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The Young Soldier


Vincent was standing outside the door number six hundred and ninety two. Weeks of research had led him here. After his tormenting nightmares he had embarked on a journey to find the truth behind the man called Sephiroth. He had a past that linked him strongly to this young general and as a gesture of respect, not only to Sephiroth and himself Vincent owed it to Lucrecia to find out what had happened to her son. He had never given Sephiroth another thought after being sealed in the ShinRa mansion in a sarcophagus. After his rescue, the Daemon lord had joined Cloud and Avalanche, and true to his reclusive character, Vincent had even managed to repress Sephiroth into a secluded corner of his mind where he had stayed until recently.

Retracing the footsteps of the seraph had led Vincent to this specific building, to this specific door, and following a few determined knocks on the door, a middle-aged woman invited him in.

They sat in the spotlessly clean kitchen, surrounded by delicious fragrances from food and the fresh lilies on the table. Vincent remained partly hidden behind his mantle, listening to a remarkable story from a former laboratory assistant who had been appointed to care for Sephiroth, from the time he was a child until he became independent of surveillance and could be trusted as a loyal Soldier of the ShinRa Army. Over a cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee, along with delicious morsels of both salty and sweet character, the woman, whose name was Sïana Khin, engaged in the dialogue.

“He was an intelligent toddler,” the elegant lady pointed out.

Her short, auburn hair was in nice harmony with the tanned skin and accentuated the gracefully aging complexion. Miss Khin radiated of gentleness, but there was something firm and respectable written in the delicate lines around her smiling eyes. Indeed, Vincent felt she was a woman of panache and was comfortable discussing Sephiroth’s childhood with her. She went on and he kept on staring at her ruby red lips, emphasized with a matching lip liner. The makeup was very tasteful and brought out her femininity in a delightful way.

“He had an incredible thirst for knowledge and though he spent most of his days being indoctrinated with all the information you can imagine, mostly about war, he still lay on his bed for hours on end and read books.”

“Books,” Vincent raised an eyebrow.

“Oh yes, he read all the classics, and then ploughed through modern work… you name it… he has read it. I think it was his way of escaping reality. The books opened up another world where he was free from all the experiments. You see,” she leaned over as she spoke with warmth. “Sephiroth used to ask so much about the world above. He was trapped in that artificial environment day and night and his greatest pleasure was when I told him about what was going on outside.”

Miss Khin laughed at a specific memory and felt the need to share.

“I once bought him some cream cakes. It was not allowed for anyone to alter his strict diet and so I took a big risk sneaking that in… but watching his face completely dissolve in that joy as he took the first bite and felt the taste of vanilla cream... it was worth it. His eyes were shut and he panted with each bite like a starved animal…”

Miss Khin took a sip out of her coffee and shook her head at Vincent, while continuing with tearful eyes; but the tears were not all sad.

“He was in heaven, Mr. Valentine. That boy was in heaven with each bite. He was never the one to show emotions… the Gods know that the professor and Lord ShinRa had chased that out of him… but he threw himself in my arms. He was only ten, but he already knew then what it was like to appreciate life. All the highly technological equipment given to him to play with and explore was something most kids would have envied him for, but little Sephy was thrilled beyond words each time I came with cream cakes. For him that was worth more than all the toys and computer games he had access to.”

Vincent nodded and indeed, he did understand what suffering was. Though he could not reveal it to Miss Khin, he knew it was one of the features he shared with the seraph.

“What was he subjected to apart from the normal experiments of strength and endurance, Miss Khin?” he asked, somewhat regretting he had to continue on a tragic topic, but there were so many unanswered questions.

“Oh please,” the lady cut in divertingly. “Call me Sïana.”

Vincent lifted his cup and stared at the black liquid for a little while before he put it down again. The fragrance of the brew was fabulous and his taste buds were longing for the flavor he denied himself. But after a few encouragements and a new portion of hor d'oeuvres, he gave in to the temptation.

“Mr Valentine, Sephiroth suffered through some hideous experiments that left his body shaking and he had to be kept high on sedatives until he healed in order to prevent him from killing himself. It’s hardly a life worthy of even an animal. They had tried everything from heat, cold, cuts, poisons, mental torture, exhaustion and even starvation for months until his body almost consumed itself.” Miss Khin revealed, and then posed a rhetorical question. “Did you know that starvation is an extremely painful way of dying?”

She scoffed at the thought. “I am surprised he survived it all. No ordinary human would have.”

They were both silent for a long time, but when Miss Khin left her seat from the kitchen table to fill up their cups, she abandoned her gloomy thoughts and turned to a brighter path of memories. She bore a mischievous smile on her face and flashed him with an impish glance as she exposed an enticing little secret about the mysterious young man.

“You know, he was a little devil at times…”

“How do you mean, Sïana?” Vincent asked with apparent curiosity, thanking her for the fresh coffee.

“He matured very quickly.” she answered and arranged the green cardigan over her torso.

It was long-sleeved, light, knitwear under which she wore a black top, her neck decorated with accessories that were rather daring although not clashing with her maturity. Vincent saw she wore high-heeled velvet stilettos which matched her black top, and a pair of brown, bootleg trousers, secured with a designed leather belt. Her classy outfit told of a woman of expensive taste. Vincent had not noticed any traces of a man and drew the conclusion that this was an independent lady who was the mistress of her establishment and did not bow to anyone’s will. She had been a good assistant to care for Sephiroth.

Vincent listened as she revealed a tantalizing anecdote about a mature mind in a young body.

“He soon began asking questions about girls. At first, of course, I was thinking he had read so much and developed curiosity from there, but when his sheets got stained every other morning, I realized I was no longer dealing with a boy. He had become a young man. “

The question just escaped Vincent, but it was too late to take it back. It had already echoed between the walls.

“Did he ever approach you?”

Miss Khin smiled without returning his glance, and took a bite out of her avocado-pesto croutons.

“Not directly at first,” she explained. “You see, I was his only physical contact of gentleness. My job, which was supposed to be only temporary, was to take care of him. I had spent years bathing him, reading good night stories…”

“He must have liked you,” Vincent interrupted bluntly, but not for the purpose of being rude. It was merely a thought that came out loud. “And you must have liked him to stay so long.”

“I never questioned him, Mr Valentine…”

“Please, Sïana,” he reached out and placed a hand on hers. “Call me Vincent.”

She smiled and agreed with a benevolent nod while continuing. “I figured, he was not my child and hence it was not up to me to teach him right from wrong. When he asked something, I answered but I knew that his little mind was so overwhelmed by commands and harsh words from days to months on end, that he would just like to have some peace and quiet. Not another teacher. I think he respected that, for after a while he started communicating on his own…. And following a few more years… yes, he did come closer.”

Miss Khin saw the slight twitch in Vincent’s face and understood his scepticism regarding the concept of an older woman and a young man, but she didn’t bother to defend herself for whatever secrets lay in the depth of Sephiroth’s desires, and the moments she shared with him, could only be understood through experience and the essence of the moment.

“It was a long time ago, Vincent,” she snapped him out of his trance. “I was twenty-seven and no matter what you may think… I used to be a real dish.”

Vincent allowed himself to smile back at her, assuring she still radiated a captivating charm. The way she moved her hands and long fingers to express herself more completely than solely with words, and the fact that she welcomed her femininity to accompany her strength, gave Sïana an undeniable appeal.

“Well, Sephiroth was turning sixteen, but I tell you his body was way older. He had pronounced muscles, but such youthful skin. He was about to lose the last drops of his ‘baby-fat’, which was showing in his round face rather than the rest of the body. His jaws were still given a more childish character due to that and it was just about the only thing that told of his age. It was a bit controversial, no doubt, but it was between him and me… initiated by him and cherished by both.”

Vincent was captured by the light atmosphere of the anecdote and relished every little detail he could imbibe through Sïana’s memories. The ether was vibrating with pleasant thoughts and the gunman slipped without notice into the warmth in his belly and listened attentively.

“Well, you see, Vincent, Sephiroth had several assistants, but after a while he demanded us in a specific order. I always had the morning and night-shift. I call it night-shift, but in fact it was from late afternoon until he went to bed. He came back from an extensive session and was completely famished. I had prepared his food and his bed. He only had to shower, eat and go to bed.”

“But he didn’t,” Vincent threw in impatiently.

“He took it in a different order,” Sïana laughed. “Sephiroth ate his main meal, but saved the cream cakes until he got out of shower. He didn’t put on his pajamas as he usually did, still that child within, you know, and it was about then I understood that the pup was beginning to lift his back leg to relieve himself… if you know what I mean.”

The two adults burst into laughter, but there were no traces of mockery in their enjoyment of the situation. Everyone had been at that turning point, but Sephiroth’s social isolation had delayed this process slightly. His mind was superior in some aspects, but still a child in others. He had certain interaction with others, but it was mainly on the battlefields and thus his approaches were blunt and typified by his lingering innocence.

“Anyway,” the mature beauty continued; she leaned comfortingly back in the chair, legs crossed and one hand playing with that exquisite necklace. “Sephy slipped under the covers and asked me to bring the cream cakes to the bed. I set them down on his bedside table and was about to leave when he posed the most peculiar question… at least for someone at his age. Oh…!” she suddenly exclaimed placing the hands on her cheeks. “It was such an incredible night! I still remember every little detail.”

The enthusiasm in Sïana’ voice was unmistakable as she burst into gesticulations and burning eagerness, exposing Sephiroth’s growing desires. He had asked her to stay for a while more to read for him. The request had been very unnatural for someone of his age, but as he showed the female assistant the book he had dishonestly taken from the grand City library, she understood that the night would be out of the ordinary. It was an old book with an orange cover on which there was a naked, luscious female in a lace veil exposed in a simple yet artistically erotic way.

“I still remember the cover,” Sïana told him dreamingly, clutching her hands to her chest as if she was holding the book near her heart. “The girl had an hour-glass figure, her curly hair arranged beautifully with pearl bands on top of her head, exposing the white neck. Since then, Sephiroth has had an obsession with the neck. He loved that fragile boundary between logic and emotions and it was a powerful erogenous zone on him. But returning to the book, the girl on the cover turned away from the viewer, but you still could see her breasts and I think that profoundly fascinated Sephiroth. It was a book by the most fabulous erotica writer of all time. And the name of the book was… let me think…oh yes, Little Birds.”

“A collection of erotic novels that the author had written for a small amount of money per page and sold it to the wealthy because nothing similar could be bought at that time,” Vincent cut in, thereby demonstrating he was well aware of the collection, and thus assuring he was not unfamiliar to desires in solitude. “Little Birds was her first erotic novel, followed by the Delta of Venus, which was written as an erotic adventure, a journey a lady makes from country to country and all her interactions with people.”

“Yes,” Sïana agreed. “I’m surprised you know it. Not many people do, although she was a great author.”

Vincent nodded and helped himself to more hor d’oeuvres. “It was groundbreaking and explicit without even a hint of vulgarity in it. It was an erotic masterpiece. Yes, I know about it. I’ve spent many years in solitude reading… and so, I’ve stumbled upon many forgotten books.”

Sïana nodded and smiled back as she continued.

“Knowing Sephy was becoming a young man, Lord ShinRa had agreed to have the surveillance cameras in the room switched off from six in the afternoon until nine the next morning. Sephiroth had asked me to join him in the bed, but I was so afraid to get close to him. He was alluring… even though I knew we were eleven years apart. He asked me ever so politely and so I couldn’t refuse him. I sat on the sheets, whilst he was underneath, but I felt his heat almost as if I had been there with him. I felt uncomfortable by his piercing gaze, but I didn’t want to make him feel awkward for something he couldn’t help. After all, it was natural for him.”

Sïana took a swift pause as she delivered a deep sigh.

“Well, he gave me the book, dampened the light in the room and just kept on staring at me as I began reading the short story he had chosen.”

Her hands moved up to her mouth, tracing the contours as if she was wiping every sweet word from the symmetrical lips.

“I remember my voice was trembling, my heart was pounding like crazy and I couldn’t even get past the first page even though it contained no erotica. He sat up asking me why I was uncomfortable. Can you imagine,” Miss Khin threw a glance along with the question at Vincent, but went on without expecting any answers.

Vincent could see the olive eyes of the woman come alive as she submerged in the depth of these private memories, but she gathered strength and courageously told him scene by scene.

“He felt abashed, thinking he was doing something wrong… again. After so many shouts of ‘You are wrong!’, ‘You are weak!’, ‘Do better!’, ‘Show no weakness!’, ‘Show no mercy!’ and ‘On your feet!’ I felt such guilt leaving him feeling awkward and so, I remained with him, resuming reading. As I reached the explicit details I had to fight to keep my voice steady. I had never before read erotica out loud, but I must say, it had a profound effect on me. And Sephiroth… his cheeks were blushing, eye glistening… hungry. He just kept staring at me, not saying a word during that whole hour it took for me to read the story. When I had finished I put the book aside and tried to knock some sense into my own head, by breaking that force between us and I asked him how he felt. He answered from his position ever so calmly ‘I am burning’.”

Vincent felt his heart race and tried to hide it as well as he could; quenching every beat that could awaken the Daemon inside him .The visions of how Sephiroth guided Sïana’s hands to that ‘burning place’ and climaxed shortly after the most superficial touch, etched into Vincent’s mind and repeated over and over as Miss Khin went on.

“He said to me, still pulsating under my hands, ‘I dream of you when I read that story’. I was numb, yet sensitive at the same time, immobilized, yet trembling with excitement. He kept on saying that he wanted to experience all that he had read in the books. It haunted his dreams, his mind and he couldn’t be rid of the fantasies that had taken over his day as well as the night. He said to me ‘Please, teach me.’”

Vincent bit his lips, but he had an overwhelming curiosity pressing questions against his vocal cord. He had taken Sephiroth in his own dream… or had it been reality? If Sephiroth was only fascinated by women, then it must have all been a dream. It must have, for Vincent himself had only felt desire towards women, and thus a seed of relief started blooming within. Maybe it was all a dream.

“How long were you lovers?”

“We were whenever his appetite dictated so,” Sïana sighed. “We all were.”

Vincent cocked his head; “Pardon me?”

The woman smiled at Vincent and leaned closer to him with a valkyrian flash in her face.

“Reading erotic novels was the spark that ignited a very explosive mix of emotions, frustrations, desire for gratification, lust, and fascination for the opposite sex… as well as the same sex. Sephiroth discovered he could desire all as he went through each chapter of the book. He loved luscious hips as much as he adored thrusting against firm ones. He had an insatiable appetite and was allowed to roam and play to vent the pressure inside. As he entered and was well into his seventeenth year, closing in on eighteen, he was expected to have that all behind himself and the battlefields and wars became his vent instead. What else can I say? He was allowed to play until they found better ways to channel his energy. They had injected him with an almost lethal dose of Mako and the following year he was the most successful warlord on the fields.”

The woman sighed and her face was shrouded with sadness as she said; “And the rest is history… just like him.”

Vincent prepared to leave and thanked the lady for her kind reception. As they parted in the doorway, Sïana added a few words that attached to the young man like a nutrient to his soul.

“I know I might be the only one thinking this way but… I wish he was still alive. He was a good boy, Mr. Valentine. He wasn’t born corrupt. WE did that to him. And we owed him more than to just discard him like an animal.”

Vincent nodded and though a man of few words, he released his opinion with the sincerity of a saint spirit.

“I wish the same.”

The doors to the elevator were about to close when Miss Khin caught up with Vincent and handed a small booklet over to him, one hand placed on the sensor to prevent the elevator from closing.

“What is this?” he asked and looked at the address given.

“I saw how your eye lit with desire the moment I revealed Sephiroth’s omnivorous nature. If you want to know more about his prowess then perhaps you should read this. And… if you really have lived a long time in solitude, maybe it’s time for you to do something about it and rediscover the living. Start with yourself.”

With that she released the doors and Vincent left the Pearl Towers, one of the most posh areas of the upper class. On his way home he opened the little booklet but couldn’t find anything other than blank pages, Puzzled and tired, he put the booklet into his drawer and allowed for it to drift out of his mind.

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