Trysts of Final Fantasy VIII

BY : DragonKnight387
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“Oh, Instructor Trepe, how do I get close to thee…”

The male Trepe fan wondered as he was drifting back on his seat in the cafeteria. He could see it in his mind’s eye Quistis’s form, her slender figure, her breasts that feel like they were molded perfectly for his hands, her elegant arms that would wrap him in an embrace, and her fantastic ass that he would literally kiss over and over again, even if she didn’t ask. Oh, how wonder ful his fantasy was of Instructor Qustis Trepe and he could go on and on for-

The intercom interrupted his revelry when It pronounced, “Student numbers, 6489, 5648, 9343, report to Instructor Trepe’s office.”

6489? That’s the male Trepe fan’s number! His heart was head over heels at being given  exactly what he wanted. In an uncharacteristic show of energy, he dashed out of the cafeteria to her office, leaving his friend sitting next to him say, “That’s one way to get him to focus.”


He arrived at the office last after the other two students. He looked at them and noticed that the other two were members of the Quistis Trepe fan club. He recognized the short, bob haired girl who was absolutely fascinated with the Instructor’s ability to kill monsters. He also recognized the girl with the pony tail, who was fiercely protective of the instructor and tallied how many times she was knocked out. Both of them were cute girls, but they didn’t hold a candle to Instructor Trepe. Despite the instructor's age, she gave off that mature, confident attitude aura that schoolgirls just didn't have yet. He immediately noticed how she was in her casual clothes instead of her uniform, with those arm length gloves and her long skirt. He always loved that outfit that revealed a little bit of sexuality while remaining prim and proper.

She looked at him from her desk and tersely said, “Close the door.”

After the door shut, Quistis got up and closely look each Trepe member in the eye before saying, “So you three are members of the Trepe fan club?”

“Ma’am, yes, ma’am!” All three said in unison.

“Your grades are dismal. All of you.” She picked up the stack of papers she had been grading before. “D. D. F. D-. Oh, look, a D+. One of you actually applied yourself.” She dropped the papers back on the desk and made a theatrical sigh. “Is this how you honor your teacher?”

“Ma’am, no, ma’am!”

“Is that so?” She looked at the bob haired girl and asked, “What have you been studying then?”

“H-how many enemies you’ve killed?”

“Really now.  What makes me killing so fascinating?”

“How in contrasts with your sweet, innocent image. I-It’s just so amazing to see a beautiful woman be so completely ruthless!”

“…I see…” Quistis then pointed at the pony tailed fan. “What have you been focusing on?”

“Ummm…how many times you’ve been knocked out…”

“And why, pray tell, is that interesting?” The pony-tailed girl looked down at her shoes.  “Does it have something to do with that hidden camera I found in my room?”

The Trepe fans seized up. She found out that they have footage of her sleeping, showering, and…all the other things she did by herself?  Quistis continued, “What is it about me sleeping that you find so fascinating?” She ran her fingers through her hair, “Is it my disheveled hair?” She ran a finger on her lips, “Is it my open lips?” She cupped her breasts, “Or Is it my heaving chest?”

The pony-tailed girl fidgeted and answered, “…Your…tits…”

Quistis crossed her arms, pushing her tits even higher, “I’m sorry? ‘Tits’? Isn’t there another name for them?”  She then placed her hands on the ponytailed girls tits and lightly thumbs her nipples through her student uniform, “Let me be more specific. What do you call these?”

“Y-your breasts! Your boobs! Your funbags! There’s just so perfectly shaped and proportioned! They’re so much better than mine!”

“I think you have a nice pair yourself.” She then walked over to the male Trepe fan and looked him in the eye. “I don’t even have to ask what you’ve been studying, so tell me this: how many times do you masturbate to me?”

The male Trepe fan was shocked and was at a loss for words until the Instructor cracked her whip against the floor. “How many times do you masturbate?!”

“Ummm…uhhhh…every chance I get…”

“Really? And where would this be?”

“…my room…the hotel…the bathroom…anytime I could get alone time, I would do it…”

Quistis’s eyes narrowed at him, “And I take it you look at videos of me sleeping while pleasuring yourself?” All three of them nodded. She walked back behind her desk and straightened out her whip. “Very well, I’ve decided on your punishment; all three of you disrobe.”

The fan club looked at each other, confused as to the order before they heard another crack.” Now!” she ordered. Skirts, jackets, pants, and shoes were strewn on the ground, but oddly enough, no panties, boxers, or tighty-whities. Instructor Trepe looked at the pile at their feet. “You all go commando?” They nodded.

“All right then. You girls start kissing each other.” The two Trepe fans pressed their breasts against each other as their tongues started tangling with each other’s. First they touched the lips before naturally trying to enter each other’s mouths only to be blocked by the tongue.  Soon they got a good rhythm going as they started caressing each other’s tits. The bob haired girl was a little more adventurous as she pinched the nipple ever so lightly before applying more pressure. Her slim fingers tweaked Ponytail's tits like those defunct radio dials.

Quistis crossed he desk and started stroking the male Trepe’s cock. She wondered, “You’ve got a nice cock, if nothing else. Sturdy, girthy, longer than my hand. So tell me, what do you like to have? A threeway with these two lovely ladies, or a gloved handjob from me?”

“T-the handjob!” He said before letting out a guttural moan of ecstasy  as her finger brushed up on his underside.

“Really?” You’d turn down a chance to fuck two girls for my hand?”

“Yes! Because it’s your hand! As long as I get to touch any part of you, I’d be happy!”

She slapped him right on his ass and said, “Too bad this is punishment. Go over there and offer your cock to them.”

He hobbled forward and presented his erection to them. Knowing instinctively what was expected of them, they kneeled on the floor and started licking his cock, lathering the shaft, circling the shaft, cradling the sack. The bob haired girl started stroking his ass cheeks and when the pony-tailed girl tried her hand-so to speak-at deepthroating.  Parting his cheeks, a finger was thrust into his asshole, pushing his hips even further into her mouth. The male Trepe fan was between a rock and a hard place, or rather, between a velvet cave and a feminine finger. He thrusted even further to meet a thrashing tongue against his shaft and uvula tickling his cockhead. The raw, wet sensation was too much and he tried to pull back, only to feel the bob haired girl’s finger rub against his prostrate gland. His hips were physiologically incapable of standing still and kept thrusting against these opposing forces. Far sooner than he expected, he started cumming right down the pony-tailed girl’s throat. Caught by surprise, she placed her hand against his pelvis to force him off, but to no avail because of the other girl’s hand. She tried to swallow his load, but she started tearing up before she pulled her head off to hack up the cum out of her throat. After a minute of coughing, she asked the other fan, “Why’d you do that?!”

The male Trepe fan was about to answer before being interrupted by the other girl, “I thought you’d look cute with cum in your mouth.” The bob-haired girl cracked a smile for a second before the crack of a whip struck the ground.

Quistis had a stern look on her face, “You’re quite the sadist, aren’t you?” A mischevious smile played on her face and she said, “I’m curious. You can dish it out, but can you take it? Come here. And you will cum here.”

The bob-haired girl tip-toed to her new mistress, anxious of what was to come. Once she got close enough, the instructor opened the drawer to pull out a bumpy, 12 inch dildo, blacker than the male Quistis fan.

“Bend over,” she ordered. The Trepe fan did so and braced herself with the desk. She began to feel the vibrating pseudo-cock brush against her lower lips, tracing the folds and passing over her now exposed clit. The bob-haired girl started to pant for the insertion.

But it never went in! Her dear instructor was just tracing and probing her outer lips, feather touches against her nether regions, but never that satisfying sense of fulfillment she was looking for.

“It’d be pretty interesting to see how much teasing you can endure. If only I had more time, I’d like to see what your breaking point is. One hour, two…a month… Would you like to try that? A whole month of teasing?” The pre orgasmic girl could only pant harder in response, eeking out an “uh-huh.”

“But unfortunately, I don’t have the time,” Instructor Trepe replied. “So, take this,” and in one, swift motion, she jammed the dildo up her ass and left it on. The bob-haired girl’s orgasm felt strange. Her pussy muscles tried to clamp down on thin air, but the power still forced her to her knees.

Quistis pointed to the ponytail girl, “You there! Here’s your chance for revenge.” Seizing the opportunity, the girl, who just recently hacked up a load of cum, jammed her lower lips against the other’s upper lips, Bobhair enjoyed the random tongue movements against her inner walls, even though it meant inhaling the scent of Ponytail's sopping wet pussy.

Quistis walked over to the male fan, who had been fluffling himself at the sight of this wild, lesbian orgy. Even though he was taller than her, he shrunk in her presence.

“You said that you would do anything for me. What if I were to tell you that I would use your cock as a living dildo? What would you think?”

He couldn’t believe his ears. He’d have done anything for even a finger from her hand, but now she was offering her glorious pussy. How wonderful it would be to personally satisfy all of her sexual services! “I would love to!” he yelled.

“Good. Offer your penis to me,” and on that order, he got down on his knees while holding his hard rod.

“No no no. Lie down on your back and hold your hips high in the air. Really offer your cock to me.” Without hesitation, he did as he was told, his hard cock jutting proudly in the air, his ballsack on full display. He was reduced to a mere toy, to be used solely for pleasure.

“Now then,” Quistis said. “If I wanted to step on your balls, would you let me do that?” She held the sole of her boot against his testicles. “If I wanted to just crush them and grind them into dust, would you be okay with that?” He winced in pain and his voice caught in his throat. Not hearing an actual answer, she pressed down harder against his sack.

“Y-yes! They’re yours to smash!”

She then began to trace his asshole with her shoe tip, “Would you let me fuck you in the ass like a woman with whatever I insert in there? Dildos, strap-ons, my whip handle, or even the heel of my boots, would you like that?” She held the pointed tip against his opening.

“Y-yes, please! Anything!”

She moved her boot back onto his cock, with the sole rubbing against the underside of his cock, “And if I want to grind this cock out like a cigarette and trample it, that would be okay?”

He couldn’t take much more of this and he involuntarily started humping against the sole of her boot, desperate for any way to get off. He started spurting out his cum against the sole of her boot and against his pelvis, happy to be crushed between a rock and a hard place. Deflated, he collapsed onto the floor.

“Bad boy,” she said as she scraped the cum on her boot onto his chest. “Fortunately, I’m in a forgiving mood and won’t hold it against you.” Quistis then knelt down to suckle on the remnants of cum still lingering on his cockhead before engulfing him entirely to fluff him back up. He raised his hands to grasp her head, but she pulled off before he could touch her. She took off her long skirt to expose her creamy, toned thighs and her knee high boots.

“Now you’re ready, Squall,” she said, and sank down  upon his turgid member. Did she just call him Squall? That loner that sits in the back? And not by Fanboy's actual name? The man who actually pays attention to each movement she makes. How perfect her hand moves while writing, how her breaths have perfect rhythm, how her glasses sometimes droop lower to reveal her blue eyes?

But what does it matter? It’s the Trepe fan’s cock that smashing against her walls. It’s his cock that’s drooling with pre-cum inside of her vagina. It’s his cock that’s invading heaven right now. So what if she calls him by another man’s name? Squall’s not here. It’s not his cock plundering her moistened cave.

He started pounding hard in response, gripping her hips to brace her from slipping off.  She, in turn, sank deeper into her biggest fan, her face exposing the carnal pleasure she’s feeling. Finally, she sank all the way to the base and squeezed hard against his shaft in orgasm, which in turn sent his sperm flying into her womb.

They stayed like that for a while, resting against each other in bliss, listening to the vibrator humming in the background.  Wearily, Quistis got off the floor and started putting her clothes back on.

“Needless to say, word cannot get out about what just happened. I’d lose my license, understood?”

The Trepe fan club got off the floor and saluted her, forgetting to put on their uniforms first.

“Good,” and Quistis left the room, closing the door behind her. As the Trepe fans were gathering their clothes, trying to figure out who had which bra, and who had what socks, all three of them smiled at each other.

There’s no way they could keep this a secret.

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