Making it Simple

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Sometimes Cecil wondered how they had ever managed to make this so complicated.

Cecil loved Rosa. Kain loved Rosa. Rosa loved Cecil. Rosa loved Kain. It was as simple as that.

Or at least it sounded so simple. Reality, as usual, was far messier.

Rosa has to choose one, so she goes with Cecil. And then of course Kain gets jealous and, to say the least, that caused problems for all three of them. It caused problems for the entire Blue Planet. So then Rosa marries Cecil, Kain goes into self-imposed exile, and the problem is solved.

Until Kain comes back from exile and Rosa, unable to deny her feelings forever, starts having an affair with Kain. And once Cecil found out now it was his turn to be jealous. Finally he learned to accept it. After all, he loved Rosa and wanted her to be happy. Kain was his closest friend, so of course he wanted him to be happy. And he knew Rosa still loved him. So he simply pretended not to know and once again the problem was solved.

Until one day Rosa tearfully confessed the affair to him. And it was as he comforted her, assuring her that he already knew and loved her all the same, that he realized how much simpler it all would have been and how much trouble could have been spared had they all just been honest about their feelings from the beginning.

Finally, it really was simple. No longer did Kain and Rosa have to sneak around. No longer did Cecil have to pretend not to notice. Of course they all had to be discrete about their little arrangement, as no doubt the stuffy old nobles would not understand their king willingly allowing another man to share the queen’s bed. There was still the rumors and gossip around the kingdom, but they could all live with that as long as they remained mere rumors and gossip. And while neither he nor Kain could truthfully say that this understanding completely eliminated jealousy on their end, but Rosa had her ways of putting that to good use. The two had always competed to be the best warrior, it wasn’t hard to channel their competitiveness to be the best at a different kind of swordplay.

Cecil’s thoughts drifted from all of this to wondering just what Rosa and Kain were up to now. He imagined his wife on all fours while Kain pounded her from behind until bringing her to an intense climax. Or perhaps she was giving him one of her slow, teasing blowjobs, the kind she loved relating to Cecil in great detail afterwards until finally he begged for her to give him one. A request she usually granted… eventually.

Cecil couldn’t help but keep wondering even as it meant his erection strained against his underwear, aching to be touched. It took all his willpower to resist relieving his balls no matter how much they cried out for release. Some nights Rosa would let him know she was spending the night in Kain’s room, leaving Cecil free to spend the night with his hand and his ever-growing collection of smut magazines. On those nights he would have even put his teenage self to shame, filling up handkerchief after handkerchief until well after Rosa had drifted off to sleep in Kain’s arms enjoying the afterglow of their coupling.

Other nights she would tell him she was coming back afterwards and that he should wait for her. It was agony as he waited, but he dared not take care of his sexual frustration lest he not be ready when she returned. He did not want to waste the opportunity to feel her silky pussy by blowing his wad too close to she came back. He had to be ready to go the moment she arrived and as much as he enjoyed dating Rosie Palms (over and over and over), it still couldn’t compare to a night with Rosa. Of course all that mounting anticipation could cause problems of its own. The first time she let him know she would be returning for the evening, he was so worked up by the time she came back, smelling of sex and telling him in vivid detail what she had been doing, that he flooded his underwear right as she was about to take them off. It was an incident she never stopped delighting in teasing him about. The worst, however, was the nights when she would come back, kiss him, and then say “not tonight, honey” or “I’m too sore” before rolling over, a fiendish grin spreading across her face once she felt the bed start to vibrate as he consoled his neglected penis.

Then there were the nights like tonight where she let him wonder whether she would come back. If she ended up spending the night with Kain it meant going to bed and waking up with the worst case of blue balls imaginable, but he told himself it was worth it for those times his restraint was rewarded.

Like tonight, he thought to himself as he heard footsteps approaching the top of the tower. Rosa stepped in, her hair a mess and her dress clearly having been hastily thrown on. Without a word she climbed on top of him and gave a sloppy kiss, the scent of wine heavy on her breath. She wasted little time in pulling down Cecil’s pants and underwear then hiking up her dress, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Again without a word she lowered herself onto his waiting cock. For Cecil’s part the feeling of her enveloping him was overwhelming, even more so to realize what he felt was her wetness mixed with his Kain’s cum.

“Now,” she finally said, “do you think you can do a better job pleasing me than Kain did tonight? I have to warn you he didn’t make it easy.”

I have to keep them on their toes, Rosa thought to herself. She wondered if Cecil knew that for every cutting remark she delivered to him, every challenge to outdo his rival, and every pronouncement of the other’s superiority, she did the same to Kain. Or that she relentlessly teased the Dragoon for not quite, shall we say, measuring up to the Paladin in a certain department. Not that Kain wasn’t plenty big but it would be hard to be as massive as her husband. It was important not to let either get complacent, as she found herself the beneficiary of their attempts to outdo each other. Besides, she thought to herself, being bitchy is fun and if the boys were being honest with themselves, they’d admit they enjoyed it too.

Cecil had been slowly rocking his hips, afraid to go too fast from the looks of the struggle on his face. It was time to disabuse him of the notion that he had a choice.

“What are you doing?” she said, “You’ll never please a girl like this. Now go faster!”

“I-I can’t,” he replied feebly, “I’ll...”

“Kain never struggles with his stamina. Now do as I say,” Rosa demanded as she began bucking her hips faster.

Cecil did his best to hold his load while he picked up the pace. He had to prove his superiority in bed, just like he had to on the battlefield. Even if it took all his will, he couldn’t allow himself to let go until Rosa was satisfied. No matter how warm she was, how wet, how tight, he had to stay strong until…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” Rosa let out as waves of ecstasy washed over her.

Witnessing her climax, Cecil allowed himself to release before she even managed to collapse in his arms, spraying his seed into her with the kind of force he had never experienced before the affair. The two then shared a long, wet kiss before Rosa rolled off and nuzzled up against his chest.

“Mmmm,” she said, “I love you dear.”

“I love you too,” he replied. “So… who was better tonight?”

Rosa paused for a minute, running her fingers over his chest before speaking.

“I don’t know,” she finally said with a yawn. “It was too close for me to decide. How about you two try again tomorrow and then I can tell you who’s better.”

“Sounds good to me,” was all he could muster.

Cecil looked over and saw that Rosa had already fallen asleep. As he saw his wife looking very content, all he could think to himself was that it was so simple. How had the three of them ever managed to make it so complicated?

Authors Notes: This isn't a story I would've thought I'd have written as a Cecil/Rosa supporter. I really like them as a couple and the canon is clear that Kain's love for Rosa is unrequited. But some of the fun of writing fanfiction is that you get to do what you want regardless of canon and infidelity opens up so many story possibilities I just couldn't resist. I liked the idea of a story where cheating turns into something different. My first draft of this fic was a fair bit kinkier, but I decided that some of the content was detracting from the story. Don't worry though, I just took those scenes and adapted them for another fic I'm working on that's a bit more lighthearted ^_^



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