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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Fair warning: This is quite the departure from my usual fare. I wanted to challenge myself to do something different and write a story that gets pretty nasty. I think of this as taking place in an alternate universe from my other fics. Either way, if you don't want to read a fic in which Cecil and Rosa get degraded, read no further.


“Your highness, we are about to arrive in Mysidia.”

Those words were so familiar to Cecil. Another soldier had said something similar to him before. Then as now the words made him sick to his stomach. He politely dismissed the solider then looked to Rosa. She looked so beautiful in her gown and yet the air of sadness was unmistakeable. Not that he could blame her for being distraught over what she would soon have to do. Baron had wronged the other kingdoms and reparations would need to be made. They had both agreed to do so in the manner in which they had been carried out since ancient times. They had tried not to think about it too much at the time they agreed to it, but as their airship began its descent, the reality of what was about to happen became harder to ignore.

From the stage that had been set up outside the tower, Cecil looked over the crowd. It seemed that not only had nearly every adult in Mysidia come to observe the ritual, but many had traveled from near and far as well. He could also see the line of mages standing just off the stage. It seemed far longer to him than it should have been. It occurred to him that accounts of this day and those to come would surely be recorded for posterity. The world would long remember these events.

At last it was time to begin. Cecil and Rosa shared a kiss before the beginning of the ceremony.

“I love you,” she said, fighting back tears.

“I love you too,” he replied, steeling himself for what was about to happen.

Cecil then sat in the chair that had been set aside for him while Rosa made her way to the middle of the stage. At the other end he could see the Elder nodding to the first solider, a young black wizard, to make his way onto the stage.

The offending kingdom must make reparations to those it has wronged.

The text of agreement seemed to be playing itself in Cecil’s head as he watched the mage make his way to Cecil’s wife. He wasted no time in pushing Rosa onto the bed set up in center stage, then reaching underneath her gown and yanking off her panties. He held up the lacy white thong for the crowd to see, then wadded them up tossed them towards Cecil, where they landed near his feet. He untied his pants to reveal his erection, hiked up Rosa’s gown, and then grabbed her by the hips and entered her without as much as a moment’s hesitation.

The queen must whore herself out to the soldiers of the offended kingdoms in the presence of the king and all who wish to witness.

As the mage took her roughly, Rosa tried her best to imagine that it was her beloved Cecil making love to her. Of course Cecil was always a very gentle lover who would never have imagined taking her so harshly, or doing so without ample foreplay. Still, as the wizard brought his hands up to yank down the top of her gown and expose her tits to the audience, she tried her best to picture her husband on top of her softly caressing instead of the stranger who was pawing and grabbing her bare breasts with no thought of her pleasure at all. She was so caught up in the moment she didn’t even realize how wet she already was even without any foreplay, but it did not escape Cecil’s attention as he picked up the panties from his feet just how damp they were.

The wizard didn’t say a word as he continued fucking the Queen of Baron. What bothered Cecil the most was that he did not seem at all appreciative of what he was getting to experience. Cecil had always been thankful for every time he and Rosa made love, while this mage was the first man other than Cecil who had ever been allowed inside her and he seemed to treat it as casually as a quick encounter with a cheap harlot. After a few minutes he unloaded inside her bare pussy with a simple grunt, then silently got up, put his cock back inside his pants, and exited the stage on the opposite side from the one he had entered, smiling knowingly at Cecil as he passed by. Cecil would have loved to wipe the smirk off of his face, but he dared not say a word.

Next up was a white wizard. If there was one thing Cecil could say for this man, at least he didn’t just stay silent about what he was enjoying.

“Sit up, bitch,” he barked at Rosa as he undressed.

Rosa meekly complied with the order, finding herself facing the mage’s member.

“Suck my cock,” he continued.

Rosa parted her lips as if to give him one of the slow, teasing blowjobs she was so fond of giving her husband. She had always loved the faraway look of pleasure on Cecil’s face as she worked on him with her tongue. The wizard standing in front of her had other ideas however. As soon as her lips were apart he grabbed the back of the head and shoved it onto his cock then proceeded to quickly thrust, fucking her face as fast as he could. His cock moved so fast and Rosa was so dazed by what was happening that she was unable to work her usual magic with her tongue. Still, in her mind she pictured that time she had knelt before Cecil while he was sitting on his throne and teased out a cumshot right before one of his generals was to come in for a meeting.

“You like that, little whore? Do you like sucking Mysidian cock,” the mage said to her, bringing her mind back to the present.

When she failed to reply, he yanked her hair.

“Tell me you like it, bitch,” he commanded.

Cecil’s heart broke as he saw his queen in obvious pain. She was not foolish enough to defy the wizard a second time.

“I like it,” she said.

“You like what,” he replied, “tell me what you like.”

“I like sucking Mysidian cock,” she said in a defeated tone.

She looked at Cecil as if to say she was sorry. Such was the strength of their bond that even a glance could communicate that she didn’t really mean it, that she was just complying with orders. Still, she knew it would hurt him.

“Did you hear that, your majesty,” the mage said as he turned in Cecil’s direction, his voice dripping with mockery, “your queen loves sucking Mysidian cock.”

Finally the brute turned back to her and said, “you had better swallow every last drop. Don’t you dare spill any,” and with that thick ropes of his cum made their way down her throat.

She gave his spent member a once over with her tongue to get any she had missed in the explosion, then after she was done he simply let go of her head, got dressed, and made a parting shot to Cecil as he walked off the stage.

“I enjoyed fucking your wife’s face. Let me know if you’d like me to do it again some time.”

Cecil could only sit in silence and accept the humiliation.

Next up were two wizards, a white and a black. They had her get on all fours. The black mage positioned himself in front of her face while the white mage tore apart her gown, leaving her completely exposed as he knelt behind her. This time the black mage in front of her was content to let her do most of the work on his cock with her mouth and tongue. For Cecil watching her tongue snake out and pleasure another man was almost more agonizing than having her face brutalized. And yet at the same time it was so erotic to watch his Rosa giving an expert blowjob. She certainly wasn’t holding anything back with the young man.

Meanwhile the white mage was rubbing his erection against her wet slit, teasing it before entering her from behind and going to work. Rosa continued concentrating on pleasuring the black mage in front of her as the white mage began thrusting, but she couldn’t help noticing that the white mage’s cock entering her was both longer and thicker than Cecil’s. His manhood had always been adequate to please her, but this one was stimulating her in ways she had never experienced with him before, hitting her in places that had previously only been reached by some of her larger toys. She tried to continue imagining it was Cecil but as she instinctively bucked her hips her thoughts kept drifting back to the present and the very well endowed young man fucking her. Before she knew it she began moaning and not long after she climaxed.

“Ohhhhh, yesssss, yes, yes, yes, YES, YESSSSSSSS,” she shouted out, having forgotten her surroundings.

This was enough to send both wizards over the edge. As the white mage sent high pressure jets of his potent seed into her fertile cunt, the black mage had pulled out and pressed his cock first against one cheek and then the other, painting her face with his cum.

Suddenly remembering where she was, Rosa felt a wave of guilt wash over her. It was one thing to let these men fuck her, but to enjoy it so much now felt like a betrayal of her beloved. And yet, she couldn’t help but crave more. A quick glance at Cecil showed a look of shock on his face at her outburst. What she didn’t notice was the growing bulge in his pants that proved he was also feeling conflicted about the proceedings.

When two more wizards made their way onto the stage, Rosa assumed it was for another round of the same thing until one positioned himself underneath her while the other made his way behind her, carrying a small bottle of liquid she couldn’t identify.

Some kind of potion?

A few seconds later she got her answer.

No, not there!

Before she knew it his well-lubed cock had slid its way into her ass at the same time the other mage penetrated her now well-used cunt. She now wished she had let Cecil in there. Now her husband would never get the opportunity to claim her anal virginity. Those thoughts, along with those of the pain she was experiencing, were soon forgotten as she lost herself in the pleasure of being stimulated from two sides.

No! I must think about Cecil. Even if my body betrays him I can still remain faithful in my heart!

But while she struggled to remain true to the love of her life, her inner slut was having the time of her life. It wasn’t long before she experienced another orgasm, this one more powerful than any she’d ever had before, and a few minutes later the two mages shot their loads deep inside her right around the same time Cecil was noticing how damp his own underwear now was from all the precum his was leaking.

The day continued with Rosa getting fucked every which way, by individuals and in groups. She lost count of how many thick loads each were deposited in her wet snatch, her tight ass, or her warm mouth. And still others pulled out to cum on her pussy, her back, her thighs, her belly, her face, her tits, her hair, her hands, and all over until practically her entire body was coated in a sticky glaze.

Finally the mages were done with her and Cecil got up and walked over to his queen as she stood up beside the bed, her hair matted. The stench of semen was overpowering and he could see cum dripping off her and pooling on the stage, next to that very expensive gown which was now in tatters. Rosa’s eyes were weary and her knees were weak, yet she loved the feeling of cum running out of her pussy and down her thighs. She turned to the man she loved like none other now standing next to her.

“Can you still love me,” she said in as strong a voice as she could manage, barely above a whisper, “even seeing me like this?”

“Of course I can,” he replied, entwining his fingers with hers, paying no heed to how sticky they were and leaning in for a passionate kiss. The foul taste of other men’s seed did not deter him at all as they devoured one another, their tongues dancing together in their mouths.

“And I want prove it to you,” she said, laying her back down on the bed.

Cecil wasted no time in getting undressed. The moment his pants came down it was apparent to Rosa that he was rock hard, in fact, he appeared to be harder than she had ever seen.

Is he… excited by this?

The thought made Rosa realize just how excited she was by the day’s events. She had tried to tell herself before that she was only doing this for the sake of peace, but having all her holes filled by so many different hard cocks, being used like a cheap whore in front of a massive crowd, knowing that it would all be recorded in the history books, and most of all knowing Cecil was watching the entire time turned her on to no end. Did it really turn him on too?

Cecil positioned himself to slide into Rosa’s well-used cunt. Before he could make it inside, she placed her hands on his hips and pushed back, gently denying him entry.

“Darling,” she said softly, “I love you but I’m feeling quite sore right now. Could I just give you a handjob?”

Cecil could not hide the disappointment on his face at being denied what so many other men had just gotten, but he nodded his assent. He got up and stood next to her, then felt her gently wrap her slimy fingers around his shaft.

Rosa began lazily moving her hand back and forth with a loose grip. She tried not to think about it, but she couldn’t help comparing him to some of the massive cocks she had taken that day. In comparison, his penis now seemed so… ordinary.

For Cecil it was all too much. The memories of watching, the smell of sex on her, the feeling of sloshing around in other men’s seed. After only four strokes he shot his load all over the floor, eliciting a laugh from the crowd.

As if this day wasn’t embarrassing enough.

Later, in their airship, Rosa was taking a bath while Cecil tried in relax in bed. The warm water felt so good on her aching body as she washed the grime of the day off. It didn’t take long for her thoughts to drift to that day’s events. It had been so humiliating and yet she was eagerly anticipating their visits to each of the other counties. It didn’t take long for the task of washing herself to be forgotten as her fingers made their way to her tingling pussy and she went to work while fantasizing about being fucked by dozens of strange men.

Cecil struggled to wrap his head around what was happening.

There are still several more days of this to go. Can we really keep doing this?

Yet even as he felt so much jealousy and frustration, he was also being consumed by another feeling.


No matter what else he felt, a part of him was also looking forward to seeing his wife fucking and sucking other men all day long. And he couldn’t help getting hard at he thought of what would happen in Toroia. Just then, he began to hear the moans coming from next door which kept getting louder.

The whole crew must be able to hear what she’s doing.

With that he slid down his underwear and gripped his erection. He didn’t even bother reaching for one of the smut magazines on the nightstand, closing his eyes and furiously pumping while imagining his queen going to work on a Toroian soldier. Before long he could hear Rosa climaxing in the tub. This sent him over the edge and he brought a handkerchief up just in time to catch his seed as it started to spill out.

A few minutes later Rosa came in. She took off her towel and climbed into bed next to him, naked and looking more beautiful than ever. She cuddled up next to him and gave a long kiss.

“Good night, my love,” she said softly.

“Good night,” he replied, “I love you.”

Almost immediately she fell asleep with her arm wrapped around him, a contented smile on her face. He stared at her for what seemed like an eternity before finally drifting off himself, wondering what the coming days would bring.

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