Trials of the Blue Mage

BY : MomijiH
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Written by christhestampede, with some editing by myself.

Daniel Bellavia, Muriel Puri © BlueMageDanny

The door to the pub swung closed behind him as Danny squinted into the dim, smoky interior of the bar. Though his eyes were still adjusting from the bright sunlight outside he could make out the usual crowd of riff-raff and hunters that perpetually filled the establishment, as well as the familiar face of his friend Muriel. The little moogle was leaning over her drink at an otherwise unoccupied table, her ears hanging limply down to the sides and her pom-pom drooping near the rim of her glass. Danny gave a little wave that went unnoticed before making his way to the bar. Starting a new clan was hard work and the young blue mage didn't have time for drinks and socializing; not when there was gil to be made and a reputation to be earned.

Sidling up to the bartender the young man flashed a cocky grin and asked, "Any new jobs today?" The jaded barkeep barely looked up from reading his scroll and slid a stack of petitions across the bar for Danny to peruse.

Flipping through them Danny's confidence was shaken somewhat; a lot of these seemed like more than he could accomplish alone, and since he hadn't yet recruited any other clan members, that's exactly what he'd have to do. Even with a judge to prevent truly lasting harm, failure was still no way for the fledgling Clan Magique to build any kind of reputation.

Just when he was starting to get think he'd have to check at some other pub, the young man spotted a familiar name among the petitioners: it was Muriel! He shuffled the request from the stack and held it up to the bartender, who glanced up again as he returned the stack of unselected jobs to its place under the bar. "That'll be three hundred gil." Danny gave a quick nod, fished through his pouch and slid the requisite coins over to the other man, who quickly vanished them behind the counter.

Settling onto an unoccupied stool, the blue mage began to peruse the particulars of the job in more detail:

Flying gold!

I seek someone to escort me to Bisga Jadewood, providing protection and assistance as necessary. A rare golden chocobo has been spotted in the area, and it has long been by dream to tame and ride a magnificent mount such as this into battle. Please help me acquire this bird and return with it to the nearest stable.

- Muriel Puri, aspiring chocobo knight

Hopping up from his stool Danny crossed to where Muriel was sulking in her drink, taking a seat in the unoccupied chair across from her and fluttering her quest form onto the table between them with a smile. "Cheer yourself up, Muriel! I've taken your request, so there's nothing to worry about. You'll be a chocobo knight in no time!"

The diminutive moogle raised her head, noticing her friend for the first time. Her ears perked back up slightly and she gave the young hume a hopeful smile. "Danny? You'll help me out, kupo?"

"Of course! You could've come to me directly, you know. I'd have been happy to help!"

"Well, I didn't want to impose, kupo. You've got your new clan to worry about now, and this is the way I'm used to doing things anyway."

Danny gave her a reassuring smile. "However it worked out, I'm glad I get to be the one to help you. Just let me know as soon as you're ready and we'll head out."

Muriel's eye's widened and her eyes darted from side to side, little paws quickly patting over the pockets of her clothing. "Oh, kupo! I'm not prepared at all, kupo! Would it be alright if we left first thing in the morning? I wasn't expecting a response so quickly and I need to get my gear ready, kupo!"

"Sure thing. I'll meet you on the highroad and we'll set out at first light."

The next morning, with the sun slowly rising in the sky, the pair made their way on foot down the Baptiste Highroad. The early cold of the morning had long-since passed and the shining sun warmed the travelers as they made their way south. Danny and Muriel weren't the only pilgrims on the road, and as they exchanged friendly greetings with the odd passerby, Danny couldn't help but notice the longing gaze of his companion on the frequent occasion they met a fellow traveler astride a chocobo.

The going was pleasant enough: the highroads were frequently patrolled and well-kept, so there was little chance of peril. The two companions reached the Jadewood by mid-afternoon without incident. Leaving the road they pushed deeper into the forest; from here things became more perilous. The vegetation grew thicker, the trees taller, the rays of the receding sun dimmed by their towering boughs, the light tinted a deep green by looming vegetation. Making their way slowly through the underbrush, deeper into the woods, they could feel the air growing more humid, the little moogle pausing frequently to mop her brow under her heavy plate armor.

Stopping at a hidden pool for a drink, Danny kept a sharp watch while his friend refilled their canteens. There was no telling what kind of dangers lurked deep in these woods. The rustling of unseen figures moving through the brush, the frequent call of some hidden animal… or beast; it made him nervous.

As they pushed onward the light began to fade further with the evening's approach. Both had kept a keen eye out for signs of their mark, but as of yet hadn't seen so much as a disused trail in the bushes. The sun began to set and as it did Muriel seemed to grow more relentless in her dogged determination. Finally, Danny had to insist. "Muriel, I understand how you feel, but we really need to think about making camp for the night if you want to have any hope of finding this thing. There's no way we're going to be able to find a chocobo trail in this light, and if it gets much darker we're not going to be able to make camp either. Trying to sleep on the cold, damp ground isn't going to make it any easier to keep looking tomorrow."

"I suppose you're right, kupo." the female answered with a deep sigh, "I just really don't want to mess up this chance. I've trained so hard, persevered so long… I just know that if I can catch a gold chocobo I'll finally not only become a chocobo knight, I'll become a great one, kupo."

"Muriel, I don't want you to worry. I know you'll make it. I've never met a moogle as skilled as you. The chocobo doesn't matter, it's you. Now c'mon: let's get camp set up. We'll keep looking tomorrow."

"Alright, Danny. Thanks, kupo."

The blue mage gave her a reassuring hug before setting to work with his shovel, digging a small pit in the center of the clearing and lining the edges with stones. While Muriel dug through their packs and unrolled their sleeping bags, Danny assembled a small pile of sticks in the center of the fire-pit he'd dug and stacked the only pair of larger logs he'd been able to find nearby on top of them. Standing over the small pyre the young man began to chant softly in the increasing gloom, drawing deep inside himself, calling upon the mysterious energy he'd learned to harness from the monsters he'd studied. His hands glowed a deep, pale blue in the growing twilight, brightening the murky dusk surrounding their camp until suddenly the energy was expelled onto the small stack of wood, the Unction spell coalescing around it in the form of a black, viscous oil. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a small flint and a dagger. Striking the latter upon the former a rain of sparks rained down over the fire-pit, instantly setting the oil-soaked wood alight.

Settling down next to the now-roaring fire he was shortly joined my Muriel, who took her seat across from him, still rummaging through her bag for the cooking supplies to prepare tonight's meal. Danny could see her pom-pom drooping again and gave her a reassuring smile. "Don't worry so much Muriel. I promise that if there's a gold chocobo in these woods, I'll help you find it. And whether there is or not doesn't change anything. Someday you'll be a great chocobo knight no matter what you ride."

"I appreciate you saying so, Danny, but it's just that I've already been waiting so long, kupo. I'm not a naturally skilled warrior; it's taken a lot of hard work, and there's a lot of expectations from my family. I don't want to let anybody else down, kupo, but I especially don't want to let myself down."

Her companion flashed her a wry grin, placing his hands behind his head and reclining by the fire. "Yeah, I can relate to that. My father's practically a legend, and sometimes I feel like I've been nothing but a disappointment to the family name. We're in the same boat, Muriel, but we're both going to make it our own way. So don't let it get to you. My reputation is on the line here too and even if it wasn't, I'd never let down a friend."

Muriel smiled gratefully, fumbling the pot in her paws and giving a shy little fidget. "Thanks again, Danny. You know, however this turns out, I'm really glad it was you that picked up my petition, kupo. You've cheered me up a lot and it's nice to spend some time together again. Plus, I know you'll be doing your best for me too." With a small smile she began to arrange her cooking pots over the slowly diminishing flame. "Could you get some more wood, Danny? We're going to need to build this fire up if you want dinner, kupo."

Danny nodded. "I think I've already used all the big pieces around here though, so I'll have to look deeper in the woods. I'll be back shortly."

Turning his back on the light of the fire, Danny made his way from the clearing and into the chill damp of the Jadewood, keeping an eye out for nice big, dry pieces of firewood. The humidity beneath the towering green boughs made this a more difficult job than he had anticipated. As he moved further from the warmth of the camp, the small bundle of wood in his pack growing slowly, he clutched his robes tighter around him. And not just from the cold. Very little moonlight could penetrate the thick canopy of trees, strange sounds echoed in the brush around him (just the call of some unseen animal he told himself), and the nearby plant-life was constantly rustling and stirring in the wind. Danny was an experienced adventurer; he wasn't scared, exactly, but the restlessness of the night and the wildness of this forest was enough to make him wary.

Spotting a felled tree in the dim moonlight he made his way toward it and began cutting off larger branches with his dagger. His collection of firewood started to grow more swiftly. Finally he had as much as he could carry and turned to make his way back to camp when he was suddenly frozen in place by the sight of two glowing, red eyes staring at him from the darkness. He started and dropped the wood in his arms. What was that and how long had it been there, silently watching him? Whatever it was, it was now slowly making it's way closer, the massive silhouette tearing free of the surrounding shadows, towering over the young blue mage. Instinctively he began to chant, attempting to draw on the mystic energy of his magick, but no matter how deep he dug there was nothing there. He'd expended the last of his magick in preparing the campfire earlier.

With frustration Danny reached quickly for his saber instead, fumbling it from its sheath and holding it steady. The imposing figure let out a deep rumbling laugh at this, its steady approach not wavering one iota. As it drew closer Danny could make out the glint of cold steel from the blade it too was brandishing in one giant hand. Lunging at him, the blue mage quickly sidestepped, bringing his saber up to deflect the blow, only to be shoulder-checked and knocked off balance. The figure let out another chortle, swiping its weapon at him, the quick blow barely leaving him time to defend himself. With a gasp he stabbed at his opponent, trying to put it off guard, but the figure was ready for him, grasping onto his wrist, twisting and squeezing. With a cry Danny struggled as best he could until a blow to his temple made him see stars and his weapon clattered to the ground. Looking up at his foe as it loomed over him he could finally make them out for the first time. It was… a goblin? Danny had thought they were extinct, but apparently that widely-held belief was misguided.

Shaking his head in an attempt to regain his clarity the giant brute seized his other wrist in its hand, twisting it around behind his back. He tried to call out, but as both of his wrists were held in the grip of one of the creature's powerful hands, its other was quickly clasped over his mouth. It wasn't until the goblin spoke that Danny realized for the first time that it was female.

"There, there… do not struggle pretty little one. Things will go nicer for you if you behave."

Feeling less than reassured, Danny continued his resistance until another strong blow to his temple from the hilt of the goblin's sword grayed his vision and he passed into unconsciousness.

Muriel poked at the pots resting over the fire with the end of a long stick, causing one of them to start to tip. With a squeak she darted out a paw, quickly righting it again and singeing her fur in the process. Exhaling one of her trademark sighs she looked around the clearing, peering into the darkness beyond the fire's light, looking for Danny. What was taking him so long?

Her armor was heavy and wet from the dampness of the woods, so she had taken it off and piled it by the side of her bedroll, intending to clean it after dinner. But now she was contemplating strapping it back on and going to look for her companion. She did not relish the idea, but he had been gone too long and it would be unwise to take chances venturing from the relative safety of the camp unprepared. She decided to give him a little while longer; probably he was just having trouble finding dry wood in all this moisture.

Taking a rag and a small bottle of oil from her supplies, she bent over her armor instead when she was suddenly startled by a crashing through the underbrush. Her head snapped up and she spotted what seemed like dozens of large, ragged figures dashing from the bushes in every direction, quickly surrounding the clearing. Before she could even reach for her sword they closed in on her. Her paw fumbled for a weapon but a large net was quickly cast over her as the jumping, prancing figures howled with delight. "Hey, kupo! What do you want?!" she squeaked out in surprise, but no answer was given. The net was drawn tight and she was dragged, struggling vainly, from the warmth of the fire and through the brush into the darkness, the wet leaves of the foliage slapping against her and the uneven ground scraping her body while she loudly protested to no avail.

Meanwhile, Danny was slowly regaining consciousness only to discover that he was gagged, his arms and legs were bound, and he was slung over the shoulder of the large female goblin who'd surprised him earlier. As she carried him through the woods he could make out, further ahead, the burning glow of myriad torches and the sounds of raucous chortling and carrying-on. He started to struggle, but this only served to illicit a laugh from his captor, who's powerful arm clutched him tighter while her free hand smacked him firmly across his rear. "Easy, little one. There will be plenty of time for struggles later. Save your energy."

The goblin carrying the young mage soon arrived at the edge of a small village, passing several crude, round huts made of logs, hauling her prize into the light of the many torches placed around the center of the goblin encampment. Numerous goblins, smaller than the one carrying him, stopped their conversations, games, and lascivious dancing and started to crowd around around them. They looked up at the green-skinned woman carrying him, their seemingly-hungry eyes roaming over his bound form as they entreated with his captor in their crude, guttural language. The woman carrying him shook her head repeatedly, adamantly, while the tribe's pleas grew more desperate, but she remained unswayed by their plaintive requests. With her single powerful, unoccupied arm she pushed her way through the throng toward the large, more ornately decorated hut in the center of the village. The dancing torchlight flickered over the vague shapes of the bickering goblins as Danny passed through them, his eyes wide with growing fear.

Pushing through the hide flap covering the entrance, Danny was carried into the hut before being unceremoniously flung to his knees on the floor. He looked up, eyes still adjusting to the dimmer interior light, blinking nervously at the four figures gathered together in crudely ornate chairs decorated with hides, feathers, and animal bones, arranged in a semi-circle around a large fur rug in the center of the single room. A fifth, unoccupied seat was quickly filled by his captor, who crossed her arms over her muscular chest and smirked down at him smugly. The goblin in the center spoke. She was female too; all of them were. The bangs of her short, purple hair covered one of her similarly purple eyes, and her lips were painted to match. Her features were soft and her ears, nose, lip, and even eyebrow were studded with simple silver studs and hoops. "Welcome, pretty one." she said. "We've been expecting you..."

Outside, the goblin horde gathered around the entrance to the chieftess' hut, crowded closely together and muttering softly among themselves with disappointment and unrequited expectation. But no amount of frustration could motivate them to defy the wishes of their chieftess or her powerful sisters. After many minutes of fruitless waiting the crowd began to slowly disperse, making their way back to their games, dancing, and interrupted conversations. But before they could scatter too much, the sound of a horn-blast from the woods caught their collective attention. A small sea of pointy goblin ears perked toward the sound, and on cue they began to gather up and drape a collection of soft furs over a ceremonial pit in the center of the village. Lighting more torches, they let out a jovial cheer when Muriel was dragged, squirming and squeaking in her net, to the center of the pit. Blinking up at the crowd through the dancing firelight she mewled pitifully through the cords, still struggling uselessly to free herself. The goblins only seemed amused by her efforts, the rest of the village slowly closing in on her with savage, tooth-baring grins, one of them drawing a long, curved dagger from its belt. Her eyes widened, her teeth chattered in fear, and as the cold metal of the blade was pressed against her fur she squeaked out a loud and desperate scream.

The goblin chieftess shifted in her seat, eyes sparkling with malice as she looked over the captive, kneeling bound and gagged before her. Bending down she reached out a clawed hand and pulled the damp rag from Danny's mouth before addressing him, her voice lilting mockingly. "So, hume, you thought you would sneak into our lands, hmm? But my sister foresaw your coming with her powerful magick." Here she indicated one of the other goblins seated to her left, this one's brown hair accented with streaks of white and teased up, decorated with an elaborately arranged assortment of feathers, sticks, animal horns and porcelain beads. "We know you belong to a clan too. We have no love of clans here; your kind has driven ours nearly to the point of extinction. Tell us who you are, what you are doing here, and why you should not be killed right now."

Danny swallowed the lump in his throat nervously, looking up from his place on the floor at the five goblin women presiding over him. Unarmed, bound, and depleted of magickal power he quickly decided that accepting this offered opportunity for diplomacy was probably his best and only chance. "My name is Danny and I'm the head of Clan Magique. We're a very small clan, and we have nothing against you, or goblins in general. I'm only here on a job! I was hired to help in acquiring a gold chocobo that was reported seen in this region. I didn't know this was your tribe's home ma'am, or I definitely would've asked permission before coming."

The goblin chieftess frowned at this. "'Ma'am'? My name is Lanaa, and you will call me mistress. These are my sisters. The one who foresaw your coming is Valenna, our tribe's shaman. And you already met Jekka. She escorted you here."

The captured mage turned his gaze to his far left. His attention had been mostly focused on the chieftess since his arrival in this hut, and now for the first time he took in the sight of his captor, unobscured by the shadows of the forest. She was definitely the most physically imposing of the group, her bare arms rippling with muscles. The sides of her head were shaven close and she had a dark red Mohawk in the center, trailing from her brow to the back of her head where it divided into four braided pigtails hanging down below her shoulders. The red eyes that had so menaced him in the darkness of the wood glinted with unconcealed amusement, and her lips were painted to match. Her ears, lips, and teeth were adorned with many simple piercings, similar to her chieftess sister.

Lanaa continued: "This is Talla." A goblin with softer features: a leather strap adorned with beads of glimmering metal encircled her long, slender neck, another doing the same around her crown. She gave Danny what seemed to be a small, but encouraging smile with lips dyed deep blue to compliment her likewise colored eyes, and long, flowing hair so deep and shimmering that Danny couldn't tell in the dim light whether it was blue as well, or a black so deep it just appeared that way. She was the most ornately decorated of the group. Elaborate golden disks hung from her hair, shining hoops and studs adorned her ears; even a few sparkling gemstones.

"And finally, we have Hekka." The boy turned his attention to the last of the sisters, the one that made him the most nervous. She dragged her tongue over her pink lips salaciously, making him shiver. Just like her sisters, Hekka's eyes also matched her hair and the chosen color of her lips. Her locks were of a modest length, barely reaching the length of her neck, flowing bangs framing her face and teased almost straight up at the top. This was her only noticeable aesthetic acquiescence; the rest of her hair was pulled back tightly into an efficient braid. She seemed to share her sister's fondness for excessive facial piercings, bearing a hoop through her nose, two through her bottom lip, and several in each ear. But the most noticeable thing about her appearance was that she was missing an eye; a tight, broad, leather eye-patch concealed a large portion of the left side of her face.

With his hands still bound behind his back, Danny could only nod his greeting to each in turn, doing his best to seem friendly and non-threatening. He took these introductions as a good sign: you didn't bother with niceties when you were just going to kill someone. "Pleased to meet you all." he said, "I wish it were under better circumstances. Once again, I apologize. I didn't mean to trespass."

Jekka snorted, the smug smirk still plastered across her face. "But you did trespass, pretty one."

"True," Lanaa agreed. "But I see no need for bloodshed over a little misunderstanding. Even so, we cannot allow humes to trespass on our land freely. You will have to pay a toll."

Danny heard a little laugh escape Valenna's yellow-tinged lips as she fidgeted in her chair, the young mage sensing the atmosphere in the room quickly shifting. It still felt dangerous to him, but not life-threatening. Some new peril he did not yet comprehend. "How much is the toll? Clan Magique is only two people right now… I don't have a lot of gil."

"What good is gil to us in a forest?" Lanaa laughed. "You have other things we want, however. But first..." she gestured to Talla who leaned down toward him in her seat, an earthenware cup clutched in her hand, filled with some thick, foaming liquid. It smelled vaguely of seaweed and mushrooms.

Talla gave a little giggle, squirming in her chair a bit as she pressed the cup to Danny's lips. "Here, drink this."

Danny sputtered and turned his head away. "What is it? I'm not drinking some strange concoction unless you tell me what it is!"

Hekka growled and sneered down at him. "If we wanted to poison you, I'd do it with a coated blade in your side, hume. Now drink!"

Danny continued to resist, pulling back from Talla's outstretched hand as she tried to push the cup to his lips. Just then, from outside, a loud squeak of fear reached his ears. He recognized that voice! It was Muriel!

Valenna gave a little chortle at the sight of the male's eyes widening with surprise. "What? You thought I would foresee your intrusion and somehow overlook your friend's? Your little moogle companion is in our clutches now as well, and her fate will be the same as your own. Consider that before you continue to refuse our hospitality."

Danny's face fell in defeat. Muriel was his friend, and more than that, it was his job to protect her. Facing the consequences of continued resistance himself was one thing, but he couldn't allow any harm to come to her. With a sigh of resignation he turned his face back to the cup, pressed his lips against the rim and, as Talla tilted it back for him helpfully, he began to drink.

It was salty and thick and surprisingly warm, clinging to his throat as he swallowed. He could feel it warming him from the inside while it traveled down his neck, the heat blooming in his stomach, seeming to radiate out from there through his whole body. It felt like it was clouding his mind and strengthening something deep within his core even as his limbs grew more limp and unwieldy.

Talla gave another giggle, pouring the last of her brew into the bound mage's mouth before pulling the cup away and setting it aside. "That was not so bad, was it?" she asked with a smile, placing her bare foot on Danny's thigh and giving his noggin a reassuring pat. He shook his head dazedly, acutely aware of her foot as it slid its way upward, the slender, blue-painted toes kneading at the flesh there as Talla pressed between his legs, the sole of her foot flush against his manhood through his trousers, slowly starting to rub up and down. So this is what they wanted from him. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad after all.

He could feel the heat in his belly quickly flowing downward to his member, bringing it to life faster than normal. Talla's foot was soon joined by Valenna's, the yellow and blue painted toes twisting over each other as they rubbed and kneaded over his swelling prick. The still bound mage squirmed, his pelvis pushing unbidden against the soles of their feet as he did his best to stifle a moan from the pleasure of that friction, even through his pants. He looked up at his captors pleadingly, all five of them watching with varying degrees of interest as their sisters teased him, taking in his slowly twisting form and the growing erection tenting the front of his pants.

As the captive mage's resolve began to fail him further he started to roll his hips. The potion he'd been made to drink was doing something to him, exciting him against his wishes, and he was quickly losing the ability to hold himself back. Wriggling against the ropes tying him he pushed against the soles of the feet teasing his crotch. It was humiliating, but he had to get more of that wonderful friction. This only seemed to amuse his captors more, however, and with a laugh both girls pulled their feet away, leaving him disheveled and confused as Jekka moved from her chair, taking hold of him by the wrists and pulling him up.

"I see you like my sister's attention." she chuckled. "But I am the one that captured you, pretty little hume. And I am the one who gets first dibs." Danny nodded his head stupidly as he panted up at the strong but beautiful red-headed goblin towering over him. When she leaned in to kiss him, he didn't resist; pressing his lips firmly to hers, a soft gasp escaped into her mouth at the feeling of her strong hands taking hold of him, pulling his body into hers. She held him close, kissed him fiercely, teeth dragging over his bottom lip, nibbling and pulling with surprising tenderness as she caressed over his chest, down his sides, taking hold of him by the rump and digging in while her tongue invaded his mouth. Danny gasped again in shock, meeting her tongue with his own, the wet muscles caressing and twining over each other with an almost longing need, the goblin's grip sliding over his hips, clutching and groping at the hard mass in his pants, kneading and stroking slowly up and down as the female pulled back slightly to suckle his tongue.

Straining against his trousers the blue mage was rock-hard and squirming with desperation by the time the powerful goblin woman pulled back from the kiss, leaving him breathless and panting. He stared up at her when she moved away and casually took hold of the simple cloth top she wore, pulling it up her rippled abdomen and over her breasts, baring herself in front of him with a smirk. "We are going to have fun with you… all of us."

He nodded his head, at a loss for words as Hekka moved behind him, cutting the cords that bound his wrists before bending and doing the same to the ones around his ankles. "Strip!" she commanded, "Give us a little show!"

Danny nodded again, his dignity completely gone at this point from the combination of the primitive, but potent, elixir coursing through him and his own innate animal instincts, awoken at the thought of these beautiful women having their way with him. So what if they were goblins? The fact that their skin was green and their ears were pointed didn't make them any less attractive. If he was honest with himself, it might make them even more-so. And it wasn't like he had any more choice in the matter simply because he was now unbound. Jekka alone had captured him easily before, and now he was completely unarmed and drugged in middle of their camp. Best to comply with their humiliating demands and try to enjoy himself as much as he could.

Drums began to beat outside and, while Danny didn't really dance per se, he couldn't keep his arms from moving to the rhythmic beat as he began to strip in front of the small crowd of goblin women, face flushing while they all openly ogled his slight but fit body. Once his chest was bared the topless Jekka moved back closer to him, the other four remaining seated and watching attentively, with the occasional chortle or giggle, as the big redhead caressed and groped at his frame. Finally he wiggled his way out of his trousers, blushing deeper as the group took in the sight of his raging erection, throbbing with the heat of the potion he'd drank, standing hard and upright against his pelvis.

Jekka's greedy hand fondled his sack and he shuddered, his own palms moving to caress her firm breasts, tight and solid with muscle, down her sides as she pulled him to her and ground her body firmly into his. Pressing his mouth to her breast Danny began to suckle, sounds of approval and coos of pleasure dripping from his partner's red lips while she toyed with his manhood. The male's hand slid down further, under the flap of her loin-cloth, and his eyes suddenly went wide with shock as he tried to pull away.

Jekka chortled and smiled a big toothy grin. Her own hands pushed the belted fabric down over her hips, letting it slide to the floor. There was more there than Danny had been expecting and his eyes once again bulged with fear. Her pussy was already glistening with anticipation, but right above it was an extra set of equipment. Male equipment. The warrior woman's erection in fact dwarfed Danny's own, and as he goggled in surprise she wrapped her hand around her shaft and gave it a couple of quick tugs.

Lanaa laughed at the man's reaction, leaning back in her chair and watching all this unfold. "Well? How do you like the gift of our tribe, hume? It is with this that our race will claw itself back from the extinction your kind tried to inflict on us. True, it makes it harder for us to find male companionship. Tonight though, it will be us that inflicts our gift on you!"

Danny shook his head in negation and started to back away from Jekka, who smirked at him lewdly and followed his backward retreat, keeping herself close to him, backing him into a wall. "Ladies! I've never even seen a goblin before tonight, let alone driven them anywhere! And, and, I'm not really into… that. Isn't there some other arrangement we can come to?"

Jekka shook her head, powerful hands taking hold of him again, twisting him around. "The only thing we're arranging tonight is you. Into whatever position suits our desires best."

Danny continued to struggle and cry out, but she held him firmly, laughing at him, her sisters joining in as the potion overwhelmed him and his protesting body was forced to the floor.

Muriel tried to squirm free of the knife pressed against her fur, but was held firmly in place by the throng of goblins surrounding her. She did her best to plead and beg, but if the goblins spoke the common tongue there was no sign of it as they continued to laugh and chortle in their own guttural language. The goblin leaning over her smirked down at her cruelly, knife tracing the curve of her body before sliding under her tunic. The struggling moogle could hear the rending of fabric as the blade sliced through the material, splitting her clothing from bottom to top before the now-ragged cloth was torn from her trembling form.

A look of horror dawned on her face as she realized for the first time what this horde had in mind for her. Her struggling intensified, eliciting more cruel laughter from the goblins, who pushed her body down into the furs lining the pit, holding her firmly in place. The goblin holding the knife bent closer, a deep but feminine voice panting hotly into her quivering ear, "Hold still little thing. Wouldn't want to ruin that pretty, pink pussy of yers. Not with a knife at least!" With an uproarious laugh she slid the blade under the waist of Muriel's trousers, the cold metal pressed flush against the fur of her pelvis, before carefully sliding it down, cutting open the front of the moogle's pants, making it easier for more grasping claws to tear the tattered fabric away completely, leaving her naked.

"Kupo! You can understand me, kupo!" she squeaked. "Then let me go! Why are you doing this, kupo?"

"Yer not goin' anywhere!" one of the goblins snarled in reply. "Not 'til we've had our fun with ya; maybe not even then!" More laughter from the raucous crowd.

"No! Please, don't do this, kupo!"

"It's happening!" another goblin snarled at her, "Whether you like it or not. Resist if you like, that only makes it better for most of us!"

More claws grabbed hold of her still struggling frame, twisting her around, groping her naked body, digging into her soft, giving flesh through her downy fur as she was forced over onto her stomach. A hand wrapped around her ears, giving both of them a yank before pulling her head aloft, eliciting a squeak of pain. Looking up she saw the goblin pulling at her, already disrobed. That much she had expected; it was clear this horde was not going to waste any time. What she hadn't expected was the broad, fat cock throbbing just over her muzzle. So far she'd only seen female goblins in this village, and in fact, this one was female too. Muriel could even see her vagina tucked back and dripping behind her balls from this angle.

But the chocobo knight wasn't given any time to speculate further about the nature of goblin biology. Her brief reverie was interrupted by the sharp slap of that thick cock right across her white-furred little face, smearing a swath of sticky pre-cum over her diminutive snoot. She yipped in shock, looking up at the goblin standing over her in horror, but it only smiled down at her wickedly and snarled, taking its cock in its hand again and slapping it back across the moogle's face in the other direction before pushing it between her eyes and grinding up against her. "Mmph! Shut up you little bitch, and take it! I just wanna wreck that cute little face of yers!"

Muriel squeaked in shock and disgust, looking upward at her assailant, eyes welling up and pleading, "Please, don't do this, kupo… please, just let me go."

The assembled horde laughed at this; the erection throbbing against her adorable face only throbbed and grew harder as strong hands encircled her ears, the goblin pulling her against its crotch, rutting against her and smearing its dick into her nose. "That's right, beg little moogle. It only makes us harder!"

The claws gripping her ears tightened their grasp and pulled, yanking her head back. Another goblin took hold of her cheeks with one hand, the other pinching her nose shut, forcing her mouth open. While the moogle struggled a small flask was brought to her lips and the contents poured down her throat. She sputtered and coughed as she forcibly imbibed the thick, viscous fluid. A warmth Danny would have found familiar blossomed deep in her belly, spreading to her loins and limbs, seeming to strengthen the former while weakening the latter. "There! That oughtta shut you up a bit!" the goblin holding the flask snarled down at her. The moogle chirruped pitifully in response, her thoughts beginning to grow foggy.

As soon as the flask was removed, the goblin still holding her by the ears tugged her face back to her groin, pushing her large, swollen sack against the captive's mouth. Muriel whimpered and tried to turn her head away, but the grip on her ears was too tight; it hurt every time she tried to twist and the goblin only pulled harder. The elixir clouding her thoughts also made resisting more difficult, and when she opened her muzzle to gasp for breath, the goblin looking down at her smiled wickedly as she forced her balls into her mouth.

Muriel whined out with disgust around the goblin's sack, tasting it on her tongue while her captor bucked her hips against her face, smearing the dick, now dripping with arousal, against that cute, furry face, slowly stroking her shaft up and down as Muriel suckled. Her whimpers of protest earned her a firm slap across her bare bottom, making her squirm on her knees while her tongue caressed and bathed the balls in her mouth in hot, slippery saliva. The horde cheered around her as the she-male in her mouth moaned out her pleasure, myriad hands holding her naked, squirming body in place, making any resistance completely futile.

The moogle's eyes were glued to the goblin's face while she slurped her nuts, seeing the pleasure there as her green hand stroked her dripping cock in the chocobo knight's fuzzy face, smearing pre into her cheeks while she nursed at her balls, slurping loudly. Suddenly she squeaked out in surprise again, her little body writhing in the horde's collective grasp. Someone behind her had grabbed her rear tightly in both claws and she could feel hot, panting breath over her cheeks as an unseen assailant pressed their face against them, long, pointed tongue squirming between her buttocks, the tip wiggling against her tailhole and slowly worming its way inside.

The goblin at her head laughed at the pitiful shock in Muriel's eyes and glared down at her helpless form, yanking her head back by the ears and pulling her spit-covered sack from her lips with a loud pop. Muriel gasped for breath and barely had time to inhale before her previous mouthful was replaced by the goblin's slimy cock, the rock-hard mass jammed all the way down her throat in one savage thrust, making her gag. As she squirmed on her knees from the wriggling tongue invading her ass, the cock in her throat began to pump. She could feel it throbbing on her tongue, hot sperm traveling the length of the pulsing member while the goblin threw back her head and howled in delight, still yanking the moogle into her crotch by the ears. Muriel sputtered and choked and wiggled her little hips back against the tongue in her ass. Her throat clenched around the cock spurting deep inside it, forced to drink her tormentor's cum, hot and salty as it was fucked straight into her stomach.

Muriel panted for air when the spent cocked was pulled from between her pursed lips, leaving a slimy trail of sperm across the length of her tongue before its owner finally released her ears, wrapping one of them around her prick and cleaning herself off. "E-enough, kupo." she begged, "Please, let me go now."

The goblin behind her pulled her squirming tongue from her tailhole and grinned, taking hold of Muriel's slender hips and forcibly twisted her over onto her back, pushing her down. "We're just getting started, slut. We're all going to have our fun with you. You're not going anywhere until we've destroyed you with our cocks."

As Muriel let out a sob she could feel the heat between her legs from the potion egging her body on in spite of her clouded mind. "Please, please don't, kupo..." she continued to beg, the goblin ignoring her pleas, claws spreading her legs wide, putting her little pussy on display to everyone gathered there. It glistened in the firelight with unbidden need, the moogle squirming as she was held in place by the multitude of savage claws. Mewling and whimpering she looked up into the uncaring eyes of her next coupling, mounting her, pushing between her legs, the she-male's cock thick and hard, twitching with every convulsion of Muriel's resistant body. The captive's eyes pleaded up at her to no avail until her vision was blotted out by another of the horde mounting her face.

Muriel tried to cry out as her wet little cunt was invaded, but it was no use: her mouth was already full of another stranger's dick. Somewhere in the darkness, outside the ring of light cast by the torches, a drum began to beat rhythmically.

The goblin warrior forced Danny down to the floor, flat on his back, her red quad-pigtails tickling his shoulders as she ground her naked body down into his, her significantly larger green cock rubbing up against his own arousal, their balls lightly slapping against each other. It felt weird to Danny; wrong, but he couldn't deny there was something pleasurable about it too, though he kept telling himself it was just the effects of whatever bizarre drink they'd forced him to imbibe. "Jekka, please, I-I'm not into this..." he stammered, even as he involuntarily pressed his hips flush to hers.

She chuckled down at him, giving a short buck against his turgid manhood, her own prick rubbing firmly into his while she held him down. "I can feel your hardness, pretty little mage. You seem very 'into' it to me." Any further protests were stifled when she bent her head down and forcibly kissed him, his reluctance melting by the second as her soft lips marked his own with their red dye, the potion burning in his belly muddling his thoughts and fueling his loins.

The mage began to return the goblin's sloppy kiss, licking over her tongue as she slid it into his mouth, the two slippery muscles twining and lathing over each other, his body pressed up into her. As she probed his mouth she drew back her hips, angling herself lower, teasing his tight pucker with the broad head of her hot, female prick. There was no stopping what was coming and Danny knew it. He shuddered in anticipation, bracing himself for it.

Jekka was surprisingly tender as she took him, giving a deep moan into his mouth while continuing the kiss and slowly worked the head of her cock through the tight ring of his asshole. When he cried out into her maw she pushed him down against the floor with her hands, exploring his mouth with her tongue and slowly but steadily worked her cock deeper and deeper into him.

Danny could feel the hot, pulsing girth burning between his cheeks as it parted them, piercing what felt like his core. He could feel each needy throb of his partner's dick against his clenching pucker as it spread open his virgin ass, violating him with her insistent lust, no refusal accepted, slowly working herself all the way into him and then holding there before she finally broke the kiss and breathed down into his face. "Mmm… such a tight little ass. We will enjoy this night, and if you cooperate then I promise you will too."

Danny groaned out, his naked body trembling under her, biting down on his bottom lip as he writhed, his hands clutching at the furs he was laid on, balling them up in his fists. "Ooooh… I… I've never felt anything like this before!" he blurted, as he involuntarily clenched around the female's cock.

She grinned down at him lewdly, wiggling her hips and pushing against him, grinding her prick deep inside his ass, letting him feel every inch of her. "Do not worry pretty one. You will feel it much more before this night is over."

As she drew back Danny shuddered, gasping out before she slowly pushed into him again, eliciting a fresh groan from his lips, his body squirming under hers. She went slowly as first, forcing him to fully experience every hard inch of her as she worked her hips against him, her pelvis smacking firmly into his cheeks, burying herself in him again and again. As his resistance began to falter she gradually released her grip on him, her powerful hands roaming freely over his body, caressing his chest, grabbing hold of him by the hair and pulling his face to hers, drooling into his mouth and kissing him deeply while she fucked him.

It wasn't long until Jekka's thrusts quickened in pace, becoming more frantic, more powerful. Her hands on his chest slid to his sides, holding onto his heaving body tightly as they caressed their way lower, sliding around his waist before settling on his ass, groping him, digging in and spreading him open while she pumped her unrelenting prick up his ass again and again, panting down into his face while trailing kisses over his lips, face and neck.

The mage's body was writhing now in unbidden pleasure and he pushed himself unwillingly against her pounding hips, returning every thrust, feeling the soft head of her cock mashing against some pleasurable spot deep inside him and grinding himself up against her to get more of this strange, wonderful feeling. His cock was achingly hard from the potion in his gut forcing more blood through the visibly twitching shaft. It bounced up in down in time to Jekka's relentless assault, but she paid it no mind. His captor was using him for her own pleasure, ravishing his body with her mouth and hands and cock and giving no regard to his enjoyment. He looked up at her pleadingly as another moan escaped his lips and begged her with a single word: "Please!"

Jekka ignored him, taking hold of him by the hair again, yanking his head to the side and burying her face in the crook of his neck. Her entire body quivered and strained as she kissed and sucked him there, lodging herself fully in his asshole as she started to cum, giving short, shallow bucks between his spread cheeks as she did.

Wave after wave of the female's hot lust surged deep into Danny's writhing body; he could feel the pumping of her cock with each fresh surge, sticky girl-cum splattering against his insides, burning inside him. He couldn't help but squeeze down around her, his helpless body wiggling and pushing into her hips as she came what seemed endlessly. More and more of her lust filled him and her dick still wouldn't stop, the kisses on his neck growing more and more insistent and desperate as she filled him, her cum spurting from his asshole around her prick and dripping down onto the furs below him while she rutted it up his ass.

Finally her flood of lust seemed to subside, her breathing steadied, and she kissed him again, releasing her grip and pushing him down while she pulled herself up and out of him, a fresh flood of semen following her exiting cock as she left him gaping and panting on the floor.

As Jekka sprawled back into her chair with a satisfied sigh, Talla quickly arose to take her place. Apparently there was going to be no time for rest. "That was really hot and all, Jekka, but if you do not make him cum, how am I supposed to know how well my potion is working?"

Jekka gave a slightly disinterested shrug of her large shoulders, idly stroking her cum-smeared cock with one hand while she watched Talla begin to strip down in front of Danny. "We have all night. He is not going anywhere; there will be plenty of time for 'testing.'"

With a mischievous giggle Talla nodded her head while her hands quickly pulled her top up and off, exposing her soft, round breasts. They were slightly bigger than Jekka's but not quite as firm, and gave a pleasant bounce when she wiggled her way out of her loin-cloth. "Maybe so, but I still would have liked to see." Turning her attention back to Danny and slowly stroking her own length, she gave the achingly hard mage a reassuring grin. "Well, I guess I will just have to do it myself. Would you like that, Danny?"

The blue mage nodded his head stupidly as he ogled this sister's naked body. In spite of her cock (which, it turns out, you don't really mind that much, some deeply repressed part of his mind whispered), she was really cute and Danny was unbelievably pent-up and horny at this point.

Talla smiled again, swaying her body as she shimmied down to her knees and began to crawl her way toward him, naked across the floor. Her bare breasts swung in time with her undulating hips while she padded up between his legs on her hands and knees. "I bet you would." she said. "Want to get your cock sucked, Danny? Want to feel my soft, blue lips around that needy prick? Want me to taste you?"

"Ohfuckyes!" Danny blurted out in spite of himself, his face glowing a deep red as he blushed. "Please! Please! I want that so bad!"

The jewel-adorned goblin gave another little titter at her subject's eagerness, lowering her face between his thighs and lolling out her tongue, dragging the tip over the head of Danny's cock, barely grazing it and making him squirm with desire.

Keeping her sultry, blue eyes locked directly on his, she pursed her lips and pressed them firmly around the head of his prick, kissing it deeply, moaning softly from the taste of his dick. The willing captive wiggled under her ministrations, his own eyes gazing into hers as she made out with his cock like a long-lost lover, wet tongue teasing and probing the slit at the tip before swirling around the head, coating him in her spittle.

"Please..." he begged in a throaty, almost whining voice. "Oh, fuck, please!"

Talla obliged, slowly sliding her mouth down his engorged length, feeling that needy, aching throb between her lips as they stroked his shaft, her wet tongue cradling the underside of his cock, wiggling back and forth, tasting him thoroughly while taking him deeper into her hot, wet mouth. The goblin moaned around his cock, slowly stroking her own up and down while she swallowed the pretty-boy's prick, easily taking him all the way to the root, his churning balls mashed firmly against her chin as she swallowed around him again and again, squeezing him with the muscles of her slender throat.

Danny's head fell back, the pleasure overcoming him, his eyes glazed, mouth open and groaning stupidly up at the ceiling as he futilely tried to push himself deeper. Saliva dripped down his length and ran over his balls while his cock dripped into the pretty goblin's eagerly suckling maw.

As Talla pulled back she continued to suck his cock hungrily, cheeks puckered and lips stroking his length before pushing back down again, fucking the moaning mage with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down in his groin and gradually picking up speed. She moaned louder from the taste of his dick, drool-slathered nuts beating against her chin as she took him down her throat again and again, grinding her face into his crotch, hot breath panting over his pelvis while she slurped lewdly, swallowing his dick again and again.

Danny couldn't last long at this rate; not after his ordeal with Jekka anyway. Rolling his hips to meet her bobbing mouth he moaned out every time she gulped him down. He felt her swallow him whole once again and turned his gaze back to hers. Seeing that pretty face all the way down in his crotch, cheeks puckered from sucking his dick as hard as she could, pretty blue eyes gazing up at him almost pleadingly while she gobbled his dick; it was all more than he could take!

With a longing groan of pure animal lust he grabbed the back of her head with both hands, blushing deeply at his own boldness, but too wound-up to care. He pulled her pretty face against his pelvis, looking straight into her eyes, feeling her breath on his member, her spit dripping from his nuts as he emptied them right into her clenching throat. He bucked his dick between her lips, letting her slurp the seed straight from his cock, groaning out louder and watching her throat work around his prick, drinking his cum straight from his cock and swallowing it all greedily 'til his orgasm finally subsided and his grip slackened, releasing her head.

With a signature giggle she slowly pulled her lips from his still-hard prick, giving the tip another little kiss and licking up the last drop of sperm with her tongue before crawling over his panting body. "Mmm… a good start Danny, but if that potion works the way it is supposed to, you should be ready to go again with no break."

Valenna nodded, yellow eyes sparkling in anticipation as she rose, having already disrobed and left her clothing behind on her chair. "And next is my turn." she said, lying back on the floor and spreading her legs. Her pussy was so wet it was dripping down between her thighs. She wiggled her hips enticingly as Danny took in the sight with his foggy, lust and drug-addled brain. "Take me Danny. It will be bliss for us both; I have foreseen it."

The willing captive needed no further encouragement. His cock was still achingly hard, even right after cumming, and if anything he was more wound-up than ever. Mounting the goblin tribe's shaman he quickly and smoothly slid his raging hard-on deep into her cunt in one swift motion.

Valenna moaned out her pleasure, wrapping her legs around Danny's back, her pussy wet and tight as it pulled him deeper into her. The male gasped at the goblin's powerful legs tugging his body, and she pushed up off the floor to meet his thrusts. He ground his prick as deeply into her as he could before drawing back to plunge into her hole again, hot juices coating his dick as he started bucking in quick, shallow thrusts.

The shaman's moaning increased in volume the harder he fucked her, her prick throbbing against his stomach while she pulled him down into her, arms encircling his back and tugging him in tandem with her legs, her slippery cunt holding tightly to his prick every time he drew back. She arched her body, writhing underneath him and pushing herself onto his hot cock again and again, slamming her hips up to meet every savage thrust, shaking her ass enticingly while the mage's aching balls slapped against it like a tight drum.

She bowed her body, hands sliding up Danny's bare back to his head, pulling his face down between the cleft of her naked breasts, the male groaning out his lust as his tongue slathered over her bouncing tits, licking and kissing and sucking, hips increasing their fervor, stuffing the bucking, squirming goblin full of his cock again and again.

Valenna held his head firmly in place while she pushed off the floor and skewered her sloppy-wet cunt on his prick over and over; fucking him ruthlessly and pressing her sensitive tits firmly against his pretty face, grinding her cock against his flat stomach. She could feel his dick pulsing against the gripping walls of her cunt as it held him tight within her and with a snarl of effort and one rough, final push she impaled her pussy on his cock, legs pulling him between her thighs and holding him there, hands gripping his ass as she ground herself up into him and came.

Danny's whole body went rigid when he felt the squirming, desperately clutching woman under him cum on his dick, her tight little cunt squeezing and milking his shaft, and he let himself go, cumming with her. He wriggled in her grasp, his cock pumping inside her squeezing hole, shallowly bucking and pushing while still held firmly in place, his dick soaked in her juices, his jizz pumping deep into her moaning body, filling her with his seed.

When his orgasm finally subsided, Danny pulled his messy cock from his partner's still-gripping cunt with a soft groan, only to look up and see Hekka standing over him. Giving her pink-painted lips a lascivious lick and winking her one good eye, she took hold of him by the hair, claws digging into his scalp, and immediately pressed her rigid cock to his panting lips. His first instinct was to turn his head away, but the strong goblin huntress held him firmly in place, punishing his recalcitrance with a firm cock-slap to the side of his face. "Suck me." she growled, "Do not forget your bargain. You must satisfy us all if you wish to leave this place."

Danny let his resistance fade. Between the potion muddling his thoughts and fueling his loins, his reluctantly pleasant experience with Jekka earlier, and his own growing curiosity, he couldn't help but feel more than slightly intrigued. Nodding his head in silent agreement he turned his mouth back to the fat girl-cock throbbing in his face and dripping over his lips and timidly gave the tip a soft lick, grimacing at the unfamiliar, acidic taste of her pre.

"Not good enough, hume!" Hekka snarled, spitting down on the kneeling mage's face. "I want to see you choke on me!" Her hand still gripping onto his hair, she pulled his face between her powerful thighs, her pussy wet and hot, smearing its need against his chin even as she forced her fat cock between his lips, pushing into him while giving his hair a complimentary tug.

The captive hume's eyes bulged in surprise at the heat of her thick pole radiating between his lips, instinctively wrapping them around the pulsing meat as the sneering goblin forced it further and further into his mouth. Her good eye glinted wickedly above him and she kept tugging at his hair; she seemed to be enjoying his shame and discomfort almost as much as the sensation of his mouth pleasuring her prick.

The feeling of that rock-hard, yet still yielding flesh pulsing and burning between his lips was new and disturbing to Danny. He could taste the female's dick on his tongue as she pushed it insistently down his throat, musty and salty with sweat, the dripping head soft and spongy as it probed and then pushed against the back of his throat. His drug-hazed eyes looked up at the prick's owner in lust-addled confusion while he gagged on her, she returning his stare with smug satisfaction while her balls smacked firmly against his chin.

With no consideration for him whatsoever, Hekka pulled back her hips, drooling prick now leaking pre onto Danny's tongue as he sucked her cock, before plunging back down his throat again. He gagged and she pulled back again, holding his head in place by the hair and snarling down at him with savage lust as she began to steadily fuck him right in the mouth.

Choking with every thrust, Danny did his best to please his cruel captor, his tongue wriggling against her shaft, feeling her heavy balls beating against his chin, gazing up into her eyes for unrequited approval while she ruthlessly fucked his face. The goblin wasn't even looking at him, just using his loudly slurping maw for a wet hole to get herself off, head thrown back with pleasure, hips pumping ruthlessly against his face, mashing his nose into her flat, toned stomach.

Spit gurgled and frothed around her cock as he choked again and again; it dripped down his chin and onto the floor, wetting the sack beating against him. Every now and then Hekka would pause in her abuse of his mouth and hold him in place by the back of the head, snarling down at him and grinding her cock into the back of his throat, groaning with sadistic glee and watching his neck bulge and contract around her girth.

"Take it bitch-boy!" she growled at him. "Take it like my sister did for you! See what it feels like to have a nasty load of cum dumped down your thirsty gullet!"

Danny shook his head in denial, but it only seemed to fuel Hekka further, her face smiling down at him wickedly, claws scrabbling and tugging at the back of his head as she grunted and shoved him all the way down on her cock; her hips pistoning forward, throwing back her head and howling her pleasure into the increasingly stuffy air as she came.

Danny's mouth was suddenly filled with the steaming climax of the lady goblin, his lips instinctively suckling the sperm from her cock as he felt it pumping between them, making him sputter and gurgle, his throat filling with her load. As his mouth began to flood, his cheeks bulged and he started guzzling as fast he could, but it wasn't fast enough; sperm dribbled from his lips around her dick, his throat squeezing her cock dry as he swallowed around it again and again, drinking her cum.

With a condescending smirk Hekka slowly pulled her spent cock from his gasping mouth, tilting his head back my the hair and smearing her messy dick on his face, cleaning her cum off on the mage's cheeks and brow. "There you go little hume bitch. You are learning your place very well."

Before Danny could even react another strong, feminine hand took hold of him, this time by the neck. Turning his gaze to its owner he was unsurprised to see Lanaa standing over him, the purple-haired goblin slowly stroking her cock. Now that her sisters had all had a go at him, it was finally the chieftess' turn. With a lewd smirk she gently but firmly pushed him forward, pressing his no-longer resistant body down flat on his stomach and into the furs spread across the floor.

"I see you are beginning to enjoy yourself, Danny." she panted lustily. "I knew you would. Every man we capture is resistant at first, but deep down you are all whores. You all begin to crave our bodies eventually."

Danny gave a soft whine of assent. It was hard to argue while his body was squirming and pushing back against her of its own accord, practically begging for more, his cock aching against the soft fur rug with desire.

Lanaa's hands took hold of his ass, spreading him apart as she slid her cock, by far the biggest of the bunch, between the soft flesh of his cheeks. Mashing them together around her prick she gave a breathy growl of desire and began to slowly rock her hips, rubbing her cock between the soft pillows of his ass, the pulsing flesh dripping between them and grinding against his pucker. She leaned over his prone, writhing body and kissed her way up his back to his neck as she continued to buck and grind between his cheeks, breathing hotly into his ear. "I cannot wait to fuck you, pretty little man-slut. It is not often enough we acquire a male, yet alone one as pretty as you."

Unable to help himself, Danny squirmed on the floor under her needily as she teased him, pushing his ass back into her hips and wiggling it from side to side, feeling how hard and engorged and ridiculously hung his final lover was. "Please, oh please, just give it to me!" he begged. "I don't know what's wrong with me, but I want it so bad I can't stand it! Please, just fuck me! Take me and fuck me, I just don't care any more!"

Lanaa giggled and slapped him firmly across the ass, causing him to yelp with a mixture of surprise and pain as she worked her dick between his cheeks. "It is cute when you beg." she said, giving his ear a playful but firm tug with her sharp goblin teeth. "You deserve a reward..."

Angling her hips she ground the soft head of her dick against Danny's pucker, making him groan as he tried unsuccessfully to push back into her, her hands on his cheeks now holding him firmly in place, forcing him to let her take the lead. More pre-cum stained him as the goblin chieftess slowly, slowly pushed her fat cock-head through the ring of his asshole, wiggling her hips and rubbing against him as she did.

"Oohhhh… ooohhh, I want it so bad! I need it!" Danny whined as he futilely writhed under her and tried to push into her thrusts.

"And you will get it, greedy bitch. Every last inch, again and again until we are through with you. But only when we are well good and ready."

As the young mage continued to squirm and writhe in frustration, Lanaa's grip held him securely in place, squeezing his cheeks together around the throbbing mass of her cock while she pushed herself between them and deeper into her hume fuck-toy with agonizing slowness, the pleasure of watching his desperate need far outweighing her desire to just plunder and use this man's ass immediately.

Spreading his hole out around her cock she worked her way in deeper, her constant grinding never ceasing, her claws holding his ass tightly together around her prick so that she could rub her hard shaft against every possible inch of her captive. She watched him groan and wriggle with heartless glee while taking him deeper and deeper, slowly stuffing her cock all the way up his ass 'til she claimed ever inch. Panting and letting out a breathy moan of her own, she held herself there for a moment, savoring the feeling of that hot, tight hole gripping onto her prick, and the sight of her pretty little conquest moaning his need into the carpet below him.

Danny's groans grew louder as he felt the cock in his ass throb hotly inside him, insistently ramming against his button, making him squirm in pleasure. He slid his knees under him and pushed himself back into the chieftess' cock. His own prick was dripping on the floor, a puddle of need pooling under him as he squeezed down around her. "Lanaa, it feels so good!" he breathed through gritted teeth, and he felt her swell even larger inside him, the head of her prick mashing against that pleasurable spot relentlessly.

She laughed and reached around him, her hand wrapping around his aching dick, squeezing tight, smearing his own pre-cum up and down his shaft as she started to stroke him off rapidly in time to her thrusts. "I'm going to cum soon, Danny." she panted in his ear, trailing purple kisses up and down his neck and the side of his face while she continued to piston her hips against his rump. "I want you to cum with me. I want to feel your resistance fade. I want you and everyone else here to see the proof that you fucking love every second of this!"

The moaning mage was in no position to refuse; he was completely lost in a world of his own pleasure as the strong goblin chieftess took what she wanted from him and demanded more. Rocking his hips back and forth between that wonderfully soft hand jerking off his prick and the thick cock pounding his asshole, he put every ounce of his strength into taking her dick.

Finally, Lanaa reached the climax of her lust, the young man's clenching ass, and pretty, begging face becoming too much for her. With a deep groan of pleasure she pounded her fat dick all the way into him and came, the hand around his cock never slowing down even while she flooded his clenching asshole with her burning-hot cum.

As Danny felt his bowels flooded with the beautiful goblin's spunk he lost his control too; the hand around his dick milked him as he came and his hips pushed back needily against the cock in his ass, grinding himself against her pulsing prick, feeling the heat of her lust burning inside him while he came and came, his own spunk pooling uselessly on the floor under him until Lanaa finally released him, letting him tumble into a puddle of his own spent seed.

Danny groaned and squirmed in his mess, rolling over onto his back, sprawling out. His dick was still rock-hard, the potion at work in him, but he was finally done. He had satisfied each of his captors and now he was free. Or so he thought.

Looking up from his blissful daze that illusion was quickly shattered when he saw all five of his captors closing in around his prone body. All of them, with the exception of Lanaa, were in a severe state of arousal, and he could see by the way her hand was working her slimy, cum-slicked cock that she would be there soon herself.

Jekka reached him first, a soft whimper escaping his lips when she snarled down at him, "We're not done with you yet, pretty one. The real fun is just getting started."

Muriel whimpered in resignation as the latest goblin pulled her still-spurting cock from the moogle's messy cunt and smeared the slimy organ across her breasts while they heaved for air. Her naked body was drizzled all over with semen, ears and tail drooped, fur matted with sperm, and she dripped it from every orifice, her tongue coated in the slimy substance. She'd lost count of the number of her partners; as soon as one was done another took its place in a seemingly endless train of brutal, meaningless fucking.

Her little body was wrecked, quivering weakly with exertion in spite of the virility potion she'd been forced to drink. But her captors allowed her no respite. Another phial of hi-potion was tilted to her lips and poured down her gullet, and as she sputtered it down she felt one of the goblins pressing its leathery balls to her muzzle, forcing them past her lips and using the pulsing orbs like a stopper in a vial, forcing the chocobo knight to swallow the drought even as she suckled the goblin's nuts.

She squeaked out in halfhearted protest while her well-fucked body was lifted from the ground, one of the goblins sliding under her. She could feel its aching erection prodding between her ass-cheeks and she squirmed futilely as the horde held her in place. Before tonight she'd never taken a cock in her ass, but this was just the latest of many, and although she still didn't like it, she was discovering that anything was bearable if you just got used to it.

The drums pounded in her ears as the cock pounded up her tailhole, her tongue washing over the churning nuts in her mouth while their owner quickly stroked her cock, moaning out at the moogle's degradation, the goblin's lust only fueled by the sight of one of her compatriots skewering the captive's tight ass on her dick.

Another pair of hands took hold of her thighs and a new partner climbed atop her weakly squirming body, pushing herself into her, spreading her well-used cunt open on her fat dick, previous partners' cum oozing out of her cunt around that cock, running down Muriel's ass as it was pounded relentlessly.

The goblin in Muriel's mouth started to cum, growling out its lust as more nasty jizz sprayed over Muriel's body, further drenching her little tits in seed. She could feel the orbs in her muzzle churning against her tongue, suckling them stupidly through the goblin's climax, the she-male pulling them free with a pop when she was finished, only to have them quickly replaced by another achingly-stiff goblin dick invading her throat, making her gag and sputter.

The horde held her in their sway, more of the nasty, perverted imps pressing themselves into her, rutting their pulsing tools against her naked, struggling body, humping against her tits, her flat stomach, smearing the scent of their cocks into her squirming form while she gagged and slurped the dick in her mouth messily, bucking her hips as the pair in her ass and pussy fucked her together, battering her pelvis back and forth between them, each helping the other to skewer their captive plaything on the others' hard cock.

Muriel's senses were awash in a sea of drugs and fucking. Nothing seemed individual or distinct to her any more, just wave after wave of pleasure, degradation, and lust washing over her while she was taken by stranger after stranger, who used and discarded and passed her along. Her little paws were each wrapped around another rock-hard prick, stroking them up and down. As the goblin fucking her face beat her balls against her cute little moogle countenance she could see more in the horde stroking their cocks, masturbating to the view of her sex-wracked body writhing on the ground and stuffed full of dick. Her pussy tightened at the thought of being seen like this and she came around the strange cock in her cunt, pushing that goblin to the edge, the two of them reaching their peak together.

Sperm surged into her already overflowing cunt as she soaked that prick with her orgasm, the viscous mess oozing out of her while she gurgled around the dick in her mouth, the now-familiar warmth of a satiated cock blossoming deep in her belly as she was used for a cum-dump yet again.

Before she could even finish cumming the goblin in her pussy pulled herself free and slid out, leaving her still-spasming cunt visible to the crowd, jizz drooling out of it. With a growl the goblin in her backside wrapped its arms around her damp stomach, lifting the moogle up with its dick still in her ass, and rolled her over, pushing her pussy down onto the cock of another of the horde, who was lying on her back waiting. "Can't have you with any empty holes!" she snarled at the moogle. "You've got too many customers to satisfy; you'll be here for weeks!"

"Kupo..." Muriel croaked before her mouth was stuffed full of dick again, cutting her off as a cheer rose from the crowd.

Wriggling back and forth between the cocks in her pussy and ass, Muriel opened her muzzle to accept another, wrapping her lips around the dick and choking it down while her paws returned to stroking two more. Her long ear were grabbed by the horde, the perverted goblins wrapping them around their cocks as they jerked off on her naked body. Everything was sex and dick and semen, and it was endless.

The goblin in Muriel's ass bit down on her shoulder when it started to cum, yanking its prick from inside her and humping it between the moogle's plush cheeks, hot-dogging her while more warm cum jetted up her backside, running down her back and staining her tail with lust. More sperm splattered against her cheek and ran down her face as another goblin came from the view of her bare back and tight little rear painted with fresh, white goblin-sperm.

The chocobo knight's tailhole did not remain unoccupied for long, though, before she was invaded anew, jizz burbling from between her cheeks, strong hands on her shoulders pushing her down firmly onto the dick in her twat, making her groan out around the one in her mouth before those same hands grabbed hold of her hair and shoved her face into the other goblin's crotch.

The goblin bucked her hips against her nose, smirking down at her smugly, relishing the soft lips, wet maw, and squeezing throat of her captive gagging down her prick. "You look fuckin' cute with a cock in your mouth and slathered in our cum! You ready for more bitch?!"

Muriel gurgled her tacit agreement and prepared herself, milking the pumping shaft between her sucking lips as the she-male reached her zenith, coating her tongue in a fresh layer of thick, salty semen. The moogle's furry cheeks bulged out; her mouth was flooded with spunk and the dick in her left paw came too as its owner watched her guzzling the cum, throat working to swallow it all, paw pumping up and down that other spurting length, more spunk splattering over her cock-stuffed visage as she drank the nasty load straight from her assailant's dick, the rest dripping down her face and onto her breasts.

As the satisfied pair pulled away they were immediately replaced by more eager sex-fiends. Her body was twisted and moved, tugged and shoved and endlessly re-positioned as the horde had their way with her helpless little body. Pussy, mouth and ass were never empty for more than a moment, the goblins cavorting and jostling for their turn at using her. The drums beat on and the frenzy grew more and more feverish with the crowd pushing in on her to participate and watch her disgrace. Numberless dicks smearing and humping against her soft fur, staining her with their lust while she was fucked back and forth between them. Those that could not find the room to get at her stroked their cocks to the sight, her naked body showered in semen again and again 'til she was slippery with it, eyelashes clumped together, sperm dripping from her erect, pink nipples, even running from her nose.

The horde accepted no signs of weakness from her. Every time she began to slump or became too weak for their liking she was force-fed another hi-potion, invariably pushed down her throat by a fresh prick and washed down with a semen chaser. All her resistance had failed her and she mindlessly participated, pleasing her tormentors as best she could, milking their dicks with every available orifice, basking in the slimy secretions of their lust as she was constantly painted afresh with coat after coat of hot cum, even while more and more was fucked deep into every hole. The drums beat on, echoing in her head and it felt as though morning would never come.

Danny shrunk from the red-headed goblin's outstretched claw as she pulled him closer by the arm before pushing him down onto his back. "I must see that pretty little mouth wrapped around my dick before the end of the night." Jekka smiled down at him.

He just silently nodded his head, not wanting to admit to himself that some formerly unknown part of him was actually a little eager for that. As he was spread out on the furs below him, the pretty blue-lipped Talla climbed atop, smearing her wet pussy over his hard cock, rubbing in her juices as her lips trailed kisses over his neck and chest. "Mmm, and I want to test out my serum more. But do not worry, Danny. I am sure you will have a good time. That is why I made it after all."

"Uh-huh, sure, let's do it!" he panted out, doing his best to hide his need and failing completely.

Talla mounted him confidently, her own cock standing straight up in the air while she pushed her hot little cunt down onto the mage's aching prick, his hips arcing off the floor to meet hers while she cooed with pleasure and wiggled her shapely ass from side to side, settling down onto his pelvis.

As Danny moaned out his pleasure Jekka took her opportunity, sliding her cock between his parted lips and stifling the sounds of his enjoyment. "You have no idea, pretty one," she breathed down at him seductively, "how much that cute face of yours makes me want to fuck it. I will not stop until you are belching up my spunk."

The mage gurgled his assent, wiggling his hips while Talla rode him, moaning around the cock in his mouth and choking it down, tasting Jekka's prick while his wet tongue slid over her rigid need. Balls slapped against his face, Jekka's pussy dripping its juices into his hair as he sputtered around the dick in his mouth and drove himself up into the other pretty goblin riding him.

Talla's hands rubbed over his bare chest, groping him while she skewered herself on his cock again and again, naked breasts bouncing up and down faster as her pace increased, eyes locked on their captive's soft lips, wrapped tightly around her sister's cock, sucking her desperately, nursing the fat pole being repeatedly plunged deep into his suckling maw, his throat bulging in the shape of her cock as he repeatedly gagged. It was too much for her and she came, writhing on his dick, naked body bent with pleasure. She pushed herself down onto his prick, her little ass wriggling against his hips while she ground his cock deep in her spasming, clenching cunt, soaking his entire pelvis in her lust and writhing in ecstasy atop him.

As she watched her sister cum on the stranger's dick, Jekka reached her limit too. Powerful hands slid under Danny's head, pulling his face firmly between her thighs, driving herself as deep into his throat as she could, her cock beginning to spurt and flooding his passage with her cum.

Danny could feel the searing hot seed splattering against the back of his throat even as he mindlessly sucked it from the jerking, twitching cock pulsing against his tongue. He swallowed as fast as he could, but the goblin's load was more than he could handle. The potent, briny semen flooded his sputtering throat, cum filling his mouth, overflowing around the cock between his lips, spurting from his nose while he drank from her dick, making him hack and cough until Jekka finally pulled herself free.

Danny groaned and gasped for breath while Talla's gripping cunt slid off his rigid cock, looking up at his captors as Jekka rose and moved next to him. Glancing around the room he saw the rest of the sisters slowly stroking their hard pricks and fingering themselves, some licking their lips hungrily, watching him pleasure their sisters. They weren't done with him yet; in fact they seemed to be working themselves into a frenzied state of lust.

Jekka lay on the furs beside Danny, one arm encircling his waist, spreading her legs and pulling him on top of her. "You need to fuck me, pretty one!" she growled up at him, her voice dripping with eros. "Pretend you are a real man and try to fuck me like one!"

"I'll do my best!" Danny squeaked, intimidated even now by the attractive, but physically imposing green beauty lying naked underneath him, her firm breasts heaving, hard cock pulsing, tight pussy dripping with need for his prick. As he slowly slid his cock into her gripping twat she growled again, wrapping her legs around his slender body and pulling him hard against her hips, squeezing her cunt tightly around his manhood.

"Like a man, I said!" she snarled at him.

The blue mage couldn't contain a deep groan of pleasure at the goblin warrior's tight pussy enveloping and dripping on his cock. He tried to buck his hips, but Jekka's muscular legs held him firmly in place, his prick throbbing against the walls of her cunt with need. Pushing up off the floor she began to fuck him, her arms grabbing onto his shoulders, pulling his naked body down against hers, forcing his face to her breasts where he licked and suckled, drooling eagerly over her luscious tits and moaning out his pleasure inarticulately.

Even as he enjoyed the tightness of Jekka's cunt, Danny could feel soft hair brushing against his thighs. Glancing back while plunging into Jekka repeatedly, he saw Talla re-positioning herself, eager to continue testing the limits of her potion. Scooting up between his parted thighs, she positioned her face under the rutting pair, her long tongue snaking out to tease and drag across Danny's sack, making him shudder and twitch inside Jekka. The pretty alchemist gave a coquettish titter, pursing her lips and suckling one of Danny's balls into her warm mouth, slobbering over the orb as she nursed it, caressing with her tongue before slurping up the other one and giving it the same treatment.

The hot mouth sloshing around his aching nuts, the wet tongue bathing each of them in turn, only further fueled Danny's lust and his body writhed with pleasure atop Jekka as he penetrated deep into her sopping hole again and again, the warrior's hips bucking off the floor and pushing into him, her hands gripping onto his ass and pulling him deep inside her cunt, holding him there while she rolled her hips.

Noticing further movement and looking up from Jekka's tits, the blue mage watched Valenna rise from her seat and move behind him. He felt her hands grip onto his ass, cracking his cheeks, and braced himself for what he knew was coming. With a grunt and jet of pre into the goblin beneath him he took the shaman's dick straight up his ass, clenching around her while she leaned over his prone body and nipped his ear with a breathy pant, kissing and teasing his neck as she started to fuck him, pushing her hips relentlessly against his backside and plowing her cock into his tight rear.

Valenna's thrusts drove him ever deeper into Jekka, who squeezed tighter around his cock. His nuts throbbed in Talla's slurping maw as he drooled stupidly over Jekka's bouncing breasts, licking and kissing, slobbering on her tits and tugging her stiff nipples with soft lips. The goblin under him groaned her pleasure, glaring into his eyes and arching her body, slick with sweat. She pushed up off the floor and fucked him relentlessly, driving him firmly into the dick rutting his ass, shoving Valenna's cock-head into his button, the slippery tongue bathing his balls driving him wild with sexual desire as the panting, writhing, moaning mass of flesh brainlessly screwed and pleasured each other.

Throwing back her head Valenna started to cum, concerned only with her own pleasure, using the captive's ass just to get herself off, pummeling his prostate with her dick while it throbbed deep inside him. As her nasty cum filled his ass Danny came too from the feeling of her hard cock pumping that hot load into him, the warm mouth slurping his churning balls, the tight cunt squeezing around his manhood, the firm breasts bouncing in his face; it was all too much!

Pushing and grinding back against the dick in his ass he came inside Jekka, grunting while she continued to fuck him through his orgasm, shoving off the floor and into his crotch, milking his prick. Talla could feel Danny's nuts churning against her tongue and she kept teasing him, sucking harder, smearing that slippery muscle over his orbs as they pumped the tribe's mightiest warrior full of his spunk.

With a sigh of tired satisfaction, Valenna pulled her leaking prick from Danny's asshole and settled back in dazed satiation. Jekka, on the other hand, was nowhere near slaked and shoved the mage off of her. "How dare you cum before me?" she barked, glaring at the panting hume. Rising to her feet she grabbed him by the hair, pulling him up to his knees. "I'm going to finish in your mouth again. I just loving fucking your face, hume!"

By this point Lanaa had had enough. Rising from her central chair she took hold of Hekka's shoulder, stopping her approach on Danny. "Do what you like with him sister, but you all have had your fun. His ass is mine for the rest of the evening."

Talla gave a little giggle, she and her sisters acquiescing to their chieftess' demand. "That is fine with me; I still have more experiments I want to do on him anyway." Laying back on the floor she looked up at the shaking hume, caressing her hand over her own naked breasts, groping and teasing herself, showing off to the captive mage. "Come on Danny, I want you to fuck my pretty tits. Stuff that needy cock between them and fuck me as hard as you can."

Danny felt no urge to argue. Walking on his knees over the prone alchemist, mounting her ample chest, he pressed his cock between her undulating green mounds. He gave a soft grunt as the warm, tender tit-flesh sandwiched his cock, still slippery with Jekka's juices and his own seed.

As he started to thrust his hips, slapping his pelvis against the underside of Talla's breasts, Jekka took hold of his face, pinching his cheeks and forcing his mouth open. He knew what was expected of him and willingly accepted her cock, wrapping his lips tightly around her shaft as she too started to buck. Out of the periphery of his vision he could see Hekka continue her redirected approach, kneeling beside Talla and lolling out her tongue to lick at his dick, cleaning his sperm from him, sucking at the head as it jousted between the jiggling mounds of Talla's tits.

Lanaa was also making good on her intentions, crawling over her sister and pushing her cock between Danny's cheeks, stuffing his ass full again, Valenna's spunk oozing out of him around her solid girth as she began to thrust savagely, trailing purple kisses over the back of his neck and his shoulders while she skewered him on her massive prick.

Danny's whole body shook with pleasure and sexual fervor; he rapidly rolled his hips back and forth, pushing against the cock in his ass and meeting every thrust before pistoning forward again, spearing his cock between Talla's gorgeous, wobbling tits, pushing the head of his dick firmly into Hekka's pink, slurping lips while her tongue teased the ridge on the underside of its head and she peppered pink kisses over the shaft. Even as he fucked Talla's tits and Hekka's mouth while Lanaa used his ass, his eyes were locked on Jekka, towering over him, hands twined in his hair, tugging his face firmly against her crotch and gagging him on her dick again and again, battering her balls against his slobber-slicked chin, sneering in pleasure at the sight of his throat bulging as he choked on her cock.

The steady slap of skin on bare skin filled the room, along with the musty smell of sex, and the heat of entwined bodies plundering each other for pleasure. Lanaa's hands gripped onto Danny's waist, pushing and pulling, using his ass for a dick-sleeve, tugging him onto her cock before shoving him forward, jousting his dick between Talla's breasts while she mashed them together around his pulsing mass. The alchemist arched her body, presenting her tits to the sex-crazed male for him to fuck, feeling the hot throbbing of his lust between them as she stroked him off with her tits. Hekka moaned as more and more pre dripped from his prick and into her slurping maw, pushing her lips down between her sister's wobbling breasts to take him further. She sucked him off hungrily between the other goblin's tits, tongue pressed securely into his shaft, slathering messily up and down and thoroughly savoring as much of his cock as she could reach.

The more Danny moaned with pleasure around the dick in his mouth, the harder Jekka fucked him, pounding her aching phallus down his throat, seemingly punishing him for his enjoyment of her sisters' naked, writhing bodies, blotting out his senses with the taste, smell, and feeling of her rock-hard cock bulging and dripping in his gullet.

Lanaa did likewise, working his pelvis to suit her desires, claws digging into his waist, gripping onto him and working his ass up and down her pole. Her breasts heaved against his back and she snarled with hateful lust into his ear, "Take it, fucking take it you bitch hume! Take every last inch of my cock; feel deep in your bowels why am chieftess here!"

Danny gurgled in reply around Jekka's shaft and let himself be taken. His hips pumped into the valley of Talla's breasts, relishing the huntress's slippery muscle slathering his cock in spittle while he desperately pushed himself back into Lanaa's massive dick and lapped up the pre-cum flowing over his tongue.

With one final snarl of pleasure Lanaa mashed her pelvis flush against the male's cheeks and came, holding him firmly in place with her hands on his hips. Jekka peaked at the same time, looking Danny right in his eyes while her hand tugged his hair, choking him and grinding her pumping prick into his throat as she emptied her nuts in his dazed, slurping mouth. Even as his ass was filled with yet another load of lust he drank more from Jekka's cock; that is until she pulled it from his lips with a pop and finished on his face, growling down at him while her seed painted his visage white, smearing it into his skin as he clenched around the fat dick in his ass and pushed back into Lanaa, taking everything she had to give him deep in his rear.

It was more than he could take! He never would've thought it before, but the gorgeous, strong goblin smearing her spunk across him, the warm, full feeling of an ass-load of jizz: he was shocked and confused by how much it turned him on! With a cry he came too, pumping his hips shallowly between the plump tits bouncing and jiggling under him in time to his thrusts, spewing his sperm between the one-eyed goblin's pursed lips.

Talla eagerly used her breasts to milk his shaft as he came, turned on by the hume's relentless rutting even as she was impressed with the results of her own serum. She could feel him throbbing, each pulse a fresh surge of cum traveling through the prick sandwiched tightly in her bosom, pumping into Hekka's mouth, watching as her sister nuzzled down into her cleavage to swallow spurt after spurt of salty cum from their captive's seemingly endless supply.

As Hekka and Jekka pulled back, Talla giggled up at Danny with a smirk. "Mmm… that was real good Danny. But I think I have given you enough pleasure now, hmm? Time for you to return the favor, don't you think?"

At this, Valenna crawled back to join her sisters in their orgy, her yellow lips pursed in a pout at Talla. "No, Talla! I want him again! I have got to use him the least and he is going to be worn out soon, tonic or no."

Danny looked down at the naked pair fighting over his dick, his mind blank, raving with nothing but raw animal lust. "I'll fuck you both!" he breathed. "Lay down and spread your legs and I'll give you both what you want!"

Talla tittered again and spread her legs wide while Valenna eagerly did the same, smiling up at Danny and saying, "I like your spirit, hume! Let us see what you can do!"

As Danny rammed into Valenna's waiting snatch he could feel her hot need coating his prick, as well as Lanaa's dick in his ass growing stiffer again, throbbing between his cheeks and spreading his pucker back open. With an animalistic groan he began to fuck the yellow-eyed goblin shaman, throwing his hips between her parted thighs, spearing himself deep into her cunt again and again.

The chieftess laughed at his ribald enthusiasm and followed suit, matching his pace in the plowing of his rump, driving his cock ever deeper into her sister as she had her way with him.

Moaning louder, Danny pulled himself from Valenna's gripping twat, a trail of her juices running from her gaping pussy to the tip of his dick before he quickly plowed it into Talla, who squirmed with pleasure on the fur-laden floor and pushed herself up with her hips, impaling her juicy cunt on his girth, fucking herself on his dick while Lanaa's relentless thrusts continued to push him deeper in. A dick slapped against the side of his cheek and Danny looked up to see Hekka and Jekka standing there, impatiently glaring down at him, both taking hold of their pricks and beating them across his face.

He puckered his lips and pressed them firmly against the huntress' cock, welcoming her with his tongue teasing across her piss-slit while wrapping a hand around Jekka's stiffening shaft and stroking up and down, milking her pole in his tight grip. His mind was blank, filled with nothing but lust and an insatiable desire for pleasure. He alternated his thrusts, skewering Valenna's tight little pussy on his cock, letting her need drip over his dick, fucking her into the floor before pulling back and plunging himself deep into Talla's writhing form again, pushing back against the fat cock in his ass while the squirming alchemist fucked his dick, her hands scrabbling over the furs on the floor as she bucked up against him.

He gurgled around the cock in his mouth, turning his face to Jekka's crotch and sliding his lips down her length as his tongue relished the now-familiar taste of her, stroking Hekka's prick in his hand, jerking her off before switching again and taking the one-eyed goblin deep in his throat, pushing his mouth down her length until his nose was mashed against her pelvis.

Lanaa used his ass savagely, gaping him open around her monster dick, shoving against his button with her spongy cock-head relentlessly, fucking and exploiting their sex-crazed captive, pushing on the back of his head and forcing his face deeper into her sister's powerful thrusts between his lips while he alternated between screwing the shaman and being screwed by the alchemist.

It went on and on, both Valenna and Talla cumming on his cock repeatedly, his dick dripping with their lust until finally Talla wrapped her legs around him, refusing to let go. Pumping her hips off the floor she stroked her cock at the same time, Jekka too growing tired of sharing and bottoming out in his throat again. Danny slurped her thick pole while continuing to jerk off Hekka with one hand, blindly wrapping the other around Valenna's prick when she joined the huntress, unwilling to be ignored.

Danny's throat squeezed the cock lodged deep in his maw as he swallowed it hungrily. He clenched his pucker tight around the dick in his ass, feeling it throb while Talla pushed off the floor and wiggled her hips, grinding him inside her and back against Lanaa's prick. He stroked both the cocks in either hand, squeezing them tightly and jerking them off in his own dick-stuffed face.

As Lanaa watched the pretty hume pleasure her sisters so eagerly and thoroughly she finally reached her peak, yanking her cock from his ass and draping the massive member over the top of his head. She jacked herself off as she came, degrading and humiliating the captive mage, massive surges of her spunk dripping onto his hair and matting it down, running down his face and over his eyes in streaks of goblin sperm.

It was enough to push the others over the edge as well and they all came at the same time. Danny milked each of the pumping, throbbing dicks in his hands, stroking them off through their orgasms as they, too, came in his face, their spunk mixing with Lanaa's, painting him white with lust. It dripped down his features and over his eyes, dribbling onto Talla underneath him. She came too, both around the dick inside her pussy, and all over Danny's stomach, masturbating herself all over him even while her cunt clenched and pulsed and wrung his dick.

Pulling himself from her, he returned the favor, his own cock shooting its load, emptying his nuts on her squirming body, the mage's massive orgasm jetting from her snatch, over her stomach and breasts, and all the way to her chin. Danny couldn't see her smearing his sperm into her tits as she panted for breath; his eyes were plastered shut with the copious loads running down his face, and all his attention was focused on Jekka standing over him still while she came in his mouth, pulling back to smear her sperm onto his tongue, letting him lick it out of her drooling dick, making sure he would remember her taste. When her orgasm finally subsided and her cock began to soften Jekka kept herself in Danny’s maw, fixing him with an evil, smug smirk as she started to piss in his mouth. The taste was horrible, acrid and pungent and salty; but Danny was too far gone now to care and drank her piss eagerly, the hot yellow fluid dripping from his chin while he swallowed as much of her urine as he could, washing down her cum.

The goblins seemed at last to be sated, and even Danny's dick was finally growing soft. Apparently Talla's tonic had run its course. Wobbling with exhaustion the sweaty, spent mage collapsed in a puddle of sexual fluids right on the spot and quickly passed out in a naked, cum-glazed heap.

Danny came to with the bright sunlight of a cloudless day streaming through the canopy of greenery overhead. His whole body ached, he had no idea how much time had passed, and he was ravenously hungry. How much of this was due to the last of the tonic passing through his system and how much was strain from the previous night's activities he didn't know, but he remembered it all vividly. Now in a clearer, less lust-addled state of mind he felt a certain shame at how much he had ended up enjoying it; it wasn't like him to behave the way he had. And what would his sometime-girlfriend, Feather, think if she knew? His next thought was of Muriel. What had become of her? Was she safe?

Rising from the forest floor, the mage noticed for the first time that his clothing was still gone. Instead, he was wrapped in some kind of animal hide that stuck to the still-drying fluids on his skin. He reeked of sex, and his body was covered in a rainbow of multi-colored kiss-marks. Wrapping the fur around him he stood, noticed another smaller bundle of fur lying near him, and made his way toward it to investigate. Muriel was lying underneath her own animal pelt, still unconscious.

Taking hold of her shoulder Danny gently shook the little moogle, trying to rouse her, and saw that she was also naked, sticky, and smelled the same as him. This excursion was definitely not going to win Clan Magique any great renown.

Muriel slowly opened her eyes as her companion shook her awake, blinking up at him before realizing her state and giving a deep blush, drawing the fur the goblins had apparently supplied tighter around her exposed body. "Kupo!" she exclaimed. "Danny! What happened, kupo? Where were you?"

"The same thing that happened to you from the looks of it, and in the same place as well." Danny replied wryly. "I don't really want to talk about it, do you?"

Muriel shook her head in rapid negation. Last night's activities had left her in a state of confusion; she wasn't sure right now if it had been the worst night of her life or one of the best. Both prospects would make it embarrassing to discuss with her friend though, the latter maybe even more so.

"Then let's just get out of this forest." he said.

Muriel nodded her agreement, tottering to her feet and wobbling slightly as she struggled to stand. "I don't know if I can do it, Danny. My legs are so weak. I'm so hungry, kupo."

Danny was feeling pretty much the same, and suspected the sexual virility the tonic they'd been force-fed had endowed them with may have come from a super-charging of their metabolisms. Either way, he doubted his ability to carry the poor moogle all that way. That was when he noticed for the first time a delicious smell wafting through the breeze. Muriel noticed it as well, her muzzle pointing up in the air, little pink nose wiggling from side to side as she sniffed. "C'mon Muriel, let's see what that is. I'll help you."

The exhausted pair leaned on each other and staggered through the brush, following their noses in the direction of that delectable scent. Soon they came upon the smoldering remains of a large bonfire with a roasting spit constructed over its dying embers. It seemed as though the goblins had anticipated their condition and left more than furs to cover their nakedness as a present.

The meat was mostly picked over, but there was more than enough left for the two of them. Danny wasn't sure if these gifts were meant as a sign of friendship, or just a means to get the two of them out of the goblin's forest sooner, and it didn't really matter. They wouldn't get far without eating something either way.

The roasted carcass over the fire appeared to be some kind of giant bird, and it smelled delicious. The blue mage reached across the dying embers and wrenched free a large drumstick, in and of itself more than he could probably eat. As he did, his feat scuffed through large, soft piles of downy feathers scattered around the area. They shimmered brightly in the morning light cascading through the canopy of the Jadewood. Not yellow, but a bright, sparkling gold.

Muriel took a seat on a nearby stump, her foot kicking at a large pile of the golden feathers gathered there. She looked up and saw the giant drumstick in Danny's hand and gave a deep, hollow sigh of resignation, realizing what it meant.

Her companion gave the moogle a sheepish shrug as he brought the meat over to share. "We could look for something else to eat..." he offered, halfheartedly.

"No, kupo. It doesn't matter anymore. I just want to get out of this forest as quickly as I can, kupo."

Danny nodded and sat down beside her, the two wrapping their desecrated bodies tightly in their furs as they shared the nourishment. Neither wanted to mention it to the other, but it was the tastiest meal either of them had ever eaten. When they had partaken enough to regain their strength they rose, clutched their makeshift robes around them, and made their way out of the dim forest laden with confusing memories. As they traveled back to the highroad both continued eating, their mouths too occupied with snacking to talk about what they had been through as they walked.

And that's just the way they both wanted it.

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