Hammered at Hammerhead

BY : DaxG2001
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy XV or any part of the Final Fantasy series. I am making no money off of writing this fiction.

I do not own Final Fantasy XV or any part of the Final Fantasy series. I am making no money off of writing this fiction.

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video game franchise, video game developers or producers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Cindy Aurum, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scientia, Gladiolus Amicitia (all Final Fantasy XV)

Hammered at Hammerhead

An erotic Final Fantasy XV fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 (daxg2001@yahoo.co.uk)

Codes: Cons, MF, MMF, MMMF, MMMMF, Oral, anal.

* * *

Outside of the Hammerhead Full Service Station…

The group of four young, handsome men who have been on a quest to discover not just the truth about what has happened to their home city, but reunite a Prince with his throne and the woman he’s to be married to, are taking a break from the “main” mission of coming closer to that destiny as the approach the familiar garage where their mode of transport has been repaired and improved several times already during their trips across the land.

“So, what do you think Cindy wants us for?” Prompto Argentum, the photography-loving member of the four asks, an obvious spring in his step as he looks forward to meeting with the woman he’s developed a major crush over since first meeting her.

“It must be something important to meet with her so late at night...” Noctis Lucis Caelum comments, glancing up at the night sky as he walks with the three men sworn to serve and protect him as the Crown Prince and heir to the throne of Lucis.

“Indeed…” Ignis Scientia says, adjusting his glasses. “At least we can sleep in the caravan back there after we’ve met her… Even if it means none of my cooking for us all before we rest.”

“What? Don’t feel like dodging some Deamons out there?” Gladiolus Amicitia, the most muscular of the group chuckles.

“After what we’ve been through so far, taking one of those on should be a breeze by now...”

The four desirable hunks, all clad in their familiar usual dark coloured attires that nicely compliment their bodies, approach the Hammerhead garage, finding the shop closed up except for a door on the side that appears deliberately left slightly open for someone to step in, especially with lights on inside the building. Glancing to each other, Noctis steps forward first and pushes the door open, finding indeed that there’s someone home as the group enters.

“I was worried ya’ll might not show up!” The cheery, thick-accent of the stunning blonde mechanic Cindy Aurum greets them with a wave as the approach. The curvaceous beauty is clad in her familiar Hammerhead Service Station uniform of tight, small jeans shorts that fit perfectly to her rounded ass but without the usual tool belt, a half-open zipped yellow top that shows off her large, juicy breasts in a bikini-style top, and topped off with her mechanics gloves, Hammerhead branded cap, goggles around her neck, and black leggings that run to her thighs from the white heeled boots.

“No way we’d turn you down!” Prompto all too eagerly says as he’s the first to reach her with a grin.

“Easy there...” Gladiolus smirks as he pulls his friend back. “Let’s see what she wants from us first.”

“Yes, about that...” Noctis says. “Well, we’re all here now. So, what’s the problem? Another quest to find something lost out in a cave, or in the wilderness?”

“Nope! Nothin’ as dangerous as all that...” Cindy says, hands on her hips as she shakes her head a little. “Well, unless you count dealin’ with little old me as dangerous...”

“Dealing, with you?” Ignis questions as the four men exchange confused looks. “I’m not quite sure I follow you...”

“Listen fellas, I’ll be honest with ya…” She starts to explain. “You four are the first real excitin’ thing that’s happened since that junker of a car was brought here and blew up on the forecourt a couple years back. Seein’ you four, and how close good buddies ya’ll are? It gets a girl thinkin’, you know?” She looks between the group. “Thinkin’ about what ya’ll might get up to when you ain’t out there tryin’ to find your Prince’s bride-to-be, or fightin’ all kinds of monsters… Thinkin’ about how you four boys would treat a gal...” She says, her tone turning noticeably flirtatious as she lifts a hand up, taking a hold of the edge of her open jacket to show off her sexy tits a little more. “If ya’ll catch my meanin’, that is...”

“Woah!! Yo-you mean??” Prompto stutters, eyes wide as he hears such words from the woman of his dreams. “You… You want to… With me??”

“No, with us.” Gladiolus says, starting to smirk. “She wants to fuck… And she wants to fuck with all of us at that.”

“Ain’t nothin’ slip by you boys, does it?” Cindy grins. “So, that sounds like a yes from two of you… How about the other half of you?” She asks, looking to the other two of the group.

“Hmmmm… A most unexpected development...” Ignis admits, pushing his glasses back on his nose. “However, I do think that it would be… Most rude of us, to turn down a lady’s request… Even of this nature.”

“Cindy… No offence here, but you know that I’m going to be marrying another woman sometime soon...” Noctis states, before glancing to his good friends. “However long soon might be...”

“Honey, I know that!” Cindy says, looking at the Crown Prince. “But look at it this way… You ain’t gettin’ hitched tonight, are ya? And there’s such a thing as enjoyin’ a “last night of freedom” too… Plus, a gal like me? I don’t think I’m ever gonna get a better chance to get banged by four hunks all at once, never mind getting a piece of some Royalty!”

“Well… I guess I’m outvoted on this anyway...” Noctis says with a shrug. “...Let’s… Let’s just keep this between us all, and never tell Luna about this when we finally get to her.”

“All right!!” The stunning mechanic says with a grin. “Now come on boys… Let me see what I’m workin’ with under your “hoods”...” She orders, her gaze now openly staring at their bodies and down at their crotches as she sizes them all up.

With no further objections, and the growing looks in their eyes showing that the idea of getting some of this beautiful female isn’t exactly a bad sounding one, the four hunks start to remove their clothes for her watching, hungry eyes as she gets to see first their toned upper bodies as they take off their shirts and tops. From the very muscular and built Gladiolus to the slim and toned Ignis, all four have very desirable bodies that any female, Princess or otherwise, would love to explore and enjoy. The eyes of this particular female however widen and her grin grows when they lower the rest of their clothing, letting her see the impressively long and thick to match cocks that each stud is packing, all being of around the same mouth-watering size but Gladiolus unsurprisingly having the thickest cock of the four.

“Now that’s more like it boys!” Cindy grinned, reaching down to pull the zipper of her yellow jacket all the way down so she could take it off, giving two big reasons for their cocks to keep on hardening as they got a full look at her breasts in that bikini top. She further surprised the group of friends when she eagerly dropped down to her knees on the garage floor, smiling up again as she looked over the four of them. “Dang! Got a tastier menu to pick from here than across at the Diner!” She said, making her decision as she motioned with her hands. “I wanna taste the King first. Hope old muscles here and “Master Chef” don’t mind waitin’ a little for your turn?” She asked, using the time to await their decision, even though she had a good idea that weren’t about to object, to take off her black gloves from her hands and toss them out of the way.

“Guess we’re actually going through with this...” Noctis said with still some disbelief but unsurprisingly, considering the offer just made, steps forward in front of her.

“It appears so. A rather surprising, but far from unappealing turn of events.” Ignis calmly says as he moves in to the side of Caelum.

“Hey! How come I’ve got to wait?” Prompto complains as the watches the others step in close.

“Because she’s only got one mouth, and two hands...” Gladiolus points out, giving the photographer a smirk as he moves to stand beside the man he’s sworn to protect. “Now quit whining. You’re spoiling the mood.”

“Easy there fellas...” The blonde bombshell says, looking over to the left out, for now, hunk. “You’ll all get your turn with me soon enough.” She said, casting Prompto a wink before she turned back to the front.

Lifting her hands up, Cindy took a hold of Ignis’ and Gladiolus’ cocks in her hands, starting to pump them smoothly with nicely timed strokes. Looking right up, she gave Noctis a smirk and a wink before sticking her tongue out, letting it slide across the tip of his cock, getting a light groan from him but then another when her tongue ran around that crown with a quick swirling motion. Lifting away briefly, she spat down onto that bell-end before she opened her mouth up, getting straight to work as she wrapped her lips around his tool and started to suck him off, groaning herself around his member as she pushed downward before lifting back upward, her blonde hair already swaying as she got the rhythm going.

“Mmmmm! This was not… Mmmmm… The kind of job I was expecting to be asked… Ahhhhh… To handle...” Noctis says, moaning as he watches the gorgeous face of the mechanic bobbing along his length, getting to experience those lovely, soft lips of hers smoothly gliding back and forth over his impressive size. With her head slightly tilted as she blows him, he can still get a full view of her sucking action even with her hat on, her eyes locked onto his with more than just a hint of lust in them, no doubt from the knowledge of what dirty things she intends to get up to with each one of these four hung hunks.

“Heh… She seems to be more than able to handle things...” Gladiolus points out, seeing how effortlessly already she’s moving her blonde haired head up and down along the cock of a man who is intending to marry another woman. At the same time, she’s stroking off two hunks either side of the one she’s currently blowing, her hands jerking away with almost perfect timing with one another, while her head bobs away at a smooth and steady pace which seems to indicate this is not her first time performing some servicing that’s far removed from car repairs.

“Mmmm… Appears so...” Ignis comments with a moan of his own, his gaze switching from down at her hand pumping along his rock hard pole to over to watch her face slide close towards Noctis’ crotch and then back away so she can repeat the sucking motion, her pace making the goggles around her neck bounce a little off her each time she works over that shaft.

“Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm...” Cindy groans around Noctis’ dick, staring up at him as she slurps away at his tool, the occasion flick of the tongue at his underside just adding to the pleasure, not to mention how she’s applying her saliva onto his inches as they pass in and out between her lips. While he blows the hunk in front of her, she can’t help but steal glances at the other two men that she’s gripping and stroking off, easily keeping their rods nice and hard as well as giving them a dose of pleasure. Giving another couple of bobs, she lifts her head away, giving a bright smile to Noctis before again spitting onto his dick, this time using her tongue to spread around over his bell-end to his groaning approval.

“OK Noctis, I’ll get more of you in a bit… Time to switch things up...” She said, shifting on her knees as she gave a glancing smirk to the fourth man who raced over to join proceedings. Noctis stepped back, allowing her to now be in front of Gladiolus, one hand still on Ignis and her free palm now starting to stroke off Prompto who instantly groans out from just the first pump she gives him.

“Looks like… Mmmm... You planned this all out...” Ignis notes with an impressed tone, seeing her ease at getting into working over this new combination of men, groaning himself as her hand continues to run over his whole length while she does the same to the newest member of this current trio.

“A good mechanic always knows what she’s doing!” Cindy grinned up at the glasses-wearing man, before she turned towards the muscular hunk in front of her. Giving a sly wink, she parted those full lips and took him inside, making Gladiolus moan just from taking the crown into her soothing and nicely damp oral hole. She was far from finished there though, soon pushing her face closer down towards his crotch, the brim of her Hammerhead Service Station cap brushing against his waist before she lifted back upward, reaching the bell-end before making her way back downward with a groan as she began blowing him.

“Ahhhhh… It feels so good already! Mmmm...” Prompto moans, loving the feeling of the hand of the woman he’s openly had a major crush on since first meeting her pumping along his dick, his eagerness shown by how he’s thrusting his cock up into her stroking hand even though he’s only just started being worked over.

“Mmmmm… Try to save something for… Ahhhhh… When she actually starts blowing you...” Gladiolus comments, a smirk on his rugged face as he’s keeping his attention right onto the curvy blonde kneeling in front of him, moaning his approval as he watches her mouth sink down then smoothly lift back up along his manhood, feeling just how perfectly wrapped her lips are all around his thick pole. “Mmmm! Fuck… Never had a blowjob like this back in the City… Mmmmm...” He states, another clear sign that the beauty currently handling three hung studs at the same time is skilled to say the least in using her mouth to full, pleasuring potential. Add in how her stroking hands are going over both erotically lengthy cocks at either side of her, and it would seem that she’s extremely experience in having gang bangs instead of this being her first one.

“Mmmmmphh!! Nnnnhhhhwwwww, ppphhhhhyyyyy nnnhhhhiiiccccssss bbbhhhyyyssss… Mmmmm!!” The gorgeous mechanic let out a muffled but playful telling off to the men she’s pleasuring, making sure to look between all three to ensure that everyone is having a good time, but their moans of approval are a clear enough sign that her blowjob and handjob abilities are more than up to the task of getting them all fired up. So as her hands pump away at the dicks of Ignis and Prompto, it’s her mouth that does the main mission as she sucks off the fattest cock of the group but makes it look easy as those pouty lips pass along his inches back and forth, leaving him with a more than generous coating of her saliva from the steady, repeated motion.

Another slurp along him, and Cindy lifts away with a smirk cast up at him before she again moves position to now face the handsome cookery lover of the team, keeping a hand onto the photography hobbyist as she leans her head in to flick her tongue against Ignis’ shaft to make him moan. Switching out, Gladiolus steps away to allow Noctis to come in, and soon he’s groaning again as her free hand doesn’t hesitate to take a hold of him, getting her fingers sticky from her saliva still over his rod as she starts to pump him. Considering how much oil and dirt she deals with on a daily basis as her job, it’s no surprise a little spit isn’t going to bother her as she once again is stroking off two men while opening her mouth up to take a third hunk in so she can wrap her lips around his man meat.

“Mmmmm! Goodness… That does feel… Mmmm… Most wonderful...” Ignis states the obvious as he now gets to feel how good that warm and wet mouth feels as she works over his shaft, smoothly moving up and down in that bobbing motion that has her blonde hair swaying in time with the sinful motion her hat-wearing head is going. “Ahhhhh… Mmmm… Cindy… Forgive me, but I would have never thought… Mmmmm!! To feel such skill at this, from someone like yourself...” He admits with a groan, watching her pretty facial features slide up close towards his balls but move right back before the edge of her cap can touch his body, his pleasure only increased as he feels her groans bouncing off his inches between her full lips, a sign that she’s getting off on this all just as much as all these hunky males are.

“Hey! What does… Mmmmm… What’s that supposed to mean!” Prompto questions the comment made about the woman he’s lusted over, before he’s made to groan courtesy of the stroking hand working firmly up and down his pole. Her hands have shown to favouritism to any of them, happy to work over any and every dick offered with this smooth and steady pace that easily keeps them rock hard and ready for her mouth or what she’s going to do later on once she shed more of her clothing.

“Ahhhhh… Relax Prompto… Mmmmm… It was a compliment...” Noctis says but doesn’t even look over to his friend as he speaks. His eyes are locked down on the busty beauty on her knees in front of another of his close friends beside him as she sucks Ignis off, while still stroking his and Prompto’s cocks off at the same time. As she slurps away, she keeps her hands briskly moving back and forth over the other two lengths, her sizeable tits jiggling a bit from the movements of both her arms, as well as the motion of her head too as she takes that third pole nicely deep into her clearly talented oral hole.

“Mmmmm… Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm...” The stunning car expert moans as she bobs her head along the third different cock she’s taken between her lips so far during this rather indecent proposal to the men she’s previously just helped fix their motor up for along with offering the occasional mission. Now she’s getting to know them on a very intimate, naughty level as she applies her saliva onto Ignis’ tool while delivering a round of strokes to the cocks of Prompto and Noctis at the same time. Just as similar to how her hands are giving equal treatments no matter which stud she gets to grip, her mouth is raising and lowering at the same steady, smooth and eager pace no matter the lucky man that gets to be in front of her, which currently is the glasses-wearing hunk of the four who is voicing his approval in the form of the moans escaping from him.

However she isn’t going to just let one man have all the fun of her oral hole for too long. Lifting her head up and off, she gives a smile to Ignis before she turns her head, raising her hands off from the other two men so she can spit down onto one palm, and then the other in preparation. By the time she turns back, she’s grinning as the next line-up is already eagerly waiting for her with now Prompto ready in front while Noctis and Gladiolus are either side of him. Wasting no time, she takes a hold of the two at the sides with those hands, a couple strokes working in her saliva into those already covered rods before she leans her head forward and parts her lips to take the last, but certainly not least, dick in to finally let him experience what his friends have gotten a taste of.

“Oooooooooh Cindy!! Ahhhhh… Mmmmmm...” Prompto gasps with delight, gazing down like he’s in a trance as he watches the beautiful face of the blonde move along his cock, her lips gently grinding over his manhood as she smoothly slurps along him, having no issue in handling his cock which is just as delightfully big as those belonging to the rest of the group. “Mmmm!! It feels so good!! Ahhhhh… Mmmmm Cindy!!” He moans out, not exactly being subtle about the crush he has for her, and is now getting to experience a fantasy or two he’s had about her as she works her mouth along a good amount of his size, similarly to the rest of the studs she’s blown coming close to making her cap tilt out of place when the brim briefly touches his body when she pushes downward to take him up into her talented and sinfully hungry mouth.

“I think he’s… Mmmmm… Enjoying himself...” Noctis comments with a smirk, before groaning himself from the steady stroking that’s being done to his cock which is still rock hard and ready for more action in a sign that even with being stared off on first in this rotation of oral and hand pleasuring he’s got plenty stamina in him to take another sucking off or whatever she’s got in store for them next.

“Mmmmm… He’s so caught up, he’s not even trying to take any pictures...” Gladiolus chuckles as his gaze switches from her jiggling, top-clad tits, her pretty face as she sucks off the moaning male in front of her, and down to his own crotch as her hand continues to steadily stroke off his length to do more than a grand job of keeping him pleasured and hard for his next turn on her.

“Mmmm… Hmmmmphhh… Mmmmphhh!” The stunner of Hammerhead groans around Prompto’s shaft, her lips applied firmly against his member for prime suction as she keeps her blonde haired head bobbing along his pole at a steady pace, having already gotten him with a nice layering of her spit along his size but savouring him a little more perhaps due to his not exactly secret lusty obsession with her. As she gives him another round of sucks to make him moan with every lift upward or lowering she dishes out, her own arousal from this all is clear from how hard and poking through her top her nipples are as she services three men at the same time, and has done so in four different combinations already so far.

“Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmm...” Cindy raises her head all the way up and off from Prompto’s cock, taking a moment to take in air before she smirks up at him, spitting down onto his cock before she lifts her hands off from the other hunks, applying them to the male in front of her instead so she can stroke his dick off with both palms. “Didn’t keep ya waitin’ too long now did I?” She teases with a grin, firmly jerking his tool off as she looks up.

“N-no! Ahhhhhh!! Not… N-not at all! Mmmmm!!” Prompto groans out as he just stares down, hypnotised by the object of his desires so commandingly working over his dick.

“Good! I was worried ya’ll were gonna blow early like a cheap gasket!” She laughed, letting go of his cock so she can shift back and stand up. “Now, you boys all ready to shift this into a higher gear?” She asked, her hands going down to the front button of her jeans shorts.

“I don’t think any of us are planning to leave any time soon...” Noctis states, watching as she slides those bottoms downward, exposing a completely shaved and already wet looking pussy to the staring group of four horny hunks.

“That so huh?” Cindy smirks as she steps out of the shorts, throwing them out of the way before she reached down to start lifting up her top, revealing her gorgeously rounded tits to the watching audience. “In that case, I want the hunk about to get hitched to enjoy a last night of freedom, if ya catch my drift. And… Yeah, you big guy… How about ya’ll get a little rough with my little mouth? That sound like a plan so far?”

“Sounds like a plan I can get behind… Well, in front of this time.” Gladiolus confirms with a laugh, watching as the stunning mechanic moves to get down on her hands and knees on the garage floor, and quickly both he and Noctis move into position at either end of her, with Noctis kneeling behind so he can push his cock into her already wet pussy with a groan. “If rough is what you want...” The muscular hunk of the group smirks, accepting the invitation of her open mouth as he slides his cock deeply into her, making her groan as he doesn’t stop until the crown of his tool touches the back of her mouth. Taking a hold of her with a hand on the back of her cap-wearing head, he starts to thrust his shaft in and out of her oral hole, causing her to first groan but soon gag as he indeed gives it to her nice and hard with long, deep strokes that easily have him moaning from the wonderful feeling of that damp mouth.

“Mmmmm!! There’s no way… Mmmm… I could ever tell Luna about this...” Noctis says, fully aware that despite the intended plans, he’s currently thrusting his nicely lengthy dick into the snug snatch of a stunning woman who is not the one he is going to marry. Not just that, but is banging her with a plentiful amount of effort and energy, fitting inch by inch of himself into her love-tunnel and moaning out each time he pushes in or pulls out of that hot and wet hole. “Ahhhhh… But damn, does this feel real good...” He openly admits as he watches his shaft vanish forward into her pussy before reappearing briefly as he repeats the motion in a smooth fashion with his hands firmly gripping her just above the hips so he can steadily send himself back and forth into her lower, click lips.

“MMMMMPHHH… GAHHHHH… Mmmmmm… GAHHHHH HHHHLLLKKK!!” The blonde lets out lusty moans around the cock being thrust deep into her mouth, feeling that fat cock invading her throat in erotic fashion, her saliva splattering around his member and already starting to both drip from his length and escape past her parted lips to trickle down her chin. Even as she gags she’s showing no signs of calling for this to stop, even slightly rocking her sexy, curved body between the two men who are sandwiching her, taking one cock deep in past her slick, lower lips while getting an even longer and thicker one pumped deep between her full facial lips.

“Ahhhhh… Shit!! Mmmmm… Fuck… She’s good...” Gladiolus states, watching his now saliva drenched cock slide in and out of her mouth as she keeps herself wide open for him to thrust away into, making her gag loudly every time the bulbous bell-end and a few inches force forward into her throat. “MMMM… Never gonna forget this… Fuck yeah, you’re deep throating my dick Cindy...” He smirks down with another moan as he watches his hips get close to her pretty face, the spit dripping off his member starting to coat his balls never mind the mess starting to create a pool on the floor below. He doesn’t ease off though, even as her eyes start to water from the discomfort of getting her mouth so roughly and repeatedly fucked, telling from the lustful stare up those same eyes are giving her that this is still exactly what she wants, and who is he to deny her of a sexual kink especially when it’s giving him so much shameless pleasure at the same time.

“MMMM… Yeah, she’s… Ahhhhh!! Something else...” Noctis chips in, the smack of his toned body connecting off her curvy frame now mixing with the moans (both clear and muffled) being made by the three currently in on the action as he’s now able to send his cock in balls deep into her snatch, getting the full pleasurable feeling of her walls being so snug all around his member as he pumps into her at this steady, controlled pace. “MMMMM… Lucky us, spending a night… Mmmmm!! Doing this, instead of just camping out...” He adds with a groan, watching her sexy booty shaking now from the firm impact made as his crotch smacks off of her each time he sends his cock all the way forward with a groan, causing her to moan out between the gagging she’s doing as she shows off sexual skill herself in being able to take a hammering both ends at the same time from two handsome and hung hunks.

“GGAAAAAAHHHH!! MMMMM… MMMMPHHHH!!! GAAAAAAHHHH...” Cindy continues to gag out loudly, her saliva dirtily now dripping from her chin as she gets her mouth deeply fucked with thrust after stiff thrust, her Hammerhead Full Service Station branded cap not tilted up from how often the brim has touched that ripped midsection of the man in front of her as he’s had his way with her hungry oral hole. Even as tears start to trickle down her cheeks from the rough way she, as she had asked for in the first place, is getting her mouth pumped, she’s making no move to pull away as she stays almost solidly in place for both Gladiolus and Noctis to thrust deeply into her front and back holes respectively. “HRRRRLLLKKK!! MMMMPHHH!! GAAAAHHHHH… MMMMM!!” Only slightly does the blonde bombshell move back and forth between them a little when she takes a firmer pump into her pussy from behind, that treatment to fill up her snatch ensuring she gets plenty of pleasure out of this position but from that still burning with desire look in her watered eyes it seems clear that she’d probably be getting off on just taking a pounding in her mouth.

“He-hey!! Are you guys just going to have Cindy all to yourselves??” Prompto protests, voicing concern from the look of discomfort he sees on the face of his crush.

“I have the feeling that she fully intends to keep us company for the entire night...” Ignis states, adjusting his glasses for a moment as he watches the red hot sight of the beautiful woman getting taken by two of his close friends.

“Mmmmm... Sounds like… Ahhhh!! Lover-boy over there is getting jealous… Mmmmm! Of being left out...” Gladiolus says between moans, smirking as he shifts back to take his cock out of Cindy’s mouth, allowing her clearly moan out as she draws in some deep, much needed breaths.

“Ahhhh! Fine with me… Mmmm… I’ll let “Specs” take a shot at her… Noctis states, making both himself and the woman he’d been nailing groan as he pulls out of her pussy so he can also step away from her as the other two men now come in.

“Don’t you worry sugar… I ain’t been bein’ mean by makin’ ya wait for little old me...” Cindy smirks up Prompto as he now takes position to kneel in front of her, and before he can respond she’s making him moan as she leans forward and takes his cock deeply into her mouth, starting to bob her blonde haired head along his shaft at a smooth, savouring pace while keeping her gaze locked up at his handsome face. “Mmmmmphhh!! MMMMM!! Mmmmm...” She moans around his impressively sized tool as she feels Ignis pushing his shaft into her snatch from behind, and glancing back at him she catches him by surprise as she pushes her hips towards him to take him further in, and to her groaning approval he catches on quick to the plan and starts meeting her motion with thrusts of his own to push himself in deep each time she rocks backward to meet him.

“MMMM!! Oh Cindy!! Mmmmm… You can… AHHHHH!! You can do whatever you want to me...” Prompto moans out, almost frozen from the pleasure he’s getting from the warm and wet mouth sliding back and forth along his member, loving the sight of her full lips working over his man-meat almost as much as the red hot pleasure of the oral sex itself, his cock having already been left with her spit on it from the first blowjob but that covering now increasing as she slurps away at his size. “Ahhhhh!! MMMMM OH!! Ahhhhh… MMMM Cindy!!” The photography loving stud gasps as she picks up the pace already, making the bobbing motion quicker and firmer as well as taking more of his inches up into her mouth, causing herself to once again make herself sinfully gag out around another cock but this time on her own doing as she fucks her own face on his dick.

“Mmmmm… I would suggest that… Ahhhhh! You control your desires somewhat Prompto...” The glasses-wearer of the quartet says the man at the other end of the stunning female they have their cocks deep inside off, but even as dispensing advice he’s still got his focus on the task at hand as he firmly thrusts his cock in and out of the wet snatch in front of him as she nicely pushes herself back against those pumps. “MMMM… Wouldn’t want you… Ahhhhhh… To be left out while the rest of us… MMMM! Enjoy some more of Cindy here...” He adds, smirking for a moment before he moans again, his hips now already connecting off of her rounded and thick ass cheeks when she rocks back to take his thrusts, a sign of both her arousal and her ability to take a long dick like his balls deep into her needy but still nice and tight snatch, something made all the more hotter by the fact she’s sucking off another dick at the same time.

“MMMMM!! GAAAAAHHHH… MMMMMPHHHH!!” The curvaceous car shop worker gags and groans as she rocks herself between the two long time friends, paying no mind to the sweat starting to drip down her face as she ensures their cocks slide in deep into her mouth and snatch as she keeps bobbing her head along the rod of the man in front of her while stiffly pushing back against the thrusting member stuffing right into her twat from behind. “GAHHHHHH… MMMMMPHHHH!! MMMMM… HHHHHLLLLLKKKK!!” Once again her saliva is spilling out from past her lips from the gagging she’s making herself willingly do as she fucks her own mouth on the cock of the man with an open crush on her, leaving him more than generously covered with saliva that’s dripping all the way down to his nut-sack. Meanwhile her snatch is remaining snug and slick around the other just as hung shaft she’s currently dealing with, his steady and perfectly timed pumps combined with her backward rocking making sure they both moan out in delight, even if her cries are muffled by the cock she’s sucking off as she gets this fucking.

“MMMM!! Oooooooooh… I never would have dreamed… MMMMM… This would feel soooooooo gooooooood MMMM!!” Prompto groans out, his head tilted back as he enjoys the pleasure from the talented mouth of the woman he’s had an open lust for since they first arrived at the Service Station she works at as she effortlessly slides her lips back and forth along almost the entirety of his shaft, causing her cap to look like it’s about to tip all the way back from how it’s been angled upward from the contact with his body. “AHHHHH… Oh hey!! S-sorry! MMMMM… Let me fix that...” He says, acting like it’s his fault for the state her Hammerhead cap is in as he reaches down to put it back into place. However the sexy female currently blowing him doesn’t miss a beat, still slurping away deeply onto his cock to take him down into her throat with a loud gag every time, so soon her hat is tilting again as she pushes almost all the way down onto him and the brim meets his midsection.

“AHHHHH… It might be rude of me… MMMMM FUCK… To say this...” The cookery expert of the group says as he moans, but his rudeness isn’t referring to his cursing – an open expression of his enjoyment of her wet and still tight pussy all around his dick and he drives in firmly with balls deep thrusts again and again, the penetration easily aided by her sending her hips sharply backward to meet each inward pump he gives her. “But now… MMMMM!! Is far from the time… AHHHH… To be acting like a gentleman...” He reasons, groaning as he stares down to watch her backside move over his thrusting dick, her rear cheeks jiggling sexily every time she connects with his slim and desirable frame and he ventures into her slit with another balls deep pump, the feeling far more than adequate enough to have them both moaning out no matter if it’s a pulling backward or a driving in.

Giving another couple of slurps, broken up by her own raspy gagging, she lifts her head off of the cock she’d been expertly blowing as she once again takes a slight break to catch her breath. “MMMM… Now now boys! Don’t ya’ll… AHHHHH! Be spoilin’ the mood for me now...” Cindy says, casting sly looks to all the men around her as she shifts forward, causing Ignis’ cock to slip out of her snatch.

“Yeah… We’ve gotten so far into this now, there’s no point of ruining things or backing out now...” Noctis reasons as he steps in towards her as she stands up.

“Easy there, your Royal Highness...” She says playfully, stopping him with a hand on his chest. “I got a little idea for how to take you guys next...” She states, pausing as looks over to Prompto. “Since I seem to be keepin’ ya’ll waitin’ ‘till last to get some of me, how about you lay down for me sugar and I’ll give you a real fine ride?”

“Yes please Cindy!!” Prompto all too eagerly says, quickly moving to lay on his back on the floor of the Service Station they’ve been fucking in.

The men all watch her fine, shapely ass as it sways from side to side as she walks over to a bench, picking up a generously sized bottle of a clear liquid before she comes back across, a smirk on her face as her heeled boots click against the floor, the only clothing still on apart from her stockings, her Hammerhead garage branded hat and the goggles hanging around her neck. “Here you go… Fancy makin’ sure I’m all filled up?” She far from subtlety suggestions to Noctis, tossing her the bottle that he can clearly see from the labelling is a sexual lubricant. “I already took care of myself back there while I was waitin’ for you boys to arrive...” Cindy adds with a grin before she lowers herself down, mounting the wide smiling hunk laying down as she guides his cock up into her wet snatch to make them both groan out.

“Damn… How did I not notice that before?” Noctis comments, knowing exactly what the currently grinding babe is wanting from him as he pours some lube out onto his cock before using a hand to stroke it into and over his inches.

“Well, I didn’t want to distract from the… Task at hand, as it were...” Ignis says in a rather too casual for the situation manner.

“She’s kinky huh? Well, I could have guessed that one...” Gladiolus chuckles, watching the man he’s sworn to protect move behind her before he moves himself around up close to her as Ignis does the same at her other side.

“Well, if that’s what you want...” Noctis says with a nod, moving into position behind her, spreading those ripe and rounded butt cheeks as he takes a good look to see that she already has lubed up her own puckered entrance. Lining his cock up, he firmly presses himself against that hole, moaning as he pushes forward to penetrate, and has to groan when he’s caught by surprise as the beauty he’s inside off already rocks back against him, greedily grinding against both his cock and that of his best friend currently underneath her. “MMMM… Yeah, I can see it is...” He states the obvious as he gets to work on her, thrusting his cock in and out of her asshole and already working his inches impressively deep into that tight back passage thanks to her pushing back against his pumps, perhaps showing that it’s not just “lubing up” she experienced back there before from the way she’s also moaning out.

Glancing to the sides, she grips the dicks of Gladiolus and Ignis, giving each a grin and a stroke before turning her blonde haired head towards the more muscular of the group and eagerly taking him between her full lips, getting a groan out of the hunk as she starts bobbing her head along his shaft while she starts to firmly bounce on Prompto’s cock at the same time. “Mmmmmphhh!! MMMM… MMMMPHHH!!” She groans around that meat, her tits shaking almost at the same time as her head pushes back and forth as she sucks on that meaty rod for a few moments before lifting away, taking a brief second to draw in air before her head turns and she takes Ignis’ dick into her talented mouth. She’s certainly got no issue with tasting her own snatch from off of his pole as she pushes her oral hole down deep to make him moan, her lips similarly to the BJ just given tightly wrapped around those inches as she slurps away, giving a couple rounds to him before pulling off and turning back to that just as rock hard cock to administer some more sucking action.

“AHHHHHH… Oooooooooh!! So… MMMMM!! So gooooooood!!” Prompto seems almost in a trance now as he moans out, watching the woman of his crush dreams riding his dick expertly, getting a great look at those large, jiggling breasts of hers as she drops her wet but still snug pussy all the way down to meet his crotch each time she bottoms out before shifting back up again. “MMMM!! It feels… AHHHHHH FUCK… So amazing!!” He groans out more in awe than just sinful approval, his gaze switching from watching his cock reappear and then vanish back up inside her slick hole, to up to those luscious rounded breasts and seeing her goggles bouncing up and down in time with the motion her body is doing, and up to her gorgeous face as she gives the two men not currently inside her lower holes equal turns of being between her full upper lips with each stud getting sucked off for a while before she moves onto the other.

“MMMM… For a woman who has said… AHHHH… She’s never done this before...” Ignis comments between his groans, having to push his glasses back into place as he watches the busty blonde bounce away on the cock she’s taking deep into her snatch, while taking an ass fucking at the same time, not to mention the way she’s smoothly switching between blowing him and the man at her other side to leave both his and Gladiolus’ cocks nicely layered with her saliva. “MMMMM… It seems that it’s not just car fixing… MMMM AHHHHH… That she excels in...” He states the obvious, groaning again as she turns to look at him, her mouth sinking down deeply onto his pole until she makes herself gag before raising upward a few inches, repeating the hungry motion for a couple of rounded before pulling off, gasping and turning to her other side to energetically blow the other hunk involved in this no-strings-attached gang bang.

“MMMMM… Ahhhhh FUCK!! This… This is something… AHHHHH… To remember...” The heir to the throne of Lucis moans as he firmly thrusts his lengthy member into the stunning backside of the sexy mechanic in front of him, timing his pumps just right to meet her as she rocks back and forth against the photographer she’s mounted on top off. “AHHHHH SHIT… Mmmmmm!! If Luna ever found out about this… AHHHHH… I think we could count… UHHHHH… The wedding off...” He states, knowing full well that he’s supposed to be due to marry another woman, but is shamelessly and willingly not just fucking another beauty right here, but is stuffing her shapely booty with his manhood again and again to plunge his inches in deep, aided by her eager pushing back against those pumps that makes it seem like this is far from the first time she’s taken it up the ass before.

“MMMMM… I’m not planning on telling her… AHHHH… If you aren’t Noctis...” Gladiolus says with a smirk, moaning as he watches the pretty face of the woman they’re all getting a piece off slide down towards his crotch before raising back up, the motion repeated as her saliva starts dripping again off his size as the pride of the Hammerhead garage loudly slurps and gags on his dick before lifting away so she can do the exact same action to Ignis. “Shit… AHHHHH… I don’t think any woman in the land… MMMMM… Could be able to pull this off like Cindy here can...” He somewhat back-handedly compliments the horny babe who has been offering up all her holes to all four men she’s only really known for a short while, but is now giving them a “servicing” to remember as she takes one of them deep into her ass, another completely into her snatch, and is switching between sucking off the remaining two to ensure she’s got a meaty cock in each of her holes at almost every time with only the briefest of breaks to suck on that fourth dick.

“MMMMMPHHH!! MMMM MMMMM… GAAAAAHHHH!! MMMMPHHHH!!” Cindy continues to gag as she moves her mouth right down to near deep throat whichever cock she’s handling with her soothing, wet oral hole and showing no favouritism to give each the same slobbering and slurping treatment. At the same time, her sweat-covered, curvaceous frame is still bouncing away on the stud with more than just a major crush on her, no doubt that affection even stronger now as she takes him in to the hilt into her dripping wet snatch. “MMMM!! OH FUCK!!” She has to pull her head off of those cocks she’s been blowing, now just stroking them as she starting grinding down on the hunk underneath her, rolling those full hips so she can still push back against the steady thrusts driving into her ass from behind. “AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM FUCK YEAH BOYS!! AHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCKKK MMMMMMM!!!” The reasons for her louder calls is obvious as she orgasms all over Ignis’ cock, sending a flood of juices all over his member as the pleasure from being the sexual target of all four men takes its toll, a grin on her face as she still strokes off Ignis and Gladiolus and takes the anal banging from Noctis behind her as she rides out a clearly intense high that she’d been looking for all along.

“WOOOOOOAHHHH!! AHHHHHH… OH… MMMM CINDY!!” Prompto gasps himself, feeling the increased pressure around his cock as well as those increased juices as his dream girl actually cums as she’s grinding against his dick, but to his own credit he’s managing to keep control, his hands reaching up to grip and grope those large boobs of hers, causing her to gasp as she’s still enjoying the waves of pleasure flowing through her. “AHHHHHH… MMMMM… Oh Cindy… MMMMM...” He groans out his delight, but soon gasps as she grins down at him, her hands removing from off the dicks she’s been stroking and sucking off to grip his own hands, encouraging the groping of her wonderfully sized breasts as despite having just orgasmed she’s still got energy in her, rocking back and forth on top his member as well as the dick still pumping away in between her juicy ass cheeks.

“FUCK… How did… How did we all survive that… MMMMM...” Noctis comments at the fact that even faced with such a horny and built to fuck beauty like her, not one of the men has blown a load yet, even though he’d also had to deal with her back passage tightening around his shaft as she came. Not to complain, he enjoys a couple more thrusts in and out of her still vice-like asshole before pulling out and causing them to both groan as he wipes drops of sweat from off of his forehead, stepping back to watch as she continues to grind that stunning body down against the perhaps most surprisingly still involved in the action hunk of the group. “Hell, how is Prompto still kicking in this?”

“Don’t mock him… Turns out it just took a good woman to make a man out of him!” Gladiolus laughs.

“Ya’ll boys are mean to your buddy here...” Cindy says with a teasing smirk as she glances between the four, eventually licking her lips as she dismounts the groaning hunk she’d been riding. “Lucky for ya’ll I ain’t done with ya yet...”

“Another round? This is getting to be tougher than facing a Deamon...” Ignis calmly comments as he and the others watch her stand up.

“Yep, and this time? You boys get to decide how you want to screw me!” She grins, placing her hands on her hips. “Only one condition – any ya’ll feelin’ ready to pop? Pull out and wait for the others, because I want my face real covered like it’s one of dem dirty films...”

“I call her ass...” Gladiolus says, already having picked up the lube bottle and using some of the contents to layer up his cock with before he now moves to lay down on the floor.

“If there’s no objections, then I’d like to again enjoy that lovely vagina of our mechanic here...” Ignis says.

“Well, that leaves you and me Prompto sharing her mouth I guess?” Noctis reasons.

“Actually...” Prompto says, grinning himself. “I’ve got an idea myself, so why don’t you have Cindy’s lips to yourself?”

“Ain’t that sweet, ya’ll gettin’ along for little old me...” Cindy smiles as she moves to get into position, facing away from Gladiolus as she lowers herself downward, taking his cock up into her already nicely fucked asshole, and groaning as her back passage still is made to stretch to accommodate the thickest dick of the whole group. “MMMM SHIT… Damn!! That’s… AHHHHH… Real fuckin’ big too!!” She moans, trying to reach back behind her but feeling the muscular hunk underneath her using his superior strength to easily keep her held up as he grips her toned midsection, so she settles for resting her arm back with a hand on his broad shoulder. The other hand goes to her spread legs for a moment but sees Ignis stepping in between them as he pushes his shaft into her dripping wet but still very pleasurably snug twat, so instead moves to meet Noctis as he approaches from the side, gripping his dick and turning to take him into her mouth.

“FUCK!! Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM… I didn’t think… MMMMM… Women did that...” Noctis groans, referring to the fact the stunning blonde is engaging in some ass-to-mouth action without any hesitation at all, tasting her own back passage off of his inches as she bobs her cap wearing head up and down on his cock, her tongue running along his shaft helping to replace the flavour with her own saliva as she eagerly slurps away on that now quite familiar shaft. “UHHHHH… MMMMM FUCK!! Look… Look at her go!” He says in awe as she tries grinding her body against all the cocks she’s taking as the two studs in her lower holes start thrusting away firmly and swiftly into her now they are stuffed in, the sound of skin meeting sweat-coated skin ringing out as Ignis and Gladiolus start pounding her pussy and booty respectively to make both themselves and the woman they’re all gang banging moan out without any hint of shame at all.

“MMMMMPHHH!!! MMMMM… MMMM MMMMMPHH!!” The beauty of the Hammerhead Full Service Station lets out long and deep muffled moans around the cock she’s blowing as she takes a just as lengthy rod into her wet snatch and juicy ass at the same time, her ripe and rounded tits bouncing away as her frame jolts against those thrusts pistoning into her backside from underneath, in turn making her rock back and meet the pumps going balls deep into her love tunnel. “MMMMM… MMMMMPPPPHHH… MMMM!! MMMM MMMMM MMMMPHHHH!!” She groans out, sweat still forming and soon dripping off of her curves as she closes her eyes, bobbing her head back and forth onto the cock she’s got her soft lips wrapped around at such a pace it’s surprising her branded cap isn’t falling off of her blonde haired head yet as she all too happily lets herself be fucked nice and hard in her holes by these three hunks she’s usually servicing the car of instead of getting sinfully fucked by.

“All right! My turn!” Prompto pipes up, coming in but doesn’t ask for the man being blown to step aside, instead moving and mounting over Cindy’s body as he shifts into position, placing his cock between her big, jiggling tits before he uses his hands to cup and squeeze them, causing her to look and watch as he uses her chest to sandwich his own shaft. “MMMM!! Oh man, this… AHHHHH… Feels even better than being in her!!” He claims as he starts to thrust himself into her deep cleavage with loud moans, her tits still shaking as her frame works against his other friends but that rubbing just adding to the pleasure as he pumps away into her mounds, the slickness of her pussy juices still coating his tool making the motion perfectly smooth as he keeps her tits pressed right against his member.

“Personally… MMMMM… I’d doubt that… AHHHHH...” Ignis says, showing no issue with the man just in front of him now fucking her tits as the lead chef of the group keeps his attention right down on her soaking wet pussy, watching his cock reappear from her as he draws his hips back before driving right in with a groan to fill her up to the hilt with every inch of his shaft. “AHHHHH… I’d say she’s equipped… MMMMM… Inside and out… AHHHHH FUCK… For maximum pleasure...” He adds between his groans, showing off skills far removed from the cooking stove as he uses a series of perfectly timed and forceful thrusts to bang her more than just moist snatch again and again, ensuring she stays moaning out herself while he plugs her pussy with his man-meat so smoothly it looks as if they’d done this sexual action several times before in the past.

“MMMM!! I’m just fucking glad… AHHHHH… You left some this… MMMMM FUCK!! Fucking hot ass for me to have...” Gladiolus smirks, having no issue at all with giving her the time of dirty and wild time she not only has been demanding, but can clearly take and then some as he stiffly sends his big dick up hard into those juicy cheeks of the blonde he’s easily keeping held up, even with the now added pressure of the fourth man in this on her as he fucks her tits. The muscular stud below this all just keeps his hips slamming upward, getting that pole pushed up into her tight back passage as far as he can get, and making sure that even as she rocks slightly back and forth within his grip that she’s still in place enough for his motion to be rapid and hard to give her and her stunning butt the sort of pounding she deserves.

“MMMMPHHH!! MMMMM… MMMM MMMM MMMMM!!” The beautiful blonde continues to sweat hard and groan out around the dick she’s sucking as she takes four studs on at the same time, sucking off one while another pumps away at her breasts, and taking a dick into her sexy ass and wet pussy to leave her stuffed tightly and deeply, but making it look like just a hobby of hers from the way she’s still craving more as she grinds against the thrusts she’s taking from them all. “MMMMMMPPPPHHH… HHHHLLLKKKK!! MMMMPHHH!! MMMM...” She’s slobbering away on the cock of Noctis as she holds onto his waist now, her mouth pushing down towards his base as she fucks her mouth on his now pumping into her rod, leaving her gagging each time his bell-end connects with the back of her mouth. Even then she’s still letting out muffled moans as she more than enjoys the feeling of both her lower holes getting rammed deeper than she’d ever thought possible, and even is getting off on having her tits being used to pleasure the man with the obvious crush on her as Prompto firmly fucks her breasts to leave her boobs jiggling away even in his digging in grip.

“MMMM!! OOOOOOOOH!! AHHHH FUCK… MMMM!! Cindy’s breasts!! MMMM...” Tilting his head back, the photography-lover of the group can’t hide his obvious joy of enjoying her soft and big breasts all around his cock as he keeps himself sandwiched between them, his hands groping her mountains as he keeps them pressed against his pistoning shaft to fully enjoy that ample to say the least chest of the sexy mechanic. “MMMM YEAH!! Let’s… AHHHHH!! Make sure Cindy gets… AHHHHHH… Everything she wants!!” He’s able to say, managing to look back down and see is dick vanishing between her titties when he draws his hips back, before the crown and an inch or so pops out from the top of the valley he’s creating as he bangs those breasts with a smooth and firm pace to get the maximum enjoyment out of using them.

“MMMM… I think… AHHHHH SHIT!! We’ve already done that...” Noctis says, looking far from a man looking to meet up with his bride-to-be as he pumps his cock between the full, slurping lips of the woman getting fucked and used by his three best friends, his moans showing he’s loving every erotic moment of this gang bang just as the beauty taking all their long and thick cocks currently is. “AHHHHH… MMMM!! Why can’t… AHHHHH… Every quest we’re given… UHHHH!! Be as great as this...” He states before he moans again, staring down to watch her pretty facial features slide close towards his cock, the goggles around her neck bouncing away as she works her head, feeling her gags vibrating around his member before she shifts back upward just to repeat the motion, her saliva not just dripping off his inches but down her own chin and neck to show just how much of a naughty, red hot cock sucker she actually is.

“AHHHH… That fucking goes… MMMM FUCK!! Without saying Noctis...” The hunk getting to enjoy her fine, rounded ass states between his grunts as he drives his cock straight up deeply into her backside, making her cheeks jiggle when his crotch connects up with her incredible body as he stuffs that booty full with his man-meat to deliver the kind of pounding that very few woman on this, or any other planet, would be able to handle even half of. “UHHHH… MMMM!! What… AHHHHHH… What a fucking woman...” He grins as he moans his approval of both her tight and desirably thick backside and her ability as a whole to take such a steamy, filthy fucking in all her holes at the same time, as well as handling a titfuck to go along with it all in a display that makes her appear more suited for selling her body for Gil than for fixing up cars.

“MMMMM… That may be… AHHHHH FUCK!!” Ignis tries to say but is cut off by his own groans, his glasses just perched on the tip of his nose as he concentrates on enjoying her soaking wet snatch as he rams in balls deep again and again into that snatch that feels made to be taken hard like this again and again, with those vaginal walls still nicely snug around his rod even after the repeated thrusting she’s taken from the mix of the group of four so far. “That may be the most sensible thing… MMMM… I’ve heard from any of you… AHHHHH… For a long, long time...” He adds between his lust groans of delight, still loving how her twat feels along around his prick as he feeds it to her to nicely match when her body rocks back towards him as she skilfully moves against all the hunks driving into her no matter if it’s her mouth, that dripping pussy, her tight ass or even her big tits.

“MMMMM!! MMMMMPHHHH!! MMMM… MMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM!!!” Unsurprisingly, the intense pace of this wild, triple stuffing she’s very willingly enduring along with the pumping off her tits soon sets Cindy off into another hard, deeply groaning orgasm as she closes her eyes, letting the studs do the work of thrusting away either into her holes or between her tits as she enjoys an even more intense sexual high than before. Another flood of her juices cascades over Ignis’ cock in her tightening snatch, while her back passage squeezes around Gladiolus’ big shaft as both hunks still drive deep into her even if they are going for their own enjoyment and not to aid her to savour every moment of this pleasure. “MMMMM… MMMMPHHH MMMM!! MMMMM...” Her lips suck and slurp away on the dick she’s being fed, her lips snugly wrapped around Noctis’ man-meat as he thrusts deeply forward into that oral hole, and perhaps out of instinct her hands have moves up on top of Prompto’s to make sure her breasts are pressing and rubbing against his cock as he thrusts away into the tits of his crush to keep himself moaning out even as she starts to come back down from another orgasm to remember for several years to come.

“AHHHHH… I don’t think… MMMMM!! I can take much more!” Prompto confesses, reluctantly letting go of her breasts as he groans, moving off from her completely as his cock begins to throb.

“MMMM… My thoughts… AHHHHHH… Exactly...” Ignis agrees, just able to survive her snatch while she came but now also having to pull out and step back from her.

“Yeah… MMMM...” Noctis says, stepping away to leave her mouth even as she tries to start bobbing along his length again now her orgasm has subsided.

“I wasn’t… AHHHHH… Planning on stopping...” Gladiolus claims, but the smirk on his face shows he’s reaching his limit as well. “But… UHHHHH!! If you insist...” He says, pulling out of that now more than just well-fucked ass and she moves her off from him.

“Ahhhhh… Wooooooo boy!!” Cindy laughs as she now sits down on her knees, taking off her cap so she can run a hand through her sweat-soaked hair. “Ya’ll gave me the Full Service, huh? Fucked me like somethin’ else!” She grins up at the four as they approach her, stroking their cocks as she puts her hat back on. “Now, ya’ll hold up your end of the deal… Give it to me good boys, and don’t stop until I’m more of a mess than after workin’ a whole month’s worth of cars in a day!” She demands, licking her lips as she glances between the four equally desirable dicks she’s become very familiar with over the course of this gang bang.

The four men step in close, rapidly pumping their shafts as they aim down towards the gorgeous face of the beauty they’d been fucking the holes of over and over since beginning this sinful garage fuck-fest she’d demanded of them all. While all of them throb and groan out, looking ready to blow at any moment it’s actually Ignis who blows first, a shot of jizz blasting out of his cock and catching Cindy across the left cheek, making her moan as his seed splashes across her cheek and nose, already dripping downward as he coats that side of her face, getting close to her mouth as she strokes his jizz out, the last few drops falling down to catch on her goggles and above her chest.

Next up to go is the hunk who’d just enjoyed her ass, as Gladiolus lets out a deep grunt before he starts to spray her face, the first shot actually landing up high to land onto and over her Hammerhead Service Station branded cap to stain the front rim and up over the logo, the tail end of it landing in her blonde hair at the side. The rest of his blasts are better aimed, hitting across the nose and making her close her eyes as his shots land over the them and her upper cheeks, catching again in her hair over her forehead under the shadow of her cap as he deliberately aims there with a grin to make sure she really looks like a well-fucked mess.

No sooner as the muscular stud of the group finished than it’s the turn of the Prince, as Noctis moans as starts to shoot his load across her gorgeous face as his seed shoots up the right side of her face, landing close to the still closed eye, over her nose, and near to her lips and chin as he also, but more unintentionally leaves cum riddled through her hair. His spunk drips from the side of her face as his last drops actually splash down not onto her face, but instead further down to leave her goggles further stained as well as onto the tops of her tits, causing her to smirk and groan as she moves her hands up to run across those lovely, rounded breasts.

Perhaps surprisingly, but fittingly considering this is his crush he’s about to unload onto it, Prompto gets to be last but certainly not least as he stands in front of her, sending out such a thick and long initial burst of cum that it makes her gasp in delight when it lands over her nose and up to in fact hit the underside of the brim of her cap. He isn’t finished there, groaning as he strokes off and sends more cum landing down over her nose, cheeks, lips and chin so that it’s already dripping off of her cute facial features long before he’s done, and she’s unable to resist licking her lips as the last drops are pumped out and she’s left with sticky strands of spunk hanging from off the tip of her nose and her chin by the time he finally lets go of his limp and spent rod.

“Mmmmm… You boys… Sure know how to show a gal a good time...” Cindy says with a still, even after all this fucking, lustful voice, staying on her knees with her face completely covered bukkake-style by the loads of all four men that’s left her face, hair and even goggles and cap stained with spunk. “Just like I knew you all could… So thank ya’ll kindly for makin’ me feel… Well, like a darn dirty slut!” She admits with a laugh, her chuckling making spunk further drip off her face before she lifts a hand up to clear cum away from her eyes so she can actually look up at four sweating studs who have fucked her so expertly.

“Hey! No problem Cindy!” Prompto quickly says with a big grin, giving her a thumbs up. “It was our pleasure!”

“Pleasure being the key-word...” Gladiolus says with a chuckle.

“Quite so, although we’ve left you quite a mess… And not just your face there...” Ignis notes.

“Ain’t nothin’ to worry about. After shifts of dealin’ with oil, dirt and who knows what else from out there?” Cindy says with a smirk. “A little spunk ain’t gonna be hard to clean out!”

“Guess that means another successful quest...” Noctis says with a smile. “And I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be sleeping like a kid tonight, even out there in that caravan...”

“Oh yeah, you boys passed with flyin’ colours, bangin’ little old me...” Cindy states the obvious, glancing between the four of them as she stands up. “But before you head off, I just want you all to know? Ya’ll are welcome to stop by this here garage any time you like… And I don’t mean to get your car fixed up either...” She says, smirking as a scoops up some cum from off her goggles, placing her finger into her mouth and sucking it clean as the men stare and watch her put on that show for them. “So ya’ll come back soon so I can get Hammered at Hammerhead, ya hear?” She says invitingly with a grin.

* * *

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