Revenge is a Dish Best Served Hot

BY : BlueMagic
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Written by christhestampede, with some editing by myself.

Yuffie climbed off the Highwind's ladder and stormed across the field to a nearby clump of trees, fuming and kicking at the ground as she went. Before entering the grove, she turned and shook her fist at the departing airship, cursing and yelling to no avail over the hum of the rotors as Cid took off with the rest of the group towards the Gold Saucer. Yuffie was being left behind as punishment for her actions in Wutai, and she wasn't happy about it. She thought she had already been punished enough, what with all the spankings, and it wasn't like she hadn't apologized.

Ever since she had stolen all their Materia, it seemed like Cloud no longer trusted her. She had tried to make it up to them by passing the trials of the pagoda, and bringing the power of Leviathan to their fight against Sephiroth, but it had been to no avail. Cloud had taken away most of her Materia, and left her with several common ones. The only one she had left that she even remotely liked was the Morph Materia. She found this useful because she could use it to turn monsters into treasure, and if there was one thing she was always hungry for, it was more treasure.

As she pushed her way deeper into the small glade of trees she wondered why everyone put up with Cloud's shit. It wasn't like he was the most trustworthy individual after all. Hadn't he lied about his entire past, and even given the Black Materia to Sephiroth? Yet nobody seemed to mind; it was only her that they singled out. Cloud was a wuss too. She saw the way he looked at Tifa; he was clearly in love with that bimbo, and yet he didn't even have the balls to say anything to her. And, of course, Tifa was too dumb to even notice, but Yuffie saw it clearly.

As she made her way through the trees lost in thought, she was suddenly startled back to reality by a low growling from behind her. She spun around and saw a pair of muus emerge from the ground. They were clearly bent on attack so Yuffie reached behind her and drew her giant shuriken from her back.

One of the muus quickly disappeared beneath the earth, only to emerge mere moments later beneath her feet. It slapped her across the leg with its barbed tail, leaving a nasty welt. Yuffie responded by leaping forward and plunging her weapon down, impaling the creature through the skull with the point of her shuriken, killing it instantly.

The other muu was preparing to attack as well, but Yuffie was too quick for it. She concentrated hard, feeling the mental energy flow from her body into the Morph Materia nestled in the center of her weapon. The power of the Lifestream that people called magic was released from the stone and with a flash surrounded the hostile creature before it could attack the cute, teenage ninja.

Yuffie watched as the magic took its effect: the muu twisted and yelped in agony as the power of the Morph Materia transformed it into a harmless healing potion. With a sigh Yuffie walked over and bent down to pick it up when she was startled by a large, spherical object falling on her foot. She picked it up and looked at it. It was the Morph Materia. It had reached its maximum power and divided!

"That's weird," she thought, "I woulda sworn that the Morph Materia Cloud gave me was already mastered. I wonder if it got any new powers?"

Yuffie concentrated on the original Morph Materia, still in its place at the center of her shuriken. Yes, there was definitely new power present there. Curious as to what it was, Yuffie decided to try it out, and was a little surprised to find that the target for the new spell was not enemies, but herself. She decided to cast the new spell anyway, as she had never encountered a spell that targeted allies that was not beneficial. She allowed her focus to be channeled through the stone until, with a flash, the magic was activated all around her.

At first, Yuffie didn't feel anything. Then she slowly became aware of the fact that her pussy was really starting to itch. This sensation gradually intensified, until it was not just an itching, but a deep, painful ache. Looking down, she noticed a bulge growing in her pants! Now a little afraid, Yuffie quickly let her shorts and panties fall to the ground so that she could see what was happening.

It was a startling sight! As she watched her clit was growing longer and larger. Not knowing what to do, Yuffie continued to just stare in dumb amazement. Now her clit was almost three inches long, and it was starting to get thicker as well. It continued to get longer and thicker until it was at least eight inches long, and then it started to change shape, the tip seeming to bloom and fold out like a mushroom.

At this point Yuffie recognized the thing growing out of her. Why shouldn't she? She might have been only sixteen, but she had seen enough of them in her life, whether they be buried deep within the depths of her throat, or pounding that deliciously sensitive slit between her legs.

She was so stunned and perplexed that she just had to say it out-loud, "Oh my Gawd! I grew a dick!"

Meanwhile, at the same time, and another world away, a young Al Bhed girl named Rikku was slowly getting dressed in the dark aboard her brother's salvage ship. She had just finished allowing his friend, another Al Bhed by the name of Buddy, to have his way with her. She could feel his cum inside of her as she pulled on her panties, followed by her little shorts, and the tight red shirt she always wore. Her mid-length blond hair was all messed up from the pounding she had just taken, so she set it back into the cute little loops she kept it in and left the room.

Rikku was a little out of sorts from her recent fucking. It wasn't that she hated sex, it was more like she didn't really care about it at all. She could never understand why guys were so into it, and why they were constantly leering at her body and trying to get into her pants. Occasionally she'd let them, to keep the peace or to get something she wanted, but for the most part she just tried to avoid it. Just what, exactly, was the big deal anyway?

As the young thief entered the kitchen, she shook these thoughts away; right now, there were more important things to deal with. A couple of days ago, she and the rest of the group had captured a teenage boy wearing strange clothes.

He claimed to be from another world, having been transported here after an encounter with Sin. Rikku thought he had probably gotten a dose of Sin's toxin, but her brother had wanted to kill him, thought he was a fiend. Rikku had managed to save him and they had been keeping him prisoner on the deck since then. Earlier today, they had forced him to assist her in a deep-sea salvage operation, and he had done a good job. Brother had decided that he could be allowed to live, so now Rikku was bringing him a plate of food.

She took the food from the kitchen and then walked down the hallway, opening the hatch to the deck carefully when she reached the end. So far, the strange boy had been on good behavior, but that didn't mean that she should let her guard down.

Stepping through the opening and onto the deck, she saw the boy huddled at the far end, crouched against the railing. He looked scared, but even in this state she saw his eyes roam over her tight, young body, taking in every curvy inch of her petite frame. His eyes finally settled on her chest and Rikku saw a bulge forming in his pants, despite the continued look of fear on his face. She looked down to see that the cold spray of the ocean was causing her nipples to extrude noticeably. Rolling her eyes, she thrust the plate of food at him and went back inside. "Boys!" she thought, "Even when they're in fear for their lives they can't stop thinking about sex. I wonder if it really feels that good for a man?"

Despite their rocky start, over the next few days Rikku began to befriend the young man, and was even trying to teach him a little of the Al Bhed language, when suddenly they were startled by sirens sounding from the ship. Sin was attacking. Both Rikku and her new friend, whose name was Tidus, were shook by the giant waves the gargantuan monster produced whenever he moved. They tried their best to hold on, but it was no use. As the ship shook from another wave, Tidus was swept overboard and Rikku found herself flung into the air. As she fell she saw a mass of gray scales beneath her, and realized she was falling towards Sin itself. With a loud crack, she struck its body and was knocked unconscious.

Yuffie slumped to the ground in amazement, staring at the cock that had sprouted between her legs. It was maybe the nicest one she had ever seen.

Ever since her first sexual encounter at the age of fourteen, when she had sold her virginity to one of Wutai's many tourists for a mastered fire Materia, Yuffie had loved cocks. She loved everything about them, from the way they looked, to the way they felt in her hand, or going in and out of her mouth, or better still, buried to the hilt in her snatch while she came all over them. Soon after losing her virginity she had sought out more sex; in fact, she doubted if there were any men old enough to grow pubes in Wutai that she hadn't fucked. She knew some people would consider her a slut, but if being labeled thusly was all it cost to have so much great sex, she was more than willing to pay the price.

Now, as she stared down at her own beautiful cock, she felt herself becoming aroused. Her pussy was getting wet, and her newfound dick was starting to get hard. Experimentally, Yuffie ran her fingers over the tip and was rewarded by a thrill of pleasure. Her penis was now totally erect and stood at a proud eighteen inches long. It was by far the biggest Yuffie had ever seen, even with all her experience, and she knew she had to get her hands on it.

Wrapping her fingers around it's girth she began to stroke her cock up and down, slowly at first, and then faster. It felt so good! Using her other hand, she slid a finger between the folds of her cunt and began playing with her sensitive clit as she continued to move her hand up and down around her tool. The sensation was beyond anything she would have imagined possible. She slid two fingers inside herself feeling the heat and the moisture within her cunt. She watched what she was doing the entire time, wide-eyed at the sight of her hand wrapped around suck a lovely piece of meat as she worked her fingers further into her damp folds. With one hand, she pumped her cock up and down, and with the other she pushed in and out of her vagina until, with a gasp, she came hard. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body as she yelped with lust and coated her fingers with her slick, sweet pussy juice.

But she was still not finished. Only her pussy had cum, and she wanted to see if she could cum with her brand-new dick too. She was hot and covered with sweat from her first orgasm, so she pulled off her shirt, freeing her chest from the tight fabric of her tank top. As she continued to jack off she smeared the goo from her first orgasm all over her dick to use as lube, and then grabbed one of her tits in her hand and ran her palm all over it, stopping occasionally to tweak her nipples. She loved the feeling of having such a nice, big cock in her hand; it felt so natural to her. She also loved the feeling that her stroking was giving her and the way it felt to rub her hands all over her tits.

Yuffie was sweating heavily now, panting and moaning as she pleasured herself. Her naked chest and stomach were slick with sweat as she grabbed at her breasts; a pool of vaginal wetness was dripping from her distended pussy and collecting between her legs. With one last cry, she threw her head back, arching her back as she felt a throbbing deep within her member. She recognized that feeling, had felt many a dick throb that way inside her pussy: she was about to cum.

Yuffie increased the pace of her strokes, using her free hand now to brace herself against the forest floor so she didn't fall over. Her tits bounced up and down freely from the frenzy of her mad masturbation as the first stream of jizz erupted from the tip of her cock, arching up and catching her square in the face. She continued to stroke herself as she came, sending out spurt after spurt of cum, loving the hot, slimy feel of it against her bare skin, and the salty acidic taste of it as it dripped down her face and across her lips.

The rest of her load caught her squarely in the chest. She pumped out more and more of the burning-hot cum, coating both of her boobs with it, before collapsing on the ground in a satisfied heap. She lazily rubbed the delightful cum across her tits and all over her stomach, letting it soak in. She reached down to her dick and wiped off the last few drops with her fingers before absent-mindedly popping them into her mouth. After she had finally cleaned herself up, she pulled on her clothes, gathered her weapon, and tried to decide what to do now.

The closest place to rest would probably be the chocobo farm. Thanks to Cloud leaving her here without any transportation, she would have to walk. Cloud! Just the thought of that jerk spoiled her good mood. She would have to find some way to get even with him! Nothing life-threatening, he had after all left her with the Morph Materia, which had turned out to be more fun than she thought, even though he hadn't known about its "special" properties.

Cloud had tried to ruin the one thing that she cared about, namely Materia, by just leaving her with the weak ones. Yuffie thought it would be fitting if she did the same to Cloud. So, what was the one thing Cloud cared most about?

An evil grin crossed her mouth as the answer struck her: Tifa. The thing Cloud cared about most was that slut Tifa.

The evil grin stayed in place as Yuffie took out her PHS and dialed Tifa's number. When the busty barmaid answered, Yuffie did her best to sound like a scared little girl.

"Tifa? It's me, Yuffie. Listen, I'm sorry about before, but I'm scared here all by myself with these monsters around. You've always been like a big sister to me, could you please come to the chocobo farm and help me?"

Rikku awoke and shook the cobwebs from her brain. Where the hell was she? She didn't recognize the area, even though she had been all over Spira salvaging machina, but it looked like she was lying near the edge of a marsh. As she rose to her feet she heard something slithering behind her and turned quickly.

There, making its way towards her was the biggest snake that Rikku had ever seen in her life. It towered at least eighty feet high, and it looked like it was mutated or something. As it made its way towards her at an incredible speed she saw mushroom clouds of fire blooming in its wake.

"Eek!" Rikku squealed, and turned to flee, knowing she could never defeat such a monster. It was closing on her fast, and Rikku didn't think that she was going to be able to get away, when the ground underfoot became solid, and the giant snake quickly turned back. Apparently, it would not chase her out of the marsh.

Rikku sat down on the ground and took a moment to more closely examine her surroundings. The marsh she had just fled was nestled between a ridge of tall mountains. Other than that, all she could see as far as she looked in any direction were endless fields. Having no idea where to go or what to do, Rikku just sat where she was trying to think.

She was almost on the verge of falling asleep when she heard a familiar sound. She sat still and listened, and sure enough there it was again, "kweh". It was a chocobo! Maybe if she could catch it, she could ride it to civilization!

Rikku ducked down, hiding in the tall grass, waiting for the chocobo to draw closer. Finally, she saw it, and all her hopes were dashed. It already had a rider. A pretty girl in her early twenties was mounted on the big yellow bird's back, and she was making her way north across the fields. The girl had long, brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, and was dressed in a white shirt that fit very tightly over her massive breasts, black shorts that showed a lot of leg, and a pair of suspenders.

Rikku stayed hidden. She didn't know if the girl was friendly or not, but she looked strong, and Rikku did not want to risk encountering anyone hostile out here in the middle of nowhere. She decided to follow the girl, since the chocobo at least was something she recognized, and hope that she was led to a town or something so she could figure out where exactly she was.

Rikku followed the girl for a long way across the plains. Luckily the chocobo was not being ridden too hard, and Rikku could keep up. Late in the afternoon, Rikku's quarry finally arrived at her destination, a chocobo farm. The brown-haired girl rode her steed to a barn at the edge of the farm and entered, closing the door behind her. Rikku, unsure how to proceed, decided to wait outside. She was amazed by all the different colors of chocobos; the only ones she'd ever seen were yellow, but here they had blue, green, red, black, even gold. She began to suspect that maybe Tidus had been right about Sin transporting people to other worlds, and perhaps the same thing had happened to her.

Arriving at the door to the chocobo barn, Tifa dismounted before leading her feathery steed inside by the reins. Yuffie had told her that they should meet here, as it was relatively safe and far away from highly populated areas where Shinra might find them.

Making her way into the warm, softly lit interior of the barn, Tifa glanced around for the pubescent little thief as she took her chocobo to an unoccupied stall and began filling its feed-box with Sylkis Greens. She didn't see any sign of Yuffie and she wondered if the naughty ninja was running late, or just flaking out again. She decided to wait for 15 minutes so that the chocobo could have a chance to rest and eat. If Yuffie hadn't show by then, Tifa would leave. "After all," she thought, "I've got things I'd rather be doing, and that little brat has to learn responsibility some time."

As these thoughts passed through her mind she continued to scoop greens out for the chocobo, when from the corner of her eyes she noticed that she was slowly being surrounded by a cloud of gray smoke. "What the hell?" she asked, and turned quickly to see Yuffie standing directly behind her, her hand resting on a piece of green Materia embedded in her armlet.

Tifa began to feel drowsy and realized that Yuffie had just cast a sleep spell on her. As her consciousness began to ebb, she felt in her hair for the ribbon that was tied there, the one that was supposed to protect her from silly little minor spells like this. It wasn't there!

A look of consternation crossed Tifa's face that Yuffie found quite amusing. This was almost too easy! As she watched Tifa sink to her knees, Yuffie held up the ribbon that she had snatched from Tifa's hair while she had been busy feeding her bird. The look on Tifa's face was like watching a light bulb come on.

Tifa now realized that she had walked right into a trap. As she continued to fight a losing battle against her ensuing slumber she stretched out a hand towards the sassy little vixen and gasped, "Why?" She saw Yuffie flash her a wicked grin, but passed out before she could hear if her question was answered.

When Tifa awoke, the light streaming in through the windows of the barn told her that several hours had passed. She tried to get up and make sure her Materia was still in place, but was surprised to find that her arms had been tied to a post inside one of the chocobo stalls. She struggled to get loose, but it was to no avail.

Just then, Yuffie swaggered into her field of vision, still smiling that wicked, gloating smile. "Well," Yuffie said, "You fell for it. You're just as gullible as I thought you would be."

Tifa cheeks turned red at the insult, and the fact that she couldn't really argue the point. "Let me go Yuffie, and give me back whatever you took before Cloud finds out."

"Oh, I haven't taken anything from you yet." Yuffie smirked, "But when I do, I want Cloud to find out. I'm gonna get even with him by making his little girlfriend suffer."

Tifa was starting to get scared now. "Girlfriend? Me? Cloud and I aren't together."

"That's only because Cloud's too chicken to say anything to you. He's gonna be real angry when he finds out I beat him to the punch."

Without another word, Yuffie dropped her shorts, revealing her gigantic, limp dick to her bound captive. Tifa was amazed at what she was seeing, a dick on a girl, but she was too frightened to ask questions.

Yuffie gave her tool a couple of quick tugs before stepping up to the helpless Tifa and flopping it across her lips. "It's time for you to suck bitch." she said, "You get my cock nice and hard if ya know what's good for you." When Tifa refused, shaking her head in futile gesture of negation, Yuffie slapped her across the face with it. "Suck it!" she growled.

Tifa realized she had no choice and parted her lips, licking the tip of Yuffie's cock, and cringing at the way it twitched and jumped when she did. She took the head tenderly between her lips and started sucking, running her tongue around the sensitive, spongy tissue as she did. She could feel the massive rod growing harder inside her mouth, and she began to bob her head up and down its length, only able to take about three or four inches of its massive length. She figured that the faster she got this over with, the faster Yuffie would let her go.

But this wasn't good enough for Yuffie. She reached down and grabbed the poor barmaid by the back of the head, tangling her fingers in her hair as she did so. With one quick thrust, she jammed all eighteen inches of her cock down Tifa's throat while using her hands to keep her in place.

Yuffie could hear Tifa choking and this just turned her on more. She started humping herself in and out of Tifa's throat, increasing her pace as Tifa struggled to breathe. Whenever she got all of herself down her throat, Yuffie's wet cunt would slap against Tifa's chin, covering her face with pussy juice. As she continued to fuck Tifa's face, Yuffie looked down at her, relishing the sight of what she was doing. She saw the sexy, stuck-up Tifa, tied up and helpless as she forced herself in and out of her unwilling throat. Her face was covered with sticky human fluids and her tits bounced up and down with the force of Yuffie's merciless strokes. Her face was also slowly turning blue from lack of oxygen.

Tifa felt like she was about to pass out, and she couldn't quite believe what was happening to her. Not only did she have the biggest dick she had ever seen being forced down her throat, but it belonged to Yuffie no less. Yuffie had somehow managed to grow a penis, and now she was raping her mouth to get back at Cloud. Tifa could feel Yuffie's cock push its way ever deeper as it throbbed between her lips and against her tongue. Just when she was sure that she was going to pass out, she felt Yuffie sliding herself out of her throat. Tifa thought maybe the ordeal was over, but that thought was quickly laid to rest when Yuffie struck her across the face with her hardened member, leaving a trail of Tifa's saliva behind on her cheek.

Yuffie was breathing heavily now. She wasn't used to the level of stimulation that came with having a penis. "Can't have you dyin' on me Tifa," she panted, "I'm not through with you yet. I'm gonna do like the Ancients did and use every part of the animal."

Yuffie bent down and grabbed hold of Tifa's shirt, ripping it all the way down the front before pulling the tattered remains off completely. Tifa's giant, perfectly round, delightfully firm breasts bounced into view, causing Yuffie a surge of jealousy. "Please Yuffie, stop this." Tifa begged, "You can stop now before things go too far, and you won't be in as much trouble."

"Too far?" Yuffie sneered, "We're just gettin' started."

Yuffie debated for a moment whether to suck on Tifa's tits, but in the end decided against it. She didn't really like girls, was just doing this for revenge, and besides, Tifa might even enjoy it. Instead, Yuffie grabbed one of Tifa's boobs in each hand and squeezed hard, causing her captive to cry out in pain. Yuffie kept squeezing until Tifa's tits felt like they were about to pop in her hands, and then pushed them together, sliding her dick in between. She began to joust up down in that bounty of tit-flesh, enjoying the feeling of her pussy rubbing against Tifa's stomach, and the sight of her adversary trying vainly to free herself.

After tittie fucking Tifa for about a minute, Yuffie had another idea. She shoved Tifa back on the ground, eliciting a cry of pain, and sat backwards on her face. "You're gonna eat my pussy out while I keep having sex with your tits. Got it?" She heard Tifa say something, but the dripping wet cunt she had shoved in her face muffled it. It didn't matter; Yuffie knew Tifa would do as she was told.

Yuffie smashed Tifa's breasts together again, and resumed pumping her cock between them. At the same time, she felt Tifa's tongue sliding over her pussy before plunging inside and lapping furiously at her innards. She could feel the juices leaking out of her and covering Tifa's face making it easier for her to slide back and forth.

Despite herself, Yuffie was getting turned on. She had never realized how good it felt to have a dick, or the incredible stimulation of burring it between two giant, heaving tits.

She was a little sad that she would never be able to do this for a man; her boobs were only an A-cup, and not big enough for this activity. She increased the pace of her thrusts, feeling her cock throbbing in between Tifa's bouncing breasts, feeling her captive's tongue snaking ever deeper into her tight young cunt, and listening to the slap of her hips against the tops of Tifa's boobs with each vigorous forward thrust. She was getting more and more worked up with each passing moment, until finally she couldn't take it anymore and ripped off her own shirt, allowing her to play with her little tits as she continued to fuck Tifa's chest.

She rubbed her hands all over them, gently squeezing and grabbing, before stopping occasionally to give her pert little nipples an arousing tug. She threw her head back and started moaning, "Oh gawd, oh gawd, Tifa, yes! Yes! Eat me! Eat my tight little pussy! Oh gawd, it feels so fuckin' good. You're gonna make me cum! I'm gonna cum all over your face and your firm, slutty tits! Yeah, that's it! Make me cum on you, you whore!"

Tifa was a little surprised at how worked up Yuffie was getting, but she decided that this was a good thing. The quicker she could make Yuffie cum, the quicker this whole ordeal would be over. She quickened the pace of her strokes against Yuffie's vagina, and began bucking her chest up and down, trying to use her tits to fuck Yuffie back. She felt Yuffie's cock throbbing and pulsating between her breasts, she felt Yuffie's tight young ass rubbing against her face, and she felt Yuffie's hot wet pussy quivering and spasming around her tongue. As Tifa arched her back and offered her tits up to Yuffie's not-so-tender mercies, she thrust her tongue as deep into Yuffie's cunt as she could. The walls of Yuffie's pussy clenched, and as the teenage ninja let out a groan of pure animal lust she began to cum all over Tifa from both of her genitals

Tifa felt a wave of warm, sticky girl-cum flooding from Yuffie's vagina and covering her face.

She did her best to lap it all up, simply to keep from drowning, but there was too much of it for her to get it all. At the same time, she felt the cock in between her boobs jump and spasm. She could feel the cum traveling through it as it made its way towards the tip and shot out all over her chest. It was hot and wet against her naked tits, and there seemed to be no end to it. Yuffie kept humping herself between her breasts, grabbing them and squeezing them together painfully as she used them to wring every last ounce of cum from her spurting dick. Tifa was amazed at how much there was as she felt it coating the space between her boobs, and spilling out to run down her exposed stomach where it burned like liquid fire.

Yuffie pulled her snatch, covered with the proof of her climax, off of Tifa's face and grabbed the girl by the hair, pulling her to her knees. "That was good." she said, still panting for breath, "but I'm afraid you've made me make a mess. Now you gotta help me clean it up."

Yuffie started by wiping her dick off in Tifa's beautiful brown hair. Tifa cringed and tried to pull back, but Yuffie backhanded her and held her head in place while she wiped the semen coating her penis all over in Tifa's hair. With that accomplished, she took her hand and gathered up all the cum that was on Tifa's stomach, smearing it on her breasts. Now that that was done, Yuffie grabbed one of Tifa's boobs roughly and shoved it up to her mouth. "Lick it off." she ordered, "Don't leave a single drop behind."

Tifa knew she had no choice but to comply, and slowly stuck out her tongue, licking her own tit. She could taste the salty flavor of Yuffie's cum and feel the slimy texture of it as she lapped more and more of it into her mouth before swallowing. Once it was clean Yuffie grabbed her other tit and fed this one to her as well. She sucked gently on it, becoming slightly aroused despite herself as she nursed and licked her nipple. She imagined that it was Cloud's cum she was licking off her chest, and this thought got her even further aroused. She could feel a spot of moisture forming in her white, cotton panties. Her lips trembled and she moaned softly as she continued to suck her own boob.

Yuffie could feel her pussy getting wet, and her cock getting hard again from the little show Tifa was putting on. Humiliating this girl in such a thorough manner was really turning her on. She watched as Tifa suckled herself, and took in the sight of her jizz drying in Tifa's bangs. She decided it was time to step things up a notch.

Tifa was startled out of her little fantasy about Cloud, and back to the harshness of reality by a rough shove from Yuffie. With her hands still tied behind her back to one of the posts in the stable, she was once again unable to prevent herself from toppling over backwards onto the floor. She looked up at Yuffie, who stood naked above her, and saw with dismay that her cock was hard once again. Apparently, this ordeal wasn't over quite yet.

Tifa tried to scramble backwards against her tether when she saw the lust burning in Yuffie's eyes, but there was nowhere to go. In no time at all, Yuffie had grabbed her by the torso, and with one smooth motion pulled her skirt and panties completely off. So often she had dreamed of Cloud doing this to her, it was almost ironic that this underage, bratty little thief would be the member of the party to actually do it. The teenage ninja was standing over her now, grinning down at her naked, helpless body. When she struggled against her bonds, it made her tits jiggle, and Yuffie seemed to enjoy this, as her cock would twitch each time it happened.

Yuffie stood looking down at her captive, aware that her steady, studying gaze was making Tifa uncomfortable. When Tifa tried to close her legs to hide her pretty pink pussy, Yuffie knew the time had come. She reached down and grabbed Tifa's ankles, pulling her legs apart and leaving her crotch completely exposed. She could see evidence of moisture forming between the lips of Tifa's cunt, and Yuffie knew that despite her struggles, on some level Tifa wanted this. Yuffie wasn't surprised; after all, Tifa had been traveling with Cloud for months now, the entire time incredibly horny for him, and the dummy had never made his move. Tifa was probably about to burst from sexual tension after holding out for so long.

With one quick thrust Yuffie imbedded herself up to the hilt in Tifa's hot, wet cunt, ignoring the screams of protest. The feeling was indescribable! Sex had always been great for her as a woman, but now that she had a dick, it was at least ten times better. She reached up and grabbed one of Tifa's giant boobs in each hand, squeezing it tightly as she continued to pound herself into Tifa's squirming pussy as hard as she could. It was an incredibly tight fit, and each time she pulled out for another forward thrust it was like Tifa's cunt clung to her, trying to hold her inside the body of the sweaty, bucking young barmaid. Yuffie released Tifa's heaving breast and leaned forward to whisper in her ear as she continued to fuck away at her pussy. "You like that bitch?" she breathed, "Well I do. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock. I could fuck you all day. I'm gonna fuck you 'till I've had my fill, and when I'm done with you, I'm gonna go find Cloud and tell him what I did to you. How I came all over your face and tits and then fucked your tight little pussy raw."

Despite herself, Tifa could no longer deny that she was enjoying this. Never before had she been pounded by such a large dick, never before had anyone talked so dirty to her. Usually they were so happy just to be with a beauty like her that they would try hard to be sweet and make sure that she had a good time. But now a person who didn't care about what she wanted at all was raping her. She was being abused and used for sex, as an outlet for another person's lust, and it was turning her on. She was finding that she liked being objectified and treated as a sex toy, as an inanimate thing who's only purpose was to provide sexual release for another by bringing them to climax, and then letting them do as they wished with her when it was time to cum. Tifa began to involuntarily pump her hips up to meet Yuffie's thrusts, giving her a better angle at her pussy and increasing the friction. When Yuffie started arching herself back to increase the tempo of her fucking, Tifa leaned up and took one of Yuffie's entire breasts in her mouth, sucking and nursing at the sensitive globe of flesh as its owner continued to relentlessly pound her quivering snatch.

"Oh Yuffie, I love it!" Tifa screamed, her ecstasy pushing her beyond rational thought, "Keep it up! You're the best I've ever had! Unnnhhhh! Yeah, give it to me! Give me your cock! Ahhhh! Oh, oh god! Yes! Yes! Fuck my slutty little pussy! Fill it up with your dick! Unnnhhhh! Unnnhhhhh! Fuck me! Play with my tits while you fuck me! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Oh yeah, I'm cumming!"

Yuffie could not believe the reaction she was getting from her victim now. As Tifa's screams of ecstasy slurred to inarticulate moans of pleasure, Yuffie grabbed her slippery, sweaty tits and continued to bang away as hard and as fast as she was able. Tifa's whole body was shaking and covered with sweat as she arched herself upward to meet each thrust, helping Yuffie to drive her cock deeper and deeper into her innards. Yuffie was unable to hold back any longer and let instinct take over, grabbing Tifa's ass firmly with both hands, and leaning down to suck on her tits. Tifa moaned even louder from the pleasure this was giving her, and lifted her naked bottom off the ground to give Yuffie's groping hands more freedom to explore her tight little butt. Yuffie was enjoying the feeling of Tifa's nipples against her tongue as they grew hard and poked out, but she was having trouble keeping them in place because they were bouncing around so much from the intensity with which the they were fucking each other. Tifa arched her back to put her breasts on display for Yuffie and to provide the most surface area for her to suck on. Yuffie clenched her hands tightly around Tifa's ass-cheeks, continuing to thrust her cock as hard and fast as she could into Tifa's wildly spastic pussy, and licking and nibbling her bouncing breasts. She watched as Tifa threw her head back, shaking it from side to side as a thin stream of drool ran from the corner of her mouth and down her cheek. It was clear to her that Tifa was about to cum.

Tifa was overwhelmed by all the wonderful sensations she was experiencing.

Although she had had her share of lovers in the past, she had never been fucked so well or so thoroughly. Even though she was being taken against her will, she was enjoying it too much to care at this point. She wanted to yell and beg Yuffie for more, but her lust had driven her too far for that, and she was only able to scream out inarticulate sounds of longing. She pushed out her chest even farther to give Yuffie better access to it as she wrapped her legs around the nubile young ninja and held her in place.

As she thrust her hips up against that wonderful cock she opened her eyes to watch as Yuffie brought her to climax. She saw that the cute little teenager had her eyes closed and was turning red from the exertion of fucking her so hard. Her perky little A-cup tits bounced up and down from the force of her relentless humping as she used her hands on Tifa's ass to gain more leverage, pushing herself in and out of Tifa's tight, wet hole. With one last shout of primal desire Tifa shoved her hips up to meet that beautiful dick and felt herself cumming. She cried out constantly from the pleasure of it all as she felt the walls of her pussy contract around that nice, thick cock that was buried so deep inside her. She came all over it, smothering it with her juices, making it nice and slippery, and soaking Yuffie's crotch in the process.

It seemed that her orgasm would never end as she kept mindlessly pumping her hips against Yuffie's cock, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her entire body as she jerked and twitched uncontrollably on the stable floor. The whole time she was cumming Yuffie continued to fuck her without missing a beat.

Finally, the last wave of her orgasm subsided and Tifa was left breathless by the sheer intensity of it. Not only had she never cum so hard before, she would not have believed it even possible. She could feel her own girl-cum dripping out of her exhausted pussy around the cock still embedded there, and running down the crack of her ass. She was completely satisfied, but she suspected that Yuffie wasn't done with her yet, as she had not cum during any of this. She was right.

While all of this was going on, Rikku was still sitting outside wondering whether to approach. While she was trying to make up her mind, she heard screams coming from inside the barn. It sounded like someone was in trouble!

Jumping up, Rikku peered in through the window, trying to catch a glimpse of what was going on inside before charging in to help. But nothing could have prepared her for what she saw. The girl she had followed across the plains was lying tied up and naked on the ground; it appeared she was being sexually assaulted. Even more amazing than this, however, was the girl's assailant. It looked like she was a teenage girl, except for one small detail or rather, a large detail: the eighteen-inch cock swinging between her legs! Rikku had no idea how this could be, and yet, there it was right in front of her.

As she continued to watch, Rikku thought she might have misread the situation. The brown-haired girl she had followed here seemed to be enjoying the younger girl's ministrations. The screams she had heard must have been screams of joy. But Rikku was still curious about this little teenager with the cock, so she decided to keep watching. It appeared the older girl had just had one hell of an orgasm, and Rikku was a little bit jealous of her ability to do so. As she continued to peep through the window, she saw that the younger girl had not cum, and that something new was about to happen.

Yuffie towered over the naked, sweaty, satiated body of Tifa, her nude form brazenly on display. "I hope you enjoyed that," she said, "'Cause I'm not done with you yet. Now I'm gonna stick it up your ass!"

"No Yuffie, please, not there! It won't fit there!"

"We'll see about that. I've gotta feeling that if I try hard enough, I can get it to fit."

"Please," Tifa pleaded, "Not that! You can do anything you want to me, just not that!"

"I think you've forgotten your position," Yuffie gloated, "I don't need your permission, and I can do anything I want to you anyways." Yuffie bent down over Tifa's naked form and forced her to roll over, shoving her head into the ground as she did. She grabbed Tifa's ass-cheeks and spread them apart, placing the head of her cock against the brown, puckered hole nestled between them.

"Why?" Tifa asked, her voice muffled by the floor of the chocobo stable, "Why are you doing this? What did Cloud do to you that was so terrible that you have to get revenge on him by making me suffer?"

"He took away the most important thing there is to me." Yuffie answered, "He took all my good Materia. He just left me with a few crappy ones. What he didn't count on was that the Morph Materia I had," here she pointed to where it lay on the floor, "wasn't fully developed yet. It grew and split, giving me the ability to get back at him by fucking the woman he loves before he gets a chance."

Outside, Rikku heard all of this, but was just barely able to follow it. She wasn't sure exactly what a "Materia" was, but the girl inside had indicated a shiny yellow stone when she said it. Apparently, that was what had caused her to grow a dick! Rikku could also tell for sure now that the situation inside was rape. Although she wasn't sure what was going on, in her mind there was no excuse for that! She decided to act! Pulling on the claw she used for combat, Rikku began to quietly make her way towards the barn door, hoping to keep the element of surprise on her side.

Back in the stable, Yuffie was tired of talk and ready for action. Without further delay, she braced her hands against Tifa's butt cheeks and with one cruel thrust crammed her enormous dick all the way inside. Tifa howled with pain and beat her fists against the floor in impotent rage. This just egged Yuffie on as she reached around Tifa's body, grabbing one of her tits in each hand and squeezing until it felt like they would burst under her iron grasp.

Tifa was crying from the pain and humiliation she was feeling as Yuffie laid her body on top of Tifa's and began to work her cock deeper into Tifa's bowels. She could feel Yuffie's petite breasts smashed against her back, and could tell by the way that the nipples were poking her, that her pain was getting Yuffie excited. She resented her assailant for deriving pleasure from her suffering, and vowed that once she got loose, she would find a way to make this selfish little ninja pay.

Yuffie, meanwhile, was having the time of her life. Her dick was well lubricated from Tifa's recent orgasm, and slid smoothly back and forth between Tifa's cheeks. The fact that Tifa was crying and sobbing was just gravy for her; the actual sensation of screwing the barmaid's hot little ass was incredible. Her asshole was even tighter than her pussy, and hotter too. She gave Tifa's boobs another hard squeeze and smiled at the yelp of pain this caused.

The friction was unbelievable, and Yuffie knew she wasn't going to last much longer. She decided that she wanted to cause her captive as much pain as possible before she finished up, so she continued to clutch her breasts and use them for leverage as she quickened the pace of her merciless lunges into the helpless girl's rear. Tifa was clenching her butt-cheeks in a futile effort to expel the intruder; what she was actually doing was increasing the friction and making it feel even better. The same thing was true when Tifa started bucking her hips, trying to shake Yuffie off: it just gave Yuffie a better lay.

Yuffie knew she was close to cumming, and she leaned up to pant in Tifa's ear; "That's right, just keep buckin' those hips. You're gonna make me cum real good, you slut. Errgghh! Yeah! I love it! I love the feel of my cock buried deep in your butt. I can't wait to pump you full of cum you little whore. I like watching you cry too. Ahhh! Ahhh! You go ahead, no one's here to help you now! I'm gonna fill your tight little asshole with cum!"

Right then Yuffie made good on her threat as her dick spasmed and began to spurt it's milky-white load deep inside Tifa's tender, virgin ass. Tifa had given up struggling and was lying limp on the floor, sobbing over the humiliation she was being forced to endure. This made Yuffie cum even harder, digging her fingernails into Tifa's big firm tits as she did so, leaving behind little crescent-shaped marks.

Tifa, even through her hysterical tears, could feel the result of Yuffie's orgasm.

The dick in her ass started throbbing harder, and then began to twitch. It was a feeling she recognized from when a guy came in her pussy, but she had never felt it in her ass before. It felt wrong and unnatural. What seemed like gallons of semen flooded her tight little asshole, filling it with a sickly warm and wet sensation. She could feel it filling her up and overflowing, oozing out of her butt and covering her rear as Yuffie continued to pound more of it into her. It was humiliating and degrading, and Tifa just lay on the floor, mortified of what Cloud would think once Yuffie told him about this. He would probably never come near her.

Tifa was relieved when she felt Yuffie start to get up, sliding her slippery, intrusive cock out of her butthole, and dripping a few last drops of cum on her back. At least that part was over, and Yuffie must be getting tired by now. Maybe this would all end soon.

Yuffie didn't speak as she moved around to Tifa's head and pulled her up by the hair once again. She was trying to think of what she was going to do to her next. She forced her scummy cock into Tifa's mouth, making her clean it off, and waited for it to get hard again while she thought about what degradation she had in store for Tifa next. That was when she noticed movement over by where she had dropped her weapon when this all began.

Rikku had decided that the best way to counter this she-male was to take away both of her weapons: her giant shuriken, and her giant cock. She had managed to sneak in and get the shuriken, but before she could do anything else, she saw that her actions had been noticed. The dominant little teenager had spotted her, and was advancing quickly.

Yuffie didn't recognize the cute little thief who was trying to steal her weapon, but she didn't care. All that mattered was that this girl had crossed her, and now must be made to pay. Although she was still naked and unarmed, Yuffie was not about to give up without a fight. She launched a flying kick at the mystery girl, but was easily deflected by the armguard she was wearing.

Rikku could see that her opponent was agile and quick, and might be more than a match for her, but Rikku had one advantage: this girl had magically given herself a weak point. When the naked little combatant came in low for a series of punches, Rikku leaned to the side avoiding them, and kicked the girl square in the crotch.

Stars exploded in front of Yuffie's eyes as her newfound dick throbbed with incredible pain. "No wonder guys are so protective of their junk," she thought, "This hurts more than I woulda thought possible." The now pacified Yuffie collapsed to the floor, doubled over in agony.

Rikku examined the glowing yellow orb at the center of the shuriken she had stolen, trying to figure out how it worked. She felt it reacting to her thoughts, and she concentrated on it harder, trying to draw out its power. Suddenly there was a flash, and Rikku could feel her thoughts activating the magic of the stone as her clit began to itch and started to grow, leaving her with a sizeable bulge in the front of her tight-fitting shorts. "Crap!" she thought, "I used it wrong! I wanted to take her dick away, not grow one myself." Still, looking at the two naked girls lying incapacitated on the floor was causing her new penis to react. She had never particularly enjoyed sex, but every guy she had ever met seemed to think about nothing else. Maybe it felt better for them? This was a chance to find out if that was the case, and a chance like this didn't come around very often. She decided to go for it, and fuck the younger girl; after all, turn-about was fair play.

But before she did that, she went and untied the older girl, who lay dazed on the floor of the stable. "Hi!" she said, "My name's Rikku. Sorry about what just happened to you, but how would you feel about a little revenge?"

Tifa stood up, rubbing her sore bottom, and said, "That sounds like the best idea I've heard all day. My name's Tifa, and that girl lying on the floor who's about to regret ever messing with me is Yuffie."

Rikku started by using the Morph Materia to remove Yuffie's dick. She didn't want to take any chance of that thing being turned against them.

As Rikku stripped out of her clothes, Tifa walked up to Yuffie and slapped her hard across the face. "You're gonna pay Yuffie." she murmured into the scared little teenager's ear, "We're gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk straight." Tifa pulled on the glove she used for a weapon and punched Yuffie hard in the stomach. The thief cried out in pain and doubled over. Tifa then gave her a quick knee to the head, causing her to fall flat on her back, her naked pubescent body completely on display for Rikku and Tifa's leers.

Yuffie was stunned by the sudden turn of events when suddenly Tifa sat down on her face. She tried to push her off, but Tifa used her knees to pin her arms down. "Eat it Yuffie!" she ordered, "Eat my pussy like you made me eat yours. Make me cum all over your face." Yuffie knew she had no choice. She opened her mouth and began to suck on Tifa's puffy pussy lips, tasting the proof of her arousal on her tongue, and inhaling the acrid scent of her genitals.

Tifa moaned in pleasure as her former captor pleasured her increasingly wet pussy. She enjoyed the tender nibbling at the entrance of her vagina, but she liked it even more when Yuffie finally pushed her tongue inside and began flicking it in and out. She ground her hips into Yuffie's mouth and rocked them back and forth, slowly humping herself against the naughty little vixen's face, leaving a residue of pussy juice smeared across her as she did. Tifa looked back at Rikku, who was now divested of clothing, and was standing there watching. "Come on," Tifa urged, "help me fuck this little slut."

Rikku was a little embarrassed. Her new dick hung limply between her legs, and she had no idea how to get it hard. "I can't," she murmured in response to Tifa's invitation, "I don't know how to get it up."

"I can help you with that!" Tifa responded, "Come over here and let me suck on it."

This further embarrassed Rikku, but still wanting to experience sex from a man's perspective, she saw no other choice. She walked over to where Tifa was busy fucking Yuffie's face and presented her cock. Tifa bent over as she continued to ride her tormentor's tongue and licked Rikku's dick, simultaneously sliding a finger into her pussy. Rikku was shocked at the extreme feeling of pleasure she got from Tifa's ministrations, and moaned, urging her to continue.

As Rikku watched, Tifa opened her mouth and enveloped her cock between her pouty, sultry red lips. The sensation was indescribably wonderful, and for the first time Rikku understood why guys liked to be sucked off so much. She gently rested her hands atop Tifa's head as she had had so many men do to her, and relished the feeling of Tifa's warm, willing mouth sliding up and down her pole; her tongue caressing the head of her dick, and wrapping around it's girth as she slid her mouth downward. Without thinking, Rikku reached down, as if by instinct, and gently rubbed her hands over Tifa's big, firm tits, enjoying the feeling of her erect nipples under her palms, and the ease with which they slid over her slick, slippery skin.

Tifa was having a good time too. Although giving head was not her favorite thing to do, she didn't mind it and was always aroused when the recipient enjoyed it. She also liked the feeling of Rikku's hands on her boobs, and the humiliation she was causing Yuffie by having sex with her tongue. She slid back a little, causing Yuffie's lapping to now fall on her clit. It felt so good that she increased the intensity with which she sucked Rikku, loving the sensation of her hard, throbbing cock sliding down her throat and pulsating against her tongue.

She liked how Rikku was playing with her nipples now, and seemed to know just what to do to bring her the most pleasure. As she enjoyed the feeling of Rikku's dick sliding back and forth between her lips, she continued to diddle Rikku's pussy with one hand, while using the other to rapidly stroke the base of the strange new girl's cock. With a gasp Rikku pulled out, knowing she would cum soon if she didn't, and still wanting to fuck their captive sex-toy.

Yuffie was extremely unhappy with her sudden change in fate. As she flicked Tifa's clit with her tongue, she was planning her escape, waiting for the right moment. Suddenly, she squealed in surprise. Something big and hard had just been shoved up her cunt without any warning whatsoever. She could tell by the throbbing inside her that it was a cock, and she knew that the new girl was fucking her now.

Rikku jammed her dick into Yuffie's vulnerable pussy with one quick thrust and then gasped with surprise at just how good it felt. The little teenager's twat was reacting to the invasion by squirming and tightening around her. She seemed to know what to do now instinctively, and began humping away at the tight little hole with quick, powerful thrusts. She reached across Yuffie's stomach and grabbed one of her tits in each hand, squeezing and fondling them as she fucked her. She could hear the young girl's lustful moaning, even though it was muffled by Tifa's pussy.

Tifa, meanwhile, wanted to watch Yuffie get fucked. She thought it was only fitting that, after everything the young girl had put her through, she got to watch her revenge. Without getting up, she spun around on Yuffie's face so that she could watch Rikku in action. She found the sight incredibly erotic. Rikku's B-cup tits were bouncing up and down, and her face was screwed up in fierce look of intensity as she plunged herself in and out of Yuffie's tight little cunt.

She could feel Yuffie underneath her crotch, moaning intently as she continued to tongue-fuck Tifa ferociously. Tifa was so grateful to Rikku for saving her and helping her get revenge on Yuffie that she leaned forward on Yuffie's face and kissed Rikku on the lips while Rikku kept pounding away at Yuffie's tender cunt. Tifa could feel Rikku's startled gasp of surprise, but she got over it quickly and returned the kiss, parting her lips slightly and wrapping her arms around Tifa. As Yuffie continued to eat her pussy, Tifa pushed her tongue into Rikku's mouth and fondled her boobs as they jiggled in her hands. They continued like this for a while, with Tifa riding Yuffie's face while Rikku fucked her, and the two made out and played with each other's tits on top of her.

Yuffie had always enjoyed sex, and thanks to Rikku's efforts, was now starting to have a good time. She started bucking up against Rikku's cock, trying desperately to work it further into her pussy, wanting to be fucked harder, faster, and deeper. She renewed her efforts on Tifa's clit with enthusiasm, flicking it quickly with the tip of her tongue before sliding down to the opening of her vagina, where she flicked it in and out. She was rewarded for these efforts when Tifa broke her kiss with Rikku and began yelling encouragement. "That's right you little slut, eat that thing! Eat it good! Unnhhh! Unnhhh! Yeah, use that tongue! Use it to make me cum all over your face! I want to cum on you so bad! Make me do it! I bet you love it, don't you? You love having my dripping wet twat in your face!"

Yuffie took her clit and gently nibbled it between her teeth. This was apparently too much for Tifa, as she began to buck even more wildly against Yuffie's dripping wet face, cumming hard and coating her with spurt after spurt of sweet, sticky cum. When her orgasm finally ended, Tifa rolled off her, exhausted.

Rikku, however, was nowhere near finished. She was loving fucking this naughty little rapist, and she wanted to try something new. Whenever a guy was fucking her, it seemed like he wanted to do her from behind. Rikku thought that must be because that was the most pleasurable position for them, and so now she wanted to try it out.

She pulled her cock out of Yuffie's pussy, and shoved it in her face, wanting her to suck her own juices off it. Yuffie gladly complied, as this was something she was used to doing, and when Rikku had had enough, she pushed Yuffie down onto the ground on her hands and knees. Just looking at the little brat kneeling naked before her was turning her on, and she quickly moved around behind her and shoved her cock back up the girls' wide-open cunt. It felt heavenly, and she found that she could cram her giant dick even deeper into the teenager without her legs getting in the way. Grabbing her waste for leverage, she resumed pounding away at Yuffie, loving the way her ass jiggled and shook with each thrust, and the slapping noise of her hips against her ass.

Yuffie was no longer an unwilling participant, she was loving every minute of this. She lowered her torso to the floor, leaving only her ass sticking up, and wiggled it back and forth invitingly, trying to coax Rikku into fucking her harder. She pushed herself up off the floor and backwards against Rikku's cock with each thrust, still wanting to be pounded faster and harder. She tightened her pussy muscles around the cock embedded deep within her, relishing the feeling of being so full, of having a hard, hot, throbbing dick pulsating inside her, ready to go off at any minute. She was excited by the prospect of being raped by this stranger, of feeling her dick jumping and squirting her full of cum. She was working so hard to fuck Rikku back that she was panting for breath.

Tifa was also becoming aroused by watching all of this, and decided that it was time to thank her savior with something more substantial than a mere kiss. She walked behind where Rikku was busily humping herself into Yuffie's pussy, and slid under the girl's crotch. She stuck out her tongue and began licking the base of Rikku's dick as it plunged in and out of Yuffie's tight hole, and also started lapping at Rikku's damp pussy.

Rikku was having the time of her life. She couldn't believe how wrong she had been; sex was great, at least if you were a guy. No wonder every one of them she had ever met since she turned fourteen had tried to get into her pants! She decided to try out some of the filthy things she had heard guys say to her during sex, and see if that made things even better. She started slapping Yuffie's ass as hard as she could with an open palm, leaving nasty looking red welts, and eliciting a cry from her victim with each blow.

"You like that bitch?" she growled, "You like when I slap your fat ass?" Yuffie moaned something to the affirmative, and Rikku continued to insult and degrade her. "I know you do! You like it 'cause you're a slutty little whore. You're not good for anything except for being a dick-warmer and a cum dumpster. You're just lucky I like fucking you so much! If I didn't like having my cock shoved up you, you little piece of trash, I'd just as soon kill you as look at you! But I like fucking you! I like watching your ass jiggle when I pound myself into your cunt! You just wait! I'm gonna cum all over your slutty little face, you bitch!"

Yuffie was extremely aroused by this, and started to cum all over Rikku's hard cock. As her body was wracked by one orgasm after another her pussy twitched and squirmed around the giant dick that continued to pound away at her relentlessly. She started screaming back over her shoulder at Rikku as she moaned and covered her dick with cream, "Good! I want you to cum in my face! Unhhh! Yeah! Give me a nice hot, steaming load of jizz all over my face! Ahhh! Ahhhh! Please, do whatever you want to me; just keep fucking me while I cum on your cock! Oh gawd! This is the best ever! I love your big fat dick inside me! I love being your little fuck-toy! Oh gawd, oh gawd, yes! Use me! Use my body to get yourself off! I love it! Ohhh!" With one final shudder of pleasure, Yuffie collapsed to the ground in a state of semi-consciousness as Rikku continued to pound her snatch.

Tifa saw Yuffie collapse, and wasn't about to let her off that easily. Moving from her place beneath Rikku, she approached the dazed Yuffie and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her to her knees. Rikku was forced to stop fucking her, as she could not get at her pussy in her current position. Tifa slapped Yuffie across the face several times until the exhausted little teenage thief was brought back to consciousness. While she did this, Tifa absentmindedly stroked Rikku's dick, keeping her hard. "You're not getting off that easily." Tifa told her one-time captor. "You're going to suck Rikku off while she cums in your face, and I'm going to watch her do it."

Yuffie sighed resignedly. After what she had done to Tifa, she knew it would be use begging. "Alright," she said, "Let's do it."

"Do what?" Tifa asked.

Yuffie blushed at being made to say it, "Let's get Rikku to cum in my face."

Rikku placed her engorged cock in front of Yuffie's lips and waited for the sucking to start. She didn't think she would last long; she had been holding back her orgasm for so long she felt ready to explode.

As Yuffie moved to take Rikku's dick between her lips, Tifa stopped her, wrapping her hand around the shaft of the monstrous unit. Holding it tightly, Tifa began to use it as a club, beating Yuffie in the face with it. "Remember doing this to me?' she asked, "Well now it's your turn! How do you like it?"

Yuffie didn't like it at all, and she looked up at Tifa's face from where she was kneeling on the stable floor. Her eyes were brimming with tears from the pain and humiliation of what Tifa was doing to her, and her voice cracked as she pleaded, "Please stop Tifa. I'm sorry for what I did to you. I'm sorry, so please stop it." But Tifa didn't stop for several more minutes.

When she finally did, it was to shove Yuffie's head into Rikku's crotch. Rikku's dick was now rubbing against the teenage thief's cheek. "Suck it!" Tifa ordered. Yuffie moved her hands to grab ahold of Rikku's cock, but Tifa slapped them away. "No hands." she said, "Just use your mouth. Use your hands to play with yourself so we can watch."

Yuffie broke down into tears as she took Rikku's penis between her lips while at the same time slipping two fingers into her own cunt, and using her thumb to manipulate her clit. She was making herself horny despite herself.

Rikku was surprised at how arousing it was to watch this little girl cry while she sucked her dick and played with herself. She wanted to grab hold of Yuffie's head and just drive her cock down her throat, but Tifa had other plans, and Rikku didn't want to ruin it for her. Instead, she just sat back and enjoyed the wonderful sensation of Yuffie's cute little face streaming with tears as she sucked her off.

Tifa was enjoying the sight too, and she grabbed one of Yuffie's tits in each of her hands, squeezing them as hard as she could, and being rewarded with a little yelp of pain from around Rikku's dick. As Yuffie continued to give head, Tifa moved over by Rikku and began gently sucking her tits as Rikku involuntarily pumped herself in and out of Yuffie's unwilling mouth. As Tifa continued to nurse at Rikku's chest, Rikku bent down and whispered in her ear, "I think I'm gonna cum pretty soon."

As Rikku watched, Tifa removed her mouth from where she had been sucking, and knelt by her leg. Tifa was now on eye-level with Yuffie's cock-stuffed, tear-streaked face. "She's going to cum pretty soon," Tifa told her, "She's going to cum all over you. And I'm going to help her. And when she does, I'm also going to watch, and revel in your disgrace." Tifa grabbed the shaft of Rikku's dick, and wrapped her delicate fingers around it. She squeezed it tightly and began to stroke it slowly, then faster, as Yuffie nursed on the tip.

Yuffie knew that she was running out of options. Already she could feel the swelling of the cock in her mouth that signaled the beginning of orgasm. If that happened, Tifa would win, and all of this would be for nothing. She could see the gloating look on Tifa's face, and knew that the jig was almost up. The only option remaining to her was to try and dissuade this new girl from going through with it.

Maybe she could do it through guilt. It was a long shot, but it was the only one left to her. She put on her sweetest, cutest, most innocent looking face, and turned her gaze up to meet Rikku's.

Rikku felt Yuffie's gaze, and looked down to meet it, taking in the sight of what was going on down there. Two hot, naked girls were kneeling at her feet, working intently to pleasure her. Tifa, her nude sweaty body still caked in places with drying cum, was holding her dick in another girl's softly suckling mouth. Tifa was jacking her off in Yuffie's reluctant mouth, the vigorousness of her motions causing her naked, slippery, over-sized boobs to sway softly from side to side. The other girl was a tight-bodied, underage little temptress who was crying and playing with herself as her tongue and lips caressed her dangerously engorged dickhead. When Rikku saw Yuffie looking up at her with that sweet, innocent look on her cute little face, her eyes big and overflowing with tears, and a giant dick in her mouth, it was more than she could take. With a gasp, she started cumming, experiencing for the first time what a man would experience when he fucked her. As she came her dick shot spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum at Yuffie's upturned, cute little puss while Tifa's hand continued to pump it out of her. It felt like it would never end.

Tifa started yelling at Yuffie as she felt Rikku's cum traveling through the cock she was grasping so tightly. "Here it comes, Yuffie!" she gloated, rubbing it in, "She's going to cum right in your mouth." Tifa saw Yuffie grimace as the first few spurts passed her lips and exploded in her throat. Tifa pulled the spewing cock out of Yuffie's mouth and continued to jerk it off in her face. "Look, she's cumming in your face. I'm going to keep jacking her off all over you. Lick your lips, you slut, there's jizz all over them! Look at your cute little face getting creamed with a nice hot load! Look at you, you whore, your face is covered with it! It's even getting in your hair!" Tifa was really enjoying the feeling of the spasming cock in her hand, and of pumping it all over Yuffie's naked, helpless body. She gave Yuffie a shove, tumbling her onto her back so that she could spray Rikku's cum on the rest of her.

Even before Tifa said anything, Yuffie could tell that Rikku was about to cum. She had given plenty of BJs in her life, so that wasn't what bothered her. What bothered her was the fact that Tifa was going to win by forcing her to endure this humiliation. As the first spurt of cum exploded in her mouth, Yuffie gagged for a moment, and then began swallowing the burning hot fluid. It was coming out so fast that she was forced to practically chug just to keep up with it. Then she felt the still-spurting dick pulled from her mouth, and had just enough time to see it pointed right at her face less than an inch away before another blast caught her in the eyes, forcing her to close them. As she continued to diddle her pussy she felt spurt after spurt of hot semen splatter her in the face. It was amazing how much of it there was. She was aware that Tifa was yelling at her, but she wasn't really listening to the words. Her face was now completely covered in jizz, and she could feel it in her hair and dripping down her chin and onto her tits. When Tifa shoved her onto her back, she started to cum on her own fingers, turned-on despite herself by the degradation she was suffering in front of these two.

She looked up through her cum-glazed eyes and saw Rikku still standing over her vulnerable, prone body while Tifa continued to jack her off all over Yuffie's exposed form. Yuffie couldn't hold it in any more, and began to beg for more. "Oh my gawd!" she moaned, her rational mind temporarily blinded by animal lust, "Oh my gawd! That's so hot! Give it to me! Give me your cum! I want it all over my naked little underage body! Yeah, that's it! I love it! Cum all over me! I may be just a little teenaged girl, but I'm a slut and I want you to cum on me some more! Cum on my tits too! I want you to coat my bare tits with hot cum! Mmmm! I want my little titties frosted with jizz. Yeah, that's it! Now cum on my pussy. Give me a load right between the legs and bury my naked, slutty pussy with your cum! Oh, gawd! I can't believe you're still going! Lemme roll over so you can cum on my bare ass too! Gawd, I love it! I love jizz all over me!"

Even Rikku couldn't believe how much semen she was spewing. Her best guess as to why was that she was multi-orgasmic, and that that ability must have transferred over to her male organ as well. This was the only rational thought she remembered having. The rest of the time all she could think about was cumming all over that hot little teenaged whore as much as possible.

Tifa continued to jerk Rikku off while Yuffie came on her fingers over and over again. It looked as though Yuffie was enjoying the experience, much to her chagrin. As she pumped load after load out of Rikku's cock, Yuffie began to squirm and spasm within the stream of semen, allowing Tifa to coat her entire body with hot, milky cum. By the time Rikku finally collapsed from exhaustion, Yuffie looked like a cross between a naked teenage girl and a glazed doughnut. Tifa bent down by Rikku's dick and licked her clean before the two of them dressed and left Yuffie lying naked and frosted in the barn.

Outside, Tifa and Rikku were getting to know each other, which was kind of awkward considering what they had just done together. Tifa had explained how she came to be in the position Rikku had found her in, and Rikku had just finished explaining how she had come to be there.

"So, you're from another world?" Tifa asked.

"That's right. Gee, I hope there's some way for me to get back."

Tifa thought about this. "Well, I have this Exit Materia. Cid says it works by reacting to the target's cellular structure and using the power of the Lifestream to open an inter-dimensional rift to take the target to a place of safety. Since you're from another world, maybe it will take you back there."

Rikku shrugged, "It's worth a shot..."

"What about your dick?" Tifa asked, blushing slightly at the word and the recent memories it brought to mind, "Don't you want to take it off before you go?"

"I don't think so," Rikku giggled, "I'd like to try it out on a few of the girls back home!"

Tifa blushed again. "Alright... well, good luck."

"Thanks. Same back atcha."

Tifa concentrated on the Exit Materia and cast the spell, watching somewhat sadly as Rikku disappeared. Then she walked back into the barn and led her chocobo out. She had decided to leave Yuffie there. Maybe the chocobo ranchers would find her lying naked in the barn and decide to have some more fun with her. Whatever the case, Tifa didn't think she had to worry about Yuffie telling anyone what had transpired here. In the end, Tifa had emerged as the victor, and Yuffie would be too embarrassed to tell anyone about it.

Tifa mounted her chocobo and started off towards the Gold Saucer, where Cloud and the rest of the party were waiting for her. Now that she knew how Cloud felt about her, perhaps she would be able to help him get past his fears and admit it. She could think of some interesting ways to let him know she felt the same way. At least today had taught her that much.

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