Rosa' New Life

BY : boogup
Category: Final Fantasy Anime > AU - Alternate Universe
Dragon prints: 1997
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Rosa Farrell, the white mage from Baron, let out a soft huff as she restlessly rolled about in her cot. She and her party were travelling through the Tower of Babil, in the Underground. However, Rosa was tired of fighting. She was tired of all the foes, and she was just plain tired. She got up silently, thinking about what she was to do. She had heard from Kain that an old scientist was around where they were caming. Perhaps the man could be reasoned with? Rosa looked down at herself, admiring her curvy, busty figure. She was beautiful and she knew it, never shying away from showing off what she had. 'Maybe it'll help me with this old man!' she chuckled to herself as she put on her normal mage's outfit and set out to meet this old man.

She had been wandering for about a half hour, dodging monster attacks and wandering the sprawling halls when she found him. Indeed, he was quite an older man, looking like he had just turned 50. His hair and beard were both snow white, and he had definite wrinkles. He looked at her and jumped. "Intruder!!" called out the man.

Rosa's heart skipped a beat as she shook her head, raising her hands above her head. "No, please!! I came here to talk with you!" she cried out. The man narrowed his eyes and remained quiet. Rosa took this as a sign to continue talking, and to step closer to him. "Please. I'm tired of always fighting. I want a peaceul way to get through here and stop Golbez. Can't we talk?" She pleaded, her wide eyes looking down into his. He was maybe an inch or two shorter than her.

"Hmm," hummed Dr. Lugae. The woman seemed genuine enough about what she wanted. His eyes trailed along her curvy body, stopping at her breasts, thighs, and sandal covered feet. He licked his lips suggestively. Looking back into her eyes, he chuckled. "And just what are you willing to do to secure such peace?~" He asked questioningly. 

Rosa furrowed her brow as he ogled her, then asked what she would do. Fearing his intentions were unpure, she sighed softly. "I'd do just about anything. Please. What do you want?" She asked him, to which he grinned lecherously. 

"You." He replied. Rosa's eyes went as wide as dinner plates as he confirmed her suspicions. 'He's a pervert!! I feel wrong for even considering it, but... If it's how he wants to let us pass..

Rosa looked at him and reluctantly nodded. "Alright...If it'll let us pass through, I'll do it." Expecting him to order her onto her knees, she slid down onto them. The old man's pants had a considerable bulge, much larger than Cecil's. Lugae could hardly contain his excitement as the young woman didn't even resist! He pushed down his trousers, his erect manhood jumping out and nearly slapping the woman. Now, he wasn't grotequely hung, but he had a respectably thick 8 inches to him. 

Dr. Lugae admired the way Rosa's eyes widened and her mouth parted as she beheld his cock. Chuckling, the old man teased her. "Heh, never seen one so big, eh? I understand your fascination. Now, be a good girl and suck it for me." Rosa licked her lips, a thousand thoughts and emotions running through her head at once. She thought of Cecil, his cock barely getting her even close to orgasm. She realized that a cock this size inside her was what she needed. She leaned forward and took him into her mouth. Dr. Lugae moaned in pleasure as her lips wrapped around his cock. He put his hand on the back of her head and slowly pushed her, helping her lubricate him with her spit. With each passing moment, she found herself becoming more and more aroused as he used her. She felt him push her down, and the cock's tip slide into her throat. She gagged, but couldn't go back up from his cock. She stuck her tongue out and licked his hefty balls as she coughed. He let her go up, and she popped his cock from her mouth. Panting, she rubbed her thighs together. Upon seeing this, Lugae grinned. "I want you to beg me to fuck you, girl~" He commanded.

By now, it was no longer a question of what Rosa wanted, but what she needed. She felt her cheeks heat up as she was put into such a degrading position by the man. But it made her even more excited. "Please sir, I want you to fuck me, I need you to let me cum on your cock!"

Lugae began taking her clothes off without a moment's hesitation after she said that. His cock throbbed in anticipation. He laid down and pointed to his cock. "Then ride it. And then you will be mine, and mine alone~ Do you understand, Rosa of Baron?~" He grinned as she crawled to him. 

There was no going back now. Rosa's cleanshaven pussy was practically leaking juices, making her thighs just as wet. She straddled him and slid down his length, a hot and long moan escaping her lips. She let the pleasure run through her body like electricity as she slid up and down his fuck stick. She quickly came, her pussy clenching down on his cock as she rode him. For what seemed like eternity, the two made lewd and depraved sounds as they fucked. Finally, after what Rosa estimated to be her eighth orgasm, Lugae filled her up completely with his seed. With a sigh of pleasure and exhaustion, Rosa laid limp on top of Lugae. "Thank you...Master~"

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