The Curious Girl and the Hound in Sector 7

BY : MetallicKnotter
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Disclaimer: Non-Profit, all characters are over 18, settings and characters used from Final Fantasy VII are not mine, I only own the two OCs, Marie and Brutus.

The Encounter


“Tifa, where you goin'?” Barrett Wallace, the leader of AVALANCHE watched his friend and potential conquest, (Only in his eyes.), Tifa Lockhart, walk to the shutters of her bar, 7th Heaven. “Barret, I'm going out for a walk, I need some air.” Barret merely grunted, knowing that due to Midgar being the monstrosity it was, the slum-dwellers only had polluted air to breathe. Tifa didn't mind, she needed to stretch her legs. Business was slow during the bar's opening hours, so the busty maiden was slumped in a chair all day.


When she left the bar and walked down the few wooden steps, an old woman ran up to her. Immediately thinking that Shin-Ra had done something, Tifa approached the woman. “What's wrong, Marie?” Marie was frantic. “I've lost my dog, Brutus! I was taking him for his nightly walk, he saw a cat and the leash just snapped! Someone told me he was last near the Weapon Shop! Can you help me?” Tifa nodded. “Go inside the bar, Marie. I'll find Brutus for you.” Marie placed a hand on the fighter's shoulder and smiled. “Thank you, Tifa! I'll be waiting here! I hope you can find him!”


After Marie went inside the bar, Tifa walked to the Weapon Shop. It was a three-storey building, the Weapon Shop on the bottom floor, a storage area for the stock on the second floor, and a small, three-bed inn was on the top floor.


When Tifa walked in, the owner glared at her, having lowered his rifle from the target on the far wall. “We're closed. Come back tomorrow.” Tifa smiled at the owner and leaned forward slightly, giving him an eyeful of her huge breasts. “I need to go to the storage area.” The owner nodded and allowed her to pass, watching her fleshy butt as she walked up to the second floor.


The second floor was dark, no-one was around except for a Great Dane. 'That's Brutus, alright!' “Come here, Brutus!” Brutus immediately got up from his resting spot in the corner of some crates and ran over to the chain-link fence, which separated the stock from potential thieves.


Tifa opened the gate and walked in, kneeling down in front of Brutus to see if he was injured at all. Without any warning, the large beast slid his tongue all the way up the warrior's impressive cleavage. Tifa jumped back, in shock. “What the fuck, Brutus? What would Marie say?” Brutus whined as if he understood her and hung his head.


Tifa knelt back down in front of him and patted his head, whispering to him. “Sorry, that's never happened before. But, I have to admit, it DID feel kinda nice.” Tifa bit her lip and thought things over for a moment. 'I just told a dog that I liked the feeling of his tongue on my tits! No man or woman's ever done that! Why am I having these feelings? I don't even want to tell Marie that I've found him! I want Brutus for myself. I want Brutus for... I... Want... Brutus... Inside...' Tifa groaned as everything was clear to her. She wanted Brutus to ravage and claim her as his bitch.




Knowing that they wouldn't have long before people wondered what was going on, Tifa immediately removed all of her clothing and threw them to the floor. Her womanhood was literally soaking. She remembered seeing two dogs mating back in Nibelheim when she was a child and deduced that that was the best way to attract the hound's attention.


She turned her body around and got on all fours, her large ass and tits jiggling as she did so. She turned her head back towards Brutus and spoke to him seductively, patting her ass. “Brutus, come here! Claim me as your property!”


Brutus cautiously walked over to her, the scent from her cunt and her voice drawing him in. When he reached her, he pressed his wet snout against her ass and ran his tongue up from her clit to her rosebud.


Tifa moaned loudly and raised her butt higher up, needing his cock before she went mad. Brutus' cock had already left its sheath, and he wasted no time in placing his front paws on Tifa's shoulders, thrusting his hips as he tried to enter the maiden. His cock kept grinding against Tifa's clit, which only drove her wild.


Tifa reached back and grabbed his dick, angling it in-between her folds, moaning louder still at the heat and the girth that pushed further inside her. Tifa nearly screamed as Brutus tore through her hymen and bottomed out inside her. The pain of having her womanhood taken away from her was only brief and she soon found herself pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts.


As Brutus ravaged her, Tifa couldn't hold back the screams, they erupted from her lungs as Brutus continued to drill into her slick folds. The canine leaned forward and grabbed Tifa's long ponytail in his jaws, anchoring her to him, forcing her to arch her back. Tifa could only scream louder as she felt something large, round and hot press against her pussy lips. She knew what was happening.


“Knot your Momma, Brutus! I can take it! Give Momma your seed, all of it! I want to bear your children!” Even if she said otherwise, Brutus wouldn't have given up. His mate's pussy clung to his canine dick like a vice. She screamed and her tongue lolled out past her lips as she felt her master's knot force its way into her eager vagina, the explosion mere seconds away.


Tifa reached back and grabbed Brutus' forelegs, refusing to let him move away. When the explosion hit her, Tifa wasn't prepared for it, but she just mewled, moaned and screamed as she felt her belly swell up with copious amount of dog jizz.


As soon as Brutus had pulled out with a loud 'pop', Tifa immediately turned around and began sucking on her master's cock. She didn't care about the metallic taste, she wanted, she NEEDED to taste him.


After the two lay together for an hour, Tifa, the still naked bitch, got on all fours again and looked back at her master, spreading her huge ass cheeks. “Fuck my ass, Master?”



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