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Cecil was lying on the bed, waiting in anticipation for Rosa to emerge from her closet. It had been two weeks since she had begun completely dominating him, and in that time she had cut him off from sex completely. Indeed he had seen little of her as Rydia was in town and the two of them were spending nights out on the town. As Cecil and Rosa had rarely gone more than a day or two without making love or at least fooling around, he couldn’t even remember the last time he had gone two weeks without. His sexual frustration had mounted quickly and he was forced to seek relief by relying on his hand like he hadn’t since before losing his virginity. Nightly masturbation sessions soon turned into twice nightly, particularly when Rosa was out all night and there was just his hand, a bottle of lotion, a couple of tissues, and his collection of smut magazines to keep him company. Finally tonight Rosa had promised him they’d get to spend some “intimate time” together.

Finally Rosa emerged from the closet and what an outfit she was wearing. Thigh high black stockings and garters, black panties, a black corset-bra, and long black gloves. She made her way over to the bed and climbed in from the foot, setting a bag down on the bed before pausing as she reached where Cecil was wearing his only item of clothing – lacy pink panties.

“Awww, they’re so cute,” she said as she pulled them down to his thighs and then took a look at his now freed erect penis.

“Speaking of cute,” she continued with a laugh, “you’re so tiny. It’s like a cute little mini-cock.”

Rosa then slipped off her own panties and positioned herself over him, teasingly, tantalizingly close, holding her position for a moment before pushing her body forward in one move and positioning herself right above Cecil’s face.

“Now serve me with your tongue little bitch,” she commanded as she lowered herself onto her husband and began grinding.

Cecil was stunned, but quickly opened his mouth and snaked out his tongue to begin pleasing his wife. Rosa was obviously quite turned on. She was wetter than he had ever remembered her being before, and she even seemed to taste a little different from how she usually did. Cecil had little time to reflect on this, as he struggled to keep with with Rosa’s relentless assault on his face until finally she climaxed. After taking a minute to savor, Rosa reached into Cecil’s drawer next to the bed and pulled out two condoms, slowly unrolling one over his erection and then another before lowering herself onto him. She sunk all the way down and then paused there, placing her hands on his chest.

“Now,” she said, “you’re a naughty boy and you need to be punished.”

With that she reached in the bag she had set down next to them and pulled out one of Cecil’s softcore magazines, and held the cover in front of him, showing a black mage pulling her shirt up to reveal her perky tits.

“Be honest,” she said, “you’ve been looking at porn, haven’t you?”

“Yes, mistress,” he replied, red in the face, “I’ve been looking at porn.”

Rosa slowly began rocking her hips while slapping him in the face.

“Good thing you’re being honest or you’d have earned an extra slap,” she continued while thumbing through the magazine, “so, do you look at pictures like this every day?”

She turned the magazine back to face him, showing a topless girl, her nice panty-clad ass facing the camera while she was turned around to give a glimpse of her tits.

“Yes, mistress,” he responded, “whenever I get any privacy.”

Without a word, she slapped him again before setting the magazine aside and pulling another out of the bag, this one hardcore. This time she turned to a page showing a girl on all fours being penetrated from behind by a massive cock and showed it to Cecil as she began sliding up and down, oh so slowly.

“It’s very naughty for you to look at pictures like this,” she said, “these are real men with real cocks, it’s only natural that they get to pound bare pussies all night and spray their cum deep inside. But that’s not for you. A tiny cocked, premature ejaculating little bitch like you needs to double wrap so there’s no chance your pathetic spermies end up inside a pussy instead of the trash where they belong. And it’s very, very naughty of you to be fantasizing about your little cock being inside these whores instead of me. Don’t forget I’m the only woman for you.”

She took the magazine back while picking up the pace slightly and turned to another page to show him. This one was taken from the point of view of a man looking down at a cute girl, her lips wrapped around his large cock.

“I bet you imagine it’s you getting sucked off in this picture,” she said, “well you should be thankful I ever let you experience the pleasure of having my lips encircle your pathetic little thing, even if you have to double bag for it. There’s no sense in letting yourself think about all the men out there who get bareback blowjobs, or how as a married man you’re denied something most teenage boys get from their girlfriends.”

Once again she tossed the magazine aside and pulling out another. The cover of this one showing two girls kissing while fingering each other.

“Now this one is really naughty,” she said.

“But Rosa,” he protested, “you bought that one for me.”

Rosa would have none of it, slapping him hard twice.

“That’s irrelevant,” she snapped. “Now, there’s also the matter of the naughty things you do while reading these magazines.”

Rosa motioned to the wastebasket by his side of the bed.

“Do you think I haven’t noticed just how many crusty tissues end up in there? Just how much seed you end up spilling as a result of all the masturbation you do reading these naughty magazines?”

Rosa delivered three more slaps to his face in quick succession until Cecil finally lost hardness, just as she had intended all along. Rosa savored the feeling of limp, unsatisfied cock inside him for a few seconds before dismounting and climbing off the bed.

“Oh stop pouting,” she said, “I warned you I wasn’t going to let you cum. Now get out of bed, your punishment is just getting started.

Cecil removed the condoms then pulled his panties up over his throbbing balls and back on. He hoped that Rosa would allow him to relive the ache soon, but for now the only thing to think about was obeying her.

“Yes, mistress,” he said, the words already a natural habit as he climbed out and stood in front of her.

Rosa then stuck her thumbs down the sides of his panties and yanked them down. Cecil then stepped out of them to stand naked before her. Rosa lifted her right leg slightly, holding it bent just an inch of so from him.

“It’s really too bad about you wanting kids,” she said, “because your balls are going to be shooting blanks by the time I’m done with them.”

Before Cecil could even comprehend, she jerked her leg up, the knee slamming into his sack. If he had thought the ache in his balls couldn’t possibly get any worse, he was clearly wrong. It took all his strength and warrior’s discipline to stay standing, which only gave Rosa an opportunity to take a step back and deliver two hard kicks in rapid succession. Finally it was too much and Cecil fell to his knees. Rosa stepped aside and he fell over, hands on the ground. Unfortunately for him this just left him in another vulnerable position. Rosa moved behind him and began delivering kicks from there.

“If you want this to stop you’d better beg for mercy, little bitch,” she commanded.

Cecil had no choice but to plead his case between kicks.

“Please have mercy mistress,” he gasped, “… I’m sorry… I’ve been so naughty… please… forgive me...”

After what seemed like an eternity, his wife finally relented.

“Very well,” she said, “you should be thankful I’m so merciful. Rather than completely destroy your balls I’ll let you serve an alternate punishment.”

Rosa then went back to the bed and reached into her bag as Cecil picked himself up off the floor. He watched as she picked several small items out. First was a small lock, then a small key on a chain, and finally a small metal cage in the shape of a curved cylinder. It didn’t take long for him to realize the reason for that particular shape.

“Your sentence is two weeks in penis prison,” Rosa said as she fitted the cage and secured the lock, “during your punishment you are required to spend at least an hour straight looking at porn magazines, starting tonight.”

Rosa couldn’t help but enjoy the look on her husband’s face as she fastened the chain, letting the key dangle right between her breasts.

“Don’t look so sad,” she said, “it’s better than broken, shattered balls, right?”

“Yes mistress, thank you for showing me mercy” Cecil replied, despairing of the two weeks ahead of him.

Rosa motioned for him to get into bed.

“Might as well get started right now,” she said as she handed him the stack of magazines she had brought out earlier. I’ll be nice and let you warm up with the softcore magazine for the first ten minutes.”

As Cecil began reading, the pain in his balls from Rosa’s kicks faded only to be replaced by the worst case of blue balls he had ever experience. Each pair of perfect tits he saw, each cute little ass, each soft, wet pussy made his penis strain against the cage more and more. As he had many times before, he imagined sliding in those warm inviting snatches, but this time he didn’t even have his lubed up palm to fuck as consolation. It only got worse once Rosa insisted he switch to the hardcore magazines. By the time he reached the first blowjob page, his neglected cock was visibly leaking precum.

“Awww,” Rosa said, “you want a blowjob for your little penis, don’t you?”

Rosa then picked up his cage and began running her hand along it slowly before lowering her face and sticking her tongue out to give a few licks and then sliding her lips up and down in a mockery of what he saw in the pictures. After a while of this treatment she climbed back on top of him and began rubbing her pussy along the cage.

“Just think about those little whores in that magazine you’re reading. Imagine you’re getting to feel their cunts,” she said as she rubbed. “Or do you prefer to think about sticking it in the ass.”

Rosa then slid back to rub her firm, sexy ass against his cage. This was particular torture since she had always refused whenever he had asked to try anal. After a while she just laid down next to him and let her fingers casually run softly along the cage.

Finally after what seemed like at least twice that long, Rosa told him his hour was up. Cecil went to put his magazines in his closet, then picked his panties off the floor, slide them on over his cage, and crawled in bed.

Rosa climbed back on top of him, ran her hands gently along his face and began kissing passionately, her demeanor suddenly changed.

“I love you so much,” she said between kisses.

“I love you too,” Cecil replied, reciprocating.

The two kissed like lust filled teenagers, Rosa moving her hips seductively, her pussy so close and yet so far from his cock. After a while the two simply cuddled while professing their love for one another. Finally, Rosa let out a yawn.

“You should probably try and get as much sleep as you can my love,” she said, “I hear it’s pretty hard until you’re used to the cage.”

That night Rosa slept peacefully while Cecil tossed and turned all night, his cock crying out for attention but with no chance of getting it, even though the key to his freedom was so close, right between his wife’s perfect tits. Just looking at them and thinking about sucking them while fucking her all night long made the agony of his sleepless night all the worse.

Author's Notes: Ow, poor Cecil haha :) There's more torment in store for him in future chapters, though it'll be mostly of the psychological rather than physical variety. Until then, thanks for reading!

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