Final Fantasy X-2: Rikku's Romp with a Ronso

BY : The_Lithomancer
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Rikku’s eyes took on a dreamy quality as she stared up at the evening sky, watching a volley of fireworks ascend into that inky blackness only to explode in clusters of red and yellow that magically coalesced into a squawking chocobo. She stood amidst the cheering crowd of ronso in the central thoroughfare of the settlement nestled at the base of Mount Gagazet, a cheerful and lively city of ancient stone fortifications and curved wooden dwellings, their ancient beams etched with angular runes that were faded and weathered, yet ardent in it’s praise of the mountain that empowered their culture. Streamers and confetti in all sorts of vibrant colors fluttered lazily in the air above Rikku as ronso children hurled them merrily from second-story balconies, their laughter mixing with the impetuous screeching of noisemakers and small firecrackers that made the air practically vibrate with an upbeat jubilation. Rikku couldn't help but smile and laugh along with the rest of them, joining their festivities as they celebrated the acceptance of Kimahri as elder, her enthusiasm making her forget the fact that she remained separated from Yuna and Paine for what felt like hours now. But it didn't dampen her mood one bit, not with the procession of ronso warriors singing the “Hymn of the Fayth”, their voices guttural and low, tearing through the cheerful veil of the festivities around them with their somber marching as they honored the gallantry and valor of their departed. Each stern warrior held an ornamental torch in his massive blue paws, tails casting writhing shadows on the stone streets, their glistening surface alit with the warm comforting glow of torchlight that Rikku could feel on her skin as she deftly sidestepped their spiritual march. But as the end of the procession wrapped around the bustling thoroughfare, a gang of ronso extracted themselves from the group at the rowdy beckoning of their leader, a brash young ronso with his eyes searing with an insatiable vengeance. Rikku let out a distasteful “huff” as she tilted her head to the side and rolled her eyes, watching them push their way through the throng while they shouted their mocking jeers and provocative taunts, their hotheadedness carrying above the festive merriment as they stormed over to her with their torches held aloft.  

“Huh? What gives!” Rikku complained as the gang surrounded her in a loose semicircle, shouting praise for the one currently approaching her, his torch held like a sword in his hand before he tossed it aside and growled out, “Puny Slut stop Kitep from vengeance against Guado!” Kitep demand rematch battle with small slut, will regain honor through victory!” 

Kiteps’s gang erupted into a bout of cheering and guttural roaring, their fist raised to the sky in their hot-blood exhalation of an impending fight, eyes glittering with their reckless vengeance as searing torchlight set their muscled frames awash in its blazing light. Rikku pressed her index finger against her luscious pink lips to stop herself from smiling or laughing, choosing instead to adopt a feigned mask of contemplation for a long moment before she finally burst out in a fit of giggling. Tears of laughter slid down her flushed cheeks as she bent over and held her hands up in a futile gesture to placate Kitep as he growled angrily and stormed up to her with the promise of violence gleaming in his violet eyes. 

“Little whore think Kitep joke?” Kitep snarled, his words punctuated with an angry growl that rumbled from his throat like an erupting volcano. 

“Hey, with a name like Kitep, no wonder you and Garik got pummeled by me, yunnie, and Paine!” Rikku mockingly retorted, succumbing to another bout of giggling that caused her lips to curl in a victorious smirk. She backed away as Kitep approached, a mischievous glimmer in her dreamy green eyes that flared with a wary panic when Kitep clenched his fist and angrily punched a stout wooden support beam. 

“Instead of accepting challenge, Puny Slut think Kitep jest like child? You dare mock Kitep!” He roared, making a show of dragging his sharp claws against the beam, sending a shower of wood fragments and dust that Rikku deftly avoided. 

“Huh! You know, you bad kitties best r-run along before I….I,” Rikku started to say before her senses were assailed by the intoxicating scent of his fur, her sentence left unfinished as she gently gasped and felt her head become so dull and sluggish. His towering frame and dominant masculinity shrouded Rikku’s body and mind like an eclipse at midday, her nostrils flaring as she inhaled his musky pheromones that choked the air with a sexual miasma of anthropomorphic heat, causing her eyes to glaze over and her legs to feel weak as a strange heat flared to life between her legs. Rikku’s knees buckled after an electrifying surge of lust and giddiness pulsed from her smoldering core, her hands sliding down the expanse of her flat stomach before she absent-mindedly hooked her index fingers around the slender yellow bands of her G-string bikini bottom and simply mewled. She shuddered as she felt the gooey rivulets of her translucent girl-honey slide down her slender thighs, her olive green miniskirt unable to hide just how much his mating pheromones were beginning to affect her as they clung around her perky round ass with a possessiveness that made Rikku suddenly feel unbearably hot and horny. Her eyelids drooped into a heavy-lidded stare as she tilted her head up and drank in every detail of Kitep’s muscular body, her perky breasts jiggling gently as she shuddered and slowly licked her lips, heaving with arousal as another mind-melting cloud of pheromones causes stars to explode across her vision as she swooned and felt a torrent of lust overwhelm her. Her lightly tanned skin glistened with droplets of sweat that twinkled in the torchlight like morning dew, her nipples protruding from the swimsuit top that suddenly felt so uncomfortably tight and hot on her slender body. She couldn't even come to terms with how every noxious wave of Kitep’s potent musk was making it so hard for her to think and control herself, her thoughts turning to mush save for the instinctual desire to breed. She licked her lips as she dreamily obsessed over that instinctual need, her vision swimming with fantasies of him warping her tight pussy into a perfect sleeve for his massive cock as he mated with her and made her lightly toned belly bulge with his hotheaded babies. All she had to do was totter forward and bury her face in all that soft blue fur that covered his sinewed frame in that luxurious glossy coat that pumped all those brain-rotting pheromones. Her hands slid up his bulging abdominals before she could even think to stop herself, her fingers parted to caress his soft fur and inadvertently releasing another cloud of pheromones that made her moan with pent-up lust and need. 

“Mmm...nah sweetie, see...I think I’m in the mood f-for something..else,” Rikku said with a salacious purr, her hands running up and down his furred chest while she tilted her head up even further and stared dreamily into his eyes, unable to care that they were glittering with vengeful anger. “You see, I’m a lover...n-not a fighter and really...I..I don't think you have anything to prove, but mmm...I wonder if Ronso fuck just as good as they fight..”

Kitep snorted and shook his head, unable to stop his anger from waning as he took in the deliciously sweet scent of her arousal, his mating pheromones working in overdrive while his cock stiffened and bulged in his tribal loincloth. His sweaty shaft glistened in the torchlight after it contorted his loincloth into a conical shape that revealed his fat greasy balls, dripping with sweat and pumping a musk-loaded mist that oozed into the evening air every time his leathery pouch jiggled and churned his massive load. His instinctual dominance made Rikku swoon as he grabbed the hem of her miniskirt and pulled her up against him only to push her against the support beam, wrenching a soft squeak from her lips as the whirlwind of sensations and musk made her dizzy and even more lust-addled. His large frame hunched over her as he trembled with indecision, unable to decide if he should mate and breed or fight her as he intended. He settled for a compromise and made him growl at her nervous giggling, making his lips curl into a satisfied smirk that revealed his alabaster fangs, taking an animalistic delight in his mate’s submissive wince before he growled out, “Kitep prove ronso is better warrior! Puny slut accept ronso’s challenge, prove she is better slut than fighter!” 

Rikku feebly squeaked in protest when Kitep lifted her up and swung her over his shoulder like a bale of hay, her braided tresses swinging two-and-fro as he marched down the thoroughfare with the rest of his gang. Excited hoots and mocking jeers filled Rikku’s ears as her lust-addled mind struggled to make sense of the whirlwind of color and sound before Kitep abruptly turned and stalked down a disreputable alleyway, idly kicking over empty wooden crates and trash cans as he made his way down the narrow lane before depositing her on a rectangular dirt clearing. Rikku barely had time to get on her knees before Kitep stuffed his massive greasy balls in her face, filling her nostrils with the scent of his sweat and potent musk as he rubbed them up and down her face. Her eyes fluttered shut as her tongue slid between her glossy pink lips and lapped against Kitep’s leathery sperm pouch while his copulatory thrusts blasted her mind with his brain-warping pheromones, driving her tongue into a frenzy of breathy licks and mischievous kisses as her lust burned with the heat of a wildfire between her long and shapely legs. Her hands trembled as she reached up and struggled to wrap her fingers around his engorged deep-blue shaft, feeling the heat of his arousal warm her palms while his gooey porcelain-hued pre-cum bubbled from his flanged cockhead and coated those slender digits.

Disgusting “shlicks” and squelches filled the space between their bodies as she jacked him off with her hands covered in his cockslime, her green eyes gleaming with an impish passion as she pulled away from his spit-glazed balls only to playfully moan out, “You better make me work for every glob of greasy backed-up cum in your big balls *lick*...fucking yummy…”

Spurred on by her degrading teasing, Rikku’s eyes glazed over as she fastened her lips around one of Kitep’s sperm-stuffed balls and began to kiss it with a raunchy fervor, her tongue dragging along its bulbous surface until she covered every inch in lipstick marks and breathy moans. Rikku smiled dumbly as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and vacuumed in one of his egg-sized nuts while rivulets of pre-cum mixed drool slid like jelly down her chin, splattered all over her body while she blew his fat balls like cocks, alternating between them until his lumpy pre-cum began to dribble off the side of his spit-shined ballpouch. Rikku gripped Kitep’s thighs as she feasted off the brain-melting scent of his loins, his fat dick jerking upward with each audible suck, smacking down upon her face and leaving dabs of gooey cum. Her head undulated as she snorted up every droplet of sweat and nutgrease off his ballsack, punctuating her lust-addled worship with noisy kisses and whorish moans, overwhelmed by the instinctual lust possessing her body until she managed to pull her face away. 

“Are you going to finally stuff your fat dick inside my mouth or are you just going to drain your sweaty balls all over my face while I suck on them,” Rikku groaned with a taunting grin on her flushed face, evidence of just how badly she needed to be fucked by him. She knew it was all a game, animalistic sex disguised as a fierce rematch between adversaries, a useless charade adopted by their pride and dignity to give them a pathetic excuse to act on their instincts and fuck each others brains out. Kitep merely growled his assent and tilted his throbbing 11-inch bitchbreaker until his flanged-shape prick helmet slid against her parted lips, his throat rumbling in satisfaction when Rikku began to drag her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, her hot sensual breath wafting across his veiny girth until her tongue deviously curled around his pre-cum gushing tip to scoop up his salty fuckbutter while pushing his girthy inside her mouth with a loud “glurk!”

Whole inches of Kitep’s dick vanished inside Rikku’s mouth as she struggled to push him down her throat, her lust enthralling her with the idea of having her throat hug his girthy inches just to feel his cum pool directly inside her stomach. Her cheeks with his fat cockhead as she bobbed her head and began to suck with a slutty zeal to her undulations, her gaze tilted up at him as she eyefucked him and swallowed his dick while her depraved squelching and playful gagging filled the clearing. Her lips vibrated around his shaft as she moaned and pulled him even deeper inside her mouth, his fat cockhead bulging in her throat after a muffled “plop” sent his girth plummeting down her throat and her lips rubbing against the base of his shaft. Kitep grunted as an explosion of searing pleasure sent his hips bucking against her face, a copulatory gesture designed to milk that intoxicating sensation by treating her mouth like an incredibly tight and wet pussy. His vision blurred as he stared down at that blonde-haired whore, her eyes glazed over with lust while pearlescent swaying strands covered the front of her perky breasts like a thick slimy glaze, his balls swaying gently in the cool air as his thrusts made his sperm-factories audibly slosh. So enamored with the pleasure flaring from his fat cock that he ignored the mocking jeers of his kin until he jolted out of his reverie and growled in mock triumph, his fist raised to the confetti-strewn heavens as he began to viciously buck his hips and treat this puny slut like she deserved. 

“Kitep turn puny slut into breeder for prized clan! Squirt out warriors to fight Guado!” Kitep bellowed out much to the praise of the youthful gang that surrounded him. Rikku merely looked up at him in a sickening contrast of adoration and displeasure as he slapped his hands on either side of her head and grabbed thick handfuls of her braids and tresses, her gagging intensifying as he began to skullfuck her mercilessly. Rikku’s loud gagging squelched from her lips as her spit and throat-slime splattered and quivered from her chin, her eyes crossing for a long moment before rolling up in her head as Kitep brutally rammed his dick inside her mouth and growled loudly at the onslaught of pleasure he felt. His balls slapped against the underside of her chin with each feral thrust, causing her skin to glisten with his sweat and ballgrease while musk-ridden sprays of mist puffed into the air and sunk into her skin, marking her forever as his just from the scent of his cock-stink embedded on her silken body. Rikku’s eyes began to lazily roll up in her head as she felt his cock twitch ominously in her fucked-out throat, his balls practically vibrating just before she dimly heard him roar out in his orgasmic ecstasy. But she didn't care, all that mattered was the haze of lust and degrading pleasure she felt as he viciously fucked her throat and used her in ways she secretly craved. She braced herself to swallow Kitep’s massive gooey load, her arms falling to her sides at the very thought of being a sperm-toilet for a ronso youth made her orgasm with a muffled gurgle. Her hips rolled forward as her slender legs bucked lewdly while her girlcum sprayed all over the dirt, convulsing over and over as she mindlessly mewled for his hot fuckbutter, only to feel him pull his spit-glazed shaft from her mouth and cum all over her face. Thick streams of chowder-thick cum sprayed from Kitep’s urethra like an erupting volcano, covering Rikku’s upper body in fat streaming ropes that buried her features under his potent fuckbutter. Rikku merely whimpered as she was used like a cheap cumrag, shuddering as she found a strange intoxicating delight in hearing the degrading taunts and slurs bellowed from the ronso surrounding her. 

“Stupid cocksocket nothing more than ronso cumdumpster!” Kitep groaned as he fired a half-dozen more ropes of his steaming filth all over her face and inside Rikku’s mouth, causing her to gargle his lumpy fucksauce like a real cumdumpster while she swished it around and chewed it while she spasmed in her orgasmic haze. She never felt so used and degraded in her entire life, but as that mouthful of sperm slithered down her throat, she couldn't deny just how good it felt to have her brains melted by the stench of his cock and her body to be coated in his squirming cockbutter. A breathy squeak slid from Rikku’s cum-plastered lips as Kitep pulled her up by her hair, her knees buckling and her arms dangling uselessly like a puppet with its strings cut, her chest heaving with desire as Kitep bellowed triumphantly to his kin, displaying her like a trophy before he bent her over and tore off her mini-skirt and G-string before lining up his iron-hard shaft with her drooling folds. 

“Hnnng, you’re going to..f-fucking break me with that massive cock, you animal!” Rikku groaned out while she sluttily rolled her eyes and shuddered as she felt his congealing cum dribble down her face. She licked his salty cum from her lips while she teasingly rubbed her slick folds up and down his shaft, so enraptured by the depraved need bubbling within her core, a dark urge that made her crave the very notion of getting fucked into a senseless gaping heap in the dirt. When Kitep grunted and grabbed her slender arms in a single paw, Rikku merely mewled in anticipation, turning her head to fix him with a salacious stare that begged him to fuck her stupid and cover the rest of her body in his potent ballfilth, to make her squirt out his lumpy effluence from her gaping holes for a week while her belly bulged with gallons of his spunk. Their groans intermixed with each other when Kitep forced her arms behind her back and used her hair for leverage as he bucked his hips forward and drilled his shaft deep inside her tight pussy with a single thrust that made her round ass ripple with the impact and her perky breasts to jiggle wildly. Stars exploded across Rikku’s vision as he claimed her, her innermost depths stretching deliciously around his girthy prick and squelching lewdly while he rammed against her cervix with a bruising force. Rikku’s lips parted in a silent scream of ecstasy as his feral thrusts sent her spiraling into another mind-busting orgasm, her eyes skyrocketing up in her head while her knees buckled and threatened to give out on her. 

“Fuu-uuuh-uuck!” Rikku hoarsely cried out as palpitations of white-hot pleasure made her back arch repeatedly. “Try not to..nnrrgh...cum too fast, you fat dicked furball! You still have t-to turn my tight pussy into a cum-drooling cocksocket...mmmph!”

“Kitep will fuck tight breeder whore until stupid! Teaches slut to respect ronso warriors,” Kitep retorted with a guttural snarl, his words carrying an ominous disapproval even though his cock betrayed him by jerking and throbbing mightily inside Rikku’s tight honeypot. He would tell by her fuck-drunk smile and the way her pussy possessively hugged his shaft that her taunts were just a playful disguise for what she truly craved. That underneath her flirtatious exhibitionism, she was an animal operating on the instinctual addiction to feel his cock stretch out her tight whoreholes, and it was that realization that made Kitep lust to animalistically fuck her even harder in return. Her screams of ecstasy mixed with his dominant snarls as he fucked her with the force of a battering ram, her firm perky butt rippling with each brutal thrust while the sounds of their intense copulation carried above the rowdy crowd. Rikku’s tongue lolled out of her mouth as she surrendered to the tsunami of mind-blowing ecstasy, her eyes half-lidded and glazed over as a ceaseless stream of orgasms buried her under an avalanche of intoxicating bliss, reducing her to a mere cockpuppet with her flat stomach bulging gently with Kitep’s fat cock. Each violent thrust made her feel so full, so complete in the most degrading way possible that by the time it retreated from her depths, she felt empty and hollow. 

Rikku babbled wordless praise to the god-cock sculpting her tight pussy into a perfect sleeve for his girth, her folds warped into a massive slutty “O shape that slurped him deep inside her, massaging him with her undulating vaginal walls while grasping for his girth to remain inside her. Pre-cum dribbled out of the tight seal of her stretched out-cunt, looking like a slutty mouth in comparison while his balls slapped rhythmically against her clit and hammered her hypersensitive pearl into a white-hot nub that pulsed an intoxicating flood of euphoria and instinctual need throughout her slender body. This was absolute heaven to her, made even more euphoric by the lust she felt in being fucked like an animal in front of an audience, her warped vaginal walls undulating against Kitep’s engorged dick with a renewed possessive fervor to milk ever dollop of lumpy seed from his swinging balls until his cock penetrated her fertile womb and his subsequent primal roar announced his second orgasm. Heat blossomed in Rikku’s womb as a deluge of squirming seed sprayed from Kitep’s urethra with the force of a geyser, drowning her ovaries in legions of wriggling ronso sperm before the rest of her womb began to struggle to contain his prodigious orgasm. Rikku cooed mindlessly when her stomach began to swell outwards into a depraved parody of pregnancy, her eyes rolling up in her skull as her brains were practically melted into slop under the supernova of white-hot ecstasy exploding within her core. Despite his strong grip on her body, Rikku convulsed erratically in tune with her palpitating flashbangs of stupefying pleasure, inadvertently rolling her hips and gripping his ejaculating shaft with her innermost depths as she struggled to keep every glob of virile cum trapped inside her pussy. 

“Fuuu-nngh! I bet you loved fucking that disgusting creampie inside my pussy!” Rikku wailed out in between breathless gasps and shameless moans, her mind dimly registering the degrading jeers of the crowd as they called her a filthy breeding sow and swore they would pass her around and fuck her senseless. But another steaming load of cum made their jeers fade way as she let herself be swept up by the carnal bliss of being a slutty fuckdumpster for ronso cock. Her nostrils flared with the heady mixture of their lewd sex and Kitep’s potent pheromones, snorting it up like an addict while he released his hold on her arms and let them dangle limply towards the cum-splattered ground. 

“Hah! Dumb Gullwing cockaddict!”

“Al Bhed breeding whore!”

“Ronso kin must fuck other Gullwing whores into cocksleeves!”

Rikku merely shivered in delight as the gang around her boisterously degraded her, her exhibitionism making her eyes flutter and cloud over even as Kitep picked her up and forced her to look directly in his smoldering violet eyes. Rikku’s back arched as a muffled gurgle oozed from her lips after he roughly ground the flanged head of his cock against her cum-gushing folds, her depths clenching together in a futile bid to stem the tide of lumpy spunk pouring from her gaping love tunnel like a waterfall. For a moment, she forgot everything about the challenge and the intense rivalry between the pair, all she wanted to do was finally take the opportunity to hug him close and rub her face in his soft glossy fur. She purred like a wildcat as she inhaled his spicy masculine pheromones, her eyes fluttering shut as the deep-seated instincts to breed flared like torchlight within her cum-drowned core after she nuzzled him like a tigress in heat. Her slender fingers parted as she ran her hands through the tufts of soft blue chest hair swaying gently in the evening air, the loud growling and cheerful jeering faded into a part of the world that no longer mattered to Rikku, for everything that did ground his cock against her creampied honeypot and utterly dominated her with the scent of his arousal alone. 

“Kitep thinks Blonde Breeder finally learn ronso always victorious,” Kitep roughly murmured, his guttural voice interspersed with a low purring that felt like a vibrator stuffed between Rikku’s slender thighs. 

“Mmnnuh, stop ruining how yummy this is and just fuck me,” Rikku complained after a long and methodical bout of cleaning every fat glob of cum off his chest that her face inadvertently rubbed into his glossy coat. She couldn't help but feel like a doll in his hands, especially when he suddenly growled and dropped her down onto his pulsating dick and drilled inside her with a force that wrenched a loud cry of ecstasy from her lips. Rikku’s beaded braids flopped and slapped her lust-addled head as she sluttily bounced on his dick, her stretched-out pussy squelching lewdly with each copulatory thrust while she found the voice to cry out and scream for more. Her arms flopped uselessly at her sides as she surrendered the depraved urge to be a little blonde fuckdoll in his large grip, her legs flopping on either side of his torso and her ears filling with the gang degrading her even further. Electric pulses of exhibitionistic pleasure shot up her spine and made her body convulse deliciously as she greedily clung to every degrading phase the gang hurled at her, milking every iota of pleasure from them before discarding them and feeling them sink into her subconscious, warping her mind to the point where she could feel herself being warped into a slutty parody of her former self. They were right, she was a cockhungry slut for ronso dick and that only made her wrap her arms around Kitep’s strong neck and bounce like a shameless whore and force his dick even deeper inside her while her depths renewing their efforts to cling greedily around his shaft, eager to milk the waves of carnal ecstasy from being such a dickthirsty cocksleeve. 

“Y-you wanna be such a hotshot warrior, then fuck me! Mmmggh! Turn my slutty fuckhole into a gaping sewer filled with your babies!” Rikku cried out while she stared dazedly into his eyes, her lips curled into an impish grin after she felt him snort lustfully in response, his hips slapping into her ass and making her soft doughy mounds jiggle lewdly and fill the air with the raunchy sound of flesh on flesh. Her vision began to blur when she felt his cum-greased cock penetrate her womb, releasing gouts of chowdery sperm that sprayed from her gaping pussy every time he pulled inches of his iron-hard blue cock out of her depths, making her feel completely used and deliciously filthy. But she loved that feeling with an animalistic passion that made her grunt and fuck back against his impressive girth even more, her eyes finally rolling back when she spasmed in gleeful ecstasy and sprayed her honeyed orgasm all over his throbbing meat, her screams for more carrying above the cheers and praise for Kitep while he grunted and pinned her against the side of a wooden building. 

“Kitep knows Slut Breeder craved babies. Kitep will knock up Gullwing Whore and make her his mate!” Kitep groaned after he pressed his forehead against hers in a dominant, yet surprisingly tender fashion. But Rikku’s world vanished into a searing explosion of depraved pleasure, her body spasming against the smooth wood until Kitep finally stuffed his tongue in her mouth and made her breathy cries suddenly muffled and gurgled. Rikku’s cheeks bulged with his devious tongue as it dominantly curled inside her mouth, a large glistening organ that slid possessively around hers and milked her mouth for every dab of sweet strawberry-scented spit in her mouth. Her tongue coiled around his in turn as he explored her mouth and forced her to bounce like a slut up and down on his dick, raunchy squelching noises announcing the spatter of cum spraying all over the dirt as he took her. Rikku’s legs suddenly wrapped around him after she felt his balls start to pulsate like heart, her body operating on instinct to sense his impending orgasm, something that flickers in her eyes with a depraved gleam that caused her to start sucking on his devious tongue like a cock. Kitep’s growls were weaker now, an anger that waned and transformed into an animalistic craving to knock her up and feel the giddiness of his satiated instincts, something that he could feel dulling his thoughts as he bucked his hips with a ruthless cadence and painted the insides of her pussy with his virile sperm. Louds grunts announced each prodigious squirt of cum as Rikku and Kitep groaned in each other's mouths, their mixed saliva dribbling down Rikku’s chin and splattering across her gently bouncing tits, each perky C-cup covered in a foamy layer of cum and spit that looked like a coating of hot cream. Rikku’s back arched as convulsions of ecstatic glee melted her brains into sludge as she climaxed with a loud slutty groan, her chest heaving with desire as she gasped and babbled out praise for the ronso that warped her pussy into a gaping cocksleeve and filled her womb with his squirming slop. A blink smile graced Rikku’s face when her cock-stuffed guts ballooned outwards once more, her ovaries utterly conquered by his dominance while she reveled in just how intoxicating it felt to be so warm and filled.

“Kitep wins challenge! Cocksleeve defeated by Ronso might, praise Yevon!” Kitep said with a throaty growl, letting go of Rikku and letting her tumble into the cum-covered dirt with a dazed squeak of protest. Rikku managed to get on her hands and knees, her limbs feeling like rubber as she arched her back and cried out, her eyes rolling up pitifully as she vacated the contents packed in her cuts. A waterfall of lumpy semen slid out of her gaping pussy like gelatin, splattering all over the dirt and turning it into a disgusting muck that Kitep avoided as he nudged her forward with his feet. Finally satiated with his victory, the rest of the gang toasted each other with their steins of ale, their drunken cheers faded into a backdrop of exploding fireworks as another volley seared the sky with cascades of twinkling lights. They slapped each other’s backs and shouted their drunken praise to Kitep as they swaggered up the alley, leaving a fuck-drunk Rikku a seemingly satiated Kitep alone in the cum-splattered clearing. Kitep snorted and turned to follow his kin, reaching down only to grab his tribal loincloth and fastened it around his waist. Rikku groaned and turned her glassy eyes in his direction, regaining a semblance of her lucidity only to groan and mewl out, not wanting to be away from the fat dick that used her cunt like a sperm toilet. 

“You’re just going to leave me like this?” Rikku moaned out, crawling toward him with her face still plastered with his sperm, sliding her tongue across her lips in some suggestive invitation to draw out their little facade. “I bet you loved being strung along and teased..”

Kitep stopped for a moment and turned his head, growling ominously as his hotheadedness threatened to get the better of him. But to Rikku, it was an opportunity, one she exploited with a mischievous grin as she continued, “You put on such a show for all those other losers, but every time I opened my mouth, you only wanted to fuck me harder! You can’t stop yourself from lusting for my tight needy holes, can you? You walking fur rug!”

Kitep’s tail swished maliciously from side to side as he stalked towards her and got on all fours, his claws gouging into the dirt until he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her to her knees, his eyes gleaming with the red-hot fury bubbling in his prideful chest. “Puny Slut should know her betters, Kitep will teach! Fuck dumb slut into ground to teach her respect!”

Kitep roughly bent her over and forced her cum-glazed ass into the air, pinning her head against the ground where she groaned and wriggled her ass from side to side, teasing him with the round spheres of her firm asscheeks while she retorted, “Then teach me! Rape my slutty ass into the dirt and cover my body with your disgusting cum! Mark me as your property, you wild animal!”

Rikku’s eyes rolled up sluttily when Kitep leaned forward and pressed his flanged-shaped cockhead against her tight puckered rim, grunting animalistically as he struggled to shove it inside her. Rikku’s mouth parted as she breathlessly gasped, rolling her hips to further taunt him until he finally penetrated past her tight “O” ring with a loud “Splort!”. Rikku’s back arched as convulsions of pain and ecstasy wracked her slender frame, her eyes firmly rolled up as her orgasm magnified as Kitep groaned and drilled his girthy meat deeper inside her, wrenching another four-inches inside her violated asshole with another feral thrust.

“Yes! YE-uuuh-uuuh-YES! Fucking deeper! You're going to make my fucking brains melt! Nnngh! More!” Rikku babbled, rolling her hips and masochistically shoving more of his dark-blue shaft between her shapely asscheeks until half his length was firmly stuffed inside her. Her arms dragged limply in the dirt after he grabbed her shoulders for leverage and growled mightily, thrusting wildly while he hunched over her and growled dominantly in her ears. Rikku’s vision blurred as a lazily smile lit her face up, her eyes crossing stupidly for a long moment before they rolled up to the whites, overcome with a series of rapid-fire orgasms that threatened to break her completely. She could feel him churning her guts and warping her asshole with every mind-shattering thrust, her depths clinging to his member as it retreated from her cum-greased asspipe, prolapsing her slightly before he jackhammered back inside her and made her scream for more. Kiteps hands moved from her shoulders to her hair to degrade her further, using her braided and wavy tresses as handholds as he used her like a fuckdoll and made her ass bounce sluttily from the impact. Sweat, musk, and cum covered her body like a filmy coating of grease, filling her senses with the scent of his dominance, something that inspired her to fuck back like an animal, revealing her depraved addiction to his cock while she matched him in fervorous thrusts. Her tight asshole squelched and stretched deliciously as Kitep viciously fucked her ass, clinging like a second mouth around his veiny girth while his balls slapping against her clit like a fleshy wrecking ball, causing squirts of cum-tainted girlcum to spray from her pussy as she came with a loud keening wail. White-hot pleasure blasted her senses and filled her body with its all-consuming embrace, his thrusts literally fucking her into the cum-glazed mud until she nuzzled her body into its sucking embrace, her mind overwhelmed by the potent miasma of pheromones wafting from his swinging balls. 

“Kitep going to make you walk funny for weeks!” he growled, releasing a breathy grunt as he struggled internally not to blow his load too early. Try as he might, he couldn't deny the way her whoreholes clung greedily to his cock, hugging them with a squeezing possessiveness that literally milked the pre-cum out of his cock. His fur glistened with a luster coated in her scent, something that made his thoughts melt away and his mind dull, breeding an instinct in him to fuck her savagely and paint her in his seed to mark her as his. He had to have her, to own and fuck her impudence out of her skull and made her waddle around with his babies growing in her-

“Duh-Don’t you dare f-fucking cum, nngh!” Rikku babbled out, her eyes rolling into focus just long enough to taunt him further. “You’re not a quickshotting loser, you’re my ronso bull-kitty...You’re not leaving my gaping whoreholes until you dump every greasy load in your big balls inside me, so f--uuuh..NNGH!”

Rikku’s head splattered in the dirt when Kitep hunched over her, his fists sinking into the mud as he roared deafeningly into her ears and bucked his hips erratically, his balls palpitating visibly as he churned the remaining load sloshing in his balls and splattered her insides with liters of his viscous ballslop. Rikku’s tongue lolled out of her mouth as the sound of his audibly ejaculation slithered in her ears, a sickeningly depraved melody that only made her cum her brains out in joy as he dumped his seed inside her ass and tickled her sweaty body with his soft fur, his hot tongue slide possessively against her face as over a dozen shots of steaming fuckpaste drowned her fucked-out asshole. Gouts of that lumpy snot-like effluence squirted from the tight seal created by her warped pucker, drooling down her thighs until he pulled his cock out of her ass and fire the remainder of his orgasm all over her body. Sticky cum covered her body with a gooey latticework that covered every inch of her skin and made her feel warm and disgustingly filthy. Her arms flopped uselessly in the mud as she surrendered to the blackness of overstimulation, passing out as little more than a jizz-buried fucktoilet that strangely satisfied Kitep as he pulled his cock out of her ass and watched his seed slide out of her asshole and splatter against the ground, looking like scoots of lumpy whipped gelatin piling between her quivering ankles. 

Kitep stretched his arms out for a moment before he hid his cum-glazed erection with his colorful loincloth, his muscular frame glistening in musk-laden sweat as he turned and stared warily at the women leaning against a support beam and casually smoking a cigarette. She pulled it from her lips and flicked the smoldering ash in his direction before she took another long drag, her head tilting back against the beam as she closed her eyes and simply enjoyed the high. 

“You got a problem, kitty?” Paine said when she opened her eyes and stared at him with a cold look on her face. “Or do you need me to toss a yarn ball down the street so you can fuck off.”

“Watch it, Gullwing,” Kitep snarled, gnashing his teeth at her as he stormed down the alleyway, eager to get back to his kin even as he felt a pinprick of possessive guilt of leaving his fucked-out new mate behind. But him leaving only made things easier for Paine to process, struggling to deal with the pheromones that made her nethers glisten and her mind swim with fantasies of fucking herself through the mud like Rikku. She crouched down in front of her friend, taking long drags of her cigarette before she stabbed it into the ground and tenderly ran her fingers through Rikku’s cum-splattered hair. “I’m not even going to ask if that was consensual, but you really need to stop being such a slut in public...some of us have a reputation to keep, you know?”
Paine sighed as she grabbed the tatters of Rikku’s miniskirt and G-string, tucking them into her jacket before she lifted her up in a surprising feat of strength and carried her off, taking a moment to light another cigarette as she strolled down the alley, clouds of greasy smoke wafting into the air as she amused herself by contemplating if the reckless slut actually managed to get herself pregnant this time. 

7 months later…

Kitep growled as a sudden knock on the door roused him from his drink-induced stupor, his evening a whirlwind of drinking and gambling with the rest of his youthful gang. While his elders may disapprove of him, he resolved to beat the pulp out of anyone that dared interrupt the catnap saturated with dreams of that blonde-haired whore he still lusted for. He swung open the door and stared down at his guest, his eyes blazing with a bleary anger that softened into one of surprised and arousal. Rikku leaned against the doorframe and groaned playfully with her eyes narrowed into a sultry half-lidded gaze that made his cock stiffen in his beer-stained loincloth, her hands sliding up and down the glossy wood with a lovers caress that made him audibly gulp and forget the pounding headache wracking his mind. Her pink glossy lips were pursed around a lollipop that she plunged in and out of her mouth with her dexterous tongue, inviting him to stare down as she blew it like a cock and plopped it out of her mouth with a refreshing “pwah!”. The rest of her now pregnant body proved to be even more intoxicating to Kitep, her belly swelled outward in a bountiful display of pregnancy, causing her olive-green mini skirt and yellow G-string to stretch lewdly around her waist. Her breasts were bigger than he remembered, pushing her scant bikini top to the limit as her D cup milk-engorged udders leaked rivulets of milk from her stiffened nipples; those pearlescent droplets running down the sides of her body and infusing the air with a honeyed fertile tang made Kitep’s head feel dull and cloudy. Even her perky ass seemed bigger, a layer of jiggling fat turning those round spheres into a bouncing set of bubbly asscheeks that her mini-skirt failed abysmally to contain.

“You see what you did to me?” Rikku pouted in a playfully high-pitched tone that made Kitep feel even more proud that he fucked his young inside her cooch. “Yunnie said you fucked a set of twins in my pussy, mmmm, do you like what you see?”

At a loss for words, Kitep merely growled in confusion, his eyes cloudy over and enthralled with the pregnant sex goddess at his door, her honeyed words causing his balls to quiver against his thighs, each leathery ball churning legions of his virile slime that craved to drench this whore in his musk. He could tell by the way her eyes suddenly misted over that she wanted it as much as him, but after a pregnant pause between them both, she surged forward and ran her face in his soft fur with a cat-like purr. She tilted her head up and eyefucked him as she gently pushed him inside his house, her words oozing his lust-addled thoughts as the door slammed shut and thankfully hid his impressive erection.

“I bet you have a huge load saved up for me,” Rikku whispered with a conspiratorial grin. “You wanna give me something thick and gooey to drink, my fat-dicked Kitty?”  

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