Jungle Fantasy Nights

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Yuna yawned, sitting with her legs across the branch and laying her back against the three trunk.
-Why don't you want me to become a Summoner, Lulu?- she asked, staring at her Guardian.
-Trust me, you don’t want to end up like them- replied the older girl, trying to get comfortable on the other side of the branch.
-But if I don’t, then who will?- replied the young brunette, hugging her staff so that it wouldn’t fall on the jungle floor.
-It’s nothing of your concern. You still need to learn a lot, dear child- Lulu smiled -Now get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.<
The brunette adjusted her position, and her staff, even tough she wasn’t exactly convinced by her Guardian’s logic.
“Still, I must be able to do something about it….” she said to herself, closing her eyes.
Suddenly, an uninvited guest came down from the branches above, swiftly and silently. Such creature was rarely seen around, since the specie was largely hunted and feared for its nature of luscious demons and fearful mind controllers: the Lamias, the monstrous race descendant of the first-born Marilith, woman form the waist-up, and then snake all the way down until the tip of the tail.
But this particular individual was a special case: his name was Seymour, once Meister of the Guado, and he was one of the few male Lamias existing. Tough, he wasn’t born like that: he turned into one himself, and suffered the consequences by getting relived of his ability to receive pleasure (meaning no cock). So, his desire for lust made him way more vicious than the rest of the average demons.
Seymour rarely had visitors, and even more rarely they came to him so nicely: no guards, no fire, no weapons. This time were just two defenseless… gorgeous human females: one had a curvy figure, black dress and black hair, but candid skin, and awoken his lustful desire of possession; the other… was a genuine young girl, with delicate traits and an aura of purity around her.
Seymour’s heart skipped a beat, and he blushed with vivid astonishment: that girl’s beauty washed away his malevolent intent. But yet, Seymour was not so easily dissuaded, and he took back his attitude, turning away. If the girl couldn’t be touched, then the mature woman would have made a perfect substitute. The monster smiled, letting his tongue out to hiss in anticipation. Still, his cursed body of scale and human flesh was shivering. His attention returned to the younger one: she was too attractive to be left alone.
“But why not breaking her?” the demon said to himself, finally gathering the will to slither towards her “After all, leaving such precious flower alone would be a waste. And plus, who am I to turn away from my instincts, especially in such occasions?”.
The demon reached the girl, towering above her with his human body. Seymour brought the tip of his tail down the tree trunk, poking her cheek. She muffled something, but didn’t react.
-Wake up, young one- he whispered in her hear, letting his tongue play around with the skin. The girl finally woke up, dazed, and faced the visitor. Seymour stared in awe at her eyes, one green and calm like the forest, the other blue and deep like the sea.
-My grace…- he said, before she shoved him away with her hand.
-Who… who are you?- she said, trying to crawl on a more stable position.
-Oh dear, I forgot to say my name. How rude of me…- replied Seymour, still enchanted by her.
-Yuna…- yawned the other woman -Just go to sleep, girl…
-Why should she?- Seymour replied, whispering to himself, before turning back to stare Yuna right in her eyes -We have the whole night to know each other better, don’t you think, love?
-Please don’t call me “love”. It makes me uncomfortable- said Yuna, whispering to not wake her Guardian.
-I must excuse myself, Lady Yuna. I didn’t know- replied the creature, bowing a little, before coming closer. Yuna blushed, as Seymour touched her forehead with his claws, moving a stray hair from it.
-You’re beautiful- he whispered sensually.
She turned even more redder, and nearly yelped from the surprise, but she covered her mouth in time, and the creature took the chance to take the staff away from her. Seymour’s eyes turned into a swirl of colorful spirals right in that instant, each one calling Yuna’s stare, catching her off-guard. Before the girl could do anything, her lovely eyes were filled with the colors, and her mouth hang open, as her body lost all control: the arms fell lump at her sides, and the muscles relaxed.
-My name is Seymour- said the creature, smiling mischievously, as his hands made their way under the girl’s bra and shirt, and started to massage her breasts -And I must say, I’m captivated by your beauty. A lot. But I’m afraid time is not on our side: I’ll do this the quick way.
Yuna’s eyes couldn’t escape the mesmerizing gaze of her captor: little by little, her mind started to numb, as her body started to grow aroused. Her nipples grew harder, and her seductor pinched them with sharp fingers, making her yelp, then almost moan. Seymour’s tail traveled down her body, caressing with the gentleness of a quill, ticklish but yet pleasant, until it reached between Yuna’s legs, feeling the wetness through her skirt. The lamia’s smile grew wider, seeing the girl shudder at the feeling, and slipped the tip inside her garments, causing her to moan slightly.
-I know, that’s a little arsh, but you shall soon realize that my bliss goes way beyond what you can manage on your own- he reassured her, while undoing the knot of her dress. Seymour didn’t waste any time admiring her further: he slid down both her shirt and her bra, reaching the skirt and panties, and took all off in one go. Then, he admired her nudity, her helplessness, her unconceivable frailty, and he enjoyed every last bit of her expression. The friction caused by the tail was too much for Yuna to handle, yet she was trying with all her might not to moan all out.
“Lucky me, she doesn’t want to disturb her friend. Such kindness, yet she’s naive” Seymour thought.
-Almost there dear, almost there. You just need to let go of yourself- said the half… men-guado-lamia, encouraging her, as he slowly started to move his tail along her buttocks and pussy, raising around her flanks and pinning her hands to the sides. Yuna let out a slightly louder moan, and Seymour started coil her faster, and the friction caused by the tail on the girl’s private parts was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. The hybrid decided to clench the girls cheeks with a hand, gently, moving his face closer to her.
-Feel the tail around your body. Feel its pattern, raising like your release. Little by little, growing around your body, slithering on your skin, building inside…
The girl moaned again, the sound muffled by his fingers. Smiling, Seymour reached out with his forked tongue, almost entering Yuna’s mouth, but teasing just about it, almost calling her out. The pleasure reached its peak, just when the tail made its way over her breasts, squeezing and massaging without mercy, making its way around them and wrapping them. Yuna whimpered -Lu… Lulu…- before her senses went crazy.
Fearing what would have followed, Seymour kissed her deeply, wrapping his tongue around in her mouth, enjoying her vibrations as she orgasmed. The lamia felt envy, imagining how good she was feeling in that moment, but his grief was easily washed away as he let go, freeing the girl’s tongue from his. He stared at her smiling face, her blissful smile, her swirling eyes, her red cheeks… Seymour almost laughed in triumph, admiring his work. He did it, she was now unable to resist him, and her expression made him feel way better than ever. The lamia raised her in the air, as much as needed to level her head with his, while he smiled proudly with his arms crossed. He gave a good look at her breasts, enjoying the roundness of the flesh, so helpless and delicate between his large tail. Seymour gave another look at the girls face, staring at her completely submissed expression, before squeezing her chest, letting her whimper, nearly exhausted, but still aroused by his will. With a sloppy sound he removed his tail from her pussy, feeling the urge to lick her, drinking at the fountain of eternal youth...
Well, unless someone had something to say about it.
Luckily (for Yuna), Lulu was awaken from her light sleep.
-Wait tomorrow for talking…- she said, yawning and grunting half and half.
-Hardly- Seymour replied, licking Yuna’s cheek, not quite catching up with what was happening -She’s so eager that she can’t wait until tomorrow, I’m afraid.
-Great, she invited a friend- said the older girl, peaking slightly form her left eye, before drifting back to slumber -Now I’ll never get to sleep...
Then she jolted up, finally realizing the danger (well, it could have been worse: imagine if it was Tidus in her place).
Seymour unwrapped Yuna’s torso, leaving her arms pinned to her sides, and gently kissed her, while letting his hands into her pussy, stroking lightly, starting to build the momentum. She moaned in his mouth, her mind lost to the pleasure and his hypnosis, but that part lasted just for a few instants, as Seymour was about to received some en… lightningment.
-TAIL OFF HER, DEMON!- screamed Lulu, using her moogle doll to summon a lightning bolt and hit the male lamia with full force. Seymour jolted up and slammed his head on a branch above him, letting the cocoon which trapped the girl down, releasing her from his grip. Of course, since she was entangled in his coils, Yuna had to suffer part of the attack, but just a tip, nearly awakening from the hypnotic lust of her capturer, but just nearly.
-Wow… what a shock, woman- commented the hybrid, slapping his face in order to regain his senses -Maybe I should return the favor…?
Lulu tried to hit him again, but Seymour summoned enough strenght to reflect the attack, which backfired. The Black Mage fell back, against her end of the branch, and coughed comically some little clouds of smoke. Seymour smiled, amoused, and sneaked towards her.
-I know this would sound cruel, but you have just made a terrible mistake, lady- he said, before reaching her. She stared at him, for a few seconds, before closing her eyes as fast as she could, to avoid the infamous spirals.
-A big mistake.
-Take your coursed cough cough claws off her…- she replied.
Feeling cocky, Seymour took off her top in a matter of seconds, and then started to feel her breasts, massaging with a silk touch and an expert pattern, bringing the flesh to act accordingly with his desires. She slapped him hard, making him jolt back in surprise, yet with her eyes still closed she wasn’t prepared, and the lamia easily locked her hands above her head with one of his, while the other got back to its work. Then, since it didn’t seemed enugh to break Lulu’s guard, he took the tail’s tip away from Yuna, causing her to moan, and, since it was still covered of the girl’s juices, he took off Lulu’s painties and started penetrating her without taking further preliminaries. She didn’t apreciate it, but Seymour kept going.
-I know you will never feel sorry for that bolt, I’m used to be hated, but at least I hoped you would’ve looked me in the eyes to send me off- he whispered in her hear, sensually. She didn’t answered, gritting her teeth.
-Come on, it’s no fun if you oppose this. Let the pleasure flow free. All you have to do is…- he gently tickled her hear with his tongue -...open your eyesssss.
Lulu suddenly moaned, and let her right eye to open slightly, getting caught immediately by the colors of the spirals. She was prepared, but breaking off from that, especially under such stimulation, was a quest worth of the best: her body suddenly became more sensitive, accepting the stimulation with more ease, as Seymour’s word started to sound more and more convincing. It didn’t took long for her to moan again, even if she held back. Her legs started to spread apart little by little, her nipples got more erect, and, when Seymour let go of her arms, her hands went to her breast, massaging them.
-See? And that'sss jussssst the peak of the iccccceberg, my girl- hissed Seymour, smiling with satisfaction -Imagine how much more can you get with both your eyes open.
Lulu’s left eye started to open, without resistance, but she managed to whimper a last sentence.
-Pleasssse, let Yuna goohh…
Her smile grew, and Seymour’s thrusts got more and more insistent, making her moan without any restraint. Yet, as Lulu was being subdued, the lamia was oblivious to Yuna’s awakening, as she was reaching for her staff.
-Oh, I will- whispered Seymour, grabbing Lulu’s buttocks and getting her so close that their foreheads met -Just as soon as you give up and…- Lulu’s body jolted in pleasure as she cummed loudly, while a PING resonated in her head -… cum to me.
The woman’s body stretched at his maximum, as she pinched her nipples and rolled her head back. Seymour slowed the pace of his thrusts, finally retiring his tail from her, while she fell back, painting with an expression of both lust and madness. At the same moment, Yuna hit her own head with her staff, finally managing to awake, and screamed in fear just as she got sight of her Guardian. Seymour spun around immediately, like a kid who got caught doing something he shouldn’t have.
-Lady Yuna! I… ah I-I-I…- his brain shut off and he went game over, at least for the time that she needed to reach her friend.
-Lulu! Wake up! Wake up please! What’s wrong!?- the girl asked, shaking her companion, but the woman didn’t answer: she simply stared in the void, legs spread, smiling and with her will dormant and submitted.
-I, ah, I mean she is fine, she isn’t hurt: it’s just temporary- Seymour said, finally getting out of his loop.
-What?- asked Yuna, turning to him.
-Erm, how should I say this… I…- he tried to explain, raising his shoulders.
-Is this your doing?- she kept going, getting closer to him, shocked.
-… Yes- he admitted, avoiding her stare.
-Why? This isn’t right- she said, simply, trying to cover herself with her staff. Seymour had a heart attack, and he nearly fell off the branch: Yuna was way too charming, even when she was hurt.
-I know. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!- he pleaded, falling at her feet -This is a curse, my curse. I never meant to hurt others, I just wanted help from someone!
He peeked up and saw Yuna (still naked and wet from just a few moments before) staring at him with curious eyes.
“Such a pure soul...” he thought “To not run away from me.... what a gentle WAIT A MINUTE! I’m an evil twister and dark demon! I cherish nothing but lust and sex! Why am I not using this to my advantage!?”.
So, he raised up, and grabbed her hand, faking his misery.
-I see you understand me. Thank you lady Yuna, you’re the most sensitive soul I’ve ever met!
-Uh- she managed to say, still uncertain -I… I… thanks… Do you need help?
-Yes! Will you help me!?- he continued with his farce, feeling so close to have her back in his grasp.
-I guess- she replied, and he had to keep himself from screaming in triumph.
-Oh my Yevon, thank you, thank you- he said, kissing her hands like a devote.
“Caught you...”.
-Will you look into my eyes?- he asked, still looking at her hands.
-Y-Yes- she answered, keeping her staff close to her chest with one hand.
-Then please, look into my eyes: help me out lady Yuna, I beg you.
She fell for it just as their gazes met, and her body reacted almost immediately as her eyes were once again trapped by the colorful spirals.
-Oh no, lady Yuna, you’re burning- he said, letting go of her hand (as his tail took hold of her staff, and threw it on the jungle floor) -It’s dangerous: you must appeal your desire or its going to consume you. But don’t worry, I can help you- he let his fingers to run on her cheeks, as his face came closer -I will tell you what to do.
He pushed her gently over the cocoon of coils, embracing her back and adjusting her position.
-First, you need to bring your hands to your pussy. Do it, both of them. Bring your fingers inside of you, and keep going. You mustn’t stop.
Yuna’s nipples hardened, as she self-stimulated, oblivious to what was happening: her mind had been trapped easily, still infected by the previous experience. The pleasure that was still lingering in her emerged easily, as she was getting wet and wetter in seconds. She let out a moan, to which Lulu replied with another, letting her hands slide down, imitating her protégées under mental stimulation. Seymour raised his head and smiled wickedly at her, before turning back to Yuna, reassuming his hypnotic hold on her.
-Oh no, your boobs need help too. But don’t worry, lady Yuna, my hands are free. You keep going- he hissed, letting his hands slide on her naked flesh -This time it’s my turn to help you.
He leaned on her, getting their faces as close as possible, while pinching her nipples and massaging her chest. Yuna’s mind was already on the verge of losing it, and, under the pressure of the growing pleasure, she nearly gave in on the spot. She was moaning non-stop, as the pace of her fingers increased more and more. Until she managed to whimper –M-mo ah! Mo… uth...
“Mouth? Even there?” Seymour wondered, surprised by the girl sudden request, but he didn’t complain. The hybrid slid his tongue inside Yuna’s mouth, teasing, and she started sucking eagerly. After a few moments, she came drastically, losing all of her strenght in one fellow swoop, nearly fainting.
-See Yuna?- said Seymour, after a fast kiss on her lips, before bringing his hand to stroke her pussy -We can help each other a lot.
He got a shiver thinking that he could finally taste her juices when a crazy young-looking voice screamed -SEYYYYMYYY!!!
He jolted up and slammed his head on the branch above, again.
-Whyyyy does it happen every time...- he said, in pain.
-How’s going, you big crazy pervert fella?- asked a blonde girl, pocking happily from above: she was rather cheerful, happy, and quite childish.
-Well, nothing bad, Rikku- replied Seymour, not exactly ecstatic about the arrival, but still not against being polite towards the alhbed.
-And who do we have here? OHMYGOSH!- she said immediately, before screaming inside Seymour’s ear -WHEN DID YOU GOT YOUR CLAWS ON LULU!?
She was so loud that his brain nearly popped out of the other ear, but he managed to keep it inside, somehow, and, after a few slaps to get back on set, he answered with a grin -Tonight. She was simply too much inviting to not “ask” her to stay.
-Oh-oh-oh, lucky me- said Rikku, jumping down next to him and reaching the older woman, which was still busy pleasuring herself
-Erm, Rikku…- started Seymour, feeling that that could turn into trouble -About this...
-THERE!- screamed the young one, showing Lulu’s face: she drew some lines on it that made her resemble a cat. Seymour spent some moment staring at the scene, confused, when Rikku startled him again with her loud presence.
-Yunie? Seymour!- she exclaimed, walking towards her cousin.
-Er, you know, she came to me freely, so it’s… it’s a misunderstanding- he tried to justify himself.
-Misunderstanding!?- she replied, definitely angry, passing her hand on Yuna’s snatch and raising her wet fingers to him -This is a misunderstanding!?
He stared at her, taken aback, but then her expression turned to disgust, and she freaked out.
-Ew! Ew! Ew! Gross!- she exclaimed, cleaning her finger on her shirt.
Seymour raised an eyebrow, and leaned towards the blondie, moving behind her back to surprise her and hypnotize her before that awkward conversation could carry on.
-Sorry. I’ll try to be more careful with people from now on OWH!!!!- he screamed, when Rikku blinded him with her fingers.
-Serves you right, creep- she said, before taking Yuna in her arms and starting to walk away -I even took a liking to you. You weren’t so bad… and you… you f-felt good… sometimes.
Seymour rapidly wrapped her with his tail, taking Yuna out of her grip, and dragged the Albhed back to him: man, he was furious for that, even if Rikku was an old friend.
-This time you won’t get away with your jokes, girl. This time, I’ll make you moan hard at my feet, and you shall forever be my ultimate mind slave GAAAHHH!!!!!
This time, as he was getting his tail inside the girl’s pants, he was unfortunately (for him) victim of a trap for mouses that Rikku kept in strategic place. He let go of her, and started to struggle furiously to get the trap off his tail.
-You little…!- he exclaimed, turning in anger towards the blonde girl, but the he found a gray spiky haired girl, with a wood mace in her hands, ready to strike him down.
-Hello bitch- she said, slamming him off the branch with one shot to the jaw. If the hit wasn’t enough to knock him out, he also landed on a rock. Rikku and Paine jumped down, reaching their confused enemy, and, after entangling his tail around a big rock, they pushed it down a little cliff, towards the river. He could no nothing, and after slamming his head again to a root, he simply sinked, bubbling something about his head.

-Score! 100%!- exclaimed Rikku, getting back on the branch -He’d better learn his manners this time.
Paine followed, without saying a word.
-Here, help Yunie for me- said the blonde, pointing her cousin to her friend, who didn’t replied -I have something to take care of.
Lulu moaned, still trapped in her self pleasure, unstoppable and unsatisfied, as the blonde got closer to her.
-Okay, this is really gross- she commented, getting on her knees in front of her -But this occasion is gold so…
After some minutes, Rikku stepped back to admire her work: asaid giving the final touches to her cat-face traits, she added a sentence above her breasts which sounded as “I’m an bitch who likes to offend the others without care, so beware of my mighty boobs!” with a happy face at the end.
-Hey Paine, what do you think…?- she asked, turning to her friend. She stopped in awe at the scene: Paine had already removed her top and was gently fingering Yuna, as they were kissing passionately; the brunette hands were down inside the companion’s pants, groping her ass. Rikku fell down on Lulu’s chest, shocked.
-Are… they… doing… that…?
In that moment, the dark mage’s body reacted, and she started squeezing her boobs on the blondie’s face.
-Wait! Wait no!- she pleaded, as the elder woman got dary, kissing her on the neck and starting to rub between her legs -I’m not a lesbian! You can’t do this to me! HEEEEEELP!

Yuna stared in front of her, crossing her arms around her legs. Next to her, Lulu and Rikku were in the exact same position.
-That was…- she said
-That was definitely…- added Rikku
The silence returned, as the three of them kept staring straight ahead.
-Oh Yevon!- exclaimed Lulu, getting a grip -It was just sex! It happened!
-But I didn’t agree to do it…- murmured Rikku, still shocked.
-I’m not sorry about it- said Paine, crawling behind them -Well, I mean, it wasn’t kind but it was good, right?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand then they had a cat fight.

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