Final Fantasy IV - This Year's Witch

BY : salarta
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"Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh yes, fuck me!"

There was a time when Baronians saw Rosa Farrell as pure, chaste, classy. The very model of an ideal white mage. She healed the sick. She held banquets, conversations. Every movement looked elegant and graceful. Every word she spoke carried wit and charm. Men and women alike envied her.

None envied her now.

As this year's chosen Witch, she cackled with glee. Broom between her legs, she 'rode' it with the wild abandon of a woman possessed. Which she was. Darkness curled around her breasts and ass as a fog wafting from her pussy. Frantic rubbing coaxed smog in the same fashion as all that oozing green slime she smeared across her broom's long shaft. Tainted lust. It greened her skin, turned her hair to straw, made her moan like a whore loud and proud.

If Rosa could see herself, she would shudder. If Baron's people knew her plight, they would show pity. Despite years of tradition, no one thought to ask why women changed the moment they put on the tall black Witch's hat. Eagerness to perform became a sign of hidden urges forced outward. Women showed their true selves when they wore the hat on Halloween. That's what Baron knew. Accepted fact. Whether kind and gentle, cruel and hateful, or any other traits, the hat bared it all.

And according to the hat, this year's Witch - Rosa Farrell - wanted nothing more in life than to draw attention and get fucked.

Nude and shaking her huge inflated tits with each up and down stroke, she leaned over her Witch's brew for a nice deep whiff and sighed. Pungent cum wafted from the bubbling black cauldron. Soon, the ritual would be complete. The seed of men. A lock of her straw hair. Many other odds and ends. It only required one more ingredient: an orgasm, right in the middle of town where everyone could watch her have it.

Their eyes powered her spell. She could see it in her glowing slit, feel it from her sap-spilling teats, her loose loins and hard tips aching for relief. She wished for catcalls, insults, anything to remind her of their presence, but the spell demanded silence. Her white magic across the crowd ensured compliance. A protective green barrier maintained distance. She had to do this alone.

"I'm... ungh... almost... aaah... there!" Rosa whined. For a virgin cunt, she had an inhuman staying power. As the last vestige of her purity, it resisted her breaking. The seat of her soul wanted no part in this. For hours, she played with herself, chafed herself, healed the soreness and sweated all down her emerald body. "Just a little..."

Success! Pleasure pulsed from her head to her heart to her womb to her sex and back upward, cycling in a constant loop. Her thighs quaked. Knees gave out. She gasped and gushed sweet sweet sludge. Tired and spent, she fell onto her back, boobs bouncing about wildly on impact. Her skin darkened, glistening under the remaining full moon's light.

Then, the cauldron frothed to a hard boil. A plume cast upward from misting cum which collected itself into a familiar form: Rydia's familiar, a dragon. Except this one held a different nature. It fwooshed down upon its summoner, who cackled in delight.

"Yes! Take me, o seed dragon. Claim your rightful prize."

It obeyed. Condensing into a tight wad, the dragon sprinkled a light rain of jizz across the Witch before descending. Rosa's parted legs funneled its raw power where it belonged. Curling her fingers and toes, she writhed at its entrance. Cum slicked her inner walls with a lover's attention. It was too much. Far too much. Thrashing, her eyes rolled into the back of her head while her barrier fell.

"Look, everyone!" a villager shouted, free of Rosa's spell. "It's claiming her!"

"I guess she wasn't so pure after all."

Sperm by little sperm, the dragon invaded its host. Her womb flooded, stretched outward. Bigger. Bigger. Bigger! Her navel popped from its hole. Yet, that was not the only change to her once saintly body. Fresh changes warped her further. Fresh pubic and armpit hair grew, stiffened and discolored to match her straw locks. Her bosom puffed bigger, wisps of darkness fuming from her sore green nipples. Tainted dew dribbled down her thighs, while her plumping ass pushed her hips higher.

She groaned. Vile magics had their way with her, body, mind and soul. It stretched her limits. Regaining some measure of strength, she blinked her vision clear enough to see about her. Baronians were venturing closer. They wanted to see her change themselves. May as well oblige. On shaky limbs, she pulled herself up, hunching over her cauldron. Her new blossoming womb kept her on the spot. Right where these people could safely observe. If they chose. Or if they were more daring...

SMACK! Her plump rear jiggled to one man's slap. One woman squeezed her tits, drawing a splurt of slime into the empty basin. Hands rubbed through straw for its feel, eliciting a stale moan. In spite of their wandering, when the downward heart glyphs appeared on her back and belly, they knew where to stop. She was owned. Taken. Her unquenchable lust summoned dark forces that insisted on keeping their domain.

Which was just fine for Rosa. At least until sunrise. As a cock rammed up her ass, another filled her mouth, and fingers milked her horny teats, she drifted into pleasures of the flesh.

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