Yuffie's Tale

BY : Riddle_of_Stars
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Content warning: oral sex, vaginal sex, virginity, body-worship, MFFF foursome.
The following is a work of fiction and a work of parody. I do not own Final Fantasy or it's characters, and I do not profit from this work. All characters have been aged up to age of consent.

It had all gone so terribly wrong.


She had meant to it to be spontaneous, sexy, and romantic. But now it just felt awkward.

Yuffie had pulled Cloud from his hotel room, asked him to spend the evening with her, to show her around the gold saucer. The stony mercenary had proved his usual inscrutable self, and if he was responding to any of her flirtations, she couldn't tell.


So she had given him a blowjob. During the cablecar ride, while watching the fireworks. Without saying a word, after several minutes of awkward silence, she had dropped to her knees in front of him and fished his cock out of his trousers.


She had imagined it setting off a spark, that they would end up back in his room, making wild passionate love, with the handsome swordsman claiming her virginity. She had been wandering with Cloud and his band for years; she was eighteen now, and still a virgin. She figured, the pieces would just fall into place.

But they never did. Cloud's cock had hardened up quickly in her mouth – she had never fucked anyone, but she had fooled around with plenty of boys, and knew what she was doing. But he never gave any reaction beyond that. So she kept sucking, bobbing her head up and down on his shaft, licking his balls, taking him as far down her throat as she could without gagging.


In the end, he put a hand on the back of her head, and came in her mouth. He came with almost no warning – one second, Yuffie was trying to figure out how to transition this awkward blowjob into the night of passionate sex she desired, and the next, warm semen was spilling into her mouth. Her eyes went wide with surprise, almost gagging as his cum filled her, but she managed to swallow it all.


"...I just felt like doing that." What a stupid thing to say. She had sucked his cock, not given him a peck on the cheek.


A faint grunt of assent, and silence. Nothing.


"Well come on. Say something."


Silence, and then:



Was he being flippant? Rude? Did he think she was a slut? Or was he trying flirt?


She could never -read- the blond mercenary, and that was a huge part of what got her so hot and bothered. He was mysterious, with his piercing Mako-green eyes, his youthful face that seemed to have seen so much of the world.


They parted shortly after, and left Yuffie where she was now. Sitting alone in her hotel room. Confused. Ashamed. Horny. Emotions running left and right through her head, no idea where she stood.


"I should at least talk to him. Or something. Yeah. Just like... go to his room and ask him, straight up."


And so the teenage girl got out of her bed, and ventured forth.


Cloud was staying down the hall from her, in the rediculously campy "Haunted" hotel in the gold saucer. She had to see him. She was so wound up, she didn't even bother knocking as she opened the door.


"Um, hey, Cloud, I -"


And then the words caught in her mouth. Greeting her was Cloud himself, seated in a plush armchair, completely naked. Kneeling at his feet, also completely naked, were Tifa and Aeris. The two women were sucking – no, worshipping – his cock. They would take turns, one throating it down to the base while the other licked his balls. They would run their lips alongside it in an obscene kiss. Small tongues would dart out of their mouths, flicking alongside the veins of his shaft. It took her a moment to realize that the two women were playing with each other as they serviced Cloud's cock; they each had a free between the other's legs, fingering each other's cunts.


The two of them were absurdly beautiful. Tifa was built impossibly, with a narrow waist, powerfully thighs, and tits the size of goddamn volleyballs. She was like someone had mashed together a professional athlete and a pornstar – where she wasn't veluptuous tits and ass, she was hard muscle.


Aeris was taller, more statuesque. Her body wasn't as firm and toned as Tifa's, nor was chest as impossibly large. But she was smooth and curved gracefully, a picture of feminity.


Both of them made Yuffie feel incredibly self-concious about her body. Who the fuck was she? Some skinny teenager with no tits and no ass, nothing compared to the two wanton sex goddesses that Cloud apparently already had at his disposal. What would he want with a girl like her?


"Don't just stand there. Close the door."


Cloud addressed her directly, looking straight at the young girl while his cock was being sucked. Yuffie had been about to sneak out, hope they hadn't noticed her. No such luck.


God, he was so fucking gorgeous. All lean muscle and no fat; Yuffie swore he had an eight-pack. Thick, luxurious hair, and those eyes. Those fucking green eyes, staring right at her.


She closed the door.


Cloud stood up, his cock standing proud at attention. Yuffie suddenly realized that her panties were very, very damp, and very, very warm. The mercenary walked toward her, one sex goddess at either side, all eyes on her.


He kissed her, and her knees buckled. She had sucked his cock, but she hadn't actually kissed him. It was a hard kiss, his lips pressing against hers, his tongue invading her mouth. She made an indistinct whimpering noise, and would've collapsed had it not been for the hand on her.


He was so strong. He had to be, swinging that giant sword around. He wasn't a particularly large or imposing man in the grand sense, but she felt tiny in his arms. Tiny. Vulnerable. Safe.


She wanted him so bad.


"Take your clothes off." He told her. His voice was flat, firm and gentle at once. He didn't need to ask – he knew. He knew why she was here. He knew she wanted him. If she hadn't, she would've walked out that door.


"Yes, m-" Yuffie cut herself off, realizing she had been about to say "Yes, Master."


That's when she noticed Tifa and Aeris, the two women caressing her, helping her out of her clothes. Tifa's had slid into her waistband, and her shorts and panties fell down to the floor. Aeris was lifting her top off. Soon, the ninja girl was naked except for a pair of tall socks up around her knees.


"You have such cute tits," giggled Aeris, and she bowed forward, playfully kissing Yuffie on each nipple.


"Cute butt, too," added in Tifa, slapping her on the rump.


Yuffie blushed, trying to come up with a response. But instead, she just let the two women guider her onto the bed, where they laid her out spread eagle.


Yuffie closed her eyes, and she felt several pairs of hands roaming over her, feeling her, caressing her. Here a pair of lips planted a kiss, there a tongue bathed her in pleasure. Then she felt a pair of hands on her skinny legs, and a tongue was in her cunt.


Her eyes opened to see Cloud, nestled between her legs, lapping at her sex. She had gone down on guys before, but never had the favor returned. Electric shocks of pleasure shot through her body – his tongue was doing things to her that she hadn't thought possible, eliciting new subtleties of sensation.


"Oh my god!" When she came, she came hard. Her body spasmed, legs shaking as she climaxed. Cloud's face was covered in a pale sheen of her sexual juices, and she felt momentarily embarassed. Then Tifa and Aeris were there, both kissing him, licking him, tasting her sex on his lips.


"Do you want to?" Asked Cloud. She knew what he meant. She tried to say "yes," but could only managed to nod her head, biting her lip.


He pulled her to the edge of the bed, his strong arms grasping her willowy legs. She felt Tifa and Aeris at either side, touching her, gently holding her in place.


"I, um, I've never-" Yuffie began to stammer out.


"I know," Cloud responded.


"You're going to love this," said Aeris, brushing a strand of Yuffie's hair out of her face. "I promise."


Yuffie felt the tip of Cloud's cock brushing against her lower lips, and then it was pushing, and then it was inside her.


She gasped, feeling a man inside her for the first time. His cock felt amazing, beyond anything she had felt before. Cloud gave a low moan of delight, savoring the feeling of virgin cunt clamping tight around his cock.


He moved slowly at first, long see-sawing strokes. Each one sent a jolt of electricity through her body, and a pleasure-induced delerium fogged her mind.


"P, please..." she intoned, grasping out toward him. Cloud took her cue, leaning forward, gripping her chin, kissing her. His tongue was inside her mouth, his cock was inside her cunt. Her arms and legs locked behind his back, pulling him into her.

When she came the second time, she screamed.


Her body went limp, and Cloud stood up, picking her sock-clad legs onto his shoulders. Her cunt was soaking wet, and he gradually increased the pace of his strokes. and there was a meaty thwack thwack thwack as his hips smacked in her, his balls slapping against her ass.


Aeries was beside him, running her fingers along his spine, whispering obscenities in his ear as he took the young girl. Tifa was on all fours, her basketball-sized tits hanging down over Yuffie's face. The raven-haired woman kissed her, Yuffie's moans dissolving into her mouth.


"Have you ever been with a girl before?" Tifa asked.


Yuffie had never so much as kissed a girl before. She had, frankly, spent too much time obsessing over boys to even consider girls up until now.


"Do you want to try?"

Yuffie nodded again, and managed a "mm-hmm."

And then Tifa was straddling her face, lowering a perfectly shaven cunt onto the ninja girl's lips. Instinctively, Yuffie tongued at Tifa's pussy, trying to replicate the magic Cloud had worked on her own earlier.


Tifa sat facing the girl's legs, and slid forward, hands on Yuffie's hips. From here, she could trade kisses with Cloud and Aeries while the younger girl licked her cunt.


"How does she feel, Cloud? How does that virgin cunt feel on your perfect, glorious cock?"


Cloud's only response was to thrust deep and hold, elicting a moan from Yuffie, muffled by Tifa's cunt. The older woman responded with a sexual purr, grinding her hips back.


Yuffie was figuring out the hiearchy of whatever wierd sex harem she had stumbled into. Cloud was in charge. Tifa was the alpha bitch. Aeris was under her. And Yuffie was the bottom of the pile, and she was a-ok with that.


There was a pause, and she realized Cloud had pulled out her. Had he come already? No, she would've remembered that.


"Turn over," he ordered, voice firm and flat as ever.


Yuffie hurried to comply, spinning onto her stomach.


When Cloud entered her again, Yuffie's fingers tightened into the bedsheets. She was flat on her stomach, Cloud straddling her hips as he slid his cock into her and fucked her from behind.


The word rolled around her brain. Fucked her. Before, he had been deflowering her, making love to her, having sex with her. Slow and gentle and steady. Now he was fucking her, hard and fast. His legs were pressing hers together, keeping her cunt extra tight around his cock. With his weight on top of her, she couldn't have gotten up even if she had wanted to.

Not, of course, that she did.


There were hands on her arms – Tifa and Aeris- holding her down steady as Cloud relentlessly shattered her virginity. The two woman were at his side, kissing and caressing him, worshipping him while he claimed a new conquest.


Yuffie screamed in pleasure, and then bit down on the sheets, muffling herself. There was a hand in her hair, Cloud's hand, pressing her down into the bed. He had lengthend himself out, pounding her cunt with long hard strokes.


"I'm going to come soon," he told her. Wham, wham, wham. Each thrust of his hips sent her tiny bubble butt jiggling. The thin young girl looked as though she was being crushed underneath the lithe soldier. Yuffie made a muffled moan of ascent, surrendering entirely to her new lover.


"When I do, it'll be on your face," he further instrucked. Wham, wham, wham. His glorious cock continued hammering into her from behind, driving her into the bed.


"W-whatever, whatever you want, m-" her words trailed off, lost in the fires of ecstasy that consumed her.


And then she felt him pull out, and spin her onto her back. He straddled her chest, his cock pointed at her face. He seemed to tower over her, pale and golden and beautiful, a sex god who had deigned to visit himself on a lowly mortal like herself. Tifa and Aeris were beside him, kissing and touching him, worshipping at the same temple.


His held his cock in his hand, and with a few pumps, he exploded on Yuffie's face. His cum covered her in streaks, landing on her face and hair, on her lips, in her mouth. She licked it from her lips, tasting him, recieving the blessing of her new sex god. She had been marked by him. She belonged to him.


She felt Aeris licking the cum from her cheeks, cleaning her, and the two shared a lewd kiss. Tifa handed her a bottle of water, and Yuffie realized that she was in fact terribly thirsty. Cloud lay on the bed, and the three woman cuddled on top of him, stroking his chest and arms.


"Welcome to the club."


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