The Azure companion

BY : Escaped_Retainer
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You stood high up on the tower at Zenith, looking out at the view, thinking to yourself. You had lost so many people on your journey so far, you wondered how many more you would lose, Moenbryda, Papalymo, Ysayle, …. Haurchefant your heart constricts slightly thinking of them and the several other scions and friends that you'd met along the way that were no longer with you. Although you feel guilty for thinking it, Haurchefant was the one who hurt the most, you had been close, even shared a bed on some cold lonely evenings when he would mischievously invite you to warm up in his chambers, the shock on his face when you accepted made you smirk. Not one for showing emotions you'd never told him how much you cherished his company, you'd never told him that he was the only one who seemed to see You beyond the warrior of light title. But he was gone, you chided yourself, just another loss. Although you mourned for all the lost you could not let it consume you so you pushed the feelings away and focused instead on the view in front of you. You had to be stoic, some would even think you cold and distant. You supposed that you were really, you had to be. The warrior of light could not let personal feelings get in the way of her duty.

You heard soft footsteps land behind you and felt a presence, you tensed slightly before realising who it was. The person came and stood next to you, “Estinien” you nodded to him, he nodded back then returned to looking at the view. You stood in silence for some time, both enjoying the presence of the other but not speaking. You were very alike you thought to yourself, both orphans, both dedicated to your duty. You sat down after a while, dangling your legs over the edge and took off your helm, Estinien followed suit, he looked over at you as if he could tell what you had been thinking “There is no point in dwelling on those you could not save” he said in his usual cold voice, you nodded knowing that he was correct and understanding his words, letting yourself feel grief would only get you killed, you had to move on, harden the grief in to anger and channel it in to killing your enemies.

Your hand twitched at you weapons hilt, you wanted to fight something, you needed to channel the grief in to something else, you could not wallow in it. Estinien looked over at you again, reaching for his lance with a smirk on his face. You smirked back , a duel was it? Excellent you thought. You both stood and moved back from the edge not bothering to replace your helms, a bit of added risk was always fun. You circled each other, weapons drawn each looking for a opening.
Estinien lunged first, you dodge his strike, your sword clashing with his lance. Backing up slightly you adjusted your footing and struck back at him. You both continued in this fashion for some time, occasionally landing a strike only to receive one back, both blocking most of the blows. You were enjoying yourself now, revelling in the energy and anger you felt when fighting, Estinien smirked at you and you could tell that he was also enjoying the fight. You lunged suddenly, throwing all of your weight in to your swing, Estinien blocked with his lance but was not expecting such furiosity behind your swing, your blow making him lose his footing and fall on to his back, still blocking your sword with his lance. You had him, he couldn't move without releasing the pressure on his lance meaning that he was open to attack. You had won and smirked at him confidently, suddenly you were knocked off your feet, Estinien had managed to swing his leg, knocking yours out from underneath you. Unfortunately as you were putting most of your weight in to your sword you fell forwards on to Estinien with a surprised grunt.

He let out a huff as you fell on him, luckily managing to move your sword as you fell so that neither of you got impaled on it. “a draw then?” he smirked up at you. You frowned not happy about that, you disliked draws almost as much as you disliked losing, anger and adrenalin still pulsing through your veins from the fight you suddenly leaned up, grabbing a fistful of his hair, pulling his head up to you and pressing your lips angrily to his, he seemed stunned for a moment before you felt him angrily start to kiss you back. The kiss was forceful and demanding, both of you channelling your adrenalin and anger in to it. After a while your hands wandered down, feeling for the buckles and catches of his armour, you pulled off his chest piece and ran your hands beneath his undershirt, feeling his hard muscly chest, marked by scars from a lifetime of battle, he reached up and removed your chest piece as well,goosebumps forming on your skin as the chilly wind at this altitude hit your skin though your undershirt, you both made quick work of removing each others armour, only removing what was necessary in your haste. You sat straddling him, you could feel his cock pressing in to your thigh, you shifted slightly, pulling aside your underwear and guiding him in to you. Your breath caught in your throat at the feeling on him inside you and you could hear that he had let out a silent gasp too. You started moving slowly at first, allowing yourself to get used to the stretch of his cock inside you before you felt the need to speed up, your breath was coming fast now and you kissed Etinien roughly and he kissed back. He thrust up in to you hard making you gasp slightly and you could feel his lips turn in to a smirk slightly. Two could play at that game you thought and raised your hips up as high as you could get them then let your muscles relax so you fell back down on to his cock hard. He let out a deep guttural moan, which made you want him even more. You continued moving, fast and harder while he thrust up in to you your breaths coming fast, you felt yourself starting to come undone. He grabbed your hips in his hands and held you as the thrust hard in to you, making you shudder and moan before your muscles tightened around him and you climaxed with a silent scream. A few more thrusts and you felt him come inside you with a deep groan that you were sure you'd never forget.

You both laid there for a little while, feeling more relaxed than you had in a long time, “Gods I needed that” you smirked at him, “indeed” he replied with a cocky smirk. Eventually you both, got up, cleaned yourselves up as best you could and put your armor back on, you hadn't expected that to happen but you were very glad that you were so high up so no one could have seen you. You gave each other a silent nod before he jumped off the edge, jumping his way down to the ground. You smiled before calling your chocobo and flying off. Silently hoping that someday you could have a repeat performance.

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