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"I think you've had enough to drink now, Aerith..."
"Why doesn't he want me, Tifa?"
"Please, put the glass're drunk..."
"Is it because my boobies aren't as big or as bouncy as yours?"
"It could be worse I least he isn't screwing Yuffie like the last one..."
Tifa sighed. The whole point of her bringing Aerith to the bar in Costa del Sol had been to get her mind off of the guy in question. As it turned out though, her friend couldn't handle her drink well at all and was apparently handling her emotions even less adequately. Tifa supposed that she should have kept a better eye on her, and found herself thinking that she was glad she had booked a hotel room; Aerith was in no fit state to stand up, let alone drive, and she wasn't exactly sober herself. Tifa was the younger one of them by two years, and yet tonight felt infinitely more responsible.

Glancing across the table at her friend, Tifa really couldn't comprehend why she got cheated on so much. She was gorgeous. Long, wavy light brown hair that trailed in a perfect plait down her back, tied with a sky blue ribbon (aside from two loose bangs that framed her elegant face), large sparkling emerald-green eyes that you could lose yourself in for hours, perfectly shaped lips that were more than kissable. If men had any sense, they would have been falling at her feet.
And then keeping her in their beds, Tifa thought to herself.

Aerith had dressed up especially for their night out, and this only served to amplify her natural beauty. She was wearing an ankle-length dress in pale pink that seemed to swirl and dance around her feet. The hem of the dress was adorned with a white lace trim, and it was also cinched in at the waist with a narrow white belt, tied into an extravagant bow in the centre. A pair of small heels matched the colour of her dress and a silver necklace set with a green heart decorated her slender neck. Around her right wrist was a bracelet made of silver and pearls.

Tifa had decided to dress a little less conservatively, and her outfit had been drawing glances from the other patrons all night, something which she was more than used to. A black leather minidress clung tightly to her curvaceous form, and her breasts (which, as Aerith had pointed out, were certainly on the larger side) strained against the material as if they might free themselves at any moment, pushed up tightly together in a fantastic display of cleavage. The dress reached to about the middle of her thighs, perfect for showing off her long, toned, lithe legs. Black leather boots ended mid-calf. Her own waist-length hair was of a darker brown than Aerith's, and flowed freely in a shimmering silky cascade, and her eyes were a heart-melting chocolate colour. Her long nails and full, pouty lips were painted hot pink, and the left side of her nose was pierced, along with her navel.

"Aerith..." Tifa started again, gently prising the champagne flute away from her friend and placing it lightly back on the table. "You can do so much better than that idiot. You're worth more than that."
"I don't see it, Tifa..." A tear slid down her cheek. "Guys just seem to walk all over me..."
Tifa reached up and softly wiped the tear away with the back of her hand. She hated seeing the other girl like this. There had been times when she had, in fact, quarrelled with her over the same man, but that was long in the past now, and the two of them had swiftly become best friends. Truth be told, there had be times when Tifa had thought herself about how it would be to become intimate with her. She wouldn't admit it to anyone openly, but she had frequently pleasured herself while thinking of Aerith, imagining the smell of her hair, the feel of her skin, the taste of her lips, until she brought herself to the point of breathless orgasm, imagining her friend's fingers within her rather than her own, or Aerith's hand pushing the toy deep inside her pussy instead of just hers.

It wasn't the most appropriate time for the idea she was having, but she couldn't help but wonder again that night how Aerith would react to her advances. She didn't want to take advantage of her friend, but she obviously needed cheering up. And if anyone knew how to cheer up a would be another girl. Tifa decided to try something. Only a little something. Testing the waters.
"Sweetie...sometimes when men let you down, you just need a woman to comfort you..."
Softly cupping Aerith's face with both hands, Tifa slowly leaned over and kissed her, pressing her own lips lightly against the other girl's. She felt Aerith tense a little and heard her let out a small gasp of surprise, and she pulled away to check for a reaction. Aerith's sparkling green eyes were wide as they gazed back into her own, and her face was flushed almost as pink as her dress was. She hesitantly brushed one of her bangs back out of her face behind her ear and lowered her gaze, and Tifa was afraid that she had upset her friend. However, Aerith's next words, spoken so quietly that they were barely audible, gave Tifa a surprise of her own.
"Do you...think you could do that again?"
It was Tifa's turn to be wide-eyed. "Aerith...?"
"Please? Just...kiss me again..."
Their lips met a second time, and now Tifa could feel Aerith kissing her back, no longer reluctant and instead seemingly caught up in this new, wild experience. Aerith's lips parted slightly, and Tifa slid her tongue into her mouth, knowing now as she did that her friend was open to the idea of it. She was pleased to hear a muffled "mmm..." of response, and ran her fingers through her friend's hair. Aerith's hand moved up to Tifa's neck as her own tongue found the other girl's mouth in return, the two of them locked in a passionate, heated moment of bliss. Tifa gently sucked on Aerith's tongue, drawing it further in. Under the table, one of her hands slid up her thighs under her minidress.
I'm already so wet...oh, Aerith...

Even though they were still in a very public area, Tifa couldn't resist the temptation to caress herself through her rapidly-dampening underwear as the kiss continued, growing ever fiercer, neither girl willing to end it, neither willing to diffuse the ever-mounting sexual tension just yet. Tifa bit Aerith's lip and was a little shocked to find the action returned in kind. Had Aerith been wanting this, too?
Finally, Tifa broke the kiss, moving her mouth to Aerith's ear and running her tongue up it.
"I think it's time for bed now, don't you?" she murmured.
Aerith nodded shyly.

♥ ♥ ♥

Tifa slammed Aerith up against the door to their rented room with a bang, their tongues intertwined in their lustful dance once again as she fumbled for the keys. She felt her friend's hand tentatively slip up the back of her minidress to squeeze her ass and moaned softly, transferring her kisses to Aerith's neck, licking and sucking there while eventually managing to fish the keys out of her bag. Aerith's own moans of happiness reverberated up and down the corridor. Tifa felt herself becoming more aroused by how loud her friend was being. For someone so quiet, she was certainly vocal in her private life, and Tifa wondered how vocal she would be when she had a tongue in her pussy.
Imagining that turned the heat between her legs into a blazing fire. She couldn't wait much longer.

The key hit the lock and the door swung inward, the two impassioned females still tangled up in each other as they practically fell through it into the room beyond. Wandering hands were becoming even more adventurous, and Aerith was able to lower both straps of Tifa's dress before the younger girl pushed her playfully onto the bed, where she landed on her back on the black silken sheets. Tifa sprang up onto the bed in a single movement shortly afterwards, straddling Aerith's lower body and leaning down to kiss her again. Aerith responded with fervent enthusiasm in yet further stark contrast to her usual shy outward demeanour, hungry for the taste of Tifa's mouth on hers, tangling her hands in her hair and pulling her closer so that their bodies pressed tightly against each other. Her heartbeat started to race as she felt Tifa's breasts squishing and rubbing on her own, and both hands now found their way up beneath the younger girl's minidress to her arss as she lay under her, without any hesitation this time, confirming what she had suspected earlier. Tifa appeared to be wearing the bare minimum that could constitute "underwear" – a tiny thong that must have quite literally barely covered her modesty. Oh...Tifa, that's sexy...maybe I should start wearing these...

Tifa sat up again, maintaining her position astride the other girl as she hooked her fingers in her dress straps teasingly. As she looked down at Aerith, her expression was mischievous and cheeky.
"Want me to pull this down, sweetie?" she purred seductively with a wink.
"Oh, please..." Aerith's tone was almost begging, shocking herself. I...why do I feel like this?
Slowly (almost achingly slowly, in Aerith's mind), Tifa began to tug the straps down further and further, gradually revealing more and more of her pale skin. Aerith gasped at another revelation.

Tifa hadn't been wearing a bra. Double-D breasts bounced free into the cool night air, jiggling slightly upon their release. Aerith couldn't tear her eyes away from the pair of huge, soft, round boobs with their pert, pink nipples. She felt her cheeks heating up, alongside a funny feeling down below.
"It's rude to stare!" Tifa giggled. "Unless you plan on doing more than just staring..."
Without waiting for a response, she reached down, took hold of Aerith's wrists and moved her hands up to her now-bare chest area. A soft sigh escaped Aerith's mouth as she massaged and squeezed Tifa's breasts. She stroked and pinched her nipples. Tifa threw back her head in delight.
"Oh my God, Tifa! They're so big..."
"They're all yours tonight, sweetie..." Tifa cooed. "As is everything else."
"I...I want you all..."
"Then take me..."
She averted her gaze. "It's just...I've never been with another woman before..."
Of course, Tifa already knew this. She could have fooled me though...I'm practically dripping...
"If you knew how I'm feeling right now, you wouldn't be so worried..."
Aerith grew curious. " are you feeling?"
"Honestly? Like I want to rip that dress off and please you until you're screaming my name."
The older yet less experienced girl turned scarlet. Her heart raced at even the idea of that.
"I don't think I'd be complaining..."
"Well then, I think we're doing a bit too much talking for my liking..."

Shifting her position on the bed slightly, but staying on top of Aerith, Tifa thrust her breasts down towards her face. She didn't need telling twice about what to do. She cupped Tifa's breasts eagerly and circled her long tongue around each of her nipples, taking the time to suck on them too, giving her friend her full, undivided attention. Tifa arched her back, clutching Aerith's face to her chest in encouragement, and the other girl flicked her tongue up between her breasts in a catlike motion.
"Ooh...good girl..." Tifa breathed, closing her eyes. "God, I've needed this...needed you... so badly..."
She turned her attention now to Aerith's clothing, deciding that she was a little overdressed for this situation. Controlling a conscious urge to just tear the dress off as quickly as she could, Tifa kissed Aerith's neck and ear as she lowered one strap and then the other, slipping it down to her friend's midsection, revealing a cute pink-and-white lacy bra that held breasts somewhere between a B and a C in size. The material was only thin; Aerith's nipples, stiff with her excitement, were clearly visible through it. Tifa's lips moved down over Aerith's collarbone to between her breasts. Her warm breath contrasting with the coldness of the night sent an involuntary shiver through Aerith's whole being. Her hands stroked down Tifa's back and through her hair, exploring the smoothness of her skin.
"Maybe I should take this off properly..." Tifa said, indicating her dress with a sweep of her hand.
Aerith nodded her agreement and Tifa stood up, letting her dress fall to the floor of its own accord. Aerith's eyes widened again as she took in the almost naked girl standing before her. She was breathtakingly beautiful, possessing a figure that would have made a glamour model jealous, curvaceous and toned in all the right places. The huge breasts gave way to a flat, sculpted stomach, displaying her ruby-red heart shaped navel stud. Her legs seemed to go on forever, porcelain white in contrast to the soft black leather of her boots. Aerith longed to bury her face between those legs.

"Do you like what you see?" Tifa twirled on the spot, showing off her perfectly-shaped ass. The black thong covered little indeed and was clingy, outlining Tifa's pussy completely from the front.
Speechless, Aerith's answer was to stand up and step out of her own dress, letting it join Tifa's in a messy pile on the hotel room floor. Her pants matched her bra, white French knickers trimmed in pink. While not as curvy as Tifa, Aerith still glowed in her femininity, a slender, supple frame that portrayed a serene grace with every movement, captivating and completely entrancing to behold.
She reached up behind her back in an almost reticent fashion and unhooked her bra.
"Yeah...take it off..." Tifa moaned as she sat on the bed and spread her legs, reaching between them.
She pulled her thong to one side, presenting Aerith with a clear view of her smoothly shaven pussy as she started to touch herself, rubbing in small circles. She slipped two fingers inside with a moan.
"I'm so wet for you, honey..." she purred, never breaking eye contact as she moved her fingers in and out, getting faster and faster with the motion. " get me so horny..."
Aerith's bra added to the pile of discarded clothing not moments later and Tifa was instantly back on her feet, her mouth and tongue all over every inch of her bared breasts that she could reach. Her fingers found the waistband of Aerith's knickers and slipped inside, brushing her clit and causing her to cry out loudly. Tifa didn't stop there, her hand moving ever downwards between Aerith's thighs.
"Oh, Tifa...don't stop touching me..."
Aerith's body was wracked with waves of indescribable sensation as Tifa played with her pussy, stroking in all of the right places. No man had ever made her feel so damn good there. Tifa was clearly experienced – whether by touching herself or due to having been with other girls before, Aerith was unsure. She didn't care. All she knew was Tifa. All she felt was Tifa's fingers inside of her.
Cautiously, Aerith moved one of her own hands to Tifa's crotch and down the front of her thong, wanting to repay her. She started to stroke and Tifa's breathing quickened.
"Yes, Aerith...rub my pussy..."
Spurred on by her words, Aerith stroked harder and thrust her fingers inside gently, moving them in the same motions that Tifa was doing to her. The two of them were loving everything about the situation, their mutual masturbation filling the room with the sounds of their satisfaction. Tifa leaned in and Aerith eagerly accepted another kiss, deepening it with her tongue as they continued to stimulate each other. By now, both girls were incredibly wet with their joint arousal.
Wanting to give Tifa the best access to her most intimate area that was possible, Aerith pulled down her knickers. Her own pussy had a small light-brown stripe of hair down the centre, and upon seeing it Tifa bent down and kissed at it softly. The tip of her tongue darted across Aerith's clit.
"Oh, fuck!" Aerith cried, looking a little embarrassed at the curse that had slipped out. Tifa smiled.
"Do you like that, sweetie?" she asked, going down on her knees in front of Aerith.
"It feels so good...please...more..."
Tifa was only too happy to obey. Her mouth found Aerith's sweet pussy once more, kissing and licking softly as she also reinserted her fingers at the same time, pumping in and out as her tongue circled the other girl's clit again. She tasted wonderful, wet and warm. The combined action of fingers and mouth had Aerith in Heaven. Tifa's free hand soon became occupied with her own pussy as she vigorously fingered herself while simultaneously pleasuring her friend. She felt Aerith's hands tangle in her hair and pull it, wanting more, wanting her. Their moans were almost synchronised.
Aerith half-fell, half-sat down onto the edge of the bed, parting her legs wider as Tifa pushed her tongue inside her pussy. Her fingers now took to rubbing Aerith's clit, getting more energetic.
"Ah, ah...oh my God!"
"Your pussy tastes so good, Aerith..."
"I...I want to taste yours too...please, Tifa...let me lick your pussy..."
Tifa looked up with a thoughtful expression. "I have an idea, sweetie. Lie down on the bed."
As Aerith curiously did as she was asked, Tifa took her thong off. Both girls were now totally nude.

Tifa climbed back on the bed and straddled Aerith again, but this time in such a way that her ass and pussy were positioned over Aerith's face, with her own face pointing towards Aerith's pussy.
She looked back over her shoulder and ran her tongue over her lower lip with a wink.
"Now we can both taste each other!"
With that, she lowered her hips and felt Aerith's soft warm tongue caressing her pussy almost immediately afterwards. Giggling, she grinded against her face, rocking her hips back and forth. Aerith's hands gripped her ass, spreading it wider for better contact between pussy and tongue. Tifa leaned forwards, fully intending to come good on her promise that they could both have a taste. Her tongue darted in and out of Aerith's pussy, reciprocating the amazing oral sex that she was receiving herself, the two of them in the sixty-nine position in the middle of the bed.
"I want your fingers too!" Tifa gasped. "Finger me while you eat my pussy, Aerith!"
Tifa's demanding talk only made Aerith get even damper below. She had never thought that another woman could make her feel like this. So fulfilled. So alive. So turned-on. So perfect. Her fingers stretched Tifa's pussy, allowing her to thrust her tongue fully up inside. She had never tasted a girl before, but found herself enjoying this more and more. She would have been quite content to lick that pussy all night. She felt Tifa suck on her clit in return and her breath caught in her lungs at the sensitivity. It was almost bliss to the point of being painful, and she loved every single second of it. From where she lay, she also had a clear view of the entrance to Tifa's ass, and had a spontaneous thought, running her tongue higher up and licking her there as well as at her pussy.
"Ooh, Aerith!" Tifa giggled. "That's naughty...and I love it! I want to feel your tongue in my ass!"
She wiggled her ass in the air and then pushed back towards Aerith's face. The older girl eagerly licked the entrance to her ass again, slipping the tip of tongue inside it and moving it in and out.
"Mmm, God! That feels so good! Fuck my ass with your tongue, Aerith! And finger my pussy!"

Even though Tifa was younger than her, Aerith was wholly enjoying the fact that she was in control, directing her actions, ordering her what to do. Her fingers slid rapidly in and out of Tifa's pussy as she continued to work on her ass using her tongue. Tifa buried her face back in Aerith's pussy with renewed vigour, spurred on by being penetrated in both of her own holes at once. They were completely caught up in each other, absorbed, friends turned lovers. With the way Aerith was going, Tifa felt like she was on the edge of having an orgasm at any moment.

I'm having far too much fun to cum just yet though.
"Aerith, sweetie, hold on...I have something else that I want to show you."
Aerith's eyes widened with curiosity again as Tifa got off of her and moved over to the dresser in the corner of the bedroom. Her pale skin shone in the bright moonlight. Opening the top drawer, she pulled something out and turned to face Aerith again, holding it up with a cheeky smile on her face.
Aerith gasped in surprise. Her friend was holding a dildo, about eight inches in length and made of slightly translucent purple glass. Of course, she knew what it was for – she owned one herself. Hers wasn't as big as Tifa's though, and she had never used a glass one before. The thought of this new potential thrill filled her with excitement and a shiver of pleasure ran through her entire body.
"What do you think?" Tifa asked, running her tongue slowly along the whole length of the dildo.
"I think...I think I want it deep inside me..." Aerith murmured shyly.
Tifa smiled in satisfaction. Aerith was getting the hang of dirty talk now. Apparently all it had taken was her first lesbian experience to bring the girl out of her sexual shell a little more.
If I'd known that before, we could have been doing this a LOT sooner...
"Spread your legs, honey..." Tifa purred.
Aerith obeyed, and Tifa lay back beside her on the bed, kissing up her stomach and over her breasts and neck to find her lips again as she slid the sex toy inside her friend with almost no resistance, owing to how turned-on Aerith was. Aerith's breath caught in her lungs as Tifa entered her with the dildo. It was cold, hard, and so smooth. It felt almost as if she was being penetrated with silk. She had no idea that something made of glass could feel so delicious. Tifa was showing her a lot of things she didn't know tonight, and she (and her pussy) were grateful for each and every one of them.
"Tifa..." Aerith moaned, looking into her friend's eyes. "Please...fuck me with it..."
"I'd be happy to..."
Tifa started to pump the dildo in and out of Aerith's tight pussy, simulating the same action that she would have experienced with a man. As she did so, the fingers of her free hand circled her friend's clit at the same time. She felt Aerith's nails dig into her back as she cried out in ecstasy.
"Ah! Tifa! Like that...oh my God, don't stop!"
Aerith's screams of excitement were like sweet music to Tifa, music that she never wanted to stop listening to. Hearing Aerith's sweet, lilting voice forming such words was an aphrodisiac in itself. Aerith’s eyes shut tightly and she bit down on her own lip as Tifa started to thrust with the dildo harder and faster. Her wetness shone on the glass under the light from the window, and Tifa occasionally stopped using the dildo on her in order to suck it clean before reinserting it again. Aerith's hips bucked almost reflexively as she thrust back against the dildo, wanting it as deep inside her as it would go. Tifa obliged and slid every inch of the toy into the other girl, also lowering her mouth to her pussy and sucking her clit while the dildo was buried inside her. She had never heard her friend be so loud before in her life as when she did that, and she had known her for a few years now.
Like Tifa had been before, Aerith now found herself approaching imminent climax. She could feel her muscles contracting and her pulse quickening alongside her breathing. However, also like Tifa, she wasn't ready for this to end yet. She was in rapture, bliss, and wanted to make it last.
"Tifa...I want to use it on you, too..."
Tifa had been waiting for that. For so long, she had imagined Aerith using the dildo on her. Now, it seemed like her wishes, her thoughts, her desires, would finally become a reality. She handed the dildo to Aerith, lay down, reached between her legs and spread her pussy open with her fingers.
"I'm all yours. Fuck me, Aerith. I want you to fuck me hard with that toy until I cum. Do it."
The wet pinkness of Tifa's presentation, combined with her words, almost made Aerith cum on the spot. She had to make a conscious effort not to as a drop of wetness slid down her thigh. Kneeling between Tifa's open legs, she teasingly lapped at her pussy, savouring her taste, before pushing the dildo inside her like she had asked for. Tifa's back arched as soon as it had entered, and her hands clawed at the bedsheets as Aerith started to pound her pussy rapidly with her own glass toy. She lifted her long legs up into the air and held them up over her head with her knees touching her own shoulders so the dildo could penetrate her pussy even deeper. Her martial arts training sure came in handy sometimes, lending her the flexibility to be in positions that most girls could only dream of. Aerith was certainly enjoying the view, stroking up all over Tifa's body with one hand while toying her with the other. Tifa took Aerith's fingers into her mouth and sucked on them suggestively.
Giggling, Aerith pushed the dildo right up to the hilt within Tifa as she had done to her previously. As she did so, she stroked her fingers, now moistened with Tifa's saliva, down to her ass and pushed two of them inside so that Tifa was essentially being double-penetrated again. Tifa's moans were now loud enough to rival the one that had escaped from Aerith earlier, a stream of lustful profanity.
"Mmmyeah! Fill both my holes, sweetie! I love it! I fucking love it! Oh my fucking God, Aerith!"
Tifa writhed and twisted on the bed as Aerith plunged both fingers and toy in and out of her, increasing in speed as Tifa increased in volume. Her ass and pussy were both so tight. Aerith angled the dildo to press against Tifa's g-spot, knowing she'd found it when the other girl threw back her head almost violently, her hair fanning out across the bed like a dark curtain as her breath came in shallow pants, her body shaking slightly as a flush slowly spread its way across her cheeks and chest.
"Oh, there! There! Right fucking there! Ah! Ah! Ah, Aerith! Harder! Please, harder! Make me cum!"
Heavily encouraged, Aerith decided to please Tifa as hard and as fast as she could. Her hands were virtually a blur as she moved her fingers and the toy in a way that could have looked almost violent from an outside perspective. Aerith herself was a little shocked at how she was being, at how much she was getting into how much she was getting off on it.
"Cum for me, Tifa..." She was stunned at the words her lips seemed to form of their own accord.
"Oh, Aerith! Oh my God! I'm gonna...ah, fuck! Fuck, I'm cumming!"
With that, Tifa squirted, unable to hold back any longer. Her girly fluids splashed onto the sheets, completely soaking them, as well as the dildo and Aerith's fingers. Tifa's body was trembling.
"I've...fantasized about that...for so long..." she panted, her breathing heavy.
"Was it as good in person?" Aerith asked. She sounded a little nervous.
Tifa responded not with words, but by pouncing on her and pinning her to the bed while aggressively pushing her tongue back into her mouth in a fierce kiss. After a few minutes, she let her back up.
"Does that answer your question?"
Aerith nodded, smiling. Tifa wasn't done yet though, and pushed her back onto the bed more gently.
"After what you just did, it wouldn't be fair unless you get to cum, too."
Within seconds, three of Tifa's fingers were back in Aerith's pussy, stroking and pumping at a frenzied speed while her tongue worked over her clit with an almost crazed hunger. Aerith's hands tangled and pulled at Tifa's long hair as she wrapped her legs around the back of other girl's neck, pulling her nearer, wanting more of her tongue. Tifa curled her fingers inside Aerith, finding her g-spot almost with a well-trained precision. Aerith's muscles clenched almost involuntarily. It almost felt too good. Nobody had ever managed to "hit" her there before. If felt as if every good feeling she had ever felt before was being amplified ten times in her pussy at the touch of Tifa's fingers.
"Tifa...oh, Tifa...I'm ready!" she gasped. "Make me cum, Tifa...please make me cum now..."
Even at this moment, Aerith was so surprised at how she was moaning like a whore. It was as if she was no longer in control of her own voice anymore. Tifa had brought out something new in her. Something wild. Something unrestrained. Something she wanted to let loose and never look back.
Tifa's tongue stroked over her clit again as she continued to simultaneously stimulate her g-spot. Every time Tifa stroked that certain place inside her, a wave of almost blinding bliss crashed through every inch of her like water breaking on a shoreline in a storm. She could feel it building up and up. She didn't want it to end. She wanted Tifa's fingers inside her forever. And yet, she couldn't hold back any longer. Tifa's skilled tongue and expert fingering were pushing her to breaking point.
"Tifa, I...I...I'm going're going to make me..."
"It's okay...don't hold back..."
Aerith's body was wracked with shudders as she hit her orgasm, screaming her friend's name at the top of her lungs, clenching her hair and bucking her hips up against her face, drenching Tifa's tongue and fingers in her own fluids in an explosive end to their tryst. She collapsed back onto the bed, breathless and spent. Tifa crawled up to lie beside her, and Aerith lay her head on her shoulder, feeling the younger girl stroking her hair and forehead gently. Aerith had never felt so fulfilled. There wasn't a man alive who had made her experience such strong emotions in the way that Tifa did. She felt butterflies in her stomach, and her head felt light and airy. Her heart was threatening to beat itself right out of her chest and she was still shaking.
She wasn't sure if it was just the drink talking, but she needed to say it.
"I...I love you, Tifa..." Aerith whispered, so softly that it was practically imperceptible.
Tifa smiled in a way she hadn't in years. "I love you too, sweetie."

Aerith's spirit soared.

♥ ♥ ♥

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