get halfway down the shaft before she pulled back with a heavy breath, her eyes half lidded as she licked her lips faintly. She could feel the burn between her legs, and the buzz in her head.

This was really happening, and she was getting increasingly okay with it as Wakka flexed his hands impatiently, his knuckles cracking as Lulu watched them like a silent guardian for the younger woman.  His cock was half glistening with spit, she was staring at him like she was barely able to breathe. But she swallowed, and grinned.

“Okay,” she said, licking her lips to adjust to his taste. She could take it, or rather…she wanted to see if she couldn’t take it as she opened her mouth, tongue extended with playful little wiggle of her tongue. Wakka glanced to Lulu, who nodded in agreement. Rikku wasn’t sure she expected the grip on her ponytail to be so strong, but her made her eyes flutter in hunger as Wakka’s hips slammed into her face, and she gurgled in surprise as all seven inches went down her throat, her hands gripping the hem of her miniskirt as Wakka let out a pleased growl of satisfaction, his hand kept her head still as his cock relentlessly bucked into her throat, all Rikku could do was gurgle hungrily, eyes rolling into the back of her head as Wakka’s thick cock rammed into the back of her throat, every time her nose slammed against his groin, she felt her pussy throb hungrily for more, her legs spreading subconsciously as she leaned into his greedy dick, drool running down her chin and dribbling onto her tits. This was incredible, she had no idea that Wakka would ever do this to her, she could barely breathe as Wakka roughly pounded his dick into Rikku’s throat with hungry growls of pleasure.

“Wakka,” Lulu said faintly. “Let Rikku breathe,” she instructed, and Wakka’s hips finally slowed down as he pulled his cock slowly out of her mouth, his dick throbbing red and glistening with spit as Rikku sucked in a breath and coughed, fingers tightening against their rug that she was probably running with the casual drip between her legs. She didn’t need air when Wakka did that so well.

“Sorry,” Wakka grunted heavily. “Sorry, Rikku.”

“Don’t be sorry,” Rikku rasped, licking her lips eagerly as she kicked off her boots.  Wakka watched as nimble little Al-Bhed girl shed her clothes in record time. The bikini top came off like it was nothing, and she hooked her thumbs in her bottoms and mini-skirt both dropping down to her ankles. He didn’t know what he was expecting, but what he saw was far better than his idle thoughts. Every inch of her was toned and flat, and a pleasant flush went across her entire stomach and trailed up to her breasts.

“You look beautiful,” Lulu translated for Wakka’s hungry staring, making him clear his throat in embarrassment. Rikku giggled at that, moving forward with her hands behind her back. Lulu’s smirk was burning against Wakka’s neck, and his cock was twitching faintly as the bewitching little kitten moved forward. Up close, he looked imposing and kind of scary…and that was a little bit of a turn on now.

“So um,” Rikku asked Lulu curiously. “Can I like…kiss him, and stuff?”

“Yes,” Lulu chuckled faintly. “Wakka’s been feeling a little…unattended to, lately,” To say the least, his puppy-like adoration was endearing, when she felt like she was in the mood. But lately she just wanted to relax. “Do whatever you’d like with him.” Rikku was a good choice anyway, her own hyperactivity would hopefully tire him out.

“Hey, wait a minute.” Wakka protested faintly, only for it to be drowned out by Rikku throwing her arms around the taller man’s neck and tugging his head down to kiss him greedily. Feeling that nubile body mashed against his was enough to earn a groan against his lips, eyes fluttering closed as his cock mashed against her stomach. This was too much, too quickly…and he wanted to have more of that feeling. Lu was so good to him! Whatever reservations he had were quickly fading when the young Al-Bhed’s tongue was sinking into his mouth.


 They were already moving to the bed, mostly guided by their own eagerness as Wakka laid her down and shifted on top of her. Rikku felt the kiss break with a confused little whimper, her body on fire and wanting more of whatever Wakka wanted to give her. Her head was barely functioning, how long had it been? She kind of lost track since the last few years had been a little busy saving the world.

Wakka knew exactly what he was doing, though…and thank Spira for that. His lips trailed down her breasts, which he obviously noted they weren’t as big as Lu’s, he could capture more into his mouth to suck hungrily, letting his tongue rake over the hard nipple. Rikku whimpered greedily, back arching into his mouth while his hand trailed down to rub her pussy, throbbing with need.

Cu kuut!” Rikku whined hungrily, toes curling against the sheets, shivering in bliss.  Wakka’s lips trailed down further with a breathless little growl against her tight stomach, when she felt his hot tongue on her clit, she let out a squeal of pleasure. His tongue was so greedy, raking over her lips repeatedly as his arms curled around her spread legs.  The wet slick of his tongue against her pussy filled the air, hidden only by her whimpers of bliss. She couldn’t move, she was locked into his arms and Wakka was a starving boy.

“I forgot to mention how much Wakka enjoys doing that,” Lulu mused, pursing her lips in a faint smile. “How is he?”  Even her libido was flaring up enough to enjoy the scene in front of her. Wakka was an enthusiastic lover, and selfless too.

“Oh, oh crap…” Rikku moaned breathlessly, eyes fluttering in bliss. “Wakkaaa!” she whined. “I don’t want your tongue!” She was prepared to do this the moment his dick had slammed down her throat, and now he was just teasing her!

“What do you want?” Wakka smirked, letting his tongue brush over her clit again to give it a little kiss. “C’mon, Rikku…gotta speak up for me, ya?” Ugh! That friggin jerk!  She was doing him a favor and this was the kind of attitude he got? Ooh! She wanted to-

“Your dick, you jerk!” Rikku yelped out. “Gimme your dick!”  She was so, so glad that Wakka was as impatient as she was, because she couldn’t stand waiting any longer when he slid his arms away from her. Her legs were spread wide open, her hand furiously rubbing her pussy as Wakka’s massive cock moved in and pressed against her entrance. She bit her lip, watching with eager wonder as it started to sink in.

Her world went pleasurerific. The tip was heaven, but feeling those seven inches slowly slide in made her catch her breath in hunger, her eyes rolling back in her head in surprise as she let out a pleased little mewl.

Banvald…” Rikku cooed happily, toes curled and relaxing again as Wakka’s hands slid along her hips. He shifted a few times, earning a few heavy exhales from Rikku as she squirmed in response. It felt…it felt so good.

“M’gonna start movin now, ya?” Wakka said, his voice low and hungry. The tone, the depth…all of it made Rikku lightheaded as she swallowed.  She didn’t even think she could have fit him comfortably, but here they were all the same.

“Y…Yeah,” she squeaked out. “Go, go slow at first, please?” she whimpered. Even if he didn’t want to, well…you didn’t exactly not listen to a lady in the middle of sex, to say nothing of how intently Lulu was watching him.  He slid his hand up her chest, squeezing one of her breasts as his hips began the slow pace. She was definitely tight, the feeling was entirely different from Lulu and made him appreciate this all the better. He’d really try his hardest to be on Lu’s good side after this.

“Good?” Wakka breathed, in and out…the pace was torture. Every shift in and back was pleasure lost and gained. Rikku’s face was a steady look of pleasure, red as her scarf that was discarded what felt like hours ago. She nodded vigorously, hand slipping over his with a breathless giggle.

“Don’t worry,” she teased. “I won’t let Lulu fry you to a crisp, big guy. Mmn, you’re really good at this…c’mon, go hard.” She urged. “I wanna squeal!”

“Uh, you sure?” Wakka mumbled slowly, his hips desperate to up the intensity.  “I can go pretty hard, you know.” And he wanted to, he wanted so desperately to feel the pleasure how he liked it. He wanted to hear Rikku do exactly as she wanted.

“C’mon, I can take it!” Rikku panted. “Go as hard as you can!” She was familiar with this slow pleasure, she wanted to have that rush of good vibes trail through her body again.

“Wakka,” Lulu said, that sultry voice making her shiver when she realized that her husband’s cock was buried to the hilt inside her. That…brought some weird feeling of pride and arousal all at once, that they trusted her with something like this. “She said go hard, so go hard.”

“Well, okay…”  Wakka grunted, giving Rikku a smug little grin. She glanced up at him somewhat excitedly as he shifted closer, her heels resting against his shoulders. The excitement in her stomach was palpable as he slid his thick erection out to the tip and drove it back in with all the force of a Blitzball star. The first thrust was a yelp, then another…and another. The pace never slowed down, the strength only picked up. Soon, the hard, rapid smacks of Wakka’s cock burying itself into her greedy pussy was drowned out by Rikku’s wails of pleasure. She couldn’t believe it, she couldn’t believe that she was being slammed into the mattress by the dorky blitzball bumpkin, but now she was almost kicking herself for thinking he wasn’t attractive before.

Oac, Oac! Vilg sa! Vilg sa fedr ouin pek telg!” She slurred out, hands gripping his orange hair as he leaned down to mash his lips against hers, his hips an unrelenting animal into her soaked pussy. Her legs were burning, they were so close she felt like she was going to go numb. She didn’t care, she wanted him to do this until she couldn’t feel it anymore. The drive of his hips almost hurt, but the pleasure was far outweighing the pain. He didn’t stop for anything, and she was lost in the sea of arousal. Her tongue desperately sunk into his mouth to suck every inch of lust she could, his hips slowing down only a fraction as warning as he broke away with a hungry groan.

“Rikku!” Wakka panted, his hips shifting back as Rikku reached down to grab his hips with a pleading whimper, her ankles locking around his neck. She couldn’t speak Spiran even if she tried, the pleasure was mind-numbing and she didn’t want it to stop.

Hu! Eh sa! Eh sa! Bmayca!” She pleaded, hips slamming down on his cock with a needy wail as Wakka grit his teeth in irritation, Lulu tilted her head and watched with amusement as her husband fought desperately for self-control, but his hips kept slamming into Rikku to hear those pleased wails. Whatever she said, she obviously wanted it to keep going, right?

“Dammit,” Wakka muttered, knees pressing against the mattress with a hungry groan of pleasure. Rikku couldn’t do anything with the weight on top of her, and she loved it. The feeling was amazing, the hard cock hungrily diving into her eager pussy was driving her crazy. Her squeaks and whimpers were the only thing she could do as warning as her muscles tightened around his cock. Wakka sucked in a breath, but he couldn’t last.

He came with a long groan, his entire body shuddering. It had been a few months since he had felt anything other than his hand, and the orgasm he felt tugged at every muscle in his body as Rikku’s eyes fluttered with surprise, her release a haze of twitching pleasure while Wakka’s cock filled her hungry pussy with his seed.

He pulled out slowly with a long wheeze, his cock twitching desperately in relief as thick dollops rolled out of Rikku’s ravaged pussy. The Al-Bhed girl laid there in hungry satisfaction, tongue brushing over her lips with a low sigh of pleasure.

“Mn…wow, Wakka…no wonder Lulu got pregnant, you cum like a geyser.” She grinned happily. Wakka felt his face flush as Lulu’s snickers edged into the conversation. Jeez, even after all that, Rikku still had enough energy to mouth off?

“It’s been a while, ya!?” Wakka protested in irritation, fingers running through his hair with a light huff. “Did you uh…did you like it though Rikku?” he asked after a moment. “Cause, I mean…”

“Mm, you kidding?” Rikku smirked hungrily. “That was amazing, Wakka! This is definitely worth sticking around for!”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Lulu smiled. “Thank you for helping me with this, Rikku.” Finally some peace and quiet, she didn’t mind the noises…the noises meant Wakka’d be more calm and relaxed. If she had to deal with another day of him asking how she was doing and if she needed anything, she really would set him on fire.

“Yeah, sure…leave it all to me,” Rikku grinned drunkenly, even as the nagging little thought trailed into her head. How in the Ramm was she supposed to explain this to Yuna?

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