Spicing Up the Meeting

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“That brings us to the subject of budgeting repairs for the waterway. If we put this off it will only mean having to pay more down the road when...”

Cecil listened intently to the minister. He owed the people of Baron nothing less than his total effort in leading the kingdom. No matter how boring these meetings could be, he needed to absorb everything that was being said if he wanted to be an effective king. Not that he wouldn’t rather be somewhere else, but this was too important.

“I see your point,” Cecil said in response after the minister was finished, “how much funding do we...”

Before Cecil could finish his sentence, he felt something strange. It was somehow familiar, yet seemed oddly out of place.

“That is, how much are you requesting we budget for the...” he continued.

The next thing he felt was a very familiar pair of fingers running softly along his manhood, suddenly realizing that earlier sensation was exactly how it felt whenever Rosa would untie his pants in bed.

“...the repairs?” he finally finished as his cock rapidly hardened.

“It depends on the scope of the project, but my recommendation would be...” the minister responded as Cecil struggled to concentrate.

Rosa ran her fingers very slowly along her husband’s penis, just the tips touching light as a feather, teasing a bit. The large table and long tablecloth helped her carry out her plan to spice up his meeting time, just so long as she managed to stay quiet. She poured some oil in the palm of her hand, then rubbed her hands together to get them both lubed up, then wrapped her hand around the shaft and slid the length to the tip, then the other hand, then again, applying just a little more pressure each time.

“That… sounds… uh… reasonable,” Cecil said, struggling with the effects of his wife’s ministrations, “...I’m… going to… ohh… approve your… recommendation.”

“If that’s settled, next on the agenda is preparations for next month’s state visit from King Edward,” another minister chimed in.

Meanwhile, Rosa had moved on to wrapping both her hands around Cecil’s erection, stroking and twisting while paying extra attention to the head. Finally she withdrew her right hand and slipped it under her panties while leaving her left hand wrapped around the base of her husband’s cock. She began lightly running two fingers up and down her slit, one after the other while slowly parting her lips and sliding down just far enough to where the head met the shaft. It was now taking all of Cecil’s willpower to follow the proceedings while his wife enveloped him with her mouth, sliding her tongue all about. It felt so good when she would take all of him in, then pull back to just the tip, suck on it for a bit, and then run her tongue along the underside.

For her part, Rosa had now begun plunging her fingers in deep and then finally focusing her attention on her clit, biting her lip hard to keep herself from letting out anything that would give her away until finally she reached a climax. As much as she wanted to simply relax afterward she turned her full attention to pleasuring her husband.

By this time Cecil was finding it impossible to give anything more than monosyllabic responses to the ministers’ questions as the tension within him rose closer and closer to a breaking point. Finally it reached a point where any second now he would explode in his wife’s mouth and then…

Suddenly she withdrew from his throbbing cock, pulled his underwear back up and over and tied his pants, denying him the release he so desperately wanted… needed. His balls ached, crying out for relief. A few minutes later the meeting adjourned for the morning. Cecil waited for everyone else to file out of the room and then lifted up the tablecloth to look at his wife. The frustration was evident in his eyes, and it was clear from the devilish grin on Rosa’s face that she knew exactly how close he had been to losing control. They had been intimate so many times she knew his signals as well as he did.

“Just wanted to give you something to look forward to tonight my love,” Rosa said before blowing him a kiss.

She then emerged from under the table and grabbed his shirt just below his neck.

“And don’t you dare touch yourself before bedtime,” she said forcefully, “I want you nice and horny tonight.”

With that she let go, rubbed his chest a little, and planted a kiss on his cheek before heading out the door.

“See you tonight, darling” she said as she made her way out.

The rest of the day Cecil constantly thought about what had happened that morning and what Rosa had promised for that night. His penis cried out for attention but even at the times he did have a little privacy he dared not take matters into his own hand. The knew the look on Rosa’s face when she told him not to, and it said that he better not disobey her. Dinner was especially difficult, as Rosa kept a hand on his thigh constantly, rubbing and squeezing.

Finally at night Cecil made his way to their bedroom to find Rosa wearing a short, see-through nightgown, thigh-high stockings and lacy black panties. He hastily stripped down, wild with desire, placed his hand on her shoulders, and pushed her onto the bed, ready to take what he wanted. But before he could do anything Rosa grabbed him and flipped him over so that now she was lying on top of him. She leaned in close, her face practically touching his.

“It’s so cute when men think they have a say,” she said, her voice dripping with mockery. “But we both know who makes the rules. Now, first thing’s first, I get to be on top.”

As if to silence any objection, Rosa kissed him passionately, but at this point Cecil was putty in her hands anyway, so desperate that he could do no more than go along with what she said.

“Now that we’ve established that,” Rosa continued, “next there’s the little matter of how worked up you are. We can’t have you with all the stamina of a teenager losing his virginity tonight, now can we?”

With that Rosa grabbed hold of his cock and chanted a Slow spell. She then pushed her panties aside and lowered herself just enough so that she could rub up against him and tease without letting him penetrate.

“You must be so desperate for a taste of my pussy,” she taunted playfully, “I bet you’ve been thinking about it all day.”

She then lowered herself slightly to envelop the head before pulling back up to rub some more. Cecil, now driven wild with desire, placed his hands on her lower back as though to pull her down onto him.

“Not until I say so,” Rosa reprimanded, rotating her hips slowly, “but I guess I can’t blame you. It would feel so nice to be inside me right now, wouldn’t it?”

After what seemed like an eternity to Cecil, Rosa finally lowered herself down to take all of him in and… then immediately pulled back out and resumed rotating her hips, this time just a little bit faster, then down again to take him in, then back up, swaying from side to side to tease him a bit more with her pussy lips and then at last she sank down and began bucking, Cecil moving in time. After waiting all day and being teased so much, Rosa’s pussy had never felt better to him. He had to admit he was glad she had cast that Slow spell or else he probably would’ve blown his load before he even made it inside her. But now that he was inside her he could savor the experience. The warmth, the wetness, every little fold rubbing up against him, it was all so overwhelming. The paladin lost himself in the sensations, pure instinct taking over until Rosa began moaning louder and louder, longer and longer until an earth-shattering orgasm came over his queen. Suddenly she held her hips still and leaned in to her husband for a kiss, still wrapped tightly around him.

“Well,” she said, “now that I’ve gotten what I want, maybe I should just climb off and have you fuck that hand of yours.”

“Rosa, please,” he pleaded, “let me finish inside you.”

“Oh come on,” she said, “it’s not that bad. I bet cumming into a wad of tissues would be almost as good as cumming in my warm, sweet snatch.”

“I’m begging you,” he gasped.

“Hmmm… I do enjoy it when you beg,” she responded, “but I’m kind of looking forward to watching you masturbate for me now.”

“I’ll do anything,” he replied, “just let me cum inside you, please.”

“Anything?” she asked seductively.

“Anything,” he grunted.

“You must really want it desperately,” she said.

“So desperately,” he said, “please.”

“Very well,” she said, “since you want it so badly, take me however you want.”

Cecil didn’t hesitate for a moment before grabbing Rosa’s hips firmly and thrusting with wild abandon, giving no thought to anything but his primal urge to implant his seed deep within his lover, until finally he released. Rosa could feel his cum shooting even harder, deeper, and longer than usual.

The two laid in bed, enjoying the afterglow as Rosa lightly ran a finger along her husband’s chest.

“So,” Rosa said, enjoying the satisfied grin on Cecil’s face, “did I liven up your meeting today?”

“It was the best meeting ever,” was all he could muster in reply.

“Glad I could help,” she said with a kiss, “but don’t think I forgot you promised you’d do anything. I’ll have to think up something fun.”

Author's Notes: I've been having fun experimenting with writing some nastier fics, but I wanted to write something on the morelight and playful side that's more my usual style, as I mentioned in the description. Of course my submissive side still came out a bit here but I do think of this level of playfulness about it as being pretty true to the characters and their relationship as established in the game (have to admit I like how Rosa refuses Cecil's attempts to command her in the game and conversely how quickly he gives in to her demands). Of course I do like to think of all my fics as being self-contained or in their own universes unless explicitly stated otherwise, as one of the things I love about fanfic is the freedom to experiment without being constrained by my own past fics. As always, feedback is appreciated.

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